25 Cute Butterfly Crafts and Art Activities for Kids

We all know that when a butterfly swings its wings, a storm is stirred up in the other corner of the world. We all love beautiful colourful butterflies. They are such beautiful creatures. They are beautiful and subtle creatures. When everything is colourful in spring season and you spot a butterfly amidst all that beauty, the beauty is enhanced many folds.

25+ cute butterfly crafts and art activities

We are going to look into many crafty butterfly designs. They are beautiful like the real ones but these are made with your own hands. Use your creativity to create such beautiful butterflies and play with them.

Beautiful paper plate butterfly

Image source / Tutorial: Scholastic

This is a very colourful and bright butterfly DIY. All you need is small kitchen stuff and paints to make this beautiful butterfly. First of all section the paper plate in four sections. Now cut the sections of the plate from the two opposite sides. Now paint these portions. You can paint them in any way you wish because these are the creative wings for your own butterfly. Now paint the paper roll cylinder in black and apply eyes and a mouth to it. You also need to add antennas to the head of the butterfly. Attach a stick at the back of the butterfly. Your creative butterfly is ready to fly.

Beautiful fuzzy butterfly craft

Image source / Tutorial: Crafty Morning

This is a beautiful butterfly craft. This crafty butterfly uses pom poms and soda pops as the ingredients. Collect some soda pops and paint them. Add glitter to the soda pops. Now stick three pom poms to the white sheet. Now stick two soda pops on each side of the pom pom lines. Add pipe cleaner on top of the butterfly ad the antennas of the butterfly. You can change colours of the pom poms and the soda pops to make different colourful butterflies.

Butterfly life depiction craft

Image source / Tutorial: Buggy and Buddy

This is a beautiful butterfly life cycle depicting craft item. It helps children understand the butterfly life cycle in a colourful and beautiful way. You can help your children create this craft while they learn the butterfly life cycle. First of all take a paper plate and paint its outer edge. Now section the inner area in four quadrants. Starting from the eggs stage, make a leaf using a green sheet and make leaf veins on it using a black marker.

Place three small white pom poms on top of it. Moving on to the next stage, that is caterpillar. Use two different coloured pipe cleaners, entwine them together and stick them onto the section. For the third stage, chrysalis stage use green craft paper and a real twig to form this section. For the last stage, use tissue paper as the wings for the butterfly. This butterfly life cycle craft is a true science winner.

Beautiful butterfly design card

Image source / Tutorial: Crafty Morning

This beautiful crafty card front uses bow noodles as the base. First of all choose a stock white paper sheet. Now start painting the noodle bows. Paint the bows in single colour and then detail the ridges with a bright colour. Paste the painted bows on the stock sheet. Make the antennas of the butterfly using a black sharpie marker and also make dotted trails for each butterfly. For the grass, cut the noodle bow in half and paint it in green colour. Now paste the half noodle bow at the lower edge of third sheet.

Paper bag butterfly art

Image source / Tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

This is a very sweet paper bag butterfly DIY. It uses your plain lunch box bag, colour it in a colour of your choice. Use heart shaped dollies , colour them using coloured dots. Stick these colourful heart dollies to the back of the lunch box bag. Add googly eyes on the top of the bag. Make a smile for your butterfly using a sharpie marker. Cut a pipe cleaner in half and attach it yo the head of the butterfly, it makes for the antennas of the butterfly.

Ribbon artsy butterfly DIY

Image source / Tutorial: Fab Art DIY

This is a beautiful ribbon based DIY. You start with a sewing needle and thread. Start with one end of the ribbon. Start folding the ribbon in a regular fashion. One end is shorter and the other one is longer. Change the length with each loop. The shorter loop should keep on becoming longer with each loop and the longer must go on becoming shorter with each loop. Seal it with beads on top. Use bigger beads as antennas for the butterfly.

Butterfly ring DIY

Image source / Tutorial: fantasticfunandlearning

This is a beautiful ring butterfly DIY. First of all cut out a stencil from the folded white sheet. After you cut it out paint the butterfly in a colourful way. Now use a pipe cleaner to make a ring hole and antennas for the butterfly. You can make various designer butterfly rings for yourself.

Bead butterfly DIY

Image source / Tutorial: Where Imagination Grows

Use pony beads to make this bead butterfly DIY. Use pipe cleaners and place beads in the pipe cleaner. Now twist the pipe cleaners making loops of beads. Now join two such loops to make the upper portion of the butterfly wings. Now make two more loops of a bigger size and join them with the two other loops. Now conjoin the ends of the pipe cleaners. Make antennas using the pipe cleaners. You have a beautiful bead formed butterflies.

Beautiful butterfly DIY

Image source / Tutorial: Home Schooling Mom 4 Two

This is a very beautiful butterfly craft DIY. You need to take a paper roll. Cover the roll in coloured paper. Cut out wings for the butterfly using a different coloured sheet. Stick the wings at the back of the roll. Now stick on different coloured circles on the wings. These adorable circles beautify the butterfly. Use a pencil and wind the pipe cleaner on it. Now place the pencil inside the roll. The pipe cleaner serves as the antenna of the butterfly.

Folded paper butterfly DIY

Image source / Tutorial: Fab DIY

This is a very beautiful DIY. We make this crafty butterfly using two differently coloured sheets. Take a square origami sheet, fold it diagonally in half. Start making successive folds in the same direction. Now get the other square sheet and start folding in the same way. Now hold the folded sheets from the middle part and tie them together with a thread. Your beautiful butterfly is ready to flutter.

Egg-crate butterfly DIY

Image source / Tutorial: Crafty Morning

This is a very innovative butterfly craft. Cut four egg holders from an egg carton. Round the edges and trim the excess off. Do smoother the edges. Now tie a pipe cleaner across the the carton piece. Tie the pipe cleaner at the top. It becomes the antenna for the butterfly. Now start painting ring on the egg cups using neon paints. Pull the rings downwards. It forms a beautiful design for the wings.

The wetty wings butterfly DIY

Image source / Tutorial: Ben Franklin Crafts

This is a beautiful butterfly which can be hung around the home or use a magnet to stick it onto metal surfaces. Take a clothespin and paint it in the desired colour, set aside to dry. Measure and cut the tulle and place it in the clothespin. Now take pipe cleaner and curl its ends. Place the pipe cleaner at the open end of the clothespin. Now use stickers to decorate the clothespin. Decorate the tulle with glitter and let it dry. After your crafty dries, put it up for display.

Metal butterfly clanks!

Image source / Tutorial: Express Your Creativity

This is a beautiful metal craft butterfly. You can recreate this using old metal pieces or spoons. You need to cut the spoons at the neck. Use the holding part as the body of the butterfly. Use the spoon’s eating part as the wings of the butterfly. Stick the apparatus on an ice cream stick or a metal strip. This makes for a good installation as a show-piece.

3D butterfly craft idea

Image source / Tutorial: Bright Star Kids

This is a 3D butterfly craft idea. Choose the coloured sheets according to your layout. Now fetch a butterfly stamp. Cut the stamps out. Stick the butterfly stamps onto the base sheet using double tape or glue. You can hang this as a decorative piece on your walls or keep it as the center piece on big tables.

Stained glass butterfly design

Image source / Tutorial: Typically Simple

This is a beautiful stained glass addition. You do not need to use glass paints in this DIY. Get a template of the butterfly design. Now cut the template put on a black sheet of paper. Now get the contact paper and start applying it on the butterfly cut shape from the black sheet. Then secure a yarn from the butterfly design and hang it on the window. This beautifies your windows.

Cupcake liner butterfly art

Image source / Tutorial: Crafty Morning

This is an easy to make butterfly craft. Your kids can easily make them and it does not require much supplies. Take a cupcake liner and open it and spread it out. Now fold the liner in half and then fold it again. It makes a bow tie. Now glue it onto the clothespin. Now add glitter and paints to customize your butterfly. You should keep in mind that it is difficult to stick the cupcake liners onto the clothespin.

Beautiful paper plate butterflies

Image source / Tutorial: Artful Parent

This crafty idea uses paper plates to make beautiful butterflies. Firs of all choose the thinnest paper plates. Marble the backs of your paper plates. Now cut the plates in four pieces. Stick these pieces to the ice cream stick. Decorate the crafty stick and the wings. Add googly eyes to the crafty stick. You can also add antennas to the butterfly.

Beautiful butterfly chandelier.

Image source / Tutorial: deschdanja.ch

This chandelier making process uses origami butterflies. First of all make origami butterflies according to the steps as mentioned in the link provided. Then start hanging these butterflies to the big hula loop. This forms a beautiful chandelier design.

Quilling technique butterfly design

Image source / Tutorial: Crafting Creatures

This is an interactive craft idea. You can choose your own designs to quill the strips and your own colours. This crafty butterfly requires an outer strip frame. It should be preferably made of a dark strip. Now fill in the structure with beautiful quill strips and designs. This is a very good crafty butterfly and it surely gives wings to your imagination.

Beautiful woven butterflies

Image source / Tutorial: The Craft Train

This is a pretty woolen butterfly craft idea. First of all take two ice-cream sticks and glue them together at the middle in a cross manner. Now start by sticking one end of the wool thread at a stick and start winding it in a criss-cross manner around the ice-cream sticks. You can choose different coloured threads to make it more beautiful. Make sure that the ice-cream sticks do not move from their position. Now add antennas to the butterfly using a pipe cleaner. Add beads to beautify the butterfly even more. This is a very beautiful woolen craft.

Newspaper butterfly art

Image source / Tutorial: Better Homes and Gardens

This is a beautifully sculpted crafty. All you need is old newspapers and wires. First of all stamp out butterflies from old newspaper. Now form a structure using the wires. Mold the wires into a rising structure. Now stick on the newspaper butterflies on the top of the wires. This crafty looks very beautiful and attractive.

No sew felt butterfly craft

Image source / Tutorial: A Cultivated Nest

This is a very easy crafty. You will surely have a good time making this one. First of all cut two circles from different coloured felt. One circle needs to be bigger in size than the other. Gather the bigger felt circle and then add the gathering of the smaller felt circle to it. Now seal the gathered felt with a circular strip. Glue and seal the felt gathering. Now complete the butterfly crafty with pipe cleaner antennas. This crafty can form a good playmate for your children.

Beautiful Tulle butterflies

Image source / Tutorial: Birds Party

Get your hands onto thin moldable wire. Now fetch some beautiful tulle. Form a loop using the wire, stretch the tulle over the looped wire. Form three more loops and respectively cover them with tulle. Now mold the loops in a way that they form the four wings of the butterfly. No thread in the beads in the wire. Seal the end of the wire. Make antennas using the wire and cut off the excess wire. This makes for a very beautiful butterfly addition to the dresses.

Paper plate butterflies

Image source / Tutorial: No Time For Flash Cards

Mark quadrants on a paper plate. Now cut two opposite leaving the middle portion of the plate. Use a pipe cleaner to make antennas, tie the pipe cleaner around the middle portion of the plate. Decorate the other quadrants of the plate. They make for beautiful wings of the butterfly. Your butterfly is ready to flutter and create a storm. Decorate the wings using crystals and rhinestones. You can also use stickers to decorate the wings.

Sew a beautiful butterfly

Image source / Tutorial: Keyka

This is a beautiful fabric butterfly. It is stable and can be used as an addition to your dresses. It is easy to fold and sew. You can look up the provided for further information. This is a very beautiful paper butterfly craft. You can easily learn the pattern to make these butterflies and then replicate to make many of such kind.

All these butterfly crafties are very beautiful. Hope you like them. Give your feedback in the comments section below. We will surely come up with more such content. You can check out our other articles on similar topics. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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