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There are too many parties happening around us in present world. Our new culture is to share the eve of anniversary, birthday, marriage receptions, festivals and other joyful moments in our life. Some people use this as an excuse for a get together with their family and friends. The same trend is being followed by our children. They are adapting the new era of partying and celebrating. DIY party hats for toddlers are one of the props which can be used in these parties for kids.

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Crafty cone party hats for kids

via: Birthday Hat

The cone hats are the most preferred ones in any fun event. From a joker to the birthday boy/girl, cone hats are loved by everyone. All you have to for this is take a cardboard circle and fold it into cone. These hats can be easily transformed into cartoon characters which will be loved by all the kindergarten kids.

Beautiful Butterfly DIY party hats

via: Butterfly Crown

One of the best and easiest idea for a party crown is to draw few butterflies on a piece of drawing paper. You can color them using crayons and according to your kids preferences. Then take any head sized circular piece of plastic and stick the butterflies on the circumference of it. The crown is ready and toddlers will love it for sure.

DIY butterfly party crown

via: Butterfly Headband

Just like the previous crown, draw a butterfly and color it with different clowns. Now in place of circular plastic, use ribbon or rubber band to give the support. This single piece with flexible size will be comfortable to wear and also beautify your kids face.

Beautiful Cone DIY party hat for toddlers

via: Clown Hat

This small sized clown hats made of paper will be a good to go with your child’s stuffed toys. These hats can be used with default clothes of the toys and can be easily customized as required. The fur on the top signifies the clown look and the curled ribbon on the sides represent the hair of the clown.

Froggy DIY party hat for toddlers

via: Craft Foam Crown

This is advanced diy party hat idea for toddlers and require some time. Draw the upper structure of the crown on a flat piece of foam. The foam must not be thick as it will hinder the round shape and also will be uncomfortable. Cut the foam and fold it in a circle which is the size of your kids head. Now you can decorate the crown with buttons, flowers, triangle shaped thrown and also cartoon characters. Don’t forget to leave some space below the design so that the foam doesn’t tear off.

Princess DIY party hat for toddlers

via: Frozen Princess Crown

To make your girl feel like a princes, you can use this diy party hats for toddlers idea. The most important thing after the design is the symmetry of the crown about central big stone. You can fold the foam into half and draw the half design on one side such that when you unfold it, the design is complete (mirror effect). The stones and white decoration at the bottom is to give the princess look to your daughter.

Clown DIY hat for kids

via: Jester’s Hat

This jester hat is fun to wear as well as to make. First of all use some felt or light foam to make the circular base of the hat. Attach long triangle on top of the circular region to complete the hat. Add colourful trinkets at the end of the long and slender triangles to make it look more beautiful.

Crown hat for parties for kids

via: Paper Crown

This paper crown craft is a great DIY hat. You need to encircle a paper piece cut in shape of a crown around a hairband. Now add flowers or other motifs to the basic structure. You can add sequins as well to this beautiful crown. This cute princess crown looks great.

Crown DIY hat for toddlers

via: Paper Plate Crown

This paper plate crown hat is relatively easy to make. You need a paper plate, paint it in any colour you want. Now cut triangles along the lining of the plate. Adorn the crown with buttons, sequins, etc. You can line it with hand drawn shapes or cut shapes from felt or foam.

Princess DIY party hats for toddlers to make birthday special

via: Princess Cone Hat

This princess cone party hat is a cherry on the top of the celebrations. You little princess would love this kind of a princess hat for herself. Roll a pink or pastel purple coloured sheet of paper into a cone. Adorn it with stickers and pink trimming. Add ribbons on the top. You can also add a net piece at the top.

Paint it yourself Crown hat for toddlers

via: Print and Color Crown

For a cartoon looking crown, which can be used in a fun party, use a white sheet of paper and color it with the help of crayons. In this Print and Color crown, precision doesn’t play a big role.

Embellished DIY crown for toddlers

via: Royal Paper Crown

You will find that almost all of these hats and crowns are symmetrical. To help you achieve this symmetry, you can fold the paper in half and draw only one side of the design. After cutting it, you will get a mirror image of what you draw. Decorate the crown with colored stones and glitter.

Wonder woman crown hat for toddlers

via: Superhero Crown or Tiara

This superhero crown is easy to craft and can be used in role plays. Take a golden sheet of paper and draw a curve which is pointy at the centre on one side and a straight line on the other end. Now join the other two end of the paper to form a circular shape which is exactly the size of your toddler’s head.

Wizard DIY hat for toddlers

via: Wizard’s Hat

To make this wizard’s hat, craft a cone just like in the previous hat. Take the same colored chart paper and cut out a circle for the base. Now stick the cone part and the base. Draw few stars and half moons. And then Cut the inner circle. Your kid’s wizard hat is ready!

Beautiful Sunhat for kids from paper plate for kids

via: DIY Paper Plate Crown

Do you have those too many paper hats in your house which you don’t know what to use for?take a paper plate which you feel will fit your toddler’s head. Draw a circle on it which is only 1 inch is smaller than the plate and craft a heart or a flower in the centre of that circle. Now, cut it out and remember to leave a part uncut at the bottom for support. You can fold the plate in half for uniformity.

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