Hair Clip Accessories Made out of Mango Seeds – Step by Step Tutorial

What accessories does one wish to spice your gorgeous hair look? Hair Clip Accessories Made out of Mango Seeds is so cute and easy to make. Mangoes are all time, available in the hot season so you can eat a mango and then make such pretty accessories with the seeds.

Mango is the most loved fruit. Everyone loves mango in one form or the other. Children and adults love to eat mangoes. We can twist out different recipes using mangoes. You can drink it up in the form of Mango Shake. Mangoes are a true delicacy. One can never get bored of their taste. We have come up with these pretty accessories made from the mango seed. These, when used with hair clips, give rise to beautiful hair clips. Your sister, daughter, friend all will love this beautiful hair accessory. This craft is really easy to make. You will require very less input material.

Hair Clip Accessories made out of Mango seed

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Materials Required:

  • Mango
  • Acrylic paint
  • Glue
  • Pearls
  • Sequins
  • Hair clips


✨ Step 1: The main Material required

  • The most important material required for this hair clip accessory is the mango.
  • You must choose a ripe mango for this craft.

✨ Step 2: Eating a mango

  • Now remove the peel of the mango and you can eat it.
  • You can even slice the mango and then eat it.
  • It totally depends on you how you want to consume your mango.

✨ Step 3: The seed remaining

  • Eat the whole fruit part of the mango except the seed. You must relish the whole fruit.
  • Now this seed will be used to make a pretty hair accessory.

✨ Step 4: Washing the mango seed

  • Wash the seed with water.
  • Use your fingers to remove any remaining fruit on the seed.
  • Clean the seed thoroughly.

✨ Step 5: Cleaning and drying the Mango seed

  • Once you have washed the seed, it is time to dry the seed.
  • As we need to paint the seed, we will have to dry it to ensure that the paint sticks on the seed properly.
  • Use a cotton cloth to dry the mango seed.
  • You can even use an old towel for this purpose.

✨ Step 6: Brushing the hair of the mango seed

  • As we cleaned the seed, the fur of the seed got tangled up.
  • To ensure that the fur is all nice and smooth use an old toothbrush to comb through the seed hair.
  • Stroke the seed hair gently in their natural direction.
  • This makes the seed hair detangled and smooth.

✨ Step 7: Clean, dry and furry mango seed

  • After the brushing process is complete you get a furry and clean mango seed.
  • The fur or hair of the seed is untangled and furry.

✨ Step 8: Painting the mango seed

  • Now take a paint brush and some acrylic color of your choice.
  • Gently stroke the hair of the mango seed using the paint filled brush.
  • This gives a beautiful hue to the mango seed.
  • Gently move the paint brush in the direction of the seed hair to ensure that the seed hair do not stick together.

✨ Step 9: Designing the mango seed

  • Let the mango seed dry.
  • Once it has dried, we can decorate it as we want.
  • You can use pearls, sequins, ribbon pieces, etc. To decorate your mango seed.
  • Form different designs and patterns with the help of the decorative material you have.
  • Use super glue to stick the decorative material on the mango seed.

✨ Step 10: Adding the designer seed to the hair clip

  • Now you require a hair clip to transform this mango seed into hair clip.
  • Apply some hot glue on the hair clip
  • Stick the designer mango seed on top of the hair clip.
  • Press the mango seed in place.

✨ Step 11: Final Hair Clip Accessory made out of mango seed

  • Your trendy hair clip made from a mango seed is ready to be flaunted.
  • You can wear it on get together, birthday parties, beach days etc.
  • It will help your hair to pop and look pretty.

We hope you love this recycling task. The mango seeds are disposable and can be used to grow new mango trees as well. We wish you happy mango eating season. Hope you collect lots of mango seeds and use them to make Hair Clip Accessories Made out of Mango Seeds . We wish that this accessory craft will bring a smile to your daughter’s face. You can check out other related articles on K4 Craft. We would like to hear from you. You can leave your feedback in the comments section given below. We will soon come up with more such useful articles for you. Until then keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft.

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