Hand-stitched Floral Embroidery Designs for You

Stitch your imagination in stylish floral designs with these floral embroidery patterns! Check out our floral embroidery designs selected for you!

Embroidery has its own fan following for ages. In the craft world, it requires a different set of skills and consistent practice. To master this art, the artist takes lessons and training which goes on for weeks. If you know this amazing and unique art, then we have summoned a list of best embroidery designs for you by the Artist Hope Steward. You can also buy and use these Hand-stitched floral embroidery designs to decorate your home, furniture and even clothes of your kids. These ideas are ideal everywhere. So, let’s get started with the list.

Hand-stitched Floral Embroidery Designs

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Jolly Hand-stitched floral embroidery design Work

The flowers on this embroidery can be made of any color you like depending on the cloth color. The leaves complement the flowers with the bushes. You can cover the major region with them and then also add any quote or a simple word such as Smile at the top for the positive impact.

Merry & Bright for Christmas Embroidery design Work

This embroidery design uses red flowers with green leaves on a white cloth. The merry & Bright is for Christmas Eve. Thus, you can use this Hand-stitched floral embroidery design on winter clothes that your kids can wear when its Christmas Time. The red and white are known as Christmas Colors.

Positive & Motivational Hand-stitched floral Embroidery Work

You can use this embroidery work idea for your kids’ T-shirts. They will feel positive whenever they will wear it. It uses flowers of different colors such as red, pink, yellow with green leaves. Your family will love this work.

Optimistic & Exciting Hand-stitched floral design Embroidery

If you want your family members to feel important and act as givers, you can make them wear this embroidery work on their clothes. They will feel that it is their duty to be the light in dark times and help the needy ones whenever they can. You can also buy this embroidery work from the above source. There are many colors available for this design

Cheerful Hand-stitched floral Embroidery work

Most of the embroidery work in this article is to ignite a spark in the mind of the ones who wear them. A positive will towards their goals and the society will come with the quote. Whenever they will wear it, they will take it as a responsibility to stay strong and motivate others. Thus they will grow through whatever they will go through in their life.

Goodwill Embroidery Work

This goodwill Hand-stitched floral embroidery work will make your kids humble and helping. They will emerge as kind adults who will spread happiness all around by lifting others in tough times. The stock of this work is limited and they are also providing discounts on a few of their kits.

Motivational Embroidery Work for her

Self-motivation is very much important in this new era of competition. When everyone is trying to be the best, we tend to have self-doubt when we are left behind at times. This Hand-stitched floral embroidery work will keep your kids and family members motivated and confident to fight the situations.

Encouraging Embroidery Work

Sometimes we don’t appreciate the value of a new day. There is always something good which we can find in every day we lived to date and also every coming day in the future too. To make sure that your kids live to their fullest, you can use this Hand-stitched floral design on their clothes. Make sure you get your kit before the stock is finished.

Hopeful Embroidery work

The first step to achieving a goal is to dream that goal in your mind. Then only the thirst for completing the tasks develops in us. If we dream big, then only we can achieve big goals in our lives. To remind this to your kids, use this Hand-stitched floral embroidery design work.

Sparkling life Embroidery Work

Gone are the days of black and white films. This new era has the ability to showcase every color in a beautiful way. When we live with all the colors, the bright and the dark, we fear nothing. Our life becomes meaningful and colorful just like this Hand-stitched floral embroidery design work. You can pre-order this sample now!

We hope you liked these Hand-stitched floral embroidery designs for You.  You can make these beautiful designs at home or buy them from the above source. You can leave your opinions and feedback in the comments section below. Also, check out other related articles at K4 Craft for more ideas. We will soon come up with more such related articles. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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