Creative Ways to Upcycle Fabric Scraps

If you want to upcycle leftover fabric scraps and make creative projects with this extra fabric, then this article will help you to find best ways to upcycle fabric  scraps easily at home. Get ideas about things that you can sew with fabric waste!

Handmade crafts have always stood as the unique identity of every country. The rich and diverse culture of a country has been depicted by its varsity in handicrafts since ages. The best can be made out of the waste by just including a little creativity with a tinge of perfection. Here today we are going to explore some amazing craft ideas out of leftover fabric scrap with simple up-cycling tips.

Get on this exciting venture with us to upcycle fabric scraps and you surely won’t be disappointed.

How to Upcycle Fabric Scraps

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DIY Scrappy Pet Leash

Image source / Tutorial: Sew can she

Pets often do not like wearing leash as they feel captivated. How about giving them a new sphere of freedom by making adorable pet leashes for them?

Is it your baby doggo’s birthday and you’re thinking of what to gift him? Is there a pet show in your locality or school? Try making these beautiful leashes for your pet.

These are very easy to make. You only need to know how to stitch. Even if you do not know how to, no worries you can get it stitched by a tailor. Get the scraps of your old clothes which you were about to dump. Collect a few of them and stitch it in a fashion you like. Attach the hook lash in front and there you are. A very cute leash is all ready for your even cuter pet.

Beautify dish washing

Image source / Tutorial: Flamingo toes

House chores can get way too boring but not with our mesmerizing handmade fabric feather dish towels. These towels not only give a great look to your kitchen but also make the monotonous work interesting.

You can make these towels of various different designs according to your requirement and suitability. This will help you use your free time in a more productive way and will enhance your creativity skills too.

Instead of purchasing these, it will be very pocket friendly if you make it. You can either stitch such designs or use fabric paint, they way you are comfortable with.

Hotpot Pads – I’ll keep you warm

Image source / Tutorial: Blonde design

Keep your food fresh and warm with our very creative hotpot pads. These pads are extremely easy and also pocket- friendly to make. Instead of wasting your old clothes, you can use it for making such useful stuffs and add an essence to your house also.

You can even make many of such different kinds of stuffs, like dining table mat, cup holders and display it in exhibitions and craft shows. With increasing your creative abilities it will also give you a feeling of self-confidence.

Scrappy Cross Roads Block – The quilt has a fairly tale to whisper

Image source / Tutorial: Bee in my bonnet

I have always been very fond of multiple designs put together and such quilts always have my heart. You like it too? You also can have it, without any hassle. All that you need to do is collect the favorite patterns from your old clothes and cut them off. Bring them together and stitch it with a fine fancy lace border and there you are.

A very pretty quilt can be all yours. Match it with your favorite bed sheets and have as many as you want. You need not spend thousands now to purchase a quilt. You can make it all by yourself.

Try them out and let us know how you liked it. Make it as colorful and as appealing as possible.

Valentines Day Gift

Image source / Tutorial: Flamingo toes

Valentines Day is round the corner and it’s the time to choose a perfect gift for you love. Why not try something different this time? Gift a heart as a token of love.

All that you need to do to make these cute and lovely heart shaped sachets is gather fine designs from your old clothes and get some items with which you can decorate the heart.

If you want, you can also customize it by stitching or painting your name on it. You can also get photos printed on the sachets. Tie a ribbon at the upper end to make it all the more attractive.

This is a very nice valentines, birthday and anniversary idea. You can also make multiples of this kind and hang it as a layered wall hanging.

Greeting Cards – Made with love, Handle with care

Image source / Tutorial: Minki kim

The world seeks what’s unique. Why should we be left behind then?

The  usual greeting cards have become very outdated but the charm is still in those handmade cards which have emotions decorated in it. We have brought to you a new way of presenting your love. Make cards by sewing it. It can be greeting cards, note cards or any cover for that matter with a sweet message on it.

These cards will fit every occasion and the receiver of this sweet gesture is certainly going to love them.

Make your friends and family happy by gifting them these cute handmade cards. Even you will enjoy making them.

Pillows – A cover to flaunt

Image source / Tutorial: Modabake shop

Pillows always form the center of attraction wherever they are kept, be it on a bed or a couch or a sofa. Then there certainly must be something extraordinary in the way the pillows are covered. Give a new look to your pillows. Make these beautiful covers for your pillows which they are gonna  love.

Design different designs for your drawing room and bedroom. Ever thought that you could customize the look of your entire house with just a few pair of pillow covers? Yes, you definitely can.

Try these out and get back to us with your feedback and for various different and unique ideas as such.

Till then, keep crafting!

Make A Dream catcher – A dream in the basking sun

Image source / Tutorial: Pattern revolution

Dream catchers are a trending fashion these days. When everyone is making varieties of dream catchers, how would you make your art stand out? Don’t worry,we have got you covered on this.

Collect all the old clothes which you were thinking of donating or throwing away and cut thin strips out of it. You are halfway through making a beautiful and completely unique dream catcher. Use it in place of ribbons for your dream catcher and there you are.

Hang it in your room with fairy lights and you will feel no less than a fairy in a fairy tale. You can even make this for your craft sessions and exhibit in your school exhibitions and craft workshops.

This is  a not to be missed idea. Try them out as soon as you want to.

Irresistible designer bags

Image source / Tutorial: Down grapevine lane

Do you still spend thousands to get a designer bag? Now it is not needed. You can make your own designer bag by spending less than half of the amount. With the help of old clothes, you can get this irresistibly beautiful bag. You can flaunt these bags and walk in style holding these bags.

These can be used wherever you go, be it a kitty party, a parent teacher meeting, a picnic, travelling or on get together. Design a bag as you want and there you go. Become a style statement with this fashionable and trendy bags.

The environment is degrading. In this scenario, its best if we make use of the scarce resources and not waste them. Keeping in mind, sustainable development we have brought to you these craft ideas which you can benefit from. There are start up emerging from these ideas. You can be the next entrepreneur if you think you can sell any of these items. It will certainly be of great advantage to you.

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Try making different items with these creative ways to upcycle fabric scraps. Use it or gift it to your friends, family members and showcase your talent. Refer our page to all of them and get back to us anytime you need us. We’ll be there for you.

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