27 Easy Craft Ideas Made With Tissue Paper

Tissue is an integral part of every household. We tissue for so many purposes. From laying the plates to cleaning our hands, a tissue is used for every purpose. We can widen the use of tissue by foraying the use of tissue in craft ideas as well.

25+ Easy to make tissue craft ideas

Beautiful colourful flower craft design

Image source / Tutorial: Swell Mayde

This is a very beautiful wall décor using tissue paper flowers. This tissue paper crafty idea can be used to make wall décor or a collage of flowers. You can use coloured or patterned tissue paper or even colour the tissue through capillary action of liquids through a tissue paper. Now gather the different sized tissue together to form a flower. Complete it with a center head and seal it.

Tissue paper butterfly crafty

Image source / Tutorial: In the Playroom

Use a felt sheet to cut out the body of the butterfly. Then use colourful tissue paper, gather it together to make wings for the butterfly. Add googly eyes to the butterfly and make a smiley face for the butterfly using a sharpie marker. Now add stickers to the body of the butterfly to beautify it. Add colourful pipe cleaners to the top as the antennas for the butterfly.

Easy to make flowers using tissue paper

Image source / Tutorial: Crafty Morning

Take a paper cup to start with this easy to make flower crafty. Paint the paper cup or thermocol cup in green Colour. You can use paints or even sketch pens for the purpose. Now cut petals out of colourful tissue paper. Paste the petals onto an ice-cream stick. Paint the ice-cream stick beforehand. Now top the flower off with a cotton ball. Stick tie ice-cream stick base to the base of the paper cup.

Beautiful snail crafty using tissue paper

Image source / Tutorial: Fireflies and Mud Pies

This is a cute bright snail. Use a hard sheet to make the body of the snail. Colour the body of the snail. Make the mouth using a sharpie marker. Now stick the googly eyes onto the face of the snail. Add bright antennas to the snail head. Now tear pieces of bright tissue paper, crumple it and stick it onto the hump of the snail. This gives you a bright and colourful snail.

DIY Ombre Crepe Paper Flower Wreath

Image source / Tutorial: spalvotasdryzuotas

This forms a beautiful door decoration or a great wall hanging. First of all make a hard circular base. Secure it with tape all around it. Now using colourful tissue rolls, cut small cylindrical pieces off the rolls. Now spread the cuts out and give a fringe cut on the top. The fringes can vary from broad to thin sharp ones. Now start rolling them onto a piece of wire or sticks. Secure the tissue at the bottom and cut off the excess stick. Stick the flower onto the circular hoop. You can choose Ombre shades or make it out of single coloured flowers as well.

Beautiful crumpled tissue butterfly

Image source / Tutorial: Crafts by Amanda

This is an easy to create butterfly craft. First of all make an outline of the butterfly on the sheet of paper. Now paint the body of the butterfly in black. Tear small pieces of colourful tissue and crumple it. Now put some glue in the required area and place the crumpled bits of tissue onto the butterfly outline. Filling in with crumpled pieces of tissue, you reach the finish of your puffy beautiful butterfly.

Beautiful lilies using tissue paper

Image source / Tutorial: Homemade Hooplah

Lilies are surely a beautiful creation of nature. We are going to recreate the magic of lilies using white napkin. First of all take a thin solid stick for the stalk. Now cut a strip of the napkin and cut thin strips in it leaving a thin base in the strip. Now stick it on the stick using glue. Add a black mast on the top. Paint the insides of the flower with sunshine yellow. You can also add lily fragrance to the flowers. Place the lilies in the vases and decorate your homes.

Kiddo tissue playmate

Image source / Tutorial: Persia Lou

This is a very playful crafty idea. Take a spongy piece first of all. Now tear small pieces of colourful tissue paper. Crumple the tissue and stick it on the spherical spongy material. Now add on google eyes and quirky mouth expressions to make crazy crafties. This becomes a long time playmate for your kids.

Beautiful colourful mosaic turtle

Image source / Tutorial: Fireflies and Mud Pies

This is a very beautiful turtle using mosaic of colourful tissue paper. Take a paper plate and start with cutting the limbs and the face for the turtle. Paint the cardboard cut outs using green paint. Make the mouth for the turtle using a sharpie marker and add googly eyes to the face. Now cut small pieces out of coloured tissue paper and paste it on the back of the paper plate. It makes for a beautiful show. This mosaic looks satisfying and beautiful.

Beautiful tissue adorned balloons

Image source / Tutorial: I Spy DIY

This is a beautiful DIY. Cut small pieces of colourful tissue paper. Fill transparent balloons with these colourful pieces of tissue before inflating them. Now inflate the balloons and seal them at the bottom. This makes for a beautiful addition to your parties and functions.

Beautiful alphabets using coloured tissue paper

Image source / Tutorial: The Imagination Tree

This is a very beautiful way to write slogans and word art for wall décor. First of all mark the outline for the alphabet you wish to write. Now cut pieces of tissue accordingly. Now paste the pieces of coloured tissue on the alphabet marking. Leave white spaces in between so as to maintain the correct ratio of the design and plain portion. This is an ultimate crafty to relieve your stress.

Beautiful Koinobori from tissue

Image source / Tutorial: Squirelly Minds

The Koi-no-Boris have cultural importance for the Japanese people. They are beautiful and make for a good playmate at all times. They are also easy to make. Start off with a paper roll, now cover the roll in coloured tissue pieces. Add googly eyes to the tissue clad paper roll. Now stick thin strips of coloured tissue to the tail of the Koi-no-Bori. Now stick a thread on the inside of the roll on the head side. Tie the thread to the wooden dowel. Make three such Koi-no-Boris. Now play with these beautiful Koi-no-Boris.

Beautiful mirror stick ons

Image source / Tutorial: Glen and Katie

This is a beautiful addition to the windows, gardens or greenhouses. First of all cut out circular loops from black stock sheet. This forms the frame of your crafty. Now take tissue paper and cut circles out of different coloured tissue paper. Now fold the circular tissue paper in 8-fold or 16-fold. Now cut different designs in the folds. This provides cuts and designs in the tissue paper. These cuts allow the light to pass through. Assemble your design and stick it onto the windows or hang them in your garden.

Beautiful flowers using tissue paper

Image source / Tutorial: PHP Earth

This is a floral craft. First of all choose thin wires and buy some green wasabi tape. Cover the wire in the green tape. Now cut petals out of coloured tissue. Now for the flower head on top of the tape covered wire. Seal the flower with the help of tape and the center mast on the top of it. This forma a beautiful addition to your living rooms.

Jar-o-spook tissue design

Image source / Tutorial: My Craft Spot

Now let us make some spooky crafties. First of all decide upon the decòr or the theme for your Halloween party. You can even ask your kids if they wish to make some specific characters. First of all remove the lid of the mason jar, stick the inner circle to the outer rim with scotch tape. Paint the lid with glossy black paint. Give 2-3 coats of the paint. Now roll the jar over the tissue and mark the boundaries. Cut the tissue out and cover the complete jar with the tissue using mod podge solution to paste it onto the jar. Now cut the different shapes required to make the desired spooky designs on the jars.

Hearty DIY

Image source / Tutorial: Happy Hooligans

Take a hard white stock sheet. Now cut hearts of different sizes from the different coloured tissue sheets. Now stick these hearts randomly on top of the stock sheet. The translucent hearts cover each other and form different colours. You can even make a lamp cover using a lighter sheet as the base. Different coloured lamp lights follow.

Beautiful fruits from tissue

Image source / Tutorial: The House That Lars Built

We have shown a single tissue fruit here but there are many which you can try. Cut out lamellar pieces out of a coloured green tissue. Stick these leaves onto the top of the fruit shape. Buy the fruit tissue balls. Now spread the fruit ball and secure it in its position.

Beautiful rainbow suncatcher from tissue

Image source / Tutorial: Mom Inspired Life

This is a beautiful rainbow suncatcher. First of all get yourself a template for the rainbow printed on a thin white sheet. Now cut the square pieces from the respective colours of the rainbow. Start sticking the the coloured pieces pf tissue accordingly. Do not leave wide gaps in between. You will end up with a beautiful rainbow suncatcher. You can stick it on a window facing the sun to get the utmost satisfying outcome.

Baby shower tissue booties

Image source / Tutorial: eHow

Baby showers are very important events in the life of a new mother. The baby is introduced to the world in a grand manner on a baby shower. First of all take a small paper cup and a sheet which is crumpled into a bundle. Now keep the crumpled paper and the paper cup together. Cover the ensemble with the coloured tissue. Completely cover it. Now tie a ribbon on the top. Paste a paper strip on the bottom and cut a white semi-circular part and paste it on the front of the shoe. You can fill in the booties with candies or crystals.

Beautiful festoons using tissue

Image source / Tutorial: Oh Happy Day

Festoons are a great addition to any function. First of all gather uniform strips of different coloured tissue paper. Now cut thin lines on one side of the strips. Cut the thin lines while keeping the strips together, so that each strip has uniform strips. Once you are done with the thin lines, twist the strips together. This way the different coloured strips get blended and fused. It makes for beautiful festoons.

Beautiful autumn tree using tissue

Image source / Tutorial: Free Kids Crafts

First of all make the base of the tree. Paint the base and then make branches in the same way. As we are making an autumn season tree, choose red, yellow and green shades of tissue paper. Cut 1 inch square pieces from tissue. Now paste these crumpled pieces on the tree base. Do not leave voids in the assembly. This makes for a beautiful show. You can keep it as a show piece.

Beautiful confetti inspired hanging

Image source / Tutorial: Linen, Lace and Love

Choose pastels coloured tissue sheets to make this confetti based hanging. Shred the tissue in thin strips. Now tie a few of the same coloured tissue strips together. Leave a small loop at the top of these tied confetti. Thread these loops through a thin rope to form the beautiful hanging.

Beautiful tissue paper flowers

Image source / Tutorial: Lia Griffith

Poppy flowers are a true beauty to be added to home decor. They are absolutely easy to make. First of all get a template for a poppy flower. Now cut the centers for the flower and the petals too. Now start arranging the center on top of the flower wire. Now add the petals. Finish the flower by adding leaves and covering the wire with wasabi tape. The poppies are finally ready to adorn your home.

Christmas wreath using tissue paper

Image source / Tutorial: Happiness is Homemade

Christmas is truly a merry time of the year. To make this beautiful wreath start by using old cardboard cut in a wreath base shape. Now cut small squares out of green tissue paper. Start pasting the tissue pieces by crumpling them up using the back of a pencil. After all the cardboard base is covered with the tissue pieces, take a ribbon to hang the wreath. Now adorn the wreath with sequins, pom poms, glitter, ribbon etc.

Gift wrapper brooch using tissue paper

Image source / Tutorial: Tell, Love and Party

Tissue paper forms a great adorning for the gift wraps. You can form beautiful confetti or thin strips to be laid on the gift wraps. You can also add colour to gift wraps by crumpling the tissue paper together and forming a beautiful brooch.

Beautiful flowers using rolling of tissue paper strips

Image source / Tutorial: PBS

Collect some beautiful colourful tissue paper. Now cut uniform strips from the tissue paper sheet. Now start rolling the strip. Form a round ball using a different coloured tissue paper. Now roll the tissue strip around the center piece. Cut leaves for the flower using green sheet or green tissue paper. You can also use ribbon as the leaves for the flower. This flat flower design looks great as the table layout design.

Beautiful spiral tissue hangings

Image source / Tutorial: Honest to Nod

Make beautiful cones using colourful tissue paper. Now thread these cones in an asymmetric manner onto a thin thread. These easy to make linear chandeliers look very beautiful and have a calming effect. Your kids will have fun making this beautiful chandelier and hanging it at places in the home.

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