Easy Dr Seuss Crafts & Activities For Kids

Dr Seuss Crafts & Activities for Kids with wit & wisdom. Easy & simple crafts and fun ideas perfect for toddlers and preschool kids

Father of fun, Dr Seuss has earned vast fame with his big hits books. Children always love to read the books with pleasure and laughter. These easy Dr Seuss craft activities would help them envisage mind picture and craft that cartoons from the popular books like “Cat In The Hat”.

Just check out these fantastic Dr. Seuss crafts that would double the enthusiasm of kids who love reading his books.

Easy Dr Seuss Crafts & Activities For Kids

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Simple Truffula Tree Forest

The Lorax of Dr. Seuss is one of the heart touching book. Kiddos should be uplifted to watch that movie. And today we are showing up this lovely Truffula Trees which is really uncomplicated and interesting.

Image source/Tutorial: laurascraftylife
  • Difficulty Level: Quick and easy
  • Material Required: Yarn( yellow, orange, pink & purple), lollipop stick, scissor and spoon
  • Description: It looks cute and fabulous. Use this Truffula Trees activity to trim home. I made one for my sister and she has put it on the dinning table which seems to be perfect. And if you’ve made collection of Dr. Seuss books then place it on that.

The Cat In The Hat Cupcake Activity

When i was in kindergarten my teacher used to teach me Dr. Seuss books. I was preparing for Mar 02 then my mind stuck with the idea of creating Cat In The Hat craft. Aren’t you folks planning to organize party. Try this superlative and alluring craft once to decorate home.

Image source/Tutorial: iheartcraftythings
  • Difficulty Level: Very easy
  • Material Required: Black and red marker, paper plate, scissor, glue and card stock
  • Description: The cupcake craft inspired from “The Cat In The Hat” is grinning happily. The button eyes and red hat seem amazing. This activity is an art of work and should be crafted with lovely children. If you are assigned any project from school then go for this activity.

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Activity For Kids

Let’s have a look at one fish two fish red fish blue fish craft again. What’s your plans for this National Read Across America Day? I recommend you people to bring all Dr. Seuss books and begin crafting this fish activity with pretty cute kiddos.

Image source/Tutorial: amomsimpression
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: Paint(blue, red, green and yellow), cardboard, paper and marker
  • Description: It encompasses red fish, blue fish, one fish and two fish. It is simple and superlative activity which can be wrapped up within ten minutes. Just let your naughty kids paint this fish craft with fun and jolt. Use it to adorn the walls.

The Cat In The Hat Activity For Preschoolers

This activity is inspired by Dr. Seuss’s book- The Cat In The Hat. The book encompasses notorious act and funny things. Thing 1 and thing 2 is wisely handled by cat. Therefore we thought to manifest this easy Dr. Seuss activity for your little ones.

Image source/Tutorial: herecomethegirlsblog
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: Three plastic bottles, paper, paint( red, black & pink), photo and yarn
  • Description: Arrange three pics in hasty because this activity doesn’t demand much time to finish. The blue hairs of thing 1 and thing 2 appears stylish. Avail it as a home decor. Kids will like to spend minutes on this kiddish characters.

Yertle The Turtle Craft Idea for Toddlers

The craft is spring from Yertle The Turtle by Dr. Seuss. Just grab this opportunity and make your kiddos wallow in building turtles of various colours. This Turtle army will add to your kids toy collection and inspire their friends to do the same.

Image source/Tutorial: inspirationlaboratories
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Material Required: Pipe cleaner, clay, sponge and sharp scissor
  • Description: Make these stunning yertle the turtle craft which is unique, animated and classy to store in your toy box. Raise its height by fixing one turtle on other. Build little turtles as much you prefer to be okay.

There’s A Wocket In My Pocket Activity

Children are recounted “There a wocket in my pocket” by teachers in nursery. Now it’s time to make this craft with your supercute children. It requires light talent and creativity.

Image source/Tutorial: amomwithalessonplan
  • Difficulty Level: Very easy
  • Material Required: White paper sheet, yarn, tape, paint and punching machine
  • Description: It really holds great fun idea of “There’s a wocket in the pocket”. Children can create it without any company. Make it as an assignment and exhibit in your class to get good remarks by students and teachers.

Adorable Button And Cork Builders For Kids

This craft with sweet buttons and soft cork is appearing unique and alluring. It requires very few minutes in order to wrap up the task. I hope you will engage your kids in building this adorable button ans cork builders.

Image source/Tutorial: notimeforflashcards
  • Difficulty Level: Quick and easy
  • Material Required: Box lid , button and cork
  • Description: It is soft, classy and flexible which manifests some motor skills and creativity. And the textures look so pretty cool. The only work left is to gather relevant material for the purpose of forming it.

Mr. Gump Riding Wump for Toddlers

Do you remember one Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss? My son gave me the idea about this Mr. gump riding wump craft. He created one for his school project. It can be constructed with only few materials.

Image source/Tutorial: kitchencounterchronicle
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: Marker, tape, paper, egg carton and scissor
  • Description: Don’t dump egg carton on garbage coz this activity desires it. It can be used to trim home in well manner. Kids will find it superlative and sublime. This Mr. Gump riding wump will not take more than five minutes.

A Non Newtonian Fluid And Oobleck

Inspired by Dr. Seuss’s book – Bartholomew and the Oobleck. It is the hybrid of cornstarch and water. Embark making this amusing and thrilling oobleck with your little lovely children. I promise kids would kind it crazy and funny.

Image source/Tutorial: kidsactivitiesblog
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Material Required: Cornstarch and water, paper clip, cotton balls and paint
  • Description: It is an fun craft designed especially for kids. Oobleck stay solid when you hold it and transfigure into liquid at the moment you loose your hand. Kids will be gobsmacked by the traits of this flexible oobleck craft.

Cute Dr. Seuss Photo Frame for Toddlers

We all love to capture the memory of our baby childhood in photograph. Let’s try this cute Dr. Seuss photo frame craft for spending idol time in art work. Let your appealing baby draw crayon on the frame border with his or her soft and warm hand.

Image source/Tutorial: catholicsprouts
  • Difficulty Level: Very easy
  • Material Required: White paper, crayon, black marker and photo
  • Description: This Dr. Seuss inspired project will carry your toddler notorious memories. Just began creating it and stick it to the air conditioner and fridge. Infant would get amazed by staring at his or her own picture.

Make Mustache Puzzle Activity For Preschoolers

Don’t you reckon to create some Dr. Seuss Craft for Kids? This moment we’ve developed this mustache puzzle activity to fascinate kids. It’s up to you about deciding the mustache different shapes.

Image source/Tutorial: notimeforflashcards
  • Difficulty Level: Quick and Easy
  • Material Required: Pencil, black marker, paper, colour, glue and scissor
  • Description: Guys take idea from your friends or family members mustache size. Don’t make it so simple. Instead let them use their brain to think logical. This sweet and cute game of puzzle has earned many kids heart in wholesale.

Lorax Trees With Finger Print Activity at School

One more Dr. Seuss craft is appearing hilarious and incredible to make. This colourful Lorax tree is simple but brace your hand to be dirty for a while. You will going to see wide smile on kiddos face and have fun.

Image source/Tutorial: amomstake
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: Cardboard, paper and paint( yellow, red, blue and green),
  • Description: I know you’ve read the book but never crafted it. It should be stick to the wall to adorn lovely kids room. The red, blue and yellow paint through children fingers looks wonderful. Keep it save for future.

Make Cardboard Pillars Craft for Children

This cardboard pillar craft is one of the easiest Dr. Seuss craft and requires not more than five minutes to accomplished. Kids would love this Dr. Seuss inspired activity as he or she has already read the book it came from.

Image source/Tutorial: coffeecupsandcrayons
  • Difficulty Level: Very easy
  • Material Required: Paint( blue, yellow, purple, green and red), cardboard and scissor
  • Description: The magical pillars made up of cardboard possesses some supernatural power. Store coffee, tea and sugar in it. Just place it in the kitchen. Let kids contribute atleast something in which food ingredient can be stored.

Simple And Cute Lorax Plate Activity For Preschool

Sometimes i wonder to make adorable kids smile gladly by handmade craft. Why don’t you try the same? We have this cute Lorax plate activity for preschool. Serve biscuits and cookies in that.

Image source/Tutorial: anightowlblog
  • Difficulty Level: Very easy
  • Material Required: Orange tissue paper, scissor, paper plate, glue and black yarn
  • Description: This Dr. Seuss craft is inspired by The Lorax. I believe you would make this craft on Dr. Seuss birthday. It is embellished with hand shaped paper, two round eyes and black nose.

Welcome to WHOVILLE Activity

As we know about Dr. Seuss great books published for children. This baby elephant character is also acquired from his book. Kids should be stimulated to go for this Dr. Seuss craft idea. My daughter build it for inter school level competition and achieved the victory with awards and certificate.

Image source/Tutorial: suburble
  • Difficulty Level: Quick and easy
  • Material Required: Pot, grey paint, paper, marker and scissor
  • Description: This welcome to whoville craft involves usage of fresh plant. The elephant drawing on green plant has its own personality. Just furnish your gallery with this phenomenal and ace craft. Try it and take rest from your manic life.

Dr. Seuss Thing 1 Hand Print Craft

Recounting Dr. Seuss books to cute kiddos at night give rise to a peculiar fun. Sometimes you might have dozed off meanwhile. This thing 1 hand print craft is super easy to make and require only few paints.

Image source/Tutorial: todayscreativeideas
  • Difficulty Level: Very easy
  • Material Required: Yellow paper, black marker and paint( red, blue and white)
  • Description: Look at the image. A guy has been made with hand print. Blue print is manifesting hairs and on the other side red print is displaying lower part counting leg and arm. It work as a home decor. Laminate it in order to preserve it from moisture and filth.

Make Green Eggs Sensory Play

Aren’t you people planning for celebrating Dr. Seuss birthday on Mar 02? Just commence preparing this recipe for this occasion. Make sure kids will not have it. It’s not an eatable stuff and take it as Dr. Seuss craft.

Image source/Tutorial: stillplayingschool
  • Difficulty Level: Very easy
  • Material Required: Red plate, yellow spoon and green liquid
  • Description: It is splashing and gurgling. This green egg sounds squishy when it is squezzed. Kids would love to play with this green egg. Furnish your dinning table with this green egg sensory play craft. Ask kids assistance if needed to have more fun.

Fox In Socks For Kindergarten

This fox in socks activity for kindergarten is really super easy and takes not more than five minutes to complete. Inspired from Dr. Seuss we are producing one more superlative and graceful craft for kids.

Image source/Tutorial: vanessadewey
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: Envelope, paper, marker and paint( blue, orange, white and red)
  • Description: The image displays fox head in orange and legs in blue with few circle. Stick this pretty awesome fox in socks craft to the walls. Snap your little cute baby photo with this craft and post it on social media straight away.

Make Foot Book For Fun

This activity involving foot print inspired from Dr. Seuss is perfect. We support reading his books but now you should take initiative and begin crafting your own foot book. It seems like kiddish but try once you will be amused. This activity will not only fascinate children but also parents because everyone would love to capture his foot print in some book.

Image source/Tutorial: momendeavors
  • Difficulty Level: Very easy
  • Material Required: Stapler, paint, paper, marker and glue
  • Description: The Dr. Seuss craft remain always amazing and delightful. It contains foot print of your family, friends or own. Image displays red foot and blue feet taken by my sister. I wish you would like the activity and get your foot messy in wonder.

Cat In The Hat Paper Plate

Trust me Dr. Seuss’s book “The Cat In The Hat” is really hilarious and ravishing. I know most of the readers have already read and reaped the benefits of the funk book. It’s time to craft paper plate inspired by this book. No need to being original hat from the shop.

Image source/Tutorial: gluedtomycrafts
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Material Required: Tissue paper, paper plate, marker, paint and sheet
  • Description: Just design the same paper plate taken from “Cat In The Hat”. It makes the vibe hysterical. The dual layer hat is appearing pretty well. I personally recommend you to build this activity with your cute little ones.

Make Fish Craft For Fun

This Dr. Seuss craft is based on “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish”. If you are reckoning for Mar 02 then this fish craft idea will work for sure. With few materials it can be finished within five minutes. Stimulate kids to create fabulous and pretty cool art this moment.

Image source/Tutorial: mrsthompsonstreasures
  • Difficulty Level: Quick and easy
  • Material Required: Paint( blue, brown and green), crayon, paper plate and glue
  • Description: Kids should be furnished yummy snack in this craft. It comprises of various different colour fish. Use it for fun decoration. Insist kids to make this fish craft alone under your supervision.

Practice Shape With Dr. Seuss

The Shape Of Me And Other Stuff is one of the immense admired books by Dr. Seuss. We have created this craft for kiddos. Let your babies build this engaging and stunning Dr. Seuss craft with different sketch colours. Keep some minutes aside from manic and hectic lifestyle to spend quality time with cute and alluring children.

Image source/Tutorial: momendeavors
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: Sketch colour, “The Shape Of Me And Other Stuff” Book and paper towel
  • Description: It will assist your lovely children to learn shapes easily. Drawing shapes from Dr. Seuss book would thrill children. My daughter made this craft and she has stick it to the wall in her room.

Make Dr. Seuss Fancy Headbands

Getting bored of this hectic lifestyle? We are presenting this super cool headbands inspired by Dr. Seuss. This is extremely simple and interesting to craft. I have never seen that much easy craft. It won’t ask more than 10 minutes in order to wrap up.

Image source/Tutorial: simpleeverydaymom
  • Difficulty Level: Quick and easy
  • Material Required: Paper, paint( blue, purple, orange and yellow) and marker
  • Description: The characters are taken from Horton Elephant, The Lorax and Thing 1 & Thing 2. Just capture your children wearing voguish and alluring headbands in dslr. There are three shapes- elephant, monkey and orange old man.

Truffula Tree Pencil Cup

Have you guys ever seen shinning and spiky pencil? These magical pencil are developed by my little son. He scored highest in the class with this Truffula tree pencil cup. I am assuring you kids would like to make its collection withing ten minutes.

Image source/Tutorial: chicacircle
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Material Required: Pencil, cotton, paint, steel round can, yarn and scissor
  • Description: It is well crafted with excellent design. Just put your stationary stuffs into this truffula tree pencil cup. Do this fun craft and give this handmade present it your principal or class teacher. She will be glad for this piece of art.

Dr. Seuss Turtle Craft For Kindergarten

Yertle The Turtle Book by Dr. Seuss gives rise to this superlative and elegant activity. We all savour reading Dr. Seuss books. I promise the green little turtles made up of bottle caps are super easy to craft. Bring out little time towards this craft.

Image source/Tutorial: kiwico
  • Difficulty Level: Very easy
  • Material Required: Buttons, green bottle caps, paper, scissor and paint( blue, black and black)
  • Description: This turtle craft would excite kids more than just reading Dr. Seuss books. Let’s celebrate this festival with this Dr. Seuss astonishing activities. Build turtle tower to the maximum height you prefer. The turtle shell created with bottle lid is appearing pretty awesome.

Simple Thing 1 and Thing 2 Bookmark

We chose this simple thing1 and thing2 activity to celebrate Dr. Seuss birthday with downright bump and joy. Kids usually love to read his books like The Cat In The Hat. Now instruct them carefully to build this gorgeous and fun craft.

Image source/Tutorial: redtedart
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Material Required: A4 Size sheet, black marker, paint, glue and scissor
  • Description: Thing 1 and Thing 2 hair in blue will drive little kids crazy. Just bookmark corners of Dr. Seuss or any other book with this craft. It will replace pen cap requirement to remember the last seen page. Show it your best buddies. Besides made one more if you have an intimate friend.

Doctor Seuss Transparent  Magnet Activity For Children

We took idea from Dr. Seuss book to form Dr. Seuss craft. It’s not mandatory to make this craft on his birthday. Even on Teacher day, it should be created. On your demand we have developed Doctor Seuss transparent magnet activity for lovely kiddos.

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Material Required: Magnet, paper, glue, pencil and paint
  • Description: The doctor Seuss magnet craft should be presented to teacher as a giveaway. Its creativity credit goes to my elder son who put light effort with great focus. He gifted me on Father’s Day. I keep it in my purse. Whenever i miss my son, this outstanding Dr. Seuss magnet craft console and boost my emotions.

Fox In Socks Bottle Craft For Preschool

Do you remember the fox in socks by Dr. Seuss? This five minute craft is inspired by that book and it require one transparent bottle and few other materials. “Keep saying “Tweedle beetle bottle puddle paddle battle muddle” to mount enthusiasm level inside.

Image source/Tutorial: 30minutecrafts
  • Difficulty Level: Quick and easy
  • Material Required: Transparent bottle, paper, scissor, pencil and paint( blue, brown, black and yellow)
  • Description: Just glance at the image given above. The water is splashing out of the bottle and beetles are doing battle in their own world. Organize all relevant materials in well manner. It works as a home decor. Place it on hall to manifest IQ level of super cute kiddos.

Dr. Seuss Toilet Paper Roll Craft

One more Dr. Seuss craft idea taken from “The Cat In The Hat”. If your cute ones are much troublesome for you. Then direct kids constructing Dr. Seuss craft with toilet paper for a while. Just reap the benefits of this voguish and marvelous Dr. Seuss project.

Image source/Tutorial: stuff-by-ash
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Material Required: Marker, toilet paper, scissor, crayon, toothpick, glue and card stock
  • Description: Toilet paper roll are not much bad. Sometimes TP rolls aid in crafting stuffs well. The cat with thing 1 and thing 2 looks glamorous and delightful. Toilet paper roll in red and white layer is next level. Fix it in kid room to make them laugh all time.

Make Oh, The Places You’ll Go Craft

I am reading Dr. Seuss books from the very starting. My children ask me to recount the books at night. On viewers demand we have evolved oh, the place you’ll go craft inspired by Doctor Seuss. I gifted it to my sister who is die hard fan of Dr. Seuss.

Image source/Tutorial: ginatepper
  • Difficulty Level: Quick and easy
  • Material Required: Paint, pencil, paper, toilet paper roll, scissor and cardboard
  • Description: Buckle up for crafting this oh, the places you’ll go activity. Use this adorable and alluring craft to trim home articles. Kids would love to craft this fun activity. I hope it will aid you in celebrating the most popular Dr. Seuss birthday.

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Doctor Seuss is really a kind, humble and hilarious personality. I believe that you guys will love these easy and simple Dr. Seuss crafts and activities. It’s been many years reading books and watching movies of Doctor Seuss with great joy and excitement. Now it’s time to do some creativity. Just image those characters you love and build its craft. If you liked these elegant and ace Dr. Seuss activities then drop comment below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas! Do check out other related articles on K4 Craft. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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