27 Fun and Easy Fourth July Kids Crafts Ideas

American Independence Day activities for kids! 4th of July crafts such as firework diy, sand art, bracelets, flags, red white and blue decoration ideas & fun food recipes like cupcakes.

4th July is one of those days when patriotism is at its peak. We also want our children to be patriotic for the nation. The feelings of patriotism need to be instilled in the children at a very young age. We can take the help of our kids in making these crafties to help them learn about the nation and the great history we possess. The rich heritage of our country needs to be taught to our children. Let us go on this exhilarating joy ride of patriotism and crafts.

Easy Fourth July Kids Crafts Ideas

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Sand art for 4th July

Image source / Tutorial: Honeybear Lane

Take some old mason jars. Now take coloured sand, in the colours of blue, red and white. Now fill the base of the jar with blue coloured sand. Now pat the sand, fill the next layer in white colour. Pat this layer. Now pour the third layer of red colour. Pat the layers down and keep the mason jars as a showpiece. This DIY is easy to make and teaches the patriotism in a very good way.

Firework DIY

Image source / Tutorial: Canary Jane

This fireworks DIY is a great decoration idea. You can easily make it using coloured sheets and scissors. You need to fold the coloured sheets in a zig-zag manner. Cut small shapes in between the folds. Now turn the sheets into a circular shape. Staple the sheets at the end of the circular shape. This becomes beautiful fireworks design for you.

Patriotic bracelet

Image source / Tutorial: Playdough to Plato

This is a very interactive DIY. It works very well in enhancing the fine motor skills of your kids. You need red, blue and white plastic beads and string of the required length. Now ask your child to make a pattern on the table using the beads and then ask your kid to thread the pattern in the string. This forms the beautiful bracelet your kid requires this 4th of July.

Patriotic popcorn bag

Image source / Tutorial: Family Chic

This is a very colourful and easy to make popcorn bag. You need to get a colourful paper bag at first. The paper bag can be in red, blue or white colour. Now get red, blue and white coloured paper sheets. Make frills out of the coloured paper sheets. Now stick these frills on the mouth of the bag. This make the pop corn bag look more beautiful.

Hand print American flag

Image source / Tutorial: Pink Stripey Socks

First of all wash your hands so that they do not have any dirt. Now paint your hands with red and white strips and the blue region with white dots. Now take a clean sheet, and give an impression of your hand on the sheet. This forms a beautiful American flag imprint on the sheet. You can use this as the showpiece as well as it is a great way of learning about America for children.

Patriotic craft rocket

Image source / Tutorial: Momma Mommy Mom

Take a used foil roll. Cut it in half. Now take coloured paper sheets. Cut slits in the coloured paper. Now curl the slits outwards. Now cover the roll in these coloured paper designs. The sequence for the coloured paper strips should be white on the top, followed by red, followed by white and finished off by blue.

Star spangled slime

Image source / Tutorial: Mot Dot

You can start by making your own slime. The steps to make the preferred slime are given in the link provided. You can even but slime in red, blue and white colours. Once your slime is ready, braid them together. Mix them together until they become mixed and have a constant configuration and have the star spangled consistency.

Patriotic pots

Image source / Tutorial: Lolly Jane

You can also paint your pots in American flag design with the help of your kids. You need to divide the regions in the pot and mark six strioes. Paint the top stripe in blue and make white stars in the stripe. Paint the lowest stripe in white, top it with a red stripe with white and then red and again white.

Cookies fountain design

Image source / Tutorial: Cookies and Calligraphy

Making cookies for your kids is a joyous experience but it gets better when your children help to design or decorate it. This is a very sweet decoration for cookies and cupcakes. Take gift wrapping paper in solid colour. Now cut different slits in the gifting paper and then curl it around the wooden dowel. Secure it with glue or a rubber band on top of it. This forms a beautiful colourful fountain. Your kids will surely have fun making these fountain heads.

4th July fireworks cupcakes

Image source / Tutorial: Crayons and Cravings

This is a very beautiful cupcakes and food rockets designing technique. One can find colourful sprinkles for the cupcakes.now take colourful straw and place jellies in red, white and blue on them. Dip the Hershey’s kisses in frosting and cover them in pop rocks in red and blue colour. Now align everything and place in order. This becomes a true eye catcher of the event.

Checkers game

Image source / Tutorial: For the Makers

First of all make the cloth base for the game. You can use dye paint to give the first coat. Then use tape to make the blocks and then dye the alternate boxes in a lighter shade. Now make the checkers to play the game. The checkers must be of the same size and opposite teams must have differently coloured checkers.

Star wands

Image source / Tutorial: Crafts Unleashed

These star wands are sure to delight each child’s heart. Now take styrofoam stars and paint them in the desired colour. Now dip the stars in glitter. Now stick these stars on top of the coloured wand and add ribbons to the bottom of the stars. Your glittery star wands are ready to show their magic.

Flag making activity

Image source / Tutorial: Heart of Deborah

Giving your child such beautiful challenges are a great part of their growing up years. They might not be exact with the lines and dimensions but they will surely have a flow of creativity.

Image source / Tutorial: That’s What Che Said

This is a great wall design. One can easily make it and also involve their kids in this DIY project. This will surely be a time engager as well as your guests would love it.

Patriotic Windsor

Image source / Tutorial: Hey Let’s Make Stuff

This is a very soothing and patriotic windsor for your home. First of all gather some long lace pieces or cloth pieces which are either red, blue or white in colour. Now take a wooden hoopla and tie these strips on the wooden frame. This way the strips will dangle below the wooden surface. Now tie a thread on top to help in hanging the windsor to your window or balcony.

Patriotic oreo pops

Image source / Tutorial: It’s Always Autumn

Take some white chocolate and melt it. Add red and blue food colouring to the white chocolate melt. Mix the mixture. Now take some Oreo and add a skewer to the sides of the Oreo. Now dip the Oreo in this mixture and see the chocolate forming beautiful designs on Oreo. You can also go for solid colour designs.

Patriotic lanterns

Image source / Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

This is a simplistic patriotic designer lantern. Cut two rectangular blue strips. Now curve them and them circular in shape. Staple the ends. Now cut red rectangular strips. Now join the two blue circular shapes with the help of red strips. Add white stars to the red strips. Add a red handle to the top of the lantern. This becomes a beautiful lantern.


Image source / Tutorial: Mess for Less

This is a very interesting DIY. Your kids will have fun making these bats. First of all take paper plates. Colour them in white, blue and red stripes. Now add an ice cream stick to the back of the plate. Now your kids can enjoy playing with these bats and a balloon to play games.

Patriotic hairband hats

Image source / Tutorial: Pink Stripey Socks

These two different kinds of hat hairbands can be easily made with the help of cardboard, paints, pipe cleaners and hairband. Now first of all make a hat with a cardboard sheet. Paint it and then use a pipe cleaner to secure it on the top of the hairband. You can also use a toilet paper roll to make a hat.

Red and white fondant cookies

Image source / Tutorial: Pretty in Pistachio

Make star shaped cookies or vut white chocolate in star shape. Now cover these cookies or chocolates in red or blue fondant. They are tasty treats and they are fun to make.

Patriotic flashlights

Image source / Tutorial: Stuffed Suitcase

Flashlight fun is here. Use big flashlights for this DIY. Now cut out shapes out of a cardboard circular piece which can fir in the mouth of the flashlight. Now whenever you switch your flashlight on it will give a beautiful shape on the screen.

Patriotic ice cream sandwiches

Image source / Tutorial: Take Time for Style

We all love ice cream sandwiches. Now we will give the ice cream sandwiches a patriotic twist. You need to get some ice cream sandwiches from the supermarket. Now when you unwrap them, dip the sides in blue and red sprinkler mixture. This way you get tasty and patriotic ice cream sandwiches.

Star painted lawn

Image source / Tutorial: The Concrete Cottage

You can use construction marking spray paint to make these beautiful star painted lawn. Get a cardboard with a star cutout. Now spray the paint in between.

Firework pom poms

Image source / Tutorial: The Merry Thought

You can buy these firework pom poms from the supermarket. Align them in beautiful forms to beautify your home. You can give this as a task to your children.

Patriotic star wreath

Image source / Tutorial: The Resourceful Mama

Take a white base hoopla. Now cut stars in red and blue colour. Stick the flowers on top of the hoopla. Tie ribbons on the top side. This becomes your patriotic star wreath. Hope you like this as do your children making it.


Image source / Tutorial: The Suburban Mom

This is a beautiful sun catcher shaped like a star. First of all get some parchment paper and old crayons. Now fill the folds of parchment paper with red and blue crayon shavings. Use an iron on top of it. The crayons will melt and we will have a sheet of coloured paper. Now cut stars out of it. You can hang these stars by punching a hole on the top and hanging with the baker’s twine.

4th July treat box

Image source / Tutorial: A Kailo Chic Life

You can fill various treats in a Freedom treat box. The first and foremost thing is to design the treat box. Design it with colourful stars and stripes. You can also add freedom quotes to the treat box.

Hope you liked this beautiful curation of the 4th July kids crafts. We also wish your kids have an equal amount of fun doing these crafties. We will come up with more such ideas. Do not forget to give your valuable feedback in the comments section below. We await your feedback. We will soon come up with more such related articles. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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