Heart Crafts for Kids – Preschool Crafts

A cute collection of Kids Heart crafts showcasing a variety of heart-themed art and craft ideas for kids this Valentine’s!

The age of preschoolers is the best age to shape them into creative artists. If we plant the seed of imagination in their minds at this age, it will grow and become a skillful tree when they are adults. They can later use these skills as a hobby or even pursue them as a career. this all depends on their interest at a later stage but this tree will definitely help them in their life. So today, we bring a list of heart crafts that your kids can make at home with a bit of guidance from you. They will love these crafts and also you can use them as a gift or decorating your house. So let’s get started with the list of heart crafts.

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Heart Crafts for Preschool Kids

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1. Heart-Shaped Borax Crystals

Image/Tutorial: Club Chica Circle

How about a heart with crystals on it? Only a few of the craft artists know that when one mixes Borax and boiling water, it creates Crystals. You can use this to craft Crystal items such as hearts, stars, snowflakes. For hearts, take pipe cleaners and bend them in the shape of hearts. Then mix borax & hot water in a jar and hang the heart-shaped pipe cleaner in the jar. Keep it overnight and in the morning, when you will take out the heart-shaped pipe cleaner, you will find crystals around it. You can keep this heart crafts in a different jar or hang them via the ceiling, on the windows or on the trees.

2. Fruit Loop Heart Bird Feeder

Image/Tutorial: Sweet And Simple Living

This easy heart crafts idea can provide fruit loops to birds for food. The structure of hearts is maintained with the help of pipe cleaners. Start with taking a good length of pipe cleaner for your kids. You can make the heart shape for your kids too. Then ask them to add the fruit loops cereal one by one carefully so that the shape is maintained. After the pipe cleaner is fully covered with cereals, tie the knot and close the heart shape. Then you can use ropes and threads to hand them on the trees in your garden.

3. Heart Bunny Rabbit Craft For Kids

Image/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

This cute heart bunny is made up of hearts. For this Heart craft, you will need to cut the hearts of different colors and sizes. One pink large heart, one large white heart, one large red heart, and one medium red heart. For the eyes, two small black hearts. For the nose one small red heart and one small white heart for the teeth. You can refer to the above image or source for more clarity. Then paste the large heart and upside-down large link and red hearts. In between red and pink hearts, insert the white heart upside down to make teeth. Then add the eyes and the nose with small hearts. For the mustache, you can use black thin strips.

4. Lovebug Heart Caterpillar

Image/Tutorial: Learn Create Love

A caterpillar made up of hearts is all your kids need to admire the craft world. You can guide your kids to make this adorable caterpillar heart crafts. Cut out small heart pieces and ask them to join them on a piece of paper as shown above. Then add the eyes and the smile. They can also color the hearts with two shades alternatively. In the end, draw the legs on the body of the caterpillar and the.

5. Heart-Shaped Crayons

Image/Tutorial: Cherished Bliss

These beautiful heart-shaped crayons will be loved by your kids and they will have fun making them too. you will need a lot of crayons, a heart mold sheet, and cutters. Remove the paper on the crayons and cut them in small sizes. About 0.5 cm to 1 cm in size will work. Then fill the molds with these cut pieces of crayons completely. You can mix the colors or have hearts of only one color. Try to keep one color as a majority in a die and others in only 1-2 pieces. Then preheat the oven and keep the mold in the oven. It will take approx 10 mins depending on the temp of your oven. Once all the crayons melted, take them out and allow them to cool. Then remove the crayons from the mold and your Heart crafts are ready!

6. The Amazing All-in-one Envelope

Image/Tutorial: Tinkerlab

These beautiful handmade heart-shaped envelopes are perfect for giving cards to your loved ones. You can make these cards along with your kids to make sure they have fun too. Start with cutting a large size heart from a chart paper. Turn it upside down and fold it in the form of an envelope. You can refer to the above image and source for this step. Then glue all the boundaries together apart from the open area. You can attach a small heart for the stamp too.

7. Melted Crayon Wax Heart canvas

Image/Tutorial: College Gloss

For this creative and unique idea, you will need a box of crayons, a canvas, glue, and a blow dryer. Make the shape of a heart on the canvas with the help of crayons and glue. The combination of alternate colors depends on your preference. You can use a rainbow style over here. Then take the blow dryer and keep it on full speed and heat mode. Slowly, blow the hot air on all crayons so that they melt. Hold the canvas board such that the wax can melt and fall down in that area. It is advisable to use a cloth underneath to avoid damage to the floor or table.

8. Adorable Threaded Heart

Image/Tutorial: Teach Them To Fly

This sweet heart-shaped piece made out of the paper plates can be made by your kids without much efforts. Cut out hearts from the center of the plates and then ask your kids to color the rest of the plate with any color they wish. Then, guide them to tie thread or wool around the plate as done in the above image. They will love their crafts because of the hard work they will put in them. you can also use these pieces of Heart crafts for photo booths.

9. Cardboard Heart Stamps

Image/Tutorial: Housing A Forest

How about heart stamps for your kids? They can patterns on cards with these stamps with ease. What you will need is cardboard or toilet paper roll, color, and thread. Start by asking them to color the roll with any of the colors. Then, bend the roll in the form of heart for your kids and tie it with a thread to maintain the shape. Now, the end of these stamps is to be dipped in the red color and press on the white sheet for the patterns.

10. Valentines day Bird Feeders

Image/Tutorial: Wine And Glue

You can cook these bird feeders at home for your kids. Start with mixing the flour, bird seeds, corn syrup and gelatin in a bowl. Add water to make a thick paste. Then take heart dies and make heart shapes by filling the paste in the die. make a hole at the top so you can pass the thread along with it for hanging. Now bake these bird feeders for a few minutes and then let it cool. pass the ribbons and hang them outside on the trees for birds. you can install a camera nearby to get the video of birds eating this delicious food.

11. Paper heart Raccoon Craft for kids

Image/Tutorial: Crafty Morning

This raccoon heart craft is made up of black and brown paper hearts of different sizes. Cut out a large shape heart from brown paper for the face. For the ears, you can use black hearts with the boundary of brown papers. The eye region has black hearts in after rotating them via 90 degrees. The nose is also a heart with height more than usual. Add the artificial eyes after pasting all the hearts together.

12. Cute Heart flowers for decorations

Image/Tutorial: Your Memory Connection

These sweet and cute flowers made up of paper hearts can show your kids how craft can take any form. Cut out a few hearts from high GSM paper or any other material. Fold these hearts a bit from the middle and then you can join them from the bottom tip as shown in the above image. Here 6 hearts are combined to make one flower. Your number of hearts in the flower can vary depending on the size of the hearts. Add any decorative piece or crystal in the middle to cover the tips and have a flower look.

13. Melted Crayons colorful Dots heart

Image/Tutorial: Meaningful Mama

This beautiful piece of heart crafts is made by melting crayons from the tip. Start by drawing a large heart on a white sheet of paper. You can use another color sheet but white suits the best for any colorful combination. Then keep a cloth on the electric griddle and above that the paper sheet. With the help of crayons of different colors, fill the heart by making dots with the tip of the crayons. Make sure the electric griddle doesn’t burn the cloth or paper and the temp is appropriate to melt the crayons’ tips.

14. Purr-fect Kitty Valentine’s Day Crafts for your kids’ friends

Image/Tutorial: Blissfully Domestic

Your kids can craft these adorable kitty cards and give them to their friends. They will need one large white heart for the face, two foam hearts of small size for the ears and one for the nose. Paste the large heart upside down on any high GSM sheet. They can paint the sheet before pasting the heart too. Paste the ears, the nose and then artificial eyes on the face. You can refer to the above image. Draw the mustache with the help of a black marker. They can paste a quote on the card for friendship.

15. Pretty Salt Dough Heart Footprint Keepsake

Image/Tutorial: Red Ted Art

You can easily make salt dough with a 2: 1 portion of flour and salt. Make the dough with the help of adding water in the right amount and then cast the dough in the shape of a heart with the help of hands or a die. On this dough, your kids can make a heart shape from footprints as done in the above image. Color that footprint area with red paint. You can also write a quote on this dough with the help of paint and brush for your kids.

16. Textured Yarn Heart Craft for Decoration

Image/Tutorial: Hands On As We Grow

This beautiful heart craft made with yarns and threads can be used for decoration too. Make a heart with the thread on a piece of paper. Prefer the paper to be colorful in place of plain white. Then ask your kids to add glue in the middle region. Make sure the glue is all over inside the heart and also the paper is able to withstand that much amount of the glue. Then ask your kids to fill the inside with random colors of years as done in the above image. The yarn which comes out of boundary can be moved inside with the help of hands a bit of glue.

We hope you liked these handmade heart crafts for you and your kids.  You can make these beautiful crafts at home with easily available material. You can leave your opinions and feedback in the comments section below. Also, check out other related articles at K4 Craft for more ideas. We will soon come up with more such related articles. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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