3D Paper Apple Craft for Kids – Step by Step Tutorial

Apples are one of the favourite fruits kids have. Apples look cute. The red apples are pretty and the green stalk and leaves further enhance the beauty of the fruit. Now you can make this pretty fruit craft with paper. This beautiful paper craft is both intricate and beautiful. You can take help from your craft teacher at school or your parents to accomplish this beautiful paper craft apple.

This 3D apple craft step by step tutorial is brought to you with the hope that you will try it out and make some cool paper apples. These work great as hanging apples or even to place on shelves or tables as show pieces.

Beautiful 3D Apple craft step by step Tutorial

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Material Required:

You will need some really obvious things. Red and green paper will be required for this 3D apple craft step by step tutorial. Glue and a pair of scissors are important things to be used. You will also need a work station to keep all your stuff while working on the 3D apple craft.


✨ Step 1:

First of all decide the size of the paper apple you wish to make. Now using the red colored paper, cut out circles as per the decided size of the apple. The size should not be too small, as it will make it difficult to fold and stick the paper pieces to make the paper apple craft. Cut many such similar sized circles.

✨ Step 2:

When you have lots of circular red pieces to make the paper apple, you will have to make them susceptible to the procedure of apple making. Now we have to fold the circular pieces of paper as per the requirement. This creates divisions in paper and helps to locate the places where it has to be stuck with other pieces of paper. The circle has to be folded in half, again in half. Now you have one-fourth of the original circle. Now start folding it from one side to the other. You will end up with a small rectangle.

✨ Step 3:

Open up the folded slip of red paper. Now we will be using thin double tape to make this apple craft 3D. You have to apple the double tape strips on the second from top, second from bottom and the middle crease on the red circular sheet. Do the same on one half for all the red colored circles.

✨ Step 4:

When you have stuck the double tape on the circular sheet as per the last step, you are ready to combine these circles. Start removing the slips of the double tape and stick the untapped side with the taped side of the other circle. Give a circular cut on the top and at the bottom of the circular sheet. To keep it symmetrical cut while the sheet is folded in a semi-circle. When you have stuck all these circles with each other, you get a wad of red strips. Stick a double tape at the base of this wad. This will help in rounding the apple craft.

✨ Step 5:

Let us make the stalk for our red apple. Take a bright green colored paper. Shape and cut it in a square sheet. Start rolling it from one corner towards the opposite corner of the sheet. When you have rolled it, secure the end edge with the help of glue or tape.

✨ Step 6:

Align this rolled green stalk with the base of the wad of red sheet. This step is a little harder as compare to others. You will have to carefully line and spread the red sheets around the green rolled sheet stick. Let it dry for a while.

✨ Step 7:

When there’d circles have been properly dispersed around the green rolled stalk, you will get a pretty 3D apple craft. It looks pretty and nice. Now we will move to the completion of this beautiful craft.

✨ Step 8:

To complete this 3D apple craft we will cut out two green leaves from green colored paper. Now stick these two leaves on the high stalk of the apple. This makes it look complete. You can hang this apple at home or even place it as a show piece.

We hope you like this pretty and easy to make 3D apple craft step by step tutorial. This apple craft will surely add some popping color to your home. You can keep some paper apples on your study table to make it look pretty. Your kids will also love these sweet apples. You can check out other such articles on K4 Craft. You can leave your kind comments in the comments section given below. We would love to know your opinion. We will come up with more such useful content for you. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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