Cute Crafts for Kids Made with Love by a Mother

We are here with Cute Crafts for Kids to make at home. Be creative at home with your mother!

Kids love to play with new and funny things. They always want to have different toys or something latest to play with as they get bored with their older ones within a few days. But how do we arrange these many toys and where to keep them? Also, the maintenance and cleaning of these playing items add to the work. And let’s not forget how expensive it becomes to buy all these toys which your kids won’t play for more than a week at max!

So to help your problem, we have compiled a list of cute crafts for kids that you can make at home easily. Crafting these on your own will not require much efforts and will definitely benefit you and your budget. You can also ask your husband to help you make these cute crafts for kids on weekends and holidays. Thus, you two will be able to spend a lot of time together and your kids will feel loved knowing their mummy and daddy made these crafts form them. Isn’t this a win-win situation from all ends? So let’s get started with the list of crafts made by Diane Homan.

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Cute Crafts for Kids

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Cute Turkey Puppet For kids!

These cute crafts for kids of a turkey are easy to make and will require nearly zero efforts. You can draw this at home on a paper sheet and then paste it on a cardboard. After that, cut out the turkey from the cardboard and make two holes at the bottom for fingers. You can use paints for drawing the turkey on the sheet or even take a print out from the computer. Depending on if you have your own color printer at home and your preference.

Beautiful Straw Rocket Cute crafts for kids!

Every kid dreams to be in a rocket once in their lifetime. As the rockets can achieve the fastest speed on earth within no time and go to outer space. This fantasy makes everyone admire and love rockets. Thus, your kids will definitely love this cute crafts for kids of rockets. To start with, take a cardboard sheet or a sun board sheet and draw individual rockets on the same. Paint these figures or you can use sketch pens or colored pencils too. Cut these pieces put and then paste a straw at the back-bottom for holding. You can also write beautiful quotes over these masterpieces and vary the shades of colors for them.

Funny Monster Magnets

These funny monster magnets by Diane Homan are a must for your kids’ toys collection. These cute crafts for kids can be used on any ferromagnetic material and can be made with elementary steps. Start with drawing the monster. Note that the height of the eyes is varying and not fixed. Thus you have the flexibility of the size and the number of eyes. Now color the drawing with your kids’ favorite color and cut out the piece with scissors. Use artificial eyes and add magnets for sticking them on the fridge. You can refer to the above image for the design.

Cute Soda Bottle Cover Crafts for kids

Do you need a new idea for a neighbor gift or cute crafts for kids or both? This craft will fit on most of the situations. They are simple to make, don’t require sewing and have adorable appearances. All you have to do for crafting a Soda Bottle cover bottle is cut the hat out of felt and velvet cloth with scissors and cover the bottle with a white cloth as a face. Cut out circles from black color cloth and paste them for the eyes and the smile 🙂

Easy to make Lollypop Ghosts Crafts

The same lollypop or similar shape object can be re-wrapped with a white cloth. Then draw the eyes and the mouth with the help of a permanent marker or sketch pen. At last tie the neck of the ghost with a piece of thread or a ribbon. Make sure the upper sphere portion looks round in shape to resemble the face and the lower portion is spread as done in the above image of this Cute Crafts for kids.

Adorable Printable Ghosties

Craft doesn’t only include drawing and cutting, the true meaning of craft is to utilize what all we have to make what we desire. So, we will recommend you to go for the printing of these adorable ghosts to make cute crafts for kids. You can also draw these if you like. We have provided a few designs in the above image, feel free to google a few more of the ghost faces which can be drawn or printed. Wrap these ghosties around the toilet paper roll for the decorations and crafts for kids by the artist Diane Homan

Pipecleaner Finger Puppets for kids

Children love to play with dolls and puppets as they can include them in their stories and imaginations. The use them for more kind of role-plays. This easy to make cute crafts for kids will help them in the same and will be definitely enjoyed. Start with using pom pom balls for the face and artificial eyes. You can make sheep face, rabbit face, chicken face, dog face or any other animal’s face depending on your creativity. Now take a piece of pipe cleaner of the same color as of the face, and use it to hold the crafted face.

Fluffy pencil topper sheep

This fluffy pencil topper sheep by Diane Homan is a must for your kids’ geometry collection. They will love using the pencil with such toppers. All you have to do is take a foam sheet of black and white color and cut them in the desired shape of a sheep body. Paste the artificial eyes and cut a slit in the middle for passing the pencil and an easy holding link.

Cool Mushroom shooter Craft For kids

This idea can be given the award of the most fun and entertaining craft of the Cute Crafts for kids list. And you can within a minutes make this craft on your own. With your kids, you can enjoy too. At first, take toilet paper rolls and color them with their favorite cartoon characters such as pokemon, a sheep, Tom & Jerry, etc. Now take flat balloons and cut them into half. Take the open side, tie a knot on it and wrap it over the one side so that no air is in between roll and balloon. The Vaccum created can be used for shooting.

Cute Popsicles stick Bookmarks crafts

These cute crafts for kids’ ideas by Diane Homan can be used as bookmarks in their notebooks and school books. All you have to do is draw or get a print of various summer items such sun, watermelon, fan, slippers, etc and paste a popsicle stick below for easy holding. Color the stick according to the contrast and color match of the summer item.

Adorable Handprint butterflies Crafts

Making this craft is as easy as a pie. The hand impression on a sheet can be used as wings. You can use a popsicle stick for the body and artificial eyes. The pipe cleaners can be molded into the shape of a butterfly’s antennas. You can change the color of the upper and lower sets of winds but don’t change for the same set as they will harm the symmetry.

Cute Easter Bunny from toilet roll craft

According to the artist Diane Homan, if you take the complete roll of toilet paper without removing the paper from it and stick the end such that it doesn’t open up, you can craft a cute Easter bunny as done in the image.  For the mouth and the mustache, you can use the black sketch pen and the artificial eyes can be used here. Also, the ears must be cut from a thin cardboard sheet and painted as required.

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We hope you liked this Cute Crafts for Kids Made with Love by a Mother. You can make these beautiful and cute crafts for kids at home. You can leave your opinions and feedback in the comments section below. Also, check out other related articles at K4 Craft for more ideas. We will soon come up with more such related articles. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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