20+ Easy Popsicle Stick Crafts & Activities for Kids

Simple Popsicle stick crafts: Photo Frames, Popsicle Stick Handprint Tulips for Toddlers, Angle fish Popsicle Stick Craft Work, Abacus, Folding Board, Catapults, Popsicle stick crafts Christmas, Hanging Bird feeder Craft, Colorful Treasure Box, Airplane, puppet, Stick Wreath.

Popsicle Sticks. What 1st picture you are getting there in your mind when you think of Popsicle Sticks? I’m not sure but it must be an ice-cream or candy. Is it? Popsicle Sticks are not just that much in use. They can be put to several uses and whether you believe it or not!! The different crafts that we are going to show you will mesmerize you a little or maybe more. The imaginary boundaries for popsicle sticks that we have set in our mind as only to be a supporter of ice-cream bar are going to go vanish within just in a few seconds.

20+ Fun Popsicle Crafts You Can Make With Your Kids

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These crafts are not very expensive, not very long or not very time taking.  So, we can call its perfect if teachers are looking for a simple yet sophisticated craft project work to be done in the next kindergarten class or if a person who is just craving for creativity or if someone is literally disturbed thinking continuously about a good present to be gifted this birthday to his/her loved ones. These popsicle sticks make room for every kind of products, so don’t worry because You will definitely discover one fine suitable item for you.

1. Best ever Photo Frames

Popsicle Sticks makes best photo frames. Just pour this time more of creativity, ornaments, and innovation to this craft project work. Popsicle Sticks make best ever photo frame gifts too, it can be gifted to anybody especially On Mother’s Day, serve this DIY handmade photo frame as a gift to your mother. She will definitely love it. To get a clear idea make sure to watch the full video attached below for your better convenience.

2. Popsicle Stick Handprint Tulips for Toddlers

Popsicle Handmade Tulips are so giving a pure innocent look of kindergarten mind and it also shows how beautiful and really imaginative our little kids can be. No boundaries are there in their mind. Just dip your hands in paint color (any color as per your likings) and pat it right on paper, use green popsicle sticks or just color one plain popsicle stick into green to give it a stem look. Many designs little flowers can be made around those big handprint tulips. You’ll be needed Kids paint and paintbrush, mini crafts sticks, flower stickers, and a construction paper.

Image source / Tutorial: funhandprintartblog

3. Angle fish Popsicle Stick Craft Work

Look how the Fish is so like real like we actually see, No! Grab your popsicle colored craft sticks and get started in no time. You’ll not be needed many items- Just go with Colored Craft Sticks, a googly eye and a hot glue gun or normal glue. You can make more colorful fishes just keep all the sticks as given in the below-given image positions, stick well and leave your fish to see this world out of the water first time.

Image source / Tutorial: Meaningful Mama

4. An amazing Abacus

Absolutely great way to teach counting, just convert your whole crafts class into a mathematical class within a few seconds. Design very modern artistic lovely little ABACUS within a  few minutes and set up the very base of learning with that. Gather your materials today like- 9 popsicle Sticks, 8 4-inch bamboo skewers, 56 large pony beads, and a pencil. Investment of your minute while making this can’t be declared as wastage of time because as we all known that abacus is a great tool to teach your child about addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and even place value.

Image source / Tutorial: kidsactivitiesblog

5. Folding Board

Very simple, easy and innovative too. Absolutely great way to create a standing card. You’ll be needed- Ice stick, thick paper, scissors, and a fevicol. Make sure to watch this video and get your very own Ice Stick Board Stand within just a couple of few minutes.

6. Catapults For Distance

This is a Craft Stick Catapult. Surely, this is the easiest Catapult and believe it! you can’t make easier than that. So you’ll be needed- 7 craft sticks, 3 rubber bands, a milk cap, and a cotton ball. Make catapult of more colors and experiment with that in your class with young students.

Image source / Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

7. Stars – Popsicle stick crafts Christmas

Stars of various color basically of same sizes attached with a simple rope can be hanged anywhere, as well as can also create a big difference in the whole surroundings. You’ll be needed- 5 Popsicle Sticks, Red, white, and blue paint, glue, string for a hanger and lots of your creative imagination. These tiny stars are so pretty and adorable to look at, in the same way, the whole process involved while crafting it is big fun when you do it.

Image source / Tutorial: Planetpals

8. Beautiful Colorful Treasure Box

A treasure box is something we all want. So why not you make one right now and keep your all significant objects in it (that we call Important stuff that we treat no less than treasure because they are our treasure). Bright Colorful made of sticks treasure box looks so great below in the given picture. Don’t wait and appreciate your kids to have this today. Things required- popsicle sticks, paint if you want a custom color or plain water paints depends on you, craft glue, and earbuds if your glue spout is big.

Image source / Tutorial: Powerful Mothering

9. Popsicle Stick Project

Popsicle sticks can also be used in these ways you can create the whole base of the project and can even get your project done gracefully you know. Not just for fun, creativity, and imagination but for also study purposes, this popsicle sticks can be used in many ways.

Image source / Tutorial: powerfulmothering

10. Hanging Bird feeder Craft

We might have seen many bird feeders but this bird feeder is different from all of them they are vibrant, colorful, beautiful and lovely. We all can contribute a little to make available birds food easily by making this. Just not this but also 1 thing more and that is your backyard or wherever you place it or hang it will be really gorgeous, you’ll be able to listen to chirping of different birds as when they will be there to collect their food items from that bird feeder. Add this project to be finished there in your class so that your kids don’t get missed from such an outstanding item.

Image source / Tutorial: motheringwithmindfulness

11. Airplane Craft with Popsicle

Magnificent just this word is enough to describe this all. Brilliant way to equip free sticks into something useful and interesting. The plane can be made in just a few minutes. Make sure to gather your materials- 3 craft sticks, 1 clothespin, paint, and glue. See how easy, not sure but maybe all the things required must be available with you scattered here and there already in your home so don’t wait and go get started.

Image source / Tutorial: The Pleasantest Thing

12. “Home is Where Mom is” Craft

Such a beautiful line and the line is 100% true too. We all value and should value our mothers what an awesome effort she put daily to our lives. Truly Incredible and in return she doesn’t even demand anything. This stick button home is simple to make and the value it reflects is exceptional. Your mother will totally love this. Gift one and show her how truly you love her and how dedicating job she is doing with so much care.

Image source / Tutorial: craftymorning

13. Moving puppets

Entertain your group by a display of a little show by making this amazing smiling and talking moving stick puppet. Required materials- popsicle/Ice ticks, googly moving eyes, thread, acrylic color, scissor, fevicol, and a screwdriver. Watch the video full attached below so that you get a clear idea of what you are needed to do with all those items. Funny enough, this puppet will make sure you smile every day.

14. Craft Stick Wreath

Wreath here below is completely changed here from what we normally see actually made of flowers. How a few natural changes in sticks turned into a mesmerizing wreath. See you can also get them, to make one for your home doors or classroom doors even you can involve all your classroom into this big project work and believe it or not they would love to make it besides it will lead into more cooperation and unity in their groups, Individually this project can also be done no restrictions, just saying. Just Collect- Dip Dyed Craft Sticks, Paper plate, scissors, spray paint, hot glue gun, and a hole punch.

Image source / Tutorial: babbledabbledo

15. Craft Stick Harmonicas

Are you always excited about playing instruments? If it is that so then you can have one without spending any penny. Craft Stick Harmonicas are the really easy and simplest instrument amongst all the instruments out there in the world. Its just two craft sticks, a toothpick, rubber bands and a strip of paper in between two sticks which creates the sound. Enjoy your summers with healthy activities and learning something new like this Harmonica.

Image source / Tutorial: makeit-loveit

16. Popsicle Stick Boat Craft for Summer

Amazing what a brilliant utilization of Popsicle Sticks!! There must be someone very imaginative person besides all this creativity. Just look at it and you know I believe everything will float above waters and it will definitely give a view of an extra rich swimming pool. Just beyond thoughts.. go for it!! Equip all the sticks in a smart way, put all the material right where it is needed. You can be a little messy too there are no restrictions to be perfect. You’ll be needed many colored Popsicle sticks, pens, papers, embellishments, and a glue gun.

Image source / Tutorial: craftysticks

17. Homemade Weaving Looms

Homemade weaving looms So thoughtful and so helpful too you know!! Kids would literally love it. These are just a piece of art that came out so perfect. Make an easy and small weaving loom so that your kids can go with weaving whenever they like so. Hang on for a minute and jot down all the things required to design this- Plain sticks, strings, and a hot glue gun.

Image source / Tutorial: buggyandbuddy

18. Stick Fencing For Animal Play

Well, it’s so fascinating and really interesting to see a mini Stick fencing made for animals like we get to see one when we visit the countryside. Play as much as you can, put more and more animals there- different creatures and different species. It’s So good to see when you turn a whole big thing into a little one like a mini replica. You’ll be needed what? – Many many colored popsicle sticks, glue guns or normal glue, and a little intelligence to establish a replica of big fencing for animal play.

Image source / Tutorial: powerfulmothering

19. DIY Cute Bookmarks

Pretty Little DIY Stick Bookmarks are so cute to look at. These Pretty little bookmarks can be yours too and for that, you don’t have to spend hours even. Just collect some pieces of stuff like- Colored popsicle Sticks, Googly eyes, sharpies or paint colors, tiny pom-poms, glue gun and a woolen fabric like material for horns. You can make giraffe patterned bookmarks, tiger patterned bookmarks, cheetah patterned bookmarks or many more of your like.

Image source / Tutorial: Meaningful Mama

20. Spiderweb Halloween Crafts

Spiderweb Halloween Crafts are so perfect, Don’t you think? They don’t even look handmade but they are and you can also get yourself one before even Halloween arrives. Just a few things and your job is done after putting all the things at the right place. You’ll be needed- wood Craft Sticks, Silver paint or Paintbrush, Craft Glue, white yarn, and a plastic spider.


Image source / Tutorial: consumercrafts

21. Popsicle Stick Animal Bookmark

These cute stick puppets are a great fun to make and play with. They are safe playmates for your kids. You can help your children in making these cute colourful puppets and also teach them about different animals through these. First of all take a popsicle, clean it and dry it. Now start with a base. Make sure you do not use too much water.

Acrylic paints shall be preferred. For example if you are making a tiger. You will give a yellow-brown base coat. Cut small triangular felt ears for this tiger. Stick them on the back. Add goigly eyes for the tiger. Make a nose put of the felt. Make the mouth for the tiger using a black sharpie pen. Complete the look with thin strokes of black along the edges of the popsicle. Your tiger popsicle puppet is ready. You can make lots of such puppets, such as cow, hen, lion, giraffe, dear, etc.

Image Source: babble.com

See so many incredible ideas have been shared here up with you. Did you like any? Or did you like many? We never put restrictions but always invites more of creative minds, You can be more creative with the basic idea we have given you. Even you can list all these above ideas to be done in your next class activity or you can. The imagination is boundaryless and that’s what these all crafts project works showed us as even so many other ideas must be there in your little one’s mind to do with popsicle sticks just make sure to get that idea out before it fades away.

Popsicle Stick Crafts Ideas for Adults

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We hope you liked this article. We also wish that these crafts give you satisfaction and joy as you make them and install them at your school. Do give your valuable feedback in the comments section below. You can check out our other articles on similar topics. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas! Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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