DIY Cute Clothespin Crafts For Kids

The clothespin is used basically for hanging clothes and in our daily life, we don’t even give it much importance by thinking what else can we do with it? Right? And it isn’t even necessary. But creative minds can do wonders with even the smallest non-significant objects by focusing on bringing out the best out of them in a usual way. Well, there are many things and many crafts which can be done with a simple clothespin. Our kids cherish new toys so why not give them some more creative toys to play with. We have introduced many DIY Cute Clothespin Crafts for Kids here below. These DIY clothespin little crafts are very simple to copy and totally pocket-friendly even without spending a penny you can give your kids all new playthings as a gift.

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22 Clothespin Crafts Your Little Ones Will Love to Make

1. Cute Clothespin Caterpillars

Fabulous !! These pompoms cute caterpillar structured clothespins are so colorful and creative. No one could even imagine after seeing this masterpiece that once this thing was a lifeless ordinary clothespin only. Kids can go wherever they want with their imagination and these clothespins have played a little role by completing a little fantasy of seeing a colorful big eyes caterpillar crawling near them. Students in this way can also be made aware of the significance and existence of a caterpillar. So change your clothespin into this cute craft work today. What things are required to get these cute caterpillars? Clothespin, pompoms, googly eyes, a magnet, and a glue. The craft is completely pocket-friendly and lovely.

Image source / Tutorial: Clothespin caterpillars

2. Cupcake Clothespin Butterflies

Who don’t love butterflies? Obviously, everyone. It’s difficult to not fall for them when we all know that they are one of the most beautiful creatures of this world, directly sent by God and gifted by Nature. Some people are prone to catch butterflies and keep them in a glass showcase where they are trapped rudely. Let them fly high and keep astonishing people with their marvelous textures of wings. Instead, you can go with a simple idea and make your own clothespins butterflies. These butterflies are manufactured with the support of cupcake liners. Equipment needed- 2cupcake liners, clothespin, glue, glitter and a string/yarn. These butterflies are equally gorgeous.

Image source / Tutorial: clothespin butterflies

3. Clothespin Fridge Critters

Some people have this obsession with decorating their fridge with different funny magnets. Make some fridge critters and involve your kids making at least one. Craft foam and a few clothespins are the important ingredients. Use the template provided in the link or create your own. Simply print out a plain printer paper then cut the pieces apart and trace onto the craft foam. This is a fun idea. Materials Required- wooden clothespin, markers or paint, scissors, craft foam, googly eyes, glue, pipe cleaners, sequins, yarn, dental floss, thin wire, yarn, magnets, and Fridge Critters template. Many things from a caterpillar to a ladybug anything you can go with, any creature and any pattern with this quick craft idea.

Image source / Tutorial: clothespin critters

4. Hungry Clothespin Fishes

Clothespin Fishes are something new and more exciting to move ahead with.  It’s great craft work perfect for an ocean theme. Besides the way they are designed and are kept for photography is appreciable also. The below image is depicting a school of hungry fishes. Kids can easily squeeze the clothespin to open and close the mouth of the fishes. Include this craft work this week in your class art project and for that gather all the supplies- 4 wooden clothespin, colorful scrapbook papers, fish pattern, 4 googly eyes, tools: hot glue gun and scissors.

Image source / Tutorial: Clothespin fish

5. Clothespin Ballerinas

Our little princesses and dolls would love these adorable and gorgeous dolls. These dolls are easy to make, cute to see and fun to play with. Design your own color clothespin dolls and play with them for hours. The objects like the crown, gems, and colors are up to you. You can design prince, princesses, and many other creatures. Inputs required- Mini Flat Clothespin, Washable Tempera Paint, Paint Brush Set, Kids Craft Scissors, Felties Felt Glue, Felties Felt Sheets, Gem Finishing Accents, and Self Stick Gems. And after making types of clothespin ballerinas you can keep them at one place to show your fellows that what precious stuff you have got.

Image source / Tutorial: clothespin ballerinas

6. Little Alligators Clothespin

Alligators are can be dangerous and harmful amphibians to us but clothespin alligator has got nothing to cause us trouble anytime in any way. So, you can keep this little feisty alligator with your kids. They can play and you can use it whenever needed. Utilize the pin in the most interesting way by transforming your clothespin into a funny non-biting alligator shape. Jot down Important articles needed- clothespin, washable craft paint in white and red, googly eyes, green chenille stems, scissors, school glue, and a green paper.

Image source / Tutorial: clothespin alligator

7. Adorable Angels Clothespin

This angel is so adorable and is looking like a heaven-sent fairy. Your babies, toddlers, kids or teenage or anybody of any age would love to keep especially this kind of toy which looks so lovely with angelic features. Not much to be done while preparing this clothespin angel.  Just collect the stuff needed and follow the process and be ready to make a wish when she is completed with her getup. What you’ll need- Clothespin, black and red markers, white yarn, a white boa, white pipe cleaners, scissors, white felt, 1st wood doll head/knob, and tacky glue. Give them soft facial features and color their hair as you like.

Image source / Tutorial: Clothespin angels

8. Mini Clothespin Cars

Image source / Tutorial: Colorful clothespin cars

9. Clothespin and Button Cars

Most of the Kids like to collect a cool car stock of different features. Make an addition to this. There is a good idea of converting a simple clothespin into your Hot wheels car. These cars will occupy your kids to play race track games. Not much effort and not much time taking, these cars are marvelous looking and give good mileage also. Clothespin Button Cars Hot wheels can be manufactured by you at home with these articles- clothespins, paint acrylic (depends on you), straws, bamboo skewers, buttons, and a glue- we used hot glue.

Image source / Tutorial: clothespin cars

10. Clothespin Wrap Dolls

These dolls are so perfect giving a tint of barbie’s look with their slim body and perfect dress and nicely combed hair. With a few embroidery threads, you can make your very own stunning clothespin barbie doll. Just a few things are required and the process involved is super duper easy. This Barbie won’t cost you much and will brighten your room with their appearance and shinier clothes. Supplies- Embroidery thread, hot glue, and clothespins. A daughter would be delighted to receive this handmade gift from her mother.

Image source / Tutorial: Clothespin wrap dolls

11. Clothespin Dinosaurs

Even we all know that today dinosaur is no more in survival or existence. But! we have stories of them to tell, their marvelous giant skeletons to see in museums and even some superb movies on them are made to watch. Kids, why only them we all are little fascinated about dinosaurs whenever we start thinking about their structures and their survival ages. Well, you can deposit some glaring dinosaurs at your home. This dinosaurs don’t bite or is dangerous in any way. Supplies- 4 wooden clothespins, paint: black and white, felt: green, gold, and gray, dinosaur pattern, and tools: paintbrush, toothpick, black marker, and a hot glue gun.

Image source / Tutorial: Clothespin dinosaur puppets

12. Sparkling Clothespin Dragonflies

Dragonflies craft and art project work is done here gracefully where 2 googly eyes are looking the most pretty ones in all of the designs made. Colorful bright and sparkling is all we can see special in this dragonfly, well this one is lifeless but is lovely. Make some space for this butterfly in your room to let her wonder here and there by flying on its own wings. Things required- 2 pipe cleaners, clothespin, 2 googly eyes, paint, and glue to get these cute dragonflies done.

Image source / Tutorial: Dragonfly clothespins

13. Slim Minions Clothespins

Color clothespin yellow and blue, stick googly eyes and use some sharpies to mark a smile and a few strands of hair above googly eyes. 1,2,3 step and your mini minion is ready to make your day bright and light. Only a single difference can be noticed here and that is this minion is slim and fit in comparison to the original minion. Totally effortless and wonderful artwork is created by painting this minion. Materials needed- clothespins, yellow paint, blue paint, paint brushes, googly eyes, glue, and a black marker. Worth investing project is this!!!!

Image source / Tutorial: Clothespin minions

14. Clothespin Penguins

Grab some of your big and mini clothespins to make some smiling cheerful penguins today! Kids can have an all atmosphere of Antarctica!! or put them on winter Christmas card for someone. These penguins are not so ordinary 1st they are smiling brightly and second, they are ready to make your day with their presence and welcoming gesture. Types of materials needed to get this craft done- clothespin, black and white paint, black and orange sharpie, and a pipe cleaner.

Image source / Tutorial: clothespin penguins

15. Clothespin Unicorn-Dragon Puppets

Unicorn and Dragon puppets here are at their best. You can mimic a few characters and can play along with them by gathering your little kids’ group. Make this simple clothespin puppet with your kids by using printable designs. This project is not only a fun combination of art and engineering but also a unique way of living and playing with your desired imaginations.  To design these characters you’ll need- Unicorn and Dragon pictures, clothespin, scissors, and a glue gun that’s all is required.

Image source / Tutorial: dragon and unicorn clothespin

16. Clothespin Talking Puppets

These puppets are a little different. They speak a lot and maintain a very funny composure every time. They can play the role of mood booster. The hair is giving it a 90’s look which is pretty lovely. It would be cool to get some quirky character out of clothespins so that you can open and close the mouth by pinching the clothespin. A creative craft where you can add your special touch by making numerous variations. You can go with more expressions, hair, styles, googly eyes and more shapes of lips etc. And for that, you’ll be required to have stuff like- clothespins, markers, yarn, scissors, glue, googly eyes, and template printed on card stock.

Image source / Tutorial: Puppet clothespin

17. Clothespin and Pipe cleaners Buzzy Bees

Just by using some common materials we can produce so many meaningful lively stuff like this buzzy bee. This buzzy bee is nothing more than pipe cleaners, clothes peg, craft foam, and googly eyes but what matters the most is how the pieces of stuff are utilized here so brightly that the thing about which we even not thought is self coming out from nowhere. It’s just an awesome and totally incredible idea and it would be great if you go with this too. You will need-wooden clothes peg, pipe cleaners, craft foam, and googly eyes to form this buzzy bee.

Image source / Tutorial: queen bee

18. Clothespin Sharks

Do you love ocean animals like sharks, octopuses or jellyfishes? this fun clothespin shark below is cute as well as silly and not even too scary like the original ones are. Your kids will definitely love having fun while pretending to chase the little fish and catch them in their shark’s mouth. Obvious requirements- wooden clothespin, light blue (or gray), white and orange card stock, toothpick, googly eye, shark pattern, and a tool: scissors, glue stick, hot glue gun, and a gray marker.

Image source / Tutorial: shark clothespin

19. Clothespin Cutest Snakes

These snakes are close to real snakes by their looks but are obviously not real but more colorful, not scary at all, funny and playful. Design these snakes with the help of more than one clothespin and with the help of sharpie give them a more appealing look which catches attention. Wooden clothespin, sharpies, red paper, googly eyes, and a hot glue gun is all needed. Let them crawl in your room with their open mouths and tongues out.

Image source / Tutorial: clothespin snakes

20. Clothespin Stegosaurus

The clothespin adds a very dynamic activity to the static paper dinosaur. We have to introduce dinosaur to our young kids and it’s very basic though. This way illustration is bright, fun and descriptive on their own.  It will keep even the most feisty 3-5 year old busy. Gather your all materials needed. You will need some paint, a marker, clothespins, a googly eye, scissors, and a cereal box.

Image source / Tutorial: Stegosaurus with clothespin spines

21. Clothespin Marvelous Superheroes

Clothespin can be turned into anything so why not we go with a superman which is probably favorite of all boys, girls even. These below-given superheroes are so cute and tender. Just a few things are needed to get this Superman done quickly. Smart, intelligent and dutiful superman has much much more things to make your kids learn and basically, all are good manners and disciplines. Clothespin Craft Supplies- Mini flat clothespin, washable tempera paint, paint brush set, kids craft scissors, Felties felt glue, felt scapes, and a black marker.

Image source / Tutorial: superhero clothespin

22. Clothespin Zombie Puppet

Zombie puppet is the most innovative and horrific item(not actually). Instead of getting horrified with the Zombie character introduce your little ones with the playful and funny side of any Zombie. This Zombie instead of being scary is funny at all times. Clothespins, scissors, glue, and a zombie puppet are all needed.

Image source / Tutorial: zombie clothespin

So many more ideas must have started bubbling in your mind. We encourage you to exercise on them and do not leave them there in your mind to be lost. The clothespin is not just clothespin after seeing all the incredible ideas we can at least say this much. In the same way, there are many more things available in our house whose creativity is hidden.

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