Classroom Fun Games & Activities for Kids at School

We are here with collection of fun games and classroom activities, perfect for preschool and elementary schools. These will help students to improve on their motor skills.

All the kids look forward to fun at school time as well as at home. The best way to keep the children engaged is to provide them with the best kind of art and crafty fun both at school and at home. At home the parents can take care of their child’s interests and passion but the problem arises when a single teacher has to cater to the interests of a class of students who tend to have different kinds of interests. This actually is a big problem. A teacher needs to decide an activity which can interest everyone.

To make your work easier we bring to you some of the beautiful art and craft activities which you can get your students to do. They will surely have a lot of fun relisting these beautiful crafts. After all crafts are a true beauty. These craft items include all the different kinds of crafts from masks to hand printing, from making beautiful creatures to origami folding techniques, from the easy to a bit difficult.

Fun activities for kids at school

This well curated list covers all kinds of beautiful and fun activities for kids at school. This will give rise to interest among students as well as help to improve on their motor skills. Through these fun activities, students actually learn to differentiate between shapes, colours, figures, etc.

Fun mask making activities for kids at school

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Making masks is a great activity. It helps the children to put forth their creativity. One can help the students make different kinds of masks. In the photograph a bird kind of mask is made. You can use hand imprints to make the area below the eyes. Add big eyes to the mask. Add a bright, triangular beak to the mask. You can also adorn the mask with feathers to make it more bird like. In the same way you can make other kinds of animal inspired masks.

Origami fun activities for kids

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Origami is a versatile craft form. You can make anything from scratch using origami. The students learn to fold, with perfection which helps to enhance the motor skills of the students. This way they learn to make new stuff using their cognitive abilities. Using different coloured sheets to make origami helps to learn the coordination of colours.

Hand or thumb printing activities for kids

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Hand or thumb printing activities can be abstract or can be fully designed to give a beautiful outcome. Hand printing can give beautiful butterfly designs. Thumb printing can be controlled. Like the above given tree making through thumb printing is a great idea. This can even form a family tree.

Recycling waste fun activities for kids at school

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You can help your students make these handy fans using the waste items. This activity uses ice-cream Popsicle and old glass jar lids. You join them together to get hand fans. Such creative crafts are a great let out for the kids. You can hand them over some old waste stuff to be reused and then let them think of ways to use the items they have been provided with. This will give rise to a broadening of horizons.

Old pool noodles fun activities for kids at school

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Students seek fun activities in everything they do. So why not give them joy and fun in very activity we plan for them. This pool noodle activity will light up the outdoor visits of every kid. Pool noodles can be bent into different shapes. They can be made into tunnels, crosswords, puzzles, colour coordination games, etc. Let the kids have fun with the pool noodles away from the actual pool.

Bubble fun activities for kids at school

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All the students love to be covered up in bubbles. For all the children out there bubble activities are great fun. We can help them play with the bubbles or even get some bright coloured or night glowing bubbles maker. This will enhance the experience of playing with bubbles. The children will surely love it.

Leafy art fun activities for kids at school

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Going on outdoor expeditions gives an insight to the students about the nature. This teaches the students a lot about the Earth and our environment. This way we can teach them about a lot of animals, insects, plants, herbs, etc. All along with this we can hold a fun activity of collecting some leaves on the way back and then after coming back, the students can make some insect shapes or animals using different types of leaves. This will help the students to understand more about the leaves, plants as well as the animals.

Outdoor fun activities for the kids at school

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Outdoor activities are a great asset to the school time. It helps the students to enrich themselves with healthy habits and helps teachers to know the students’ strengths and weaknesses. The teachers can better work on weak students once they know their shortcomings. Such outdoor activities can be planned in a fun way like this kiddie car wash theme. Then a final goal can be decided for the end of this wash race. Pool noodles, sponges, ropes, tire swings can be put up for this fun wash.

Lantern making fun activities for kids at school

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Making lanterns and chandeliers can be a very beautiful crafty exercise. Students can have fun making these beautiful hangings and these hangings can be hung up for special occasions in the classrooms. The students will like their hangings to be put up in the classrooms. It will give them a sense of recognition and will inspire them to do better.

Origami frog making craft activities at school

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You can hold origami frog making competitions. These frog making competitions can further lead to frog races. You can give the students different coloured paper to make their frogs and add eyes and mouth to the face of the frogs. Then you can hold a frog race to get a winner.

Hope you liked this well curated list of fun activities for kids at school. We wish that the students even like these activities. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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