29 Fun Painting Ideas for Kids

Any person can be a painter no matter whether he/she likes it or not because painting is just never restricted within the arena of forming certain sketches or drawings or playing with colors but the most important thing is painting is about living imaginations. Through painting, we can express our heart out. Painting refreshes mood and uplifts our soul’s energy by removing the stress. Sometimes painting also surprises us with outstanding outcomes. Mixing various colors, or blindly pouring different poster color on a piece of paper, whatever you do, a final result, in the end, is waiting for you to give you an insight of your own creativity zone. Many people find their comfort in painting and many people do painting because they are addicted to painting. This is not necessary to have valid reasons to paint, just paint when you feel like painting, enjoy your painting.

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As a teacher, it’s a big responsibility on your shoulders to let their kids be familiar with all kinds of learning especially which shape and grow their mind positively. And painting helps children use their senses- where they design something by themselves, express their emotions, explore different colors and create extremely pleasing masterpieces. Painting is a great way through which a person or a kid can express themselves in their own special way.

29 Fun Painting Ideas And Activities For Kids

We are going to introduce you to 29 incredible ideas of painting where you’ll be painting on rocks, pieces of clothes, will give shapes through tapes etc. All in all, we are going to let you see the new dimensions of painting using different objects. How colorful and how thoughtful it’s going to be, Explore more clearly below.

1. Tape Resist Flower

Guess how this beautiful flower is painted, it’s super simple and innovative at the same time.  The procedure is not complicated but a bit tricky. A new method to use tapes and getting never imagined creativity out of it is just amazing. 1st you are required to design a flower with a tape and then play with colors filling empty spaces with bright flower paint colors like red, yellow, orange, pink, etc. and background can go with any paint like blue or green. After you are done, let your painting get dry and once it’s dried then you are free to remove the tapes safely. You’ll have your painting in your hand.

Image source / Tutorial: tinyrottenpeanuts

2. Pink Door DIY Palm Springs Birdhouse

We all love making birdhouses and why not when we know that the tiny little creatures will be the residents of our handmade home, chirping in their melodious voice there the whole day. Birdhouses can be of various types, can be made of anything, and below-given one is going to be one of the types. Obviously pretty so gather the inputs required- wooden birdhouses, pink craft foam, brown craft foam, small wooden blocks, white paint, paint brush, glue, scissors, fake succulents, ruler and a power drill. Once your birdhouse is ready for use put birdseed inside and place the birdhouse in a high spot where it attracts birds the most like hang it in your garden. This birdhouse is more like a human’s house and is giving us a mini-hut look which makes it more lovely and creative.

Image source / Tutorial: Club Crafted

3. Pour Paintings with Water Colors

This painting is extremely simple and it gives a wonderful way to explore process arts with children. This one is going to be your favorite watercolor technique because it’s not complicated and the results are purely stunning. So the items needed- thick watercolor paper, painters tape, a board just larger than your paper, water and brush, primary watercolors, spray bottle for water and a bin to catch all the drips of watercolors. Just pour some colors here and there and the rest of the magic of colors displaying will be done by itself, within a few minutes you’ll get your awesome masterpiece.

Image source / Tutorial: housingaforest

4. DIY Painted Rock Paper Dolls

These rocks are simply turned into a very beautiful non-living adorable creature. People are nowadays gifting these rocks by painting it and changing it entirely by making a good difference in its look. You’ll be needed- Rocks (smooth rocks), craft paint, and paint markers. You can paint anything you love, you imagine, you want that on a rock piece like making dolls faces or just some simple round paintings. No one can imagine even how did it look like previously when it was a simple rock after its complete transformation.

Image source / Tutorial: Jennifer Perkins

5. Q-Tips Rainbow Painting

This rainbow painting will be done in just one minute or even less than that because you’ll be painting all the colors at once on a piece of paper. So how to make it? You’ll be needed equipment like- Q-tips- one per color, paint- all the colors of the rainbow that is VIBGYOR, tape or glue dots, plate and newspaper and a white cardstock paper. This painting makes perfect sense to welcome spring wholeheartedly this year so if you are a teacher then this can absolutely go as an assignment. Besides its interesting because it demands some focus and coordination too.

Image source / Tutorial: makeandtakes

6. Painted Shells

Seashells are basically of white or grey in color but there is no restriction if want them to be a little colorful or different from its original look. Right? You can take any color in your paintbrush and paint the whole shell giving it absolutely a new unique look. So the things needed- Obviously watercolors, seashells and a paintbrush. Within a few seconds and only with a very few types of equipment you’ll be able to get your customized sea shells which you can keep long with yourself in a box.

Image source / Tutorial: mericherry

7. Coffee Filters Glue Gun Leaves

Make your own coffee filter glue gun leaves at home or at kindergarten class or wherever you want, it looks so lively and amazing like we have got a real leaf that has just fallen from a very beautiful colorful tree in the autumn season. Without thinking twice design your own kind of leaf that you always wanted to see which may be a coniferous leaf, lotus rose, mango, pomegranate, orange or anything. Go for this non-expensive product that looks so expensive gift from nature. What you’ll be needed- coffee filters, glue gun, watercolors, paintbrushes, scissors that’s all. Rest the whole process you know.

Image source / Tutorial: havingfunathome

8. Garden Wind Chimes

Wind chimes is something we all love and like to keep one at our home. The melodious little voice it creates because of the wind is incredible to ears. And there is an opinion that instead of buying it straight from the market, you should try making at least one at home like this one in the below-given image shows. This painted windchime is just too wonderful to decorate your garden and explore a whole new technique of painting.  What supplies you are required to keep around you for making this- old gardening pot, water-proof string, assorted beads, paint, 2washers, kitchen tray and a waterproof sealer spray which is optional.

Image source / Tutorial: Sugar, Spice and Glitter

9. DIY Food coloring Painted Plates

Dye the name of your plate with this DIY food coloring painted plates painting craft. If you are looking for a gift for anybody that you want to be kept by them for a long long time then I would suggest you go with this personalized plate. They will keep it as a little decorator that will be close to his/her heart.  And it’s not even difficult to make just a couple of things like food coloring paint, paint brushes, a paper plate only are required. Just dye the name with a paint color in a stylish way and make that plate special right away.

Image source / Tutorial: Squirrelly Minds

10. Thumbprint Mason Jar Craft

We have heard and have seen also that these mason jars are not just jars anymore to be used for kitchen purposes but can also be put to several uses like for lighting purposes and can also play the role of a vase like in the below-given picture. Just a few tricks here and there with a mason jar and a whole new product will come in your view. This thumbprint mason jar to hold flowers is the simplest thing is to make. Start with a painting mason jar in white then Just dip your thumb in each color and then print it right to mason jar shaping it into a flower like a thumbprint sunflower can be seen below.

Image source / Tutorial: Mason Jar Crafts

11. DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Painting is something which kids enjoy from their heart while doing so it’s meaningful to say that its favorite activity for kids. We all do painting indoors but put a difference by taking it outside as Sidewalk Chalk Paint. Kids will be painting and mess will be outside with DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint for kids which combines paint with chalk for an extra version of fun. Equipment needed- 1/3 cup baking soda, 1/3 cup cornstarch, 3/4-1 cup water, food coloring, and paintbrushes or squeeze bottles.

Image source / Tutorial: Living Well Mom

12. Button Tree

Simplicity is speaking for itself in this picture below, the button tree is purely giving us something marvelous to stare at for hours. Different shades of Buttons like dark, light, medium blue, violet, purple colors are paired up in a gorgeous way.  Any wall will be like blessed to have such a beautiful Canvas Button Tree. All you will be required- 2 canvases, a couple of coats of paint in your desired background color, paint for Blank branch, glue and lots of buttons. The process is awesome and funny, will take some time of yours while gluing the buttons but the end result will be much more than your expectations.

Image source / Tutorial: Busted Button

13. Paint Stick Dolls with Fabric Scraps and Yarns

Create easy adorable paint stick dolls with different kinds of objects and play with it. So the things required- paint sticks, fabric scraps, yarn, small buttons, glue, paint brushes, scissors, acrylic paint and a marker or markers that are sharpies. It is a fun, addictive, easy and creative craft for kids of all ages. Suitable for kids because working with the yarn strengthens fine motor skills and coordination, the fabric and yarn colors will give kids a very wonderful opportunity to fully show their creativity and imaginations.

Image source / Tutorial: Happy Hooligans

14. Carousel Horse Costume DIY

Isn’t it so amazing when you can prepare your doll’s costume by yourself spending almost not more than just 5$? This costume is perfect as well as safe looks cute and easy to carry too. With a little paint and cardboard supplies prepare a whimsical carousel horse costume that can make all your kids dream come true! Materials – cardboard box in an appropriate size, xacto knife, craft paints in assorted colors, horse templates, wrapping paper doll or shipping tube, hot glue gun, ribbon, and an extra flat cardboard/additional box.

Image source / Tutorial: A Joyful Riot

15. Painted Bird

This simple handbag was so boring before all the bird’s arrival but look at it, now it’s good. Make your designs and adore them for hours and show them to people. Make your simple bag more interesting by painting like this through bubble wrap printing system. The whole new definition of painting will be in front of your eyes when you’ll use bubble wrapper to paint an object.

Image source / Tutorial: Art Barb Blog

16. Creative Cat Pumpkins for Kids

Creative Pumpkins can add charm to your party and even surprise kids with its mesmerizing look and colors. So how to begin? Mini pumpkins, air dry modeling clay, pipe cleaners, pom poms, googly eyes, colorful gems, and acrylic paint are all the things you’ll need in the process. You can make many pumpkins like pom pom pumpkin and sparkly glittering pumpkins or many more. Below given is a little black kitty cat. Use more of clay for making ears and paint the pumpkin jet black giving it a black cat appearance.

Image source / Tutorial: Bebe and Bear

17. DIY Upcycle jar to Flower Vase

Anyone or Any girl would go all happy with An adorable pink Vase and it’s mostly for the people who want to pair it up with a pink wall, well you can paint it up with any kind of wall not necessarily pink. Things needed- Jar, Wall stickers, spray paint, dimensional design adhesive paint, sand fixative spray and a lace ribbon which is optional. The vase is absolutely lovely, check out the whole process today to have this DIY Upcycled jar to Flower Vase.

Image source / Tutorial: Ef Zin Creations

18. Watercolor Stamps

Watercolor stamps Do you remember? have you ever tried to make a handmade watercolor or ink stamps of your own?  This is something which most of the people have rejoiced to make in their childhood because it was awesome, it is and it will be forever. Materials required- cardstock, watercolor paints, paintbrush, and rubber stamps. The whole procedure holds so much fun for your kids let them design many and colorful. The satisfaction you receive in the end while stamping your own stamp on paper is fabulous.

Image source / Tutorial: Elise Engh Studios

19. Galaxy Painted Rocks

Sparkling, shining and glittering space in just a simple rock. Is it possible? Yes, it is. As you can already see the entire universe is how magically appearing on a simple rock. It looks like as if The whole universe is in the rock or the rock is holding the entire universe in it. So come to the point what are the materials actually required to make this magnificent jewel? rocks, acrylic paint, toothbrush, toothpicks, sealant, white acrylic ink, and round foam brush or sponge. Get excited about this Galaxy stones and We would love to see what you come up with. You can make a cactus shaped galaxy, coconut tree, dolphins, and a moon or whatever you like.

Image source / Tutorial: Color Made Happy

20. Painting with Feet

Painting with feet is something we all can do and enjoy with other people. We don’t have to be cautious about the result but we all have to focus on enjoying the process while doing this fun activity. Kids can enhance the areas of development through this like sensory, color exploration, creativity, artistic expression, language development, and gross motor development. What do you need to paint with feet- long roll of butcher paper, tempera paints, large bowl or hose for washing off the paint, paper towels or rags to clean up, and something to hold the paper down. The colored paper that you get in the end can be used for holidays and birthdays.

Image source / Tutorial: Homegrown Friends

21. Gourd Birdhouses Wall Decor

House Decor is important and if you are looking for something elegant and distinguished then please do not hesitate to go with this Gourd Birdhouses Decor Idea. It’s perfectly adorable, sophisticated and unique showpiece one could ever think of having at home. The whole process involved is simple and the amount it demands is minimal. You’ll be needed- Dried out gourds, leather paints, drill a hole to give them a birdhouse look, sandpaper or an emery board to smooth out the opening. Make sure to go through the whole procedure once for getting clear idea.

Image source / Tutorial: Hearth and Vine

22. Painted Rocks and Shells Tic tac toe

This special bag of Shark vs. Mermaid Tic Tac Toe would be loved by any kid if handed over to them. This makes an awesome gift besides the sea theme is cute and nature-friendly too. Even you can involve your kids participating in painting these rocks into fine sharks. Get some little shells, drawstring bags, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, and sharpie markers. This game holds so much fun and can easily be taken anywhere to keep the kids occupied.

Image source / Tutorial: J Sorelle Blog

23. Watercolor Special Effects- Wax Resist

Painting is not necessarily restricted in certain dimensions as already described earlier above, it has much more scope, with any object even a leaf simple single leaf can help you draw or create a mesmerizing drawing. Simply collect some textured items from around your house or from the park like Leaves, take your textured item and keep it underneath your paper. Put the leaf’s vein side up and in next process take your candle and lay it down on the paper and make it rubbing with the wax. The incredible outcome you’ll get when you’ll finish.

Image source / Tutorial: Pam Ash Designs

24. Art Coasters

These kids art coasters are simple to try and are even nice looking. Ok things required- Kids paintings or drawings, wood slices, mod podge washout, foam brush, and a craft knife. If you are searching for a last minute gift idea with kids art then we would insist you try this out. Cool colors and it will give you a tough time to be seen in the dustbin.

Image source / Tutorial: Mod Podge Rocks Blog

25. Umbrella Watercolor Painted

See how this Umbrella is so perfect being imperfectly colored. Colors like Pink, Red, and White is giving such a pretty combination that welcomes an all-new shade.  Materials needed for this Umbrella is- Craft paint, fabric medium,. Umbrella(Important), Paint brushes, Scrap paper/plastic and contains to hold colors. After preparing the whole mixture handover your kid paintbrush and let him/her go for it. Messy makes better. This method of sprinkling colors on an umbrella and making it messy give a Great way to design your umbrella in a unique style.

Image source / Tutorial: Pink Stripey Socks

26. Smiley Face Paintings

Paint Random faces on bamboo plates with the help of paint colors. Kids would love to form many expressions with multiple colors without any doubt. Go get started with your kids and help them shaping many faces. Below given image has used red to form eyes, nose and a smile and blue for drawing circle.

Image source / Tutorial: tinyrottenpeanuts

27. Homemade T-shirt DIY

This DIY T-shirt saying DAD is too cool. You can make one for your father this Father’s Day and if you are super excited then you don’t need any special occasion, right? The T-Shirt is fabulously designed and is not giving a single sign of any flaws. Materials Required- Blank T-shirt, Freezer paper, Fabric Paint, Iron, Tweezers or scissors, ruler or straight surface, digital cutting machine, and cardboard piece that fits inside the T-shirt. Go with the method and get your perfect T-shirt today.

Image source / Tutorial: Swoodson Says

28. Garden Insect Rocks

This is called a proper display of art on any object. These insects and leaves are looking so fine, precise to be more accurate to say. Just draw design outlines in your rocks and use those outlines as a guide to paint the area and retouch the colors for a more opaque look after it gets dried. You’ll be needed-Lead pencils, acrylic paints and, Smooth river rocks – if you cannot find any near you the hardware store or nursery is a good place to buy them. Make many and colorful.

Image source / Tutorial: The Craft Train

29. Name Painting Crafts

Isn’t it looking already great? Just beautiful and artistic. Go surely with this lovely name painting trick besides it’s an awesome showpiece or gift item too. Gather all the supplies-Thick white paper, Kid-friendly paint, Paintbrushes, and Vinyl (or paper, scissors, and tape). You are just needed to create letters then paint your heart out, watch your paint dry. Before removing lettering you can create as much mess of colors as you want and then remove lettering. The end result or the outcome will be just outstanding to look at.

Image source / Tutorial: The DIY Lighthouse

We have exactly submitted 29 entirely distinguished painting fun kids ideas that can go perfectly with any age. Try this out at your home, school or wherever you want. A painting shows how much creativity and activity is there in your mind. It really gives our mind an exercise time and whatever there is in back of your mind you can show that out on paper or by painting it on any object like we have done with rocks, leaves, shells, pot etc.

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Thank you. Hope you liked it. Which ideas you liked most? Leave your comments / post links. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas! Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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