Adorable Horse Craft Ideas to Have Fun with Kids

Do you love horses? Here you can find selected horse craft ideas to spend quality time with kids! Use these craft ideas & activities to inspire your little kiddo!

DIY enthusiast always indulge in crafting some cool stuffs to embellish the home in well and innovative manner. You all know study is prominent but apart from that, it’s all your liability to aid your kids in crafting valuable stuffs and let them think in creative and imaginative manner. Buckle up guys, this time we have simple and amazing horse craft ideas to thrill your kiddo.

Just check out these trendy or modish cute horse craft ideas for kids & parents.

Horse Craft Ideas for Kids & Parents

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Fiber Horse Craft

Image source/Tutorial: Lia Griffith

Are you looking for some amazing horse craft? Most easiest fiber horse is made up of  button, fiber, ribbon and cloth. Kids would relish playing with this craft and even it can be used to place around the garden areas. These simple horse crafts can load your garden with charm, elegance, allure and delicacy.

Well Crafted Painted Horse

Image source/Tutorial: Art Bar Blog

People thrill to paint to relax, turn down anxiety, as a passion and so on. Let’s paint some sweet and adorable horses to manifest our creativity with little kids. It requires cardboard, paint and cotton to accomplish this adorable craft. Kids should be instructed to embark creating or painting the horses with full bump and jolt.

Sweet Handprint Horse for Toddlers

Image source/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

Just go and avail this sweet hand print horse craft. In order to execute this alluring horse craft white paper, brown and black paint are required. The craft which made up of your super cute baby’s hand would be a wonderful and unforgettable memory and frame it for future now.

Paper Based Magical Horses

Image source/Tutorial: Disney Family

Do you find your kids troublesome sometimes? Give them this task of preparing paper horse craft which needs cloths, paper and fur. These paper based magical horses can be kept as a decorative item on table and bookshelf in  home. This Magical horses recall the story of Cinderella, who drove her to prince mansion.

Glamorous Horse Bookends

Image source/Tutorial: DIY Ready

Horse bookends can be placed at the end of books to pave the way for them to stand them upright. This would be a wonderful giveaway to your kids who study in school or college. It assists student in many ways and can work as an extrinsic motivation while studying.

DIY Wooden Horse

Image source/Tutorial: Do It Yourself Divas

Don’t panic if your children are done with their prevailing toys. Here we are accommodating you folks with this amazing wooden horse craft. Kids would like to ride on this horse in spare time. Wood, rubber, glue and cutter are called for accomplishing this beautiful craft.

DIY Fashionable Horse Purse

Image source/Tutorial: Fashion Rolla

The world is updating every single minute, fashion has become the key determinant while leaving home or stepping outside. Just begin preparing this modish purse in horse structure and gift it to your loving one on their birthday. This fashionable horse purse is extremely shiny, soft and smooth. It seems easy to carry and very light.

Adorable Animal Cupcakes for Children Party

Image source/Tutorial: Flying on Jess Fuel

Whether it is child or adult, these sweet cupcakes work upon everyone. I made horse cupcake for my family who enjoyed it and praise my efforts. This craft is not only great by outside but also delicious and yummy. Cook it at home recklessly.

Plant And Flower Pot Horse Craft

Image source/Tutorial: French Country and Fat Bottom Girls

Flower pots are commonly used to store flowers but this time it has been transformed into horse. With the assistance of some pots, a mannequin can be made. Put this fascinating craft in the garden area and insert some fresh grass and flower inside it.

Well crafted Horse Dish for Toddlers

Image source/Tutorial: Horses and Heels

Now it’s time to organize your jewelry in this sweet horse dish. With the aid of permanent marker, this classy design can be designed. Women can also put their hairbands, lipstick, earrings and many more alike stuff in it. This horse dish craft own two side to hold materials.

Classy Horse Stamp

Image source/Tutorial: Horses and Heels

Are your kids never ride horse till now? Not an issue, one day this dream will become true. Rubber or plastic are required to make classy horse stamp. Reap the benefits of it and stamp it over copy cover with ink. Kids will going to love stamping it on their notebooks which makes pages more alluring and beautiful. I guess you may be intrigued by this most amazing horse craft idea.

DIY Gold Horse Sticker

Image source/Tutorial: Hostess with the Mostess

If you are questing for some easy and creative horse craft ideas then there we have this project of golden horse stickers. It will not take more than 5 minutes to craft which needs gold spray. It seems perfect to stick this sticker over the wooden table. Even your can use it on bags and books

Horse Upon Jar

Image source/Tutorial: Hostess with the Mostess

Do your house look empty? This delightful and gorgeous craft seems accurate for you. Try it by yourself and commence making jars of different colors and golden horses with empty container, paint and rubber. I am pretty sure this craft will rock your world.

DIY Horse Swing Craft to Have Fun in Garden

Image source/Tutorial: Instructables

It’s the perfect moment to use old tires kept at store room. Aren’t you desire your kids to swing on your hand crafted things? Show your talent in modelling this elegant and spunky horse swing. Make sure it must be attached with tight tree limbs in order to keep safety as priority in life. This wonderful DIY horse swing craft would be a big hit in your home. I promise kids will going to love this craft.

Horse Noggin With Thread

Image source/Tutorial: Krokotak

Valentine is coming soon and if you haven’t thought about present then you can gift this handmade horse head with thread. Five minutes would be enough to accomplish its design. And the red color displays loads of love for your partner. The horse noggin with thread craft needs black button, white and red thread.  This Valentine day just gobsmacked your smart partner with this love sign craft.

Horse Printed Dresses for Mothers

Image source/Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

If you don’t find your white dress more alluring now then just transfigure it into horse printed dress which make it awesome and ultra modern outfit. If you are planning for party, trip and other picnic spots then it will enhance your personality. This dress looks absolute accurate for skinny and lean body girls. Just try this more awesome horse printed dress.

Halloween Unicorn Costume

Image source/Tutorial: Life is Made

You might be stunned with this graceful Halloween unicorn dress which demands less than ten minutes to finish. Just try crafting your own costume with your hand. The costume with pony tail and big horse ear would amaze your friends on the event. Tell your all notorious buddies that this Halloween will be the best day of this year.

Stick Horse Craft

Image source/Tutorial: Mad Mim

I would recommend you to create this craft which is one of the most easiest horse craft idea. In manner to build this pretty gorgeous horse craft stick, wool, cloth and hair are required. Kids would be amused by it and let your creative kiddo make it with fun. I promise you, this marvelous craft would be enduring and lingering.

Wooden Moving Horse

Image source/Tutorial: Mason Jars and Lemon Bars

This time we have one amazing craft that would be perfect for dinning table. It will require wood crate, paint and sand paper to forge brave wooden moving horse. I made one wooden moving horse for my cute old mother. Sometimes making stuffs for our family is really worthwhile in my opinion.

Horse Stable For Kids

Image source/Tutorial: Mer Mag

We all know children love horse and watch cartoons. Let’s make horse stable craft for cute kids. Use paper, paint, cardboard and tape with the aim to accomplish it. Just let your kids play and taking care of toy horses. Bring out some little time from your manic lifestyle schedule to see beautiful smile on baby face.

Simple Plastic Animals Craft

Image source/Tutorial: Modge Podge Rocks Blog

This sweet and lovely plastic animal craft looks easy and funny. Placing this craft on the wall seems ideal in my opinion. Instruct your kids to craft this superlative and brilliant art for making collections. It encompasses plastic animals, paper, rubber, glue and scissor in order to create it.

Adorable Stick Horse Craft

Image source/Tutorial: Mollymoo crafts

Make something beautiful DIY for your lovely daughter or son. This craft will excite them more than ever and they can play with it. And even imagine real riding on dummy stick horse. It can be made with wood stick, rubber, marker, cardboard. I still remember when my daughter asked me to ride on the horse in very young age but i made this stick horse craft that she liked a lot.

Pony And Glass Craft

Image source/Tutorial: Poulette Magique

If you are reckoning about gifting someone then i have some alluring and very attractive craft. This handmade craft will need your little effort. It looks so adorable and can be placed on hall table, wall and next to computer. Looking at it could shrink your anxiety and make you feel more relax.

Fancy Candy Cane Horse Cover

Image source/Tutorial: Serendipity Refined

We have a marvelous and sublime candy cane cover in horse shape. This easy horse craft idea can be wrapped up within 5 minutes. It requires wool, button and thread for accomplishing. Just insert your candy cane inside it and make it more adorable. This fabulous candy cane horse cover will not only give work better but also save dough that could be used on buying other stuffs.

Paper Carousel Horse

Image source/Tutorial: HubPages

Yeah you can create your own carousel horse by putting some tiny efforts. If you really desire your kids playing with DIY carousel horse then just embark crafting it which entails sandpaper, cloth and rod. Apart from office work, keep some time for your family and form self made craft for them with fun and love.

Well Horse Printed Pillow With Flowers

Image source/Tutorial: Sylvie Liv

The pillow upon which you keep your noggin to sleep can be printed with horse followed by flowers as feathers. I made it one for my lovely mom. It is really unique in design and modish even. And the flower embedded over the pillow doubled its beauty. Place it on the sofa and bed and let your guess get stunned over this beautifully well crafted stuff.

DIY Horse Bookend Craft

Image source/Tutorial: Twelve O’Eight

You people can make horse bookend by painting animal material. Are you grazing for some simple horse craft ideas then it is super easy and simple to build with the help of plastic horse, paint and wood. Use it to support books stand upright. It will really going amaze your kids which in turn raise more love inside them for you.

I hope you folks really be fond of this easy horse craft ideas. Apply it practically in your spare times at home and ask assistance of kids and make them indulge in crafting these stuffs too. I look forward you guys having fun and pleasure. Please drop comments below if you have reaped the benefits of this awesome horse craft ideas. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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