Blue Day Craft Ideas & Activities for Preschool Kids

Are you looking for Blue day craft ideas for kids in preschool? Now search is over! Get amazing Blue day special art and craft projects, board decoration with amazing game activities and more to make day of your kids special!

The blue colour is widely outspread everywhere in the planet Earth. Just like Sky seems blue from land, in the same way water appears to be blue from the angle of satellites. Do you love blue colour? Ask the same to your cool buddies and family members. And I am damn sure they would revert you positive. This is the moment to celebrate blue day with your loving ones.

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Let’s commence making the adorable blue day craft ideas for kids.

Easy Blue Day Craft Ideas & Activities For Kids

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My Corner Of Blue Objects

This blue day craft for kindergarten with super cool toys looks pretty awesome. It does not demand more than 5 minutes to complete. Kids would like this blue day activity.

Artist: Hina Khan
  • Difficulty Level : Very easy
  • Material Required : Blue table, cars, baby doll, paper, blue marker and plastic toys
  • Description : The craft is well embellished with blue toys like cars, plastic glass, doll and a chart. Organizing these materials in well manner really enhance the beauty of this blue day craft idea.

Woolen Sky World Activity

Look at the sky straight away and begin feeling its delicacy. We all love counting infinite stars and staring different phases of moon in the sky. Therefore we come up with the idea of woolen sky world activity.

Artist: Bhavisha Ashara
  • Difficulty Level : Moderate
  • Material Required : Cotton fabric, wool felt, fiber fill and embroidery thread
  • Description : This blue day woolen sky world grant authority to rainbow balls, twinkle stars and moon to reside there. The rain drop papers with chain string are alluring and well designed. Let’s kids dozing off in there.

Group Blue Hand Print

We’ve decided to introduce this blue day craft idea of group blue hand print. If your gang hold robust bond then just take hand prints of all squad members on the chart. This would thrill kids and is super easy to craft.

Artist: Shahnaz Murani
  • Difficulty Level : Quick and easy
  • Material Required : Marker, paint and white chart paper
  • Description : Look at the image displaying hand print of close friends with proper name on side. Keep it for future as it will become memory of your past friendship. Use the title “our little hands can do anything”.

Cute Blue Peacock Craft

Make this adorable and pretty blue peacock craft made up of paper material. I compelled my baby to make this craft. He found this blue day craft awesome and has added it in his toy collection.

Artist: Deepika Chaurasia
  • Difficulty Level : Very easy
  • Material Required : Blue paper, scissor, glue and blue cardboard
  • Description : This elegant bird is an art of excellence. People prefer it to trim the hall in well manner. Kids can make it by themselves. If any art project has been given from school then show them this one to score high among the all other students.

Happy Birthday Thermocol Cake

How do you celebrate someone’s birthday? No need to bring cake from the market as we have made this happy birthday thermocol cake by investing few minutes on this ideal activity.

Artist: Neeta Rai
  • Difficulty Level : Moderate
  • Material Required : Thermocol, paint( blue, purple & white), paper and wooden stick
  • Description : The happy birthday cake with three layer carrying flowers is down right blue in colour. And the stick with happy birthday sticker is wonderful. Make it with your kids and enjoy the moment.

Blue Paper Flower Craft

This blue colour day activity for kindergarten can be finished within small time period. Flowers craft fascinates not only kids but parents too. Let’s make this superlative craft with kids to have fun.

Artist: Kavita Marlecha
  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Material Required : Blue paper, scissor and white sheet
  • Description : Make this blue paper flower activity to adorn your classroom. Teacher will definitely appreciate your well designed and glorious paper craft. Hang it on walls at home coz it works as a home decor.

Blue Day Voguish Dress

Baby girls look beautiful like a princes in this kind of dress. For your baby doll we have innovated this blue day voguish dress that would thrill them a lot. It requires not much materials with aim to wrap it.

Artist: Vrinda Khedekar
  • Difficulty Level : Quick and easy
  • Material Required : Cardboard, glitter, paper, paint and white pearl
  • Description : It is shiny, ultra modern and alluring. Use this stuff to embellish your home. The white pearl and pink ball are the key components of its effectiveness. You can frame it too if desire.

Blue Day World Activity

In this vast world, from ocean, sky to kids’ doremon all are blue in colour. Rainbow generate seven colour encompassing blue. Here we are exhibiting our recently made blue day world craft. Take relevant steps to create this cute blue day craft.

Artist: Shahnaz Murani
  • Difficulty Level : Moderate
  • Material Required : Mat, paper, old blue cloth, cardboard, paint and toys
  • Description : Avail this craft to amaze your lovely kiddos. It comprises paper kite, octopus, doraemon, butterfly, car rainbow and toys. These stuffs all together make a well organized graceful craft. Transform your baby room into this blue world.

Blue Day Rock Guitar

Kids always desire to play guitar with great mood. Let’s fulfill this urge of cute children by crafting the blue day rock guitar. My son made it by himself as you can see at the image. It’s really easy and fun craft which takes very few minutes.

Artist: Vivan Mansi Harwani
  • Difficulty Level : Very easy
  • Material Required : Ribbon, plastic, paper, tape and glue
  • Description : Gift this DIY  guitar to your kids. I am sure they will be so glad on getting this surprise. And make them indulge in building blue day chart containing bird, flower and rainbow in it. Fix it on wall to manifest your excellence and talent.

Save Water Activity

Most of the people squander water in a foolish manner. Globally fish species are being shrinking down briskly. Kids should get conveyed regarding water significance. Taking this issue as a priority, we have stuck with the idea of save water craft.

Artist: Nimita Virendrasinh Solanki
  • Difficulty Level : Moderate
  • Material Required : Plastic box, ice cream stick, wood whale & paint
  • Description : This craft emphasis on saving water which makes us alive. Make this craft to spread the idea of saving water and let other know the eminence of providing shield to the aquatic animals.

Doraemon Cartoon Costume For Kids

Kids mostly indulge in binge watching of cartoons especially doraemon. From the very starting they want one doraemon who can solve their tasks swiftly without any error in meanwhile. Here we have this cartoon costume for kids.

  • Difficulty Level : Very easy
  • Material Required : Thick paper, pencil and crayon
  • Description : Wear this exquisite doraemon costume. Just imagine that you have a real doraemon who can provide any question’s solution. Just begin creating this fabulous and fancy costume.

Well Designed Blue Art

Are you glancing for some blue day craft ideas for kids? Don’t panic coz we have this awesome and pretty voguish craft for you. Make your kids wallow in building this blue day art which demands not more than 10 minutes.

Artist: Sadhana Kulkarni
  • Difficulty Level : Quick and easy
  • Material Required : Blue paint, cardboard, glue, thermocol and scissor
  • Description : Look at the image given above. Its design is so elegant and ultra modern. Hang it on wall and gift to someone that is very intimate to you. I hope you guys have fun while doing this blue day activity.

Mermaid In Blue Outfit

This aquatic creature has immense fame in this gigantic world. Just commence building this sublime and glamorous mermaid craft with your kids.

Artist: Ila Pujari
  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Material Required : Glitter, paper, paint and blue rope
  • Description : The mermaid in blue dress looks so alluring and fascinating. Hang it on bed edge. It can also be fixed on balcony door. Try it once and kids can make it unaccompanied by anyone.

Simple Blue Cylinder Activity

Look at the image mentioned below. You can also modify some old cylinder into super adorable and superlative blue craft. Kids would really going to love this blue day activity.

Artist: Preeti-Gupta
  • Difficulty Level : Moderate
  • Material Required : Old cylinder, paint( blue, red, yellow & white), marker and paper
  • Description : If you are getting bored with daily household chores then show faith on this smart craft. Don’t you ever reckon to stun kids with something unique in order to inspire them? Try this before & after blue cylinder trick at home.

Downpour & Lovely Aquatic Animals

It is super easy to craft and can be effectively constructed with proper directions. Do you love heavy rainfall? Let’s construct this blue day downpour craft with cute aquatic animals.

Artist: Mini Mpillai
  • Difficulty Level : Quick and easy
  • Material Required : Thick paper, paint, scissor and glue
  • Description : Design your wall with some blue whale, octopus and jelly fish. It manifests that god is showering love on this glorious creature. Fix these little animals on your baby room in order to amaze him or her.

Blue Day Classroom Craft For Kids

Alter your classroom into blue day classroom inhabited by blue materials. Bring all toys, dolls and hand made drawings for this craft. It won’t require more than 10 minutes. Just keep patience and have fun.

Artist: Shahnaz Murani
  • Difficulty Level : Moderate
  • Material Required : Blue cloth,doll cap, toys, chart paper, paint and curtain
  • Description : If you want to transfigure the classroom into all blue classroom then take idea from the following image. It is embellished with blue bags, cars, caps, baby doll, fruit charts and many more stuffs.

Blue Stuffs & Brown Board

I know study is quite difficult for someone and easy to others. Don’t hesitate. It’s time to do fun things and let’s make blue stuffs and brown board activity. Ask company from your classmates to accomplish the task.

Artist: Shahnaz Murani
  • Difficulty Level : Quick and easy
  • Material Required : Blue bags, bottle, toys, globe, cloth, paper, and paint
  • Description : Make this interesting and fascinating craft with joy and fun. Fill your classroom with blue toys, bags, bottles and cute paper charts. The blue paper butterfly aside the board is perfectly crafted. Decorate your board with these craft rapidly.

Make Alphabet & Drawing Craft For Kids

Are you reckoning for some pretty awesome DIY blue day craft ideas? We have this startling and marvelous activity for kindergarten. This craft make alphabet easy for learning and requires limited material. Kids will find it super easy to accomplish.

Artist: Shahnaz Murani
  • Difficulty Level : Very easy
  • Material Required : Cardboard, sketch colour, paint, scissor and paper
  • Description : It’s been specially made for preschool, nursery and kindergarten kids who are learning alphabets. Let your kids make this alphabet and poster craft with their own talent and excellence. The only task left for you is to supply plenty of material required to your super cute toddler.

Easy Giant Blue Whale

Blue whale is one of the largest animal on earth. Its cuteness is overloaded in the image mentioned below. Give proper instruction to kids with the aim to craft the big giant blue whale.

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Material Required : Paper, black, red and blue crayon
  • Description : This blue whale activity looks so alluring and wonderful. Kid drawing matters a lot in the very young age. Frame this beautiful craft and fix it on the wall. You can also submit it as a project if assigned by school. I promise teacher will be dazzled in air.

Aquatic Blue Life At Home Activity

Have you ever wondered to enjoy the life that fish lives?  As you can view in the diy image that we have created for our viewers. The aquatic life has been simulated in the room with some posters and toys.

  • Difficulty Level : Moderate
  • Material Required : Blue tables, cardboard, paint, toys, marker, cloth, balloons and globe
  • Description : Alter your baby room into this incredible blue day world. Kids should be uplifted to build this craft which is embellished with umbrella, cycle, blue tables, globe, animal toys, paper chart and balloons. All these stuffs mutually give birth to this wonderful craft.

Easy & Cute Baby Shark

Shark is one of the vast creature on earth. On your call we just got an idea of cute baby shark which demands not more than 5 minutes. This blue day craft for nursery can be constructed by kids themselves.

Artist: Naziya Mudassir
  • Difficulty Level : Very easy
  • Material Required : Blue paper, paint, pencil and white board
  • Description : Try this cute baby shark activity with your kids. It appears to be accurate for hanging on hall. I inspired my son to try this blue day craft.

Classy Rainy Day & Mermaid Activity

Are you questing for some blue day craft ideas for preschool. Mermaid is an art of work as you can see in the picture. The down right scenery include rainbow and kites which are looking  sweet.

  • Difficulty Level : Quick and easy
  • Material Required : Chart paper, pencil, scissor and crayon
  • Description : The painting possesses alluring peacock on branch of a tree, flying birds, butterfly, fish, flowers, rainbow and a girl flying kites. Kids would love to make this prodigious and thrilling drawing. The mermaid on the top of the chart is stunning with blue day sheet.

Aquarium Craft For Kids

Fish are always a delightful creature on earth. Most of the kids get amused by fish swift reflection whether it is in pond or aquarium. Capture this image given below and build the same at home.

Artist: Umbreen Shabbir‎
  • Difficulty Level : Moderate
  • Material Required : Chart paper, paint, sheet, glue, thread and scissor
  • Description : If you are diy enthusiast then initiate this activity right away. Instead of buying it from outside make it with your hand. It will retain capital and keep kids busy in crafting it. Jelly fish, blue whale, green grass octopus and many more variety of fish adorned the craft.

Blue Day Green Board Activity

It’s been many years studying in the same green board. This is one of the reason why you should insist to make blue day green board craft. It’s time to decorate classroom board which needs not more than 10 minutes.

Artist: Birwa Dutta
  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Material Required : Paper, paint, scissor, cardboard and glue
  • Description : It is well crafted with proper relevant poster comprises of blueberries, whale, doraemon, ink, bluebells and bluejay. The border with various colour circles look pretty cool. I hope kids would like to make it as a fun decor.

DIY Poppy Blue Whale Family

Being the largest animal exist on earth blue whale it deserves to be crafted and  belong to marine animals. This diy poppy blue whale family craft will add glory in your room. It has been shaped in cartoon style.

Artist: Divya Bysani
  • Difficulty Level : Quick and easy
  • Material Required : Glace paper, scissor, paint, pencil, glue and cloth
  • Description : The craft is well equipped with blue whales surrounded by butterflies. It displays that love not only exist in humans but also in animals. Use this handmade craft on wall and show creativity.

Modish Blue Day Wall Texture Sheet

Are you get bored with the same colour wall? We have designed modish blue day wall texture sheet that can hold an edge over other alternatives. It involves air conditioner with stabilizer as you can see the picture.

Artist: Freeda Selvakumar‎
  • Difficulty Level : Difficult
  • Material Required : Balloons, plastic fence, sheet, paint and teddy bear
  • Description : To eradicate wall loneliness use this ultra modern blue day wall texture sheet. It is engulfed by balloons from every side. And the table in the middle with circle consist of teddy bear , cups & blue balls. The fence is placed to refer gate in there.

Rainbow & Cloud Burst Craft

Are you glancing for rainbow craft for kids? This craft is deluged with rainbow, blue stars, clouds, fish, whale and blue waves. On blue day this activity would load you with lot of fun.

Artist: Hina Khan
  • Difficulty Level : Moderate
  • Material Required :
  • Description : It manifests rainbow outbreak and cloudburst. Aquatic animals are playing in their own in downpour. Make this rainbow and cloud burst art to exhibit your ability and creativity. It would be perfect for blue day and kids will find it more easy than expected.

Simple Welcome Craft

I’ve never seen that much easy craft. Direct your little ones to do this fabulous activity to which involves variety of fish.

Artist: Vrinda Khedekar
  • Difficulty Level : Quick and easy
  • Material Required : Paper, cardboard, paint and glue
  • Description : It seems alluring, fantastic and awesome craft that is inhabited by star fish, jelly fish, octopus and green grass.

Blue Day Night

The blue day night craft is made up for simulating night look in day. Kids would love to craft this one. Try it to trim home for fun.

Artist: Soniya Sarvottham Jetty
  • Difficulty Level : Very easy
  • Material Required : Cloth, umbrella, thick paper and paint
  • Description : It comprises of blue & white clouds, umbrella, stars and moon. All blue stuffs are nicely arranged in this elegant and graceful blue day craft.

Alphabet & Scenery Painting

In rainy season cloud weep so hardly with blue water. This moment we stuck with the idea of alphabet and scenery painting activity. The clouds smiling over alphabets are really hilarious.

Artist: Vrinda Khedekar
  • Difficulty Level : Very easy
  • Material Required : Balloons, chart paper, paint and glace paper
  • Description : Fill your wall with this elegant and superlative alphabet and scenery painting. The lovely clouds looks cute. It helps kiddo in learning alphabet. The hills covered with snow look amazing.

Simple Blue Birds

On blue day i would prefer you to craft this blue bird with jelly fish . Both are blue and excite kiddos to spend more minutes on this blue day project.

Artist: Vrinda Khedekar
  • Difficulty Level : Quick and easy
  • Material Required : Tape, paint, old cardboard and paper
  • Description : It is equipped with many blue birds and jelly fish. The border is specially designed with 1 to 10 number in circles. It will not only decorate your wall but also assist toddler in learning numbers.

Ocean is blue

Everyone knows ocean is blue but the interesting thing is that this craft is exhibiting the inner world of ocean. Look at the image, all animals are enjoying the moment.

Artist: Hina Khan
  • Difficulty Level : Moderate
  • Material Required : Old purse, chart paper, paint and blue balloons
  • Description : It pleases eyes if you stare this craft for a while. Don’t throw old purse in garbage and try to recycle it into a boat.  Star fish, blue whale, little turtle and green plants has enhanced the overall outlook of the craft.

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I believe that these blue day craft ideas in statement may help you in doing it practical. Just show your art work spirit and begin crafting these stuffs rapidly. Make your kids wallow in making these things with joy and fun. If you’ve really thrilled by these awesome activities then pleases drop your comment below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas! Do check out other related articles on K4 Craft. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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