Easy School Craft Project Ideas for Kids

Easy School Craft Project Ideas and activities for toddlers and preschool kids to nurture creativity among children in and outside classroom!

School is one of the best parts of a child’s life. All the grown ups look back to the time they were kids and enjoyed at school. The tit bits we remember from our school days form the fondest memories for life. It is our duty to make the childhood great for the students which are yet kids. We must add more and more fun and creative activities to their childhood and school time. Teachers must always come up with new and interesting activities to be performed at school. Such activities help the children to improve motor skills and recognition of colors and shapes. We have come up with some great school craft project ideas from MY Craft Studio. Let us have a look at them.

School Craft Project Ideas for Kids

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1. Beautiful sunflower school Craft

This is a great play school activity for kids. Making this Sunflower craft at school can become the basis to discuss the importance and function of plants and flowers in our lives. This beautiful craft involves play dough molding, working with soil and also cutting, sticking and pasting activities. To make this beautiful sunflower craft, first of all help the students in making a play dough pot using thin rolled strips of play dough. Make a flat circle with it and then build its walls by rolling the strips in an upward manner. Now place some soil in it. Every child must be provided with an ice cream popsicle. Fix it in the soil filled play dough pot. Now you can use hard stock sheet painted as per the requirement. You can provide the kids with pre-painted petals and leaves for the flower to be made or let the students paint or color the already cut petals and leaves. Now let the students stick these parts of the flower on the popsicle sticks. This beautiful flower is easy to make and looks pretty.

2. Butterfly craft project idea

Butterflies are very beautiful and colorful creatures. We all are fascinated by butterflies. Kids love to play with flowers and butterflies. We can help the kids to make a butterfly craft using a wooden clothes clip, pipe cleaner, black colored hard stock sheet, colorful patterned sheet. First of all clean and paint the wooden clothes clip in a bright color. Use a pipe cleaner to make the antenna for the butterfly. Wind it around the wooden clothes clip. Now draw a beautiful wings pattern using a black hard stick sheet. Cut the wings out. Use a sharp cutter to cut out small cut outs from the black wings. Now stick a colored pattern at the back of the black hard stock sheet. Now stick these wings on the sides of the wooden clothes clip. This looks pretty and is a great school craft idea.

3. Paper Plate school project idea

This is a beautiful school craft idea. This is really easy to make. Start by taking two paper plates. First of all paint a paper plate in a base color. Take another paper plate and paint it in a bright color. Now take some hard stock sheet and paint it in bright color. Now let the child to make some finger prints and thumb prints on the bright colored plate and hard stick sheet. Now cut the bright colored paper plate in half and make an asymmetric cut on the semi-circle cut. Now stick the bright colored half paper plate on the base plate. Cut different shapes like rectangles and triangles from the hard stick sheet. Stick these shapes all around the paper plate mechanism. Now add a thread at the base and hang the craft on a nail.

4. Beautiful paper chick craft

This is a beautiful chick craft for kids. This can be easily realized in a school. To make this beautiful craft you need an earthen pot, some hard sheet and paints. Paint the earthen pot in beautiful and bright colors and patterns. Now take a blue colored hard sheet. Cut an upper covering for the pot using this hard blue sheet. The upper covering must be a bit larger in size. Now stick it in place. You can decorate it using finger prints and sequins. Now cut out a face for the chick in the cardboard sheet. Paste the blue colored sheet on it. Add a bright yellow beak for the bird. Cut out long tails in red and yellow colored soft sheet. This looks pretty. Draw an eye for the chick. Add a bright red crown for the chick to complete the chick craft.

5. Easy to make pretty chameleon craft project idea

This is a pretty chameleon craft. It is a nice way to teach the kids that chameleon can change into different colors. This will intrigue their curious minds and will help them develop a keen interest in animal studies. To make this beautiful craft use a soft foam sheet. Draw a chameleon figure on this foam sheet. Ask the kids to make finger imprints on the felt foam sheet using their fore fingers in different colors. Cut another similar shape from a felt foam sheet. To make the eye of the chameleon, quill a crimped Quilling strip and stick it in the place of an eye. Now keep some polyfill on the inside of the body of the chameleon and sew the two chameleon shapes together. This chameleon looks pretty.

6. ‘Fish in the Frame’ paper crafts for kids

This is a beautiful framed craft for kids. This framed craft can be easily made by the kids. Take a hard stock sheet for this craft. Draw an animal figure on the hard stock sheet for example we have shown a framed craft with a whale inside it. The water is made with curling motion of fingers dipped in paint. The water fountain on the head of the whale is made with faint hand imprints. The whale is covered in bright tissue paper shreds. They look pretty and help the child to make a beautiful craft easily. Help the child stick the frames on all the sides perfectly to get a beautiful framed craft.

7. Easy to make carton crafts

This is a beautiful cardboard craft for kids. This beautiful craft lays the basis of the kid’s curiosity in physics and machines. To make this beautiful machine from cardboard sheets, start by making and cutting the two side supports. Make two slits in these side supports at the same positions for both the supports. Now make a comb shaped structure from the cardboard sheet. Keep the spokes of the comb structure loose and big. Now pass some cardboard pieces through the slits in the support bars. Pass one toothpick through one of the spokes of the comb structure. Rest the comb structure on the top most peak of the support bars. Now let us make some hanging creatures. Take some ice cream cups and paint them in beautiful colors. Make two holes at the base and pass a thread through them. Add two googly eyes on the painted ice cream cups. Now make snake pattern folds on a quilling strip and stick two such patterned strips on the underside of the ice cream cups as the legs of the creatures. This is a fun craft.

8. Cute craft project idea

This is a beautiful and easy to create craft. Take a hard stock sheet. Paint this hard stock sheet in a beautiful paint. You can even use acrylic paints. Now the teachers can draw an animal figure on the painted hard stock sheet. You can draw it with a black sharpie pen. Now you can use different material to fill in the animal figure. Like cotton or sponge for the fur based animals. You can even use match sticks to fill in. You can even use colorful tissue paper to fill in the animal figure. Add the googly eyes on the animal figure to complete it. You can decorate the sides of the sheet by using sequins or buttons. This craft looks pretty and helps in improving the motor skills of the kids.

9. Thoughtful School Craft project

This is a beautiful and thoughtful craft activity for kids. This is an easy to make craft. Take a cardboard sheet. Draw a wooden pattern on the cardboard sheet. Cut along this pattern with side patterns. Now paint this cardboard sheets in a pastel colors. You can draw some sea animals and write a thoughtful message like ‘Do Not Litter’, ‘Keep Clean’, etc. After you have drawn the sea animals, paint the animals in the right colors. Also add bright colors to the thought or message written on the wooden board. Now punch on the top edges of the cardboard piece. Now thread through these punch holes. Your sign board is ready to be hung in place.

10. Easy to make paper tree craft idea

This colorful tree craft is fun to make. Start by making the trunk of the tree on a hard stock sheet. First of all draw the trunk and branches on the hard stock sheet. Paint the trunk in brown color and shade the trunk in a beautiful way. Now make a slit at the base of the tree. Now add a cardboard sheet piece to fit in the slit made at the base. Now make some tree tops on a hard stock sheet. Now paint the tree tops in green paint. You can give a leafy effect using the finger tip imprints in different shades of green color.

We hope you like all these beautiful School craft ideas. You can check out other related craft articles on K4 Craft. we will soon come up with more such related articles for you. You can leave your feedback and opinion in the comments section given below. We will come up with more such interesting content soon. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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