Hanging Planter Ideas for Indoor Home Decoration

Plants have been significant to the existence of Humans since time immemorial. Adding innovation to the culture of planting trees, the modern world has come up with amazing hanging planter ideas. It is more of a tradition than a custom to grow plants and take care of them. Their importance cannot be undermined, not at all in the 21st century when they have become our survival essential.

Keeping plants pots at home definitely enhances the look of the house but also it requires high maintenance accounting to the mess that gets created. So nowadays people prefer hanging plants in pots or containers, which satisfies their purpose. We today, provide you with some enthralling hanging planter ideas that you can use to decorate your house with hanging plants.

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Hanging Planter Ideas for Indoor Decor

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The Hexagonal Hanging Planter

Image source/Tutorial: Homemade Modern

Starting off with this very creative DIY Geometric Planters is an excellently good to go with idea.

There are many perks of using this Hanging Planter idea. This is very compact, stylish and trendy. It would not look too much and you can place it even at a corner of your house. It can hold a variety of plants ranging from shrubs to the hanging pot plants. If you have a patterned or textured wall, it will match perfectly with it. It is open from all sides and at the same time it is very stiff.

This has no particular occasion to put into use on. You can use it for your own house or gift it to your relatives or friends.

Stylish Planter with Bark of Old Tree

Image source/Tutorial: BHG

The Future is in the Past. The world is advancing towards modernization at an unimaginable pace. But it is always great to look back at what it left behind and pick up the best from there to improve the present.

Similarly in this idea for hanging planters we have the bark of age old trees pattern with small containers to hold the plants. This is a completely awe-mazing idea of all the hanging planter ideas. and will make your rooms get all fancy and pretty.

This can be hung anywhere on the walls, preferably drawing room or the balcony walls. Add your favorite plant to it and suspend it. Just two or three of the like and everyone will be amazed and you yourself will get a nice feel every time you look up at it.

DIY String Hanging Planter

Image source/Tutorial: DIY network

This Hanging Plant Pot looks more like a puppet with the strings attached to it all over. The Nature has an overpowering force upon the humans of this space. This correlation between Man and Nature has been the basis for survival.

Taking this concept forward, we have  brought to you this idea of a mini earthen pot that can be suspended on a hook with stiff ropes. This is compact, creative and easy to manage. Moreover, it is considered a good luck to keep earthen pots and plants at home.

You can either hang one or multiple of such Hanging plant pot  and add to the beautiful collection of your home decor.

The Not-Bermuda Triangle for Indoor Decor

Image source/Tutorial: Søstrene Grene

Now, you do not need pots to plant a hanging home plant. You can just do it with three wooden sticks. It’s just a triangular frame that you need to make our home all the more beautiful.

If there is a small space where you want to hang your plants, this is the idea that you should opt for. This does not require much space and is low maintenance. You can suspend it will the help of colorful stones so that it remains intact and looks  beautiful also.

This can also be used above cabinets in the balcony of your houses. You can ask your children to make these triangles, it will be absolute fun for them also.

DIY Air plant Hangers

Image source/Tutorial: Homeyohmy

If you talk of changing trends, compact and elegant are the words that appear before you. And this idea defines both of these words in a very apt manner.

This is one of such Hanging Planter ideas where you need not put much effort at all. All you need to do is find the perfect wall where you would want to put these up.

You do not need a reason to beautify your house, do you? Then  wait no longer. Make these suspensions as quick as possible, find the plants perfect for this idea and gather them together making a beautiful arrangement for the pretty plants.

I am pretty sure even you will not be able to take your eyes off it.

DIY Airplant Stand for Study Table

Image source/Tutorial: Homedit

An ideal set up for a photographer would not look any different from this one.

This Hanging Plant Planter idea is very uniquely crafted and is extremely easy to carry or transfer from one place to another. This is truly an ‘out of the box’ thought.

This plant can be kept anywhere, on your study table or on windows shelves.On balconies and areas specifically designed for planting or gardening, this plant will suit perfect. Try this Hanging Planter idea and let us know how you liked it.

Paper Mache Airplant Pod for Indoor Home

Image source/Tutorial: The Merry Thought

This is a fabulously superb idea to decorate your hanging plant pots. It is completely unique and adorable also. The best part about it being you can make it yourself with the minimum required materials that are easily available at your home also.

And you can trust me on this, there is nothing that would look more beautiful than this handmade pods carrying your earthly plants.

You can ask your children to make it as a Summer activity and make them decorate the house with their piece of creativity. It can be hung on the walls with the help of hooks. It’s better if you use one at one place and make sure that it does not look clumsy. Come up with such ideas and make your house look the way you have always dream of.

Romantic DIY Heart Shaped Planter for Valentine Day

Image source/Tutorial: The Shelterness

Mess is very much in trend these days, be it a messy hair  bun or the mess trend in art. So why not try with the plants that you want to hang around in your house.

You can make a framework and attach the collections of plants in bunches to it. You can match the flowers with your interiors and hang it above your favorite cabinets and decors or even on walls. It will certainly enhance the look of the entire room. It’s very easy and affordable. You can decide and customise the size too so that it is convenient for you.

Clay Hanging Air Plant Holders

Image source/Tutorial: Squirrelly minds

These triangular pots are picture ready to be hung on the walls of your beautiful homes. This piece of Hanging Plant Pot idea is  a fusion of both traditional and modern eras. The earthen look of the pots will give you the connect to the villages of the historic age and these trendy triangular shape will match up the latest trends.

You can use this wherever you want. These can be suspended in strings across walls. Just make sure they are not too clubbed up together. Little plants on these will look awfully wonderful.

You can also  grow some home climbers in these pots. Make these pots yourself. Paint your imagination on  it and hang it. You can also gift to a friend who is a nature enthusiast and would love to have it.

Hanging Plant Shelf DIY for Indoor Decoration

Image source/Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

The above given picture is an apt description of how you can make your bedroom fresh and lively with plants in it. You can keep both table plants pots or hanging plant pots. For the hanging ones, we have got some amazing ideas for you. This idea can be used to hang a fairly big plant and not the miniature shrub ones.

If you want a hang such a plant, you can use the above idea. It is preferred that you hang it depending upon the space available as it will require some space. So you need to ensure that the room does not look congested. Avoid using it in the drawing room, you can certainly use it in the balcony. Ensure that it is at a safe height because if it falls,it can injure a person.

Rest assured, it is fantastic planter of all the hanging planter ideas. to apply in home decoration. When you try it out,let us know your experience.

Textured or No textures

Image source/Tutorial: Young Married & Traveling

This is a huge dilemma that all of us go through when the question arises of choosing any object of decor. Should it have lines, dots, curves or plain solid or pastel color.

We are here to sort it out. With the simplicity of the ‘no texture’ and the charm of the ‘textured’, we have got for you this amazing hanging plant pot idea.

This is like a regular pot hanging, but the catch lies in the way it is textured and use of specific colors. The wooden base provides a natural feel to it.

Now with this kind of a decor in your hand, you can place it anywhere and it will suit that place in all its glory.

Clay Containers

Image source/Tutorial: Diy in pdx

An artist is the one who makes new and innovative products out of the same old resources. This pot displayed here is one such example. The same clay has been molded to form this beautiful pots and a perfect contrast has also been provided considering the background.

You can also plan out something such for yourself. With clay pots and plants with big and small leaves, the kind you want for your house. It will look splendid on walls which have a bold as well as subtle color. These are easy to make too or can be easily availed at any porter’s shop also.

Try making the pots yourself, it will add to the fun.

Hanging Wooden Basket for Indoor Home Decoration

Image source/Tutorial: Craftifair

Imagining a pot, we always think about the traditional round or case shaped pots. That’s the specialty of these posts. They provide you with ideas that are out of our thinking sphere.

Let’s try making a change to this thought. Decorate your house with such square boxes and place your plants in it. Every visitor will certainly wait and adore your walls. Many may turn out to be a fan of your ideas. You should also try these to make yourself satisfied and feel good that you have tried something new today. Try any shape in any order you want. We have got may shapes featured. Pick up your favorite one and work your magic with this cutest of all the hanging planter ideas.

DIY Upcycled Designer Plant Hangers for Indoor

Image source/Tutorial: Almost Makes Perfect

These pots give the perfect vibe of a sling shopping bag with long straps attached to it. But they are actually the designer pots that you would certainly like to have on your walls.

Give attention to the details in this picture. How the pots are made in a special shape. You can try making these pots for your walls with the shapes that you would like to choose. You can have a customised shape for all the rooms of your houses or have different ideas for different rooms. It all depends upon you. If you have a lawn or backyard, you can decorate it with these also. These will look adorable over there.

DIY Hanging Wire Planter

Image source/Tutorial: A Joyful Riot

I am pretty sure if you place your plants like this in those pretty and attractive blue colored baskets, they will certainly have a merry time over there.

Give it a try then. You can opt for multiple baskets, maybe of different colors also and decorate your garden area with these or balconies too.

If there is a common area to chill out in the evening in your society, you can also place these over there. Your evenings will become all the more memorable with a hot cup of coffee on a wintry day and these hanging plants giving you the vibe that you need.

Ropes and buckets for Bedroom

Image source/Tutorial: Papernstitchblog

These mini, colored buckets and jute ropes will add the required glamour to your house. You can easily place the  plants in the buckets and arrange it with ropes. This is extremely easy to make and very cost effective. You can easily hang it also. A colored wall is the perfect canvas for an art of this kind.

For a perfect balcony look, this is the ideal hanging plant pot idea. You can use it in a lawn or any sitting arrangement area outside the house. Prefer not to use it in the drawing room or bedroom.

You can customize it and use it in kitchen also. It is most loved among all the hanging planter ideas.Try making these pots on your own. Choose the best suited plant and decorate your lovely house with your favorite plants.

Money Plant Pot Idea for Home Decoration

Image source/Tutorial: Diy in pdx

Contrasts has become the most opted design on this era. Giving a tinge of this fashion to your house will certainly make it look up-dated.

In this idea shown above, we have considered two pots which are contrasting and complimentary to each other. Similarly according to the color of your walls, you can choose your favorite colors for the pots and hang them at the desired place.

They impart a fine textured look to the walls where are put also. You need to ensure that the choice of plants should suit the pot, you can use any climber for this purpose or the ones shown above.

This idea can also be used for decoration on a particular occasion. You can use fancy pots and represent save from climatic changes through this idea of Hanging Plant Pot decoration.

DIY Hanging Water Garden for Indoor Decoration

Image source/Tutorial: The Merry thought

This picture is so wholesome. The transparent glass tumblers with the soil and plants growing in it look wonderful and it is so captivating.

The centre of attraction is the variety of shapes and sizes of the containers that have been used. This will give your home an amazing and fancy look, like the posh houses in the West. If you have a bungalow and garden space, this tumblers are your go to things at the first place itself.

You can even enhance the beauty by using light decoration on it. Be it a simple dinner or a fancy get together, this idea will suit all purposes and occasion. So do not forget to try it out. You can use the glass containers available at your home also. It is very easy and inexpensive. Give it a try as soon as possible.

How to Make A Macramé Plant Hanger

Image source/Tutorial: Umbra

This idea will also be liked by your pet. This is an unique plant pot idea using the containers used to serve food to the pets, usually dogs. It can be very cost- effective as well as an innovative step to re-innovate your house.

You can make use of thick suspensions, even match it with the walls or use a solid bold or white color string suspension. This idea gives enough space and any kind of plant can be used to hang in here. If you want to decorate at a place that does not have too much of decor already and there is enough empty space, plants with long and  thick leaves can be used to hang in this pot. It will look perfectly amazing.

DIY Lettuce Basket

Image source/Tutorial: Home Depot Garden Club

This idea is the absolute depiction of  how you can turn an ordinary idea into something wonderfully unique by just applying a bit of creativity and innovation. It uses the most basic of a hanging plant pot basket and yet made it look so beautiful.

You can similarly use various application ideas and make a difference to your house style. This is completely cost- effective and does not require too much of effort or time. The best part about it being you can sit with your family and make it. Do make an attempt to try this out,  it would certainly not be a waste of time.

The La-La Land : Recycled Bird Cage Planter Idea for Indoor

Image source/Tutorial: Garden.org

It look like  a cute little fairy tale scene. You can have this in your home too in just a few steps. This all fancy and palace like feel that you will get after hanging it in your balcony is ethereal. Pinks, Lavender, Whites and Greens, get me a more perfect combo for a setting like this, I will wait. If it is your child’s birthday and you want a disneyland themed party, you should certainly this decorating your house with these. You can decorate it in the garden area of your house, in front of doors or windows.

Be very specific while making your choice of flowers. Insert some leaves and prefer full bloom flowers. This idea is an increasing craze for a huge part of the population. Artificial gardens containing such flowers and pots are also available and can be made us but prefer being connected to nature for as long as one can.

It also looks beautiful in events such as open mics happening on roof tops or open lawns or as any pre- marriage celebration decor. There are endless reasons and ideas that we can give you on why to try this out, but the call will be in your hands. Grasp this idea as soon as you can.

Upcycled Coconut Shell Hanging Planter for Indoor Decor

Image source/Tutorial: Poppytalk

We present to you a completely unique and adorable idea. This idea derives it’s uniqueness from the component that the plant pot is made of. Yes it is the coconut shell.

It is a great way to reuse things and make the best out of waste. The creative way in which the shells have been painted is just so splendid. So from next time whenever you have coconuts, keep it’s shells and make hanging plant pots from it. No need to mention, it is cost effective and does not require much efforts or time except for the part of cutting the coconuts. You should try any of such unheard ideas that you come across. It helps you to enhance your ability to think with more creativity and innovation.

This is certainly a small and compact version as compared to the other ideas. It rather gives you more flexibility in terms of where to hang it. It is suggested to make the pattern on the coconut shells according to the color and pattern on your wall where you want to hang the pot.

Beautiful Hanging Planter with Pink Strings

Image source/Tutorial: Refinery29

As John Keats had very rightly said that a thing of beauty is joy forever. Similarly, this pot will be the element of happiness and pleasantness at your home. Without any doubt, this pot looks extremely beautiful with the pink criss- cross strings and colored beads. Imagine how pretty will it look hanging on/ from your walls? If you’re having teen girl in your house, this will be most adorable planter. It would be best pick of all of these hanging planter ideas, you have seen so far.

This idea is highly recommended to try. It can be made in minutes and will look as beautiful as it looks over here. You can certainly add your innovation and show your creativity skills. To hang this, a wall with a solid colored background should be preferred over a simple textured background.

Be cautious while making the pot holder. Tie the knots properly after inserting the beads. Now that your beauty is all made up, you can hang it where and  when you want.

Hanging Water Garden

Image source/Tutorial: Themerrythought

Now you can have your own customised garden in a glass bowl. Be it any size or shape, you can create your own garden beautifully in a small space. Is there anything that could be more ethereal than this? Absolutely not. This gives you a direct connect with the Nature. Nowadays everyone is so busy with their life that they hardly do get the time to maintain a garden. This idea will solve that difficulty too. You can happily cherish your desire of keeping a garden without incurring high maintenance.

You can decorate it in the balcony area or terrace, wherever you like it to be. It is very easy to make and will not require you to devote much time to it. This will not require high maintenance costs and can be easily taken care of.

You can also have such bowls kept at the cabinets base and a water garden hanging on the above. This will give a wonderful look to the house. You can also use some toy water plants in the pot.

Clusters of Happiness and Beauty

Image source/Tutorial: Gardenclub

Beauty lies in simplicity. This quote  holds more truth than anyone could preach. This picture talks a thousand words. It reveals the beauty of simple objects. It is perfect for your backyard of all of these hanging planter ideas.

The yellow flowers can make any part of your house look ten times more beautiful. With those simple baskets, you can do wonders like these hanging plants pot ideas. All that you need to do it find a spot where you would want to hang it. The rest of it is sorted well.

You can use it in merry- making functions decoration in your home or for your garden space or balcony. It is extremely easy to make and would not cost much at all. It will be absolute fun to make it. Do sit with your family and friends on a summer evening and decorate your home with this beauty.

Embroidery Hoop Planter

Image source/Tutorial: Northstory

Your circle of friends is undoubtedly the special cause of your happiness. So we here bring to you another circle which would be an element of joy. This is a simple idea of hanging plant pot which give a subtle and pleasant look to your home. Look at the white pot and how it adds to the beauty of the set up.

This, as it is very prominent in the picture, does not require any hard work or extra efforts to make it. You can easily try it out and it would hardly take few hours to complete it. Easiest to make of all of these hanging planter ideas and most beautiful also.

Find a corner in your house  that you want to make the centre of attraction and there it goes. You have unlocked the mystery to finding to best place to hang the  plant. Children can be made to create this as their craft time activity or summer camp activity. They are certainly going to enjoy the entire process. You can also decorate the circular band base with any design or color of your choice. Find a perfect match of plant for your pot and a wonderful pot is there your way.

Recycled Glass Bottle Planter for Balcony

Image source/Tutorial: Hutchstudio

These pattern of pots has been very popular in the past and now it is gaining fame in the form of glass jars with the fancy handles. This one is best for balcony of all of these hanging planter ideas.

You can use this pots outside your home’s or on main door entrance. It will even look more pretty if the architecture or decor matches with the style of the handle of the pot. This pot might cost you more if you decide to purchase it but rather go for making them on your own. This is easy to make and does not require much time.

You can hang it at any suitable position in your house. You can even add your own creativity to it to match the pot with the background. If you try this and keep it at your home, this will make you feel good and give you a pleasant vibe and a sense of attachment with the Nature.

The upside-down layered hanging planter for Study room

Image source/Tutorial: Design sponge

This is something completely out of the box, both literally and metaphorically. It is something that instills the desire to try it out at once. The very thought of seeing it in your house every morning after you wake up will make you try it out immediately. This perfect for the study room among all the hanging planter ideas.

You can use a variety of colorful flowers and make these hanging plants pot. Also, you can make it in a particular sequence, design or layers. You can either hang one or multiple of them. They just wouldn’t enhance your house but also give it a more lively feel. And who would not want that?

You can hang it in your drawing room with a proper lighting. It can also be hung in balcony or garden space but if you are planning to make a designer piece, save it for your bedroom.

All of this said and heard, nothing can be felt until and unless you yourself make an effort and try it out. And without any doubt, this will be worth your effort and time. This is going to be good investment for sure.

Simple Hanging Planter Ideas for Indoor Home Decoration

Image source/Tutorial: Persialou

The point of divergence of the strings from the circle is what catches the attraction at an instance. You would also want to have something such in your home that makes people wait and adore at. So give this some of your precious moments and try making this out for your home and yourself.

The details and pattern in which the strings have been crafted for the base of the pot is worth giving a second look. This is most commonly found planter among all the hanging planter ideas. An extremely easy to make and not- expensive idea, you can make it whenever you are free and want to make something.Hang it anywhere that you feel is best for this idea.

How to make hanging planters at home

Image source/Tutorial: Instructables

This idea is a style Statement in itself.

It has a great color that gives a very bold and  strong vibe. It has the ability to attract you towards itself. You can easily make it for your wonderful walls, as many as you want and as many as you can. You can have separate of such kind for your kitchen, rooms and balcony.

Give every room a fresh start with these great hanging plants pot. It will rejuvenate your mornings and make your evenings soothing and relaxing.

When you get back home after a tiring day to such hanging planters, it will release the stress and make you feel better. It is worth the effort that is required to make it. It would not cost much and you can get your family and friends together to make it with you.

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Now that you have a great treasure of hanging planter ideas to make and decorate your house with, do you have any reason to not go forward with these ideas? Certainly not. Pick up your friends, neighbors, family or anyone you would want to make it with and start off at once. You can go a social organisation and teach the students how to make these hanging planter ideas also.

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We can give you infinite reasons to try it. But we want to hear from you about your experience. So go forth. Make as many as you can and tell us how you liked it. We are waiting for you. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas! Do check out other related articles on K4 Craft. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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