Precious Handprint Crafts for Toddlers – Creative Art & Craft

Keepsake worthy ideas for creating fun handprint art and crafts with toddlers! Make trees, flowers, animals and other other amazing arts with cute hand prints of your kids.

Humans have always been fond of hand and foot impressions. They give us a lot of information about our history and ancestry. But who knew that one can make wonderful and beautiful handprint crafts? We have curated a list of such handprint crafts for your toddlers. These crafts are easy, convenient, uses less material and also fun to make. You can guide your toddlers to craft these cute paintings and you will be glad how well they do so.

Precious Handprint Crafts for Toddlers

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Handprint Acorn Craft for Kids

Image/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

Let’s start with a simple handprint craft for your toddler. Keep the white paper sheet, paints & brushes handy.  Ask them to first take the skin watercolor and apply it on the left hand. They will definitely love doing this because of the fun. Then make an impression on the white sheet paper as shown in the above image. Now, make the upper portion of the fruit with dark brown color and paintbrush. Avoid outlining the fruit as it will highlight the irregularity in the handprint.

Cute Handprint Crafts Apple tree for toddlers

Image/Tutorial: All Kids Network

This beautiful handprint tree can be a piece of cake for your kids if they will follow the steps properly. Start with making the trunk and branches of the tree with dark brown paint. Then apply the green paint on their hands and ask them to impress their hands as shown in the above image for leaves. Cut out fruits from different colored sheets or you can draw the fruits on a white sheet and then cut it too. At the end, paste the fruits in a random manner on the tree.

Beautiful Handprint Crafts Flowers

Image/Tutorial: It Mom

Handprint crafts of flowers can be made with just green and red colors. They can use any other color also in place of red paint for the flower petals. In this craft, start with making the handprint for the flower on a white sheet of paper. Then take a brush and with green paint, draw the stems as done in the above image.

Hand & Hearts Cute Handprint crafts

Image/Tutorial: Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes

This adorable collection of handprints & hearts can be framed and installed on the wall also. You can make any combination of the background color and the heart color. First, ask them to color the square portion with any color they like. Then draw the heart on another colored sheet and cut it out. with the help of black color, make the handprint just in between the square. After the paint dries, paste the heart on the palm. They can make a number of such crafts and combine them for the amazing decoration on the wall.

I for Ice Cream Handprint Crafts for Toddlers

Image/Tutorial: Mommy minutes

This I for ice-cream handprint craft can be made by your toddler easily. Start with making the cone from brown paint on a white sheet and then make the hand impression with pink color as shown in the image. After the impression dries, then you can also add a layer with paint for cream and cherry. This will help them remember the I for ice cream as it is easy to memorize what we draw or practice.

Sweet And Lovely Peacock Handprint Crafts

Image/Tutorial: Sweet and Lovely Crafts

This sweet peacock uses the best of handprints in creativity. Ask your toddler to start with the wings of the peacock with the help of blue paint and handprints on a piece of paper as shown in the above image. Then they can draw the body and face of the peacock. In the end, add the yellow and green dots on the feathers to beautify the craft

Letter “P” Pineapple Handprint Crafts for kids

Image/Tutorial: ithappensinablink

The first craft in the list which uses two colors in one handprint. This P for pineapple handprint craft can be made by coloring palm with yellow color and the finger with light green color. Help your kids in painting the hand so that they don’t mix the two-color. Then make the impression on the white sheet and let the paint dry. After that, with an orange sketch pen, draw the pineapple grid in the palm area of the handprint.

Handprint and Footprint Hedgehog Craft

Image/Tutorial: Meet The Dubiens

This handprint craft idea for your toddler uses both the impression of the foot and the hand for making a hedgehog. In this craft, first, they will have to make the impression with foot and then make multiple handprints as shown in the above image. Try to lighten the color of the hands for easy distinction. In the end, make the face, and the legs with a black sketch pen and add the artificial eye for the side view of the hedgehog.

Handprints Crafts of Sailing ships for toddlers

Image/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

This sailing ship craft uses handprint, paper cut-outs, and water drawing on the white sheet. Start with the handprint in the middle of a white sheet with any color your kid will prefer. Then ask them to make flags for the ship on yellow sheet as done in the above image. Paste the flags on the finger and then draw the water waves with blue paint and brushes. You can also draw clouds and sun for the sky with the help of pencil colors or crayons.

Colorful Handprint Turkey Craft for toddlers

Image/Tutorial: Meaningful Mama

This turkey craft uses various colors for the handprint. Make sure your kids don’t mix the color while coloring the finger, thumb, and palm. The thumb is of red color because of the face and neck of the turkey. The finger and palm can be of the colors as shown in the above image. After the handprint, draw the legs and the eyes of the turkey. You can improve the structure of the head of the turkey with the paintbrush.

Amazing Sunflower Handprint Craft for toddlers

Image/Tutorial: Tami Lynn

This beautiful sunflower is made with multiple handprints of yellow color. Ask your kids to make a circle and around it impress their hands with yellow paint as done in the above image. Then draw the center of the flower with the leaves and the stem.

Paper Strip Handprint Art for Toddlers

Image/Tutorial: Mama. Papa. Bubba.

This creative idea of paper strips with hand shape uses colorful strips of different types. For this craft, ask your kids to cut different various strips of equal sizes from different pattern sheets. Then paste them on a piece of paper with the strips lying horizontally. Now, take another white sheet and with the help of a pencil and keep one hand on the sheet draw the hand outlines. Cut this hand impression out and keep the rest of the white sheet. Paste this sheet on the sheet with strips to obtain the above-shown design

J for Jellyfish Handprint Crafts for Toddlers

Image/Tutorial: Mommy minutes

Take a white sheet and make an upside-down handprint on the same with the help of paint. Then draw the eyes of the jellyfish and the smile with the help of a black sketch pen. Try not to involve the thumb in the impression.

Cute Mallard Duck Handprint Crafts For kids

Image/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

For this duck handprint craft, make the hand impression on a white sheet with brown paint and then draw the neck, legs and the beak of the duck. Paste the artificial eyes and some feather or hair of a paintbrush as done in the above image. In place of drawing, you can also paste the body parts that is cut-outs from colored sheets.

Creative Flamingos Handprint Crafts for Toddlers

Image/Tutorial: Famme

This creative flamingos handprint craft uses the beast of the creativity of watercolors. The hand impression shows the body and the legs and face are drawn after the handprints. The pond is painted with the help of blue and green watercolors.

G for Giraffe Handprint Crafts for Toddlers

Image/Tutorial: Mommy minutes

This G for giraffe handprint craft can be made with painting the hand with light brown color and making the handprint on the sheet. Then extend the neck for the giraffe and draw the face. with the help of dark brown color, make the hair on the tail and random pattern on the body as done in the above image.

Hand Shaped Tree of Love Craft For Valentine’s Day for Kids

Image/Tutorial:Fun Handprint Art

For this adorable handprint love craft for your kids, you can first make the hand with the help of placing the hand on any colored sheet. Then outline the hand and color the area with skin Color. After that, take some heart stickers or draw some of your own cutouts and paste them on the colored paper in any random manner. You can make colorful hearts for enhancing the beauty of the craft.

F is For Fish Handprint Crafts For Toddlers

Image/Tutorial: Mommy minutes

Ending this article with F for fish handprint craft. These letter crafts will be quite useful for your kids to memorize the letters and their pronunciation. Ask them to make the handprint on a white sheet.  Then draw the smile and the eyes. After that make some water drops as done in the image.

We hope you liked all these precious handprint crafts for toddlers. You can guide them to craft these pieces in their free time. This will embark on creativity in their work from the start. You can check out other related articles on K4 Craft. You can also leave your feedback in the comments section given below. We will soon come up with more such useful content. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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