Easy Craft Ideas for Kids to Make at Home

Engage your kids in creative activities and fun games with these Easy Craft Ideas for Kids!

During these winter vacations, kids cannot play outside because of freezing cold in the open areas. Thus, they can not play outdoor games without catching a cold. And staying indoors sometimes becomes too boring for all of us. And up above all of this, kids tend to use too many electronic devices. Let’s not discuss the side effects of such devices. So what should they do? how can they be productive, have fun and also stay away from boredom? The answer is Hand Crafts!

Teach them these easy craft ideas for kids to make at home and when they will get a taste of Art, trust is their skills and creativity will start multiplying. So, we have curated a list of best easy craft ideas from Jasmine for kids to make at home in which you can guide them.

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Easy Craft Ideas for Kids to Make at Home

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Cute Bee on Heart craft for kids

Your kids can start with this cute and adorable bee on heart easy craft ideas for kids to make at home. The heart shape is cut out from a cardboard sheet. You can help them in making one and be careful while they are using scissors and cutters. Then ask them to draw the bee in the middle of the heart and paint all the region with required shades of colors. You can use cut-outs or clay art for flowers on the heart, bee’s eyes, smile, antennas and much more to make the masterpiece more beautiful.

Clay Art Gaming Toy craft for kids

A lot is hidden in the world of Clay art. You can make 3D shapes which will look as good as real ones with the help of clay. In this idea, first, you have to mold the white clay into the shape of the console as shown above. You can use normal clay and then paint it with white color or any other preferred color. After that cut out a piece of paper sheet equal to the screen. Then draw the scenery on the paper like mountains, clouds, or a rainy scene. Then you can decorate the side of the screen with various clay crafts like a rainbow, clay buttons, etc. The design below of the screen can be made with finger impressions.

Adorable Friends in the Forest with Clay craft for kids

The background effect in this easy craft idea for kids to make at home is because of the Canvas sheet or cloth used for the drawings.  After wrapping the canvas on the board, draw a few of the trees and creatures with the help of paintbrushes. We have gone for the owls here. Then you can craft a complete owl with the help of clay and join it on the board. The drawings will enhance the beauty of clay Owl. You can also craft a few clay flowers for the decoration.

Chalk drawing on watercolor Painting craft for kids

This craft idea uses two media for the drawings. One is chalk and the other is water color. First, draw a random pattern on a white sheet with watercolors as done in the above image. Let the color dry and completely. Now with the help of chalk, you can draw any figure or scenery on the sheet. As the chalk color is white, try to choose dark watercolor shades so that the scenery is visible. After the drawing you can use buttons to craft flowers, shirt, or any other item on it.

Cute paper bags with Crayons

These easy craft ideas for kids to make at home can help your kids design their own paper bags. You can buy plain paper bags from the market or craft them on your own. Then ask your kids to draw any scenery or creature on them with the help of Crayons or oil pastels. This new and different idea will increase their interest in art and craft.

Beautiful Ship Anchor craft for kids

This craft is a bit tough to make. Depending on the age of your kids, you can guide them to make this beautiful anchor. First, draw a large anchor on a cardboard sheet and cut it out with the help of cutter and scissors. Then paint the anchor with your preferred color completely. Then you can decorate this anchor with cutouts such as that of stars, flowers, or draw any pattern above it with colored chalks. The fish in the center is made up of clay. For this, make a circular disc with clay and then draw the fins and the face of the fish.

Adorable Caterpillar Craft for kids

Isn’t this caterpillar made from clay adorable? This easy craft ideas for kids to make at home starts with  making round balls of clay in different sizes. Then you have to arrange and align the balls with larger to the smaller sizes. Join them together to make a beautiful caterpillar. Add the eyes on the face and a mouth. You can complement this idea with fruits and some other items. Here, in the above image,  a round ring is used with apples.

Sweet Clay booths Craft for kids

If you will see the above image carefully, you will realize that the booth is decorated with clay and even Sweet is written with the help of clay only. For these easy craft ideas for kids to make at home, make a booth of popsicle sticks or any other suitable material. Color it with white paint and then decorate the booths with the help of clay as done in the above image.

Pretty Birdhouse craft for kids

Let’s start with the house first. You can use wood to make your own simple birdhouse or buy a small size from the market. After that, you can use clay for decorating it such as making flowers, ladybugs, filling the terrace, etc. Now, craft your own bird with the help of cardboard sheet and paint it with beautiful colors.

Cute Clay Octopus craft for kids

This cute little Octopus can be made with clay without many efforts. You have to start with the body first which is just a round disc shape. Then make 8 long legs with the help of the same color clay. Then add the mouth and the eyes. The crown is complimentary. You can decorate your own background according to your likeness. We have used a Ship steering wheel craft idea and decorate it with stones and ropes. The drawing of the patterns is with chalk only.

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We hope you liked these easy craft ideas for kids to make at home.  You can ask your kids to make this beautiful and cute craft at home without any hassle. They also don’t require much of cost and can be made with easily available material such as clay. You can leave your opinions and feedback in the comments section below. Also, check out other related articles at K4 Craft for more ideas. We will soon come up with more such related articles. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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