DIY Pig Craft Ideas & School Projects for Kids

Pigs are really cute creatures. They have small snouts and have a longing for affection. Pigs are considered to be really intelligent creatures. Pigs are sweet and different species have different specialities to them. You can play with them, learn with them. They are pretty intelligent animals. Pigs like to live in groups and huddle together. They boost a sense of love among children. Let us create these beautiful pig craft ideas for kids.

Beautiful Pig Craft Ideas for Kids

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# Making Pink Pigs using Sponge Rollers

Image Source / Tutorial: Smart Schoolhouse

Sponge rollers are really easy to work with. You can make these cute pink piglets with some sponge rollers. To make this small-sized piglets you will require sponge rollers, pink pipe cleaner, a pair of scissors, glue, pink paper, googly eyes and a black sharpie pen. These piglets are easy to put together. Your kids will love to make this beautiful pig craft.

# Paper Plate Pig Craft Idea

Image Source / Tutorial: Love and Marriage

Paper plates are one of the major wastes at home. We use them at parties, picnics, get-together, etc. You can help the mother earth by reusing these paper plates and helping your kids make some pretty pink pig crafts. To make these, you will need paper plates, pink acrylic paint, white paper, a pair of scissors, a glue stick and a black sharpie pen.

# Pig Craft Utilising Geometrical shapes

Image Source / Tutorial: Creative Party Blog

Kids can easily learn different shapes and forms while putting together a craft. This is one if the best ways to teach your kids about different two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures. To make this Geometrical pig you will need pink paper, a pair of scissors, glue stick, cello tape, felt cloth, black buttons, pink pipe cleaner for the tail. This can be used as a standing showpiece in your home. It will look pretty and spread it’s pinkness around.

# Oink Pig Crafts for kids

Image Source / Tutorial: Homemade Beauties By Heidi

We all have played angry birds so many times. It is time to be one’s own angry bird. You can play similar game in real life too with this craft. To make these green pigs you will need old used tin cans, green paint, white paint, black paint and paint brushes. Do not forget to clean the cans before you start painting. Now bring your catapult to bring down all the evil. This will be a fun activity in the holidays.

# Piggy hangers

Image Source / Tutorial: JENNI SWENSON

Hanging pig crafts for kids look really sweet. You can make these easy to make crafts in the summer time. It makes for a great time pass and gives rise to beautiful hanging crafts. You will need pink colored paper, pink ribbons, a pair of scissors, a glue stick, googly eyes, black marker pen, pink pipe cleaner, felt cloth in dark and light pink colors. You can hang these pig crafts from the door knobs or even the curtain rods. They look pretty and add color to the kids’ room.

# Cute Paper Pig Craft Using Tissue Roll

Image Source / Tutorial: Crafts By Amanda

Toilet paper is one of the most widely used commodities at home. We all need toilet paper every day. But what we do with the toilet paper roll after we have used the toilet paper? We generally throw it away whereas we can use it to make different kinds of DIY projects. This is a beautiful pig craft idea for kids to make this summer. You will need a used toilet paper roll, pink paper, pink button, googly eyes, a pair of scissors and glue. You are ready to make this innocent piggy craft for your home.

# Pig craft ideas using Egg cartons

Image Source / Tutorial: Education

Egg cartons are made of cardboard, that is pressed paper. These cartoons are specially made to store eggs. You do not need to discard these cartoons as waste always. You can use it to make beautiful craft items. You can make these cute looking pigs using the back of the carton. You will need the egg carton, paper cutter, pipe cleaner, googly eyes, pink colored paper and pink acrylic paint along with paint brush. You can use these small-sized pig crafts to design the border of chart or projects. You can also use these crafts to make collages as well.

# Tin Can Recycled Pig Craft

Image Source / Tutorial: Favecrafts

Tin cans straightway go to the dump yard. You can try to control or at least lessen the amount of time cans waste produced. You will need some used tin cans. Crush the can after use and clean it thoroughly. Now you can use acrylic colors, paint brushes, felt cloth, googly eyes, eyelashes, a pair of scissors etc. to make this beautiful pig craft. It looks awesome and helps to reduce waste.

# Paper Plate Pig Craft

Image Source / Tutorial: No Time For Flashcards

Kids are always full of energy and look for mischief if not kept busy. They can be troublesome at times. We must always come up with ideas to keep our kids busy. This paper plate craft can add to a summer-time activity for the kids. You can acquire all the things required to make this craft at home. You will need a paper plate, an egg carton, black paper, glue, a pair of scissors and pink paint. You can help your kids to make this pretty pig craft at home.

# Easy to make Paper Plate Pig Craft

Image Source / Tutorial: Unknown

Paper Plate pig crafts are really easy to make. You will require a paper plate, pink paint, pink colored paper, black paper, googly eyes to make this cute craft. You can even use a black sharpie pen to add to the features of this craft. Your kids will love to make this easy craft.

# Cute Pink Pig

Image Source / Tutorial: All Kids Network

This is a simple pig craft idea for kids. You can make this with the help of easily available material and can guide your kids in making this amazing craft. Make sure they use scissors in your supervision or someone who is elder to them. You can use pipe cleaners for the tail, chart papers for the body and black marker for making the face.

# Sweet, Fluffy Pig Craft Idea with Recycled Cotton

Image Source / Tutorial: Housing a Forest

If you want to embark on the skills to your kids of using random materials to craft beautiful pieces then this idea can be really helpful in the same. Use cotton balls to craft the face of the pig as done in the image. It is safe enough to be done by the kids alone also and they will love this activity.

# DIY Pig Craft

Image Source / Tutorial: Buggy and Buddy

The technique of folding the chart paper into any shape is a mastery in itself. The same is used in the above Pig Craft Idea for Kids where chart paper is cut and shaped into a cute little pig. You can teach your kids this craft with the help of easily available material and then ask them to make similar shapes as done in the above image.

# Sweet Pig Craft DIY

Image Source / Tutorial: Serendipitous Discovery

Now here we have used dry clothes clips for making the pig stand as shown in the image. The rest of the body can be made with chart paper and the tail with a pink pipe cleaner. This unique idea used to make the craft stand can be implemented in future crafts too.

# Piggy Bank

Image Source / Tutorial: All Kids Network

Does your kid need to start saving money now? Or are you considering buying him/her a new piggy bank? You can craft this piggy bank at your home and can also teach your kids the same. This Pig Craft Idea for Kids uses Tin can as the base for the body of the Piggy Bank. You can use paint to color the tin can. Careful while cutting the slot for inserting the coins. The face can be made with the help of chart paper and artificial googly eyes.

# Sweet and Simple Pig Craft

Image Source / Tutorial: Kixcereal

This next Pig Craft Idea for Kids can be used to help your kids with the first steps in the craft world. It uses basic skills such as drawing and cutting. This craft is easy to make and require easily available material. Thus, your kids will be able to make them without any hassle for you.

# Cute Piggy Bathroom Slippers

Image Source / Tutorial: Everyday Dishes

If you are planning to redecorate the bathroom slippers for your kids then you can use this Pig Craft Idea for Kids. The cut-outs from the felt paper are used to make the face of the cute little pigs. The nose is made up of pink buttons and the eyes can be made with the help of beads.  Just paste or stitch them on the slippers and they are good to go!

# Pig Headband crafts for Kids

Image Source / Tutorial: twitchetts

If your girl loves to wear hairbands every day then you can redecorate the same for her. This Pig Craft idea for Kids will help them wear Pig ears with the hairbands. All you have to do is make Pig ears with the help of clothes or felt papers and then paste them on the hairbands. They will definitely love this new and creative design.

# Bubble Ice Cream

Image Source / Tutorial: Hungry happenings

Bubble ice cream is something no one can resist. Kids love ice cream and it is a lot better when you add some twist to the ice cream you serve. This strawberry flavored ice cream is made into a craft of Pigface. The candies are used to make the eyes and the nose. You can use chocolate syrup for the smile.

# Beautiful Pig Craft

Image Source / Tutorial: Free Kids Crafts

If you still have leftover Christmas balls then you can cover them and use them to make this beautiful craft. They will look adorable with their round face. You can make a few pieces and use them to decorate your house too. You can ever hang these crafts from the walls and make them look like they are flying in the air.


# Tasty Pig Craft Recipes

Image Source / Tutorial: flavorcorner

Vegetables are healthy as they offer lots of vitamins and minerals to the body. We can make these pretty Pig shaped food recipes. This food has vegetables filled inside with outer buns. These baked to perfection buns are tasty as well as healthy. Your kids will surely love these pig buns. You can fill them meat and another filling too.

# Puffy pastry

Image Source / Tutorial: cafechocolada

Pastry puffs are both crusty and sweet. You can make these puffy pastries and interesting and beautiful by baking them in different shapes. These pig puffy pastry recipes are easy to follow and will make eating and merrymaking a beautiful thing for your kids. You can teach your kids the art of sharing through these pastries.

# Tasty Salad Decoration

Image Source / Tutorial: Parenting

Kids do get bored with their lunch boxes. We as parents must always try to make our kids’ lunch boxes pretty and interesting. You can try making different figures and shapes with the food you serve your kids in the lunch box. This is. A great idea to make a pig farm in the lunch box along with boiled veggies and salad cut in interesting shapes. You can make the eyes of the pig with sesame seeds. Always drizzle the salad with odor less dressings.

We hope you loved all these beautiful Pig craft ideas for kids. We hope your kids will fall in love with these crafts too. You can check out other related crafty ideas on K4 craft. We would love to hear from you. You can leave your feedback and opinion in the comments section given below. We would come up with better content for you. Until then keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft.

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