Heart Shaped Bee Craft for Kids – Step by Step Tutorial

Honey bees are really sweet creatures. They provide us with one if the important food items, i.e. honey. Honey has got multiple benefits for us. We must always plant some pretty smelling flowers around us. This attracts bees as the nectar of these sweet smelling flowers help these bees to make the sweet honey.

Bees are really non-invasive creatures. They always keep to themselves and live in colonies. Bees only attack when they are attacked by someone. You can sometimes find a swarm of bees travelling to find a new place to make a bee hive. Bees always keep on changing, rather making new homes. They store honey in these was lined homes. Their eggs and babies live in these homes. There is also one queen bee. She holds the highest position in a bee colony. She is the only fertile bee in a bee hive. We have this beautiful heart shape base bee craft step by step tutorial for you.

This craft really looks pretty and can make for a great exhibit at home. You can use this to adorn children’s science projects or other decorative pieces.  Let us get started.

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Easy Bee Craft Step by Step Tutorial

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Material Required

You will need: lots of colored paper for this beautiful bee craft step by step tutorial. Other requirements include a pair of scissors, glue stick, a working board.

Cut out two large heart shapes from black, yellow and white colored sheets each. Now you have a total of 6 large heart shapes. Cut out two small heart shapes from black colored sheet. Cut two parallel strips from black paper. Draw and cut a semicircle from a red colored sheet. You can either use two googly eyes or cut out eyes from black colored paper and define them with white colored pen. You are all set with your material to make this bee craft.


✨ Step 1:

This is the first step in making this pretty bee craft step by step tutorial. Place all the paper hearts on the working board. Now to make the bee craft symmetric, you need to make sure the heart shapes are folded in half. Fold all the hearts in half, symmetric about the mid rib of the heart. Repeat this step with all the six large sized heart shapes.

✨ Step 2:

The nest step is to align and paste a yellow heart over the black heart. The mid rib of the hearts must be aligned with each other. Leave a gap at the base of the heart shapes. The two hearts must be stuck at some gap. The black heart should show at from below of the yellow heart. This makes for the one tier of the bee craft body.

✨ Step 3:

You have got two tiers of the bee body, now add a black heart on top of it. While sticking the black heart on the top, leave some space from the yellow heart used to make the second layer. While sticking the heart on top, align the mid rib of the black heart with the mid rib of the yellow heart. This pattern looks pretty.

✨ Step 4:

In this step we will be adding the fourth and the last tier of the bee body. With this final yellow heart, we will be completing the bee body for the bee craft. Align the mid rib of the yellow heart with the black one. Leave some base area of the black heart while sticking the yellow heart on the top.

✨ Step 5:

This is the fun part of this bee craft step by step tutorial. Cut out two small circles from black paper. Use small dots cut from white paper and stick them on these small black eyes. You can even use googly eyes for this part of the bee craft. These eyes look pretty. They let the bee do all the talking. Stick the eyes on the top yellow heart of the bee body.

✨ Step 6:

Now stick the small red semi-circle below the eyes. The red mouth must be roughly in between the two eyes of the bee. This add color to the bee craft. The bee now starts to look alive.

✨ Step 7:

Now we will be using the two white hearts we had cut in the start. Stick the two white hearts on the sides of the body of the bee body. These white hearts act as the wings of the bee craft. These look pretty.

✨ Step 8:

Add eyelashes to the eyes of the busy bee. This adds beauty to the bee craft. Also add two antennas to the bee head. Use two thin black strips for the antenna heads. Add two small black hearts on top of the antenna heads. This completes your beautiful busy bee craft step by step tutorial.

We hope you all loved this beautiful heart shapes based bee craft step by step tutorial. You can check out other such tutorials for you on K4 Craft. We would live to hear from you. You can leave your kind comments in the comments section given below. We will soon come up with more such articles for you. Until then keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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