Fun Holi Crafts and Activities to Celebrate Festival of Colors

Selected Holi Crafts and Activities for Kids & Elders: Happy Holi Buntings, Holika Dahan, Holi Thali Decoration, School Board, Radha Krishna Rangoli, Drawing & Painting for Kids, Personalised dress & More!

Holi is a very important festival celebrated all across India. On this auspicious day everyone celebrates the colors of life. All the people get together and apply color to each other signifying live and unity amongst people. This festival also signifies the triumph of good over evil. So every year we remember these things and celebrate Holi.

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Why do we celebrate Holi? Story behind Holi festival

Holi is celebrated as a two day festival. The first being the Holika dahan or chhoti Holi and the second that is a day event is Rangwali Holi or Holi. Holi Dahan is celebrated As the legend goes, there was once an Assurance King named Hrinakashyap. He grew really arrogant due to one of the grants he had from God.

The grant went as, the king could be killed neither indoors nor outdoors, neither by human not by an animal, neither with a hand half weapon nor with a projectile weapon, not in water, air or land. He had a son named Prahlad. Prahlad was the devotee of Lord Vishnu. He worshipped Lord Vishnu and challenged his father’s supremacy. Angered by this King Hrinakashyap ordered his sister to sit with Prahlad in her lap to sit in the bonfire.

Holika, the sister of King Hrinakashyap was blessed with a power to sustain fires whereas Prahlad was not. But that day when the pure burnt, Holika was burnt alive, Prahlad lived to see his Father’s death in the hands of Lord Narsimhan. Lord Narsimhan was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was half human and half lion, he killed Hrinakashyap in his lap, standing in the doorway with his claws. Thus, breaking the grant he had.

This way every Holi, Holika Dahan is celebrated to mark the triumph of good over evil. The next day Holi mark the celebration and joy with colors.

How Indians celebrate festival of Holi?

On the eve of Holi anyone can apply color to any other person. Everyone is equal on Holi. There are no barriers to showing love on Holi. People take out processions along with dhols and trumpets. People go to places in the city on bikes, on foot to other people and to show love. Holi can be seen being played in gardens, temples, in front of homes, society clubs, etc. Some sweets are customary on Holi like Gujiya and Sevaiyaan.

People make and savour these sweets on Holi. It was originally a Hindu Festival but today many non-Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, etc. celebrate Holi. Now let us look at some of the ways people celebrate Holi. We have also added some activities which can be performed on Holi.

On which date Holi will be celebrated in 2020?

This year Holi will be celebrated on 10th March. So all of you gear up for the upcoming festivities, frolic and fun.

Holi Celebration Crafts and Activities

Everybody celebrates Holi in a different way. Most of the people in India and abroad play with colors on this festival of colors. This brings beauty to every nook and corner for a day. People spread colors, apply colors to one and all. The whole sky seems to have gotten colored in different colors for a day. Gulaal is a special dry powdered color made from organic sources which is applied on Holi on the faces of other people. Nowadays getting Gulaal is costly and difficult. Synthetic colors are easy to find and cheap. These synthetic colors can cause skin allergies or other problems. So, one must be careful.

Happy Holi Buntings


Some beautiful Buntings and hangings can also be made for Holi. You can always think of different shapes and designs to make Buntings. You can try out diamond shapes, triangles, circles. These are some of the easy shapes to draw and cut. You can easily stick them in a thread. Also a stapler can be used for the purpose. Color and write on the shapes. You can write Happy Holi or other Slogans.

Holika Dahan

Holika Dahan is an important part of the Holi celebrations. It marks the triumph of good over evil. You can set up the pre to be burnt on Holika Dahan with dry wood, grass, hay and straw. Decorate the surrounding with Buntings. You can even tie some Buntings around the pyre. Keep some Gulaal and other colors in a plate in front of the Pyre. You can also add some Happy Holi Slogans in the background. Always keep in kind the environment while performing such rituals.

Decorating the Holi Thali

Artist: Shirish Kurani

Holi is a festival of colors. People play with different forms of colors. A Color thali will be a great way to organise the various colors to be used in the celebrations. You can use a large stainless steel thali to make a color thali for Holi. Start by making the base of the thali with a hand made sheet. Cut the hand made sheet to size of the thali. Stick it inside. Used laces or colored sheet for the sides of the plate. Add bowls decorated with beads. You can even use earthen pots decorated with lace or beads to place your colors. Add water guns or water balloons as well in the thali. You can also add a picture or statue of Lord Krishna and Radha in the plate.

Happy Holi School Board

Artist: Anjna Tomar

Holi is a festival which cannot be celebrated at school in it’s true sense. As Holi can be messy when played with colors and water guns, schools choose to celebrate Holi with colorful paper and crafts. School compounds are decorated with beautiful, colorful boards and other items to liven up to the colorful vibe of the festival. Some beautiful Message boards are decorated to wish everyone a Happy Holi. These beautiful boards can be decorated with crafty paper cut in different shapes and designs. Colorful paper can be used to make water guns, flowers, color spouts, etc. Beautiful bright colored earthen pots can be used alongside to brighten up the scenario.

Happy Holi Chart Drawing

This is a beautiful drawing filled with colors. The beautiful and colorful drawing has two kids playing Holi with each other. More people and kids can be drawn in the drawing. Colorful balloons, Gulaal, water guns are shown in the drawing. This beautiful drawing shows the freshness and the colorful vibe of the festival of colors, Holi. You can write Happy Holi on top of the drawing to add a direct message.

Beautiful Holi Drawing for kids

Kids can surely try their hand at drawing along with celebrating Holi with colors. This is a nice way to introduce different colors. As Holi is a festival of colors, kids can experiment with number of colors to make Holi oriented drawings. You can either hand out some drawing templates to kids or help them make their own designs. Now kids can use crayons, pencil colors, pastel Coors, etc. To complete this colorful and joyous Holiday drawing. Kids can add elements of Holi celebrations to their drawing to make them more beautiful. Write Happy Holi on the top.

Color Shading Based Holi Drawing

This is a beautiful drawing which showcases the beauty of painted faces. In this drawing only the faces of different women are visible. These women are looking at each other. Their faces are smeared with color. All these women seem to be dressed in traditional Indian attire. They have long hair and exhibit beauty of Indian women in the painting. The women have Kohl rimmed eyes with large bindi on the forehead. Flowers adorn the women’s hair which shows the importance of flowers s colorful elements of decorating oneself. This drawing looks pretty with it’s bright and bold background.

Krishna and Radha Holi Drawing

Krishna and Radha form a large part of our Hindu Mythology. They are known to have enjoyed their human incarnations and at the same time fought the evil. Today as well Holi is a great festival in the areas where Radha and Krishna Lived. Mathura, Vrindavan boast of special holiday like fool Holi, latth maar Holi, etc. People at these places are super excited about Holi and enjoy their fullest on the eve. This beautiful drawing shows Lord Krishna applying color to Radha. He is using a color gun to color Radha. It is a nice drawing made with pencil colors.

Beautiful Holi Day Dress Decoration

This is a beautiful way to show how much you love the festival of colors. This beautiful white dress is painted elaborately in Happy Holi Slogans and hand prints. You can take some inspiration from this white dress to make your own pretty Holi customised dresses. These will bring more beauty and happiness to you. You can add Slogans, people playing Holi, color splashes, splotches, hand prints, etc. This will surely brighten up the festivities. You can also draw some sweets on the dress. Some thread work on the sleeve ends or the neck line will look pretty. You can select from a range of dresses to design. You can choose kurtas, long dresses, shirts, etc.

We hope you liked all these beautiful Holi crafts and activities you can do this Holi. We wish all our readers a Very Happy and Safe Holi. You can leave your comments in the comments section given below. We would be happy to know your feedback. We will soon be up with more such content for you. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft.

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