Airplane Crafts for Kids from Waste Material

Kids who love airplanes will go crazy for these ideas! Finding the best Airplane Crafts for Kids from waste material has been so much fun because the crafts that I found are just beautiful.

The dream to fly and soar above the skies is a dream we all share when we are kids, and to share this dream with our kids is truly amazing, it is more pleasurable when you make something by hand using nothing but ordinary things, with your own hands. Here are a few such ideas to give flight to your child’s imagination.

Recycled Airplane Crafts for Kids

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1. Bottle Airplane Crafts for Kids

Materials Required

  • Plastic bottle
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • White and coloured paper
  • Cutting Knife


  • Cut out the tail shape form a piece of paper, and then cut another piece of paper in the same shape.
  • Make a slit in the bottle and pass the side of the paper through it inside the bottle add glue on the side, take the other paper and place it opposite side to cover the bottle.
  • Paste the paper of the tails together to form a proper tail.
  • Draw the front wings and the back wings of the plane as well as the propeller on coloured paper.
  • Cut them out, paste the big wings in the front, the small wings at the sides of the tail, and the propeller by opening the cap of the bottle and screwing it back into place.
  • Take two rolled pieces of rectangular paper and paste them below the front wings.
  • Cut out circular windows from coloured paper and paste them on the sides. The bottle aircraft is now complete.

2. Colgate helicopter

Materials required

  • Colgate toothpaste box
  • Drone K20 motors 19500- 35500 RPM
  • 55 mm Blade Propeller
  • Bosch drill bit set
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Ear buds


  • Start cutting the piece of the toothpaste into the shape of the helicopter seeing the video as the steps might be hard to follow without seeing.
  • Make holes in the bottom for making the legs of the helicopter. Then put the earbuds inside and paste them into place using a glue gun.
  • Taking the motors place them by making holes in the front and in the back, and gluing them into place.
  • Now take the two 55 mm propellers and place them on the motors.
  • Take black paint and paint the earbuds black. Make a hole in the bottom and take out the wires connecting the motor from the bottom hole.
  • Extend the wire by attaching more wire to it, and securing it with tape. Now attach a on off switch to the wires and a battery socket.
  • Now since the helicopter does not fly straight, you will have to make a base and a path for the helicopter to follow. For this, you will have to glue gun ice cream sticks and glue the helicopter onto it.
  • Make holes near the ends for metal spokes to pass through. Which will hold the helicopter in place.
  • Place two hollow pieces of lollipop sticks and into the spoke wires attached in the holes of the sticks. In addition, bend the wires at the top. The helicopter is now be ready.

3. Small Airplane Crafts for Kids from Matches

Things you need

  • Matches
  • Knife
  • Glue
  • Sketch pens
  • paper


  • Take matches and smoothen the top layer using a knife. Now take a piece of paper, cut a piece of rectangular strip, and fold it in half.
  • Then cut out a wing like shape of length 6.5 cm. then another small piece from another piece of paper, this will form the tail of the plane.
  • Paste the piece of paper on the back of the matchstick and let it dry. Take the bigger strip of paper and glue it in the middle.
  • Using sketch pens draw a pattern you like on the wings to complete your matchstick plane.

4. Cup Gliders Crafts for Kids

Things you need

  • Plastic cups
  • Tape
  • Rubber bands


  • Join the two cups together from their bottoms, using wide tape.
  • Take rubber bands and knot them together to form a chain of bands. Tie it around the cup. The cup glider will fly using the slingshot action of the rubber coiled around it.
  • The cup glider is ready to fly.

5. Ice cream stick Airplane Crafts for Kids

Things you need

  • Ice cream sticks
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Sketch pen


  • Cut of the rounded edges of an ice cream stick and cut it small to glue it at the end of a stick.
  • Take the round edge and paste it over the small piece to from the tail of the plane.
  • Glue gun an ice cream stick in the front end of the stick. Cut two square pieces of stick and paste them on both ends of the stick we just pasted upright. This will enable us to paste another stick over it.
  • Paste the other stick into place and start painting it in the colour you like using a sketch pen.
  • The Popsicle plane is ready.

6. Airplane using shampoo bottle

Things you need

  • Shampoo bottle
  • Bottle caps
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Glue stick and glue gun
  • Scissors


  • Take a shampoo bottle, cut out a long strip of paper, and paste it near the inner edge of the shampoo bottle.
  • Now use multiple such strips of various colours and using the same technique wrap it around the whole bottle.
  • Use bottle caps of a normal plastic bottle and paste the two at the bottom of shampoo bottle.
  • Take a piece of rounded plastic out from a used jelly candy and paste it in the middle on the top of the bottle.
  • Now using cardboard, cut out two wings of the airplane, and paste them on a piece of white paper. In addition, cut the paper out into shape of the wings.
  • Using glue gun paste the wings on the sides, draw windows on the jelly sheet as it will be the cockpit of the plane. The airplane is now ready.

7. Rubber band glider Crafts for Kids

Things you need

  • Cereal box
  • Straws
  • Rubber bands
  • Set scale, pen
  • scissors


  • Open up a cereal box, start drawing the outline for the shapes of a wing, and cut it out. Cut out another set of wings but smaller for the back.
  • Take two straws, join them together using tape, take the two wings and using a rubber band secure the bigger wing into place. Glue gun the smaller wing at the back.
  • Fill the front of the straw with glue from the glue gun. Take a screw with a rubber band tied around the head and secure it in the front of the straw. The glue will help to keep it in place. The glider is now ready.

8. Coffee Cup Helicopter

Things you need

  • Coffee cup with a cap
  • Long wooden skewers
  • Thread
  • Glue
  • Knife
  • Metal wire
  • Pliers
  • Plastic sheet


  • Take an empty coffee cup with a lid attached. Flip it upside down, put four wooden skewers at four sides from the bottom inside the cup, tie the top ends together using thread, and glue them together.
  • Take them out of the cup and using a knife cut out a square in the middle of the bottom of the cup. Cut out a piece of metal wire fusing pliers and put it through between the wooden skewers tied together.
  • Using a sheet of plastic cut out two wings for the helicopter to fly. Then cut the wooden into a small piece and then slice the skewers in half using a knife carefully.
  • Sew the skewer to two wings, put a metal wire that can attach to the other wire in the skewers we had before but do put a bead in between so that the wings stay in place.
  • Glue the skewers into place, take two pieces of foam paper, cut out large wings, and paste them onto the sides of the cup.
  • Take another skewer and pass it through the middle of the cup cover, cut it according to the size of the cover.
  • Take many rubber bands, knot them into a big three-loop rubber band, and attach one end to the skewers in the cover of the cup, and using a metal wire again, to the helicopter blades and the rubber as well.
  • The helicopter is ready. Now to fly it rotate the blades so that the rubber band coils and then allow it to fly when it recoils.

These were some easy and beautiful ideas for Airplane Crafts for Kids which you can try at your home. Do encourage your child to help you in this as it will help the kid in becoming more creative.

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