Leaf Crafts & Activities for Preschoolers – Fall Season Ideas

The Green Adornments of Nature: Leaf Crafts & Activities for Preschoolers for this Fall season projects at Schools.

The greenery of the Nature that we are so fond of is because of these spectacular leaves which are of  green, yellow or orange shade depending upon the season. In every form and every season, these beautiful leaves embellish the look of the Nature in a magnificent way.

Directly from the Lap of Nature, we have brought to you these amazing leaf crafts and activities for kids which they will thoroughly enjoy. It is an amazing way to stay connected to Nature. Give yourself this opportunity and try making these pieces of craft as soon as you can. Let’s enjoy amazing leaf crafts for preschoolers curated especially for this fall season.

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Leaf Crafts for Preschoolers

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Leaf Crafts on Windows

Image source/Tutorial: Hands On As We Grow

If there are too many leaves scattered in your backyard this autumn and you do not know what to do, this is absolutely your go to idea. Collect as much of leaves as you can and get set to decorate your favorite window with leaves.

  • Difficulty Level: As it is quite visible, it is not at all difficult to carry out. You need not require too much of time or materials. Any expert guidance is also not required for this activity. You can easily complete it with least hindrances.
  • Materials required:This leaf craft and activity idea for kids has the least amount of material requirement and these materials do not even cost much. You can for sure get the leaves in your backyard for free and rest all that you need is a scotch tape.
  • Description:This idea can be used anywhere in your house but it is preferable for a drawing room window that is of glass and is a bit huge in size. Your kids would love to try this out and you can help them and have fun throughout. This garland of leaves is something you should try to make this autumn.

Get your kids and their friends together to enjoy this very easy and decorative piece of craft.

The Leaf Family

Image source/Tutorial: Fantastic fun and learning

This is what this fall calls for! This fall do something creative and innovative with all the leaves and pine cones and twigs. Make your own leaf family, the way you want. This idea of leaf craft and activities for kids provides a basic idea of what children can do this season.

  • Difficulty Level: The difficulty level is minimum for this idea of leaf craft. Your kid can easily gather leaves and acorns and rest all that is required is assembling and  pasting them. This can be done for any school project or just to frame and hang it on your walls.
  • Materials required:All that you require to complete this idea can be furnished from your backyard or any garden nearby. You just have to go and pick up the fallen leaves and acorns, pine cones and twigs and set to work. You will also require a colored paper and glue to paste all of these.
  • Description: The leaf craft and activity idea stated above is a very flexible idea. It can be used in various places and various forms. The beauty of this craft is an instant attraction to the eye. You can add your own creativity and make it as you like. You can also prepare an entire family tree.

Your mind is a storehouse of ideas. Utilize those ideas and create your finest master crafts.

Leaves craft idea for decoration

Image source/Tutorial: No time for flash cards

You can also use dried up leaves for decoration. Surprising enough, right? That’s why we are here. To surprise you with these amazing and unheard craft ideas that you can explore and try out.

  • Difficulty Level: This idea is easy to make. But there are some hindrances. You will have to be careful while removing the tape and while setting the texture with the dried leaves. The kids can do it alone but elderly help is recommended.
  • Materials required: The material requirement is simple enough for this leaf craft and activity idea. You will require paints, brushes, chart paper or any thick paper and a fallen leaf for the texturing purpose. You are also advised to keep  a towel alongside.
  • Description:This idea of leaf craft activity for kids is an excellent way to indulge them into doing something productive and worthwhile. It can be used as a decoration for your house as shown in picture or you can customize it your way too.

Make space in your beautiful rooms. Your kids are creating wonders.

Preserving the Memories that you make this fall

Image source/Tutorial: Buggy & Buddy

This is the beauty that Nature presents to us. We always want to preserve our favorite moments and savor on them for as long as possible. You can . Atleast with these leaves, you can.

  • Difficulty Level: This leaf craft  idea for kids might be a moderately difficult task to accomplish. Children might need parental or supervisor guidance while using glycerin or wax paper. Also, for making these leaf hangings, they might need help.
  • Materials required: The most important requirement for this activity is to collect leaves for this activity at different times of the fall so that you get various shades. Then glycerin or wax paper will be used for preserving it. Rest you need strings and base circular ring for hanging purposes.
  • Description: It is one of the prettiest versions of autumn leaves. You can have this in your rooms or corridors or drawing room, balcony anywhere. This will go perfect with any kind of background. An excellent choice to beautify your homes this fall.

Let your go out with their friends this fall. Let them make memories while collecting beautiful leaves and preserve them this way, gifting each other one of these.

Time to mould the dough

Image source/Tutorial: The life of jennifer

This autumn season try something new. Let the fall be the beginning of a developing artist and creator in you. This idea of leaf craft and activities can be the perfect kickstart for anyone.

  • Difficulty Level: This leaf craft idea is not difficult as such. But if a child plans to make the salt dough himself, ensure a supervisor guidance. You can let them do it by themselves but be there to help them out while making and shaping dough.
  • Materials required: The material required for this leaf craft idea for kids is more in comparison to others. If you want to make the dough also, the requirement will increase accordingly. For the dough we need flour, water, vegetable oil, salt and food colors. For making the leaves out of the dough we need  a parchment paper, a leaf shaped cookie cutter, straw, twine and baking tray. Collect them and set to work.
  • Description: This is a very innovative idea and you will get to learn many things while trying this out. This idea is very good idea to begin with. It is a multi-purpose craft too. You can use it in as many ways as you wish to.

There is never a better moment to begin than now. Get your materials and start making.

Leaf Monsters

Image source/Tutorial: Crafty kids at home

Cartoon characters are something that every person has been fond of at least once in his lifetime. Bringing back to you memories from your childhood, we have these amazing leaf craft ideas and activities for kids where you can create the character of your choice on leaves.

  • Difficulty Level: This craft idea on leaves is not at all difficult for kids. They can do it easily even without constant guidance. All that they need to be careful of is not to make the sticking part messy.
  • Materials required:The material requirement for this idea is quite simple and easy to avail. The leaves and acorns can be collected easily from the backyards or gardens. Glue and other decorative items can also be made available from any nearby stationery or decorative shop.
  • Description:Make your own cartoon world and fairy land with all of these leaves. You can make a scrap book out of it or paste it on chart papers and exhibit them.

It’s time to add these to your collection of superheros, cartoon characters and fairies.

The picture perfect frame for your decor

Image source/Tutorial: Hands On As We Grow

Adding the right decor to your beautifully furnished home is no less than an ordeal these day. But haste haste. We have the solution to this problem too. You can make a perfect decor that will suit best to every kind of wall and furniture.

  • Difficulty Level: This leaf craft idea for kids is truly the most enjoyable and easy to make.  No tiring hours or trickling sweat drops are required to complete this idea effectively and efficiently. The framing part can be done from a shop too.
  • Materials required: This leaf craft idea does not demand too many materials. It includes your favorite bubble wrap, dry leaves of the fall and paints.
  • Description:As this frame looks enchanting enough, it is needless to say that it will beautify your house irrespective of the location where you keep it. Try your hands on it. It might create wonders for you.

Serene and subtle. The best description of how this idea will make you feel once you complete it.

Hang ons that give you hangover

Image source/Tutorial: Meaningful mama

All these pretty bundles of hang ons make you crave of having one, right? You can make it straightaway. Call up your friends, gather somewhere and begin on this beautiful quest of finding and making your perfect hang.

  • Difficulty Level: This leaf craft idea is very very easy to make. Be it bundles also, after the basic steps, you can easily make as many as you want. If you are doing it with your friends, your job will become easier and more enjoyable.
  • Materials required:The simple materials needed for this craft are white sheet of paper (a thick sheet of paper is preferable to get the solid imprint), arcyclic paints, foam brushes, threads or ribbons and designs that you want to embark.
  • Description:These extremely cute and sweet little hangings can be used to decorate any part of your house or you can also use them in your cupboards. As a bookmark also, they fit very well.

Leave your mark, wherever you go, in whatever you do.

Fall for water colors

Image source/Tutorial: Hello Wonderful

Artists have an inclination towards the fall season due to the immense craft ideas and opportunities that it provides. We have been discussing about what can be done with fallen leaves but if you live in a city area and cannot easily find leaves, we have a quicker way out for you. Try this leaf craft idea and activities for kids.

  • Difficulty Level: This leaf craft idea is extremely easy to make. It would not require much time but certainly needs little effort from your side. Parental guidance is recommended for use of hot glue gun.
  • Materials required:The materials required for this idea of leaf craft and activity for kids is minimum and easily available. All that you need to have comprises of pencil, white paper, squeeze bottles, water colors, paint  brushes and strings. That’s all.
  • Description: A very simple yet fulfilling idea. This craft can be easily used for any occasion and for decoration purposes also. It will help you enhance multiple skills at a single go. Give it a try.

Be the reason for  a change. There is a crowd waiting to follow you.

Not a marble cake, it’s a marble leaf

Image source/Tutorial: I Heart Art n Craft

Have you always been amazed by the texture of marble cakes and wish to implement the same in your paintings and crafts also? Your search gets over here. We have brought to you this leaf craft idea with some great creative innovations. Go through it. You are going to love it.

  • Difficulty Level: What a texture! It is as easy as it is beautiful. This requires minimum efforts and very less time. You can do your own innovations on this idea and create your own masterpieces. It is extremely easy to make.
  • Materials required: The materials required for this leaf craft idea for kids is extremely small and simple. It includes shaving cream, white card stock, aluminium foil paper, paint, scissors and a piece of cardboard. With these very exciting materials, create wonders.
  • Description:This idea is very unique and innovative. If you are looking for an idea as such, this will go perfect with it. An effect worth looking at twice and thrice. This is what can amaze and what you can proudly call an achievement.

Call on your friends. Make them witness a piece of fine craft created by you.

Leaf Clay art leaf craft for Preschoolers

Image source/Tutorial: The Ginger Bead House

Leaves can look as good in imprints and mould as they do in the natural form. We have been doing too many activities with leaves, let us give a new look to the leaves with the clay moulds.

  • Difficulty Level: This is such an idea that is moderately easy to do. Help and guidance can be required at certain steps for perfection and finishing touches. Rest the kids can do it by themselves.
  • Materials required:The materials required for this leaf craft idea by preschool kids comprises of air drying clay, rolling pins, cookie cutter in the shape of a leaf, paints, brushes, strings, grease proof paper and leaves.
  • Description: This idea is not unique or something out of the box. But it is all about how you can make something adorable and different from the basics. It will look beautiful as a decoration in houses and restaurants too.

You need not be unique to stand out, you just need to be creative.

Myriads’ tale for Preschool Kids

Image source/Tutorial: Craft Idea For Kids

What an absolute piece of beauty has been presented above! It’s magnificent and overwhelming. It’s a pretty little thought how the very beautiful things in life are so simply crafted and we just get to know the right way  to reach out to them.

  • Difficulty Level: This leaf craft idea for kindergarten kids is moderately easy to make. You just need to place the leaves  up in a pattern or an effect that gives it a stamp sort of impression. Easy to make without much efforts or time and with a short and crisp procedure.
  • Materials required: The artist in you does not require huge canvas to reveal it’s talented side. All that it needs for this activity is a blank white sheet of paper, paints, brushes, leaves and tools for impression painting (if desirable).
  • Description: This idea is a subtle connect to the abundance of beauty that this world holds in its palms. With such simple and adorable ideas you can feel that everyday you are getting more attached to seeing beautiful images around you. It has a very positive impact both on your mind and health.

Such pieces of craft call for attention by themselves. It can make you stand, stop and stare. And it is a matter of immense pride if you are the creator of such a piece of art.

Beans are not just tasty

Image source/Tutorial: Craft Whack

Beans are not just tasty, they are also the props to your beautiful pieces of craft. Want to try something new but also lazy enough to not get out of house to collect materials? We have got you covered here also.

  • Difficulty Level: This leaf craft idea for preschoolers  is very  easy to make. You just need to arrange things up in a pattern and keep pasting the beans on the piece of paper. It is a tedious task but would be fun too.
  • Materials required: The amount of material that you require can be found easily in your kitchen. With your mother’s help, decide on the color and kind of pulses and beans that you need to create this leaf. Then take a white sheet of paper or cardboard and glue and keep pasting.
  • Description: This idea is suitable for kids and they can tickle their innovative minds and come up with their own ideas on color combinations and designing. Such small craft activities can be easily carried out at your own convenience.

Give yourself the motivation to kick-start your journey of success and laurels.

A fall leaf sun- catcher

Image source/Tutorial: Hands On As We Grow

After the trend of dream catchers, it is now time for sun catchers. Catch the very essence of the fall, the feel, the aroma and the light rays with these cute, little and trendy sun catchers on your windows.

  • Difficulty Level: This leaf craft idea is extremely easy to make. You just need to cut paper  in a particular shape or pattern of leaves and decorate it as you want to. It is too easy to make without much efforts or time commitments. In every way it is worth giving a try.
  • Materials required:The beginners who are trying to make this leaf craft do not require too many materials. All that you require are a clear contact paper, dried up leaves and flowers, sharpies (gold, silver, red, black ), scissors and shape out punch.
  • Description: This idea of leaf craft for kids is something that is indeed childish and fun to do. You can get your friends along and make lots of such sun catchers. Stick them on all of your walls and windows and catch the most of sunshine.

You are the sunshine that you were looking for.

The Fall Wreath is here

Image source/Tutorial: Toddler Apporoved

Wreaths that you can make with the leaves of the fall. This sounds so exciting that I just cannot wait to start making them and see how it looks when it is done. Do you feel the same? Get on board with us. We have something great coming up for you.

  • Difficulty Level: This leaf craft idea for preschool kids is so easy that even toddlers can try this out. It would not occupy much time of yours, nor will you have to invest too much of your efforts and patience into this piece of craft.
  • Materials required: The quantity of materials required for this craft is more but they are also easily available ones. For this leaf activity, you will need a paper plate cut from the center, tissue rolls, leaves, fabric structures, acorns, fall colored paper, pom poms, ribbons, sequins, buttons and glue. All of these will help you make a beautiful wreath.
  • Description:A beautiful wreath with such beautiful adornments will make your house look lovelier this fall. If you live on the countryside then this idea is the one for you  and if you are a city dweller, this will give you the feels of a countryside view.

This fall do not deprive yourself from experiencing Nature in it’s most adorable form. That is a view worth millions. You must have liked these leaf crafts for preschoolers. Now lets explore amazing leaf activities for preschoolers.

Leaf Activities for Preschoolers

Leaves everywhere, here and there also

Image source/Tutorial:Keeping life creative

Ever wondered how can you make your usual day to day schedules, planners and craft works look more attractive and interesting? We have an answer for you. By making use of these wonderful pieces of decoration directly from Nature.

  • Difficulty Level: This leaf craft idea is not at all difficult to carry out. It also depends upon your idea and how much utilization of these decorative you want in your idea and the scale of your idea.
  • Materials required: You would just require basic leaves and decorative materials. It depends on whether you want to use paper, stamps or stickers.
  • Description: This idea can be easily carried out by preschool kids who want to do something unique for their school projects or if they want to decorate their house. It is very easy to make and would look great too.

Modify and Recreate. What was gold might now shine like a diamond.

Scribbles teach more than fine lines

Image source/Tutorial: Full Learning For Kids

Are you bored with your usual paint brushes? Want to paint with the fall leaves as your brushes? I can hear the excitement. Let’s go!

  • Difficulty Level: This leaf craft idea is very simple and easy to make. A toddler craft, you can also call it. There is absolutely nothing much or too difficult that needs to be done over here. The preschool kids can do it all b y themselves.
  • Materials required:The requirement of materials is quite few and easily accessible for this leaf craft idea for kids. You will need fall leaves, paints, clothes pins and a large sheet of white paper. Simple, isn’t it? Get it as soon as possible.
  • Description:The kids should be given with something that they like and what can keep them busy, helping them to grow and learn. This idea is perfect for pre-schoolers and toddlers.

Kids learn more from scribbles than they can learn from the fine lines taught to them.

The Falling Art

Image source/Tutorial: Fantastic Fun & Learning

The Falling Art is a wonderful thing to learn. It’s unique in it’s own way and learning such art forms  are an increasing trend these days. Create and discover new art forms.

  • Difficulty Level: This leaf craft idea is very very easy to make. You just need to arrange things up in a pattern or a effect that gives it an impression of falling leaves. Too easy to make without much efforts or time.
  • Materials required:The creator need not have any stock pile of materials to complete this leaf activity for kids. All that one needs is a Con-Tact Paper, leaves, twigs, branches and some acorns. You can include decorative items like shells if you want to.
  • Description: This idea depicts how an arrangement and a definite pattern can change the look of an object. That is something that matters the most in craft and art. Patterns and textures. It is a great start to make preschool kids familiar with some of these.

It’s all about how you look at what is in front of you. That very thing can mesmerize you.

We complete each other

Image source/Tutorial: Adventure in a box

This is a fun  leaf craft activity idea for kids through which they can get to learn too many skills. A simple yet brain- storming kind of idea it is. These are the kind of ideas one should look for to indulge their kids in during their free time.

  • Difficulty Level: This leaf craft activity  idea for preschool kids is neither too easy nor too difficult to make. You just need to develop an interest towards drawing or painting and have an inclination towards solving the task at hand. Kids who love to solve puzzles and mysteries will find this very interesting.
  • Materials required: The major requirement here is patience. Patience and determination plays a major role in such activities. Regarding the materials, you would require leaves (cut/ slit from middle), blank white paper, glue, paints or colors as suitable.
  • Description: This activity along with entertainment teaches children skills like patience building, problem solving, analytical thinking and being creative. These all are going to help them in the long run as the skills they can rely their success on.

Every day is a new beginning, to learn something new and enrich your mind with the best of skills you can acquire.

Leaf painting Activity for Preschoolers

Image source/Tutorial: I Can Teach My Child

A walk amidst the bounties of nature, down the lanes bordered with the yellowish red tinge of the leaves of the fall is indeed a walk to remember. Accompany us in such a walk down the virtual gardens in your mind-space and on your craft papers.

  • Difficulty Level: This leaf craft idea for preschool kids is something that we can easily make with certain precautionary measures in hand. Kids can do it all alone but for the hot glue gun part, parental or supervisor guidance is highly recommended.
  • Materials required: The budding creator of house does not require huge sacks of materials for the completion of this craft idea. All that is required is a thick sheet of paper, hot glue gun, pencils, paints (water colors preferred) , brushes and flat leaves (for tracing).
  • Description: The piece of craft worth savoring on for a really long time. You can make variants of these and decorate various parts of your houses with these. It will look elegant and adorable and will also enhance the beauty of the houses. Children will get to learn also while doing such crafts and decorating them.

Let not your little one’s talents go in vain. Nurture them from now. They will blossom into beautiful flowers radiating success and glory. Pick your most liked activity from these leaf activities for preschoolers!

Art have been considered as a form of expression since ages. Now it has become more than that. How you present your art work can tell a lot about you. This is the reason art is being given so much focus in this era. But somewhere, somehow the real taste and essence of art is demolishing. The ones who can resist this change are the preschool kids, the young generation. It becomes absolutely necessary for them to know about the rich cultural heritage and it’s connections with art. Make them do such pieces of craft that keeps them attached to the colors. This attachment that can make their life more colorful.

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Art gives you a domain to paint smiles to your sorrows. Take this up and be the change. For any help that you require, we are here. As we have been saying, ALWAYS. For any such ideas or ideas on any other topics, get back to us, we will help you out. Share this with your friends too. Happy  Crafting. See ya soon!

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