DIY Herb Garden Ideas for Indoor & Outdoor Decor

Explore cheap and easy DIY herb garden ideas for home decoration. You will find loving ideas including indoor hanging herb garden, vertical pallet garden and window sill recycled herb garden perfectly in your budget.

There should be no excuse for not growing your herbs whether you have a small garden, a huge garden or no garden at all. Because they are very easy to maintain and there is nothing better than picking your very own fresh herbs right in your home. You have an option that you can build a big garden feature or a subtler indoor hanging garden or wall. An herb garden provides you delicious food and brighten up your home.

DIY Herb Garden Ideas for Home Decor

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Ikea Wall Herb Garden in Metal Pots

We all like herbs hanging in kitchen and dining Room IKEA pots, wood pallets, buckets. So get creative for a year-round, indoor fresh garden. Whether you live in a big city or someplace that gets cold 9 months out of the year no issue because, indoor herb gardens provide so many benefits. If you have no outdoor space and a small kitchen, hanging plants by a wall or window is a great way to add some greenery in your home. Grow your own herbs. Having fresh herbs at the table, at your home feels like you are treating yourself in a good way.

Window Sill Recycled Container Herb Garden for Indoor


image source/tutorial: The gracious wife

Most of the people are always looking to save money. And one thing that really bothers is food waste so, it really drives me nuts paying a big bunch for a little bunch of herbs, using only a tiny bit of it, and then just tossing the rest in the garbage (because it inevitably goes bad).

Getting creative, you can decide it might a good idea to make a small indoor window sill herb garden so that you could have fresh herbs all year long that wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

It is really easy, and will cost you almost nothing that you create your own indoor window sill herb garden. If you have a limited outdoor space then it’s important to you to utilize every bit of it. And don’t miss windows either. Grow an indoor herb garden on your kitchen window.

Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

image source/tutorial: The bird and her song

If space is premium and you still want to grow your favorite herbs, then try this hanging herb garden idea. The mini hanging herb garden can be hanged on many places like a wall or from the ceiling, it’s really up to you that where you want to hang it. And it takes some very accessible materials such as hardware cloth, wire, and fence.

Vertical Raised Pallet Garden

image source/tutorial: 99 pallet idea

Today you are going to learn that how to build a super simple, DIY vertical pallet garden by up cycling an old wooden pallet. This project can be used for a variety of plants and can be knocked out in less than an hour. Some people are hesitant to help lug back a pallet from local garden store who have offered to donate one. They doubt on commitment and follow thorough, totally unwarranted. However, this weekend you have to make one of these easy vertical pallet gardens, even if you have to piggy back the pallet home yourself and you will be stocking it full of beautiful, lush winter herbs and veg.

You can do a lot of research and this seems to be the easiest way to put one together by far, however if you have any tips you’d like to add please share in the comments below.

Old Jar Herb Garden for Modern Look of Apartment

image source/tutorial: Buzzfeed

If you have an empty pasta sauce jar then you can totally start your own personal indoor herb garden because it’s so easy. Throughout the summer, the planter boxes on your deck would be loaded with herbs. You can use to keep a wide variety because well, they’re easy to grow and don’t take up much space. Actually growing cilantro doesn’t make much sense, since you can’t stand the stuff, and one variety of mint is probably plenty. Dill, on the other hand, is an important part of summer pickling. You can use parsley in just about anything and no matter how much basil you grow, it won’t be enough. Rounded out with rosemary, chives and a few others, your deck rail herb garden has become a crucial part of your summer gardening. But what happens when summer turns to fall? We move the operation indoors.

Growing herbs indoors is an easy choice when using fresh herbs and are part of your kitchen routine. In past years, there has always been a bit of a scramble to find enough small containers to transplant the many herbs growing on the back porch. But that wasn’t a problem this year as we embrace the ease, style and convenience of mason jar gardening.

Old Wagon Wheel Repurpose Raised Herb Garden in Ground

Image Source/ Tutorial: &

If you will never look at a Wagon Wheel the same way then, plant it out with your favorite herbs and the results are absolve. You can get some serious love for this wagon wheel design herb garden. What an ingenious idea it is, right. The great news to you is you can purchase a Wagon Wheel. And another idea is to use the rim of a bike wheel. You can use your wagon wheel garden for succulents, herbs and even annuals whatever you want.

When you want to give a focal point, it would make a great feature for a courtyard too. If you want additional space between your plantings, simply pull out the spindles then, we can’t wait to make one ourselves.

Are you thinking that you love this idea but you don’t have a wagon wheel? Well, what about up cycling an old bike rim into one.

DIY Herb Garden Stacked for Yard & Patio

With this DIY stacked herb garden, spruce up your yard or patio for spring. It seems such a fun way to incorporate herbs while cooking at home. It is an easy project and great gift idea too. It is the best idea that you are growing your own herbs in this DIY stacked potted herb garden. Not only will it spruce up your outdoor space, but also it is a convenient and frugal way to incorporate your own homegrown herbs into cooking. Paint all your pots in the same color like for a more uniform look.

DIY Herb Wooden Box for Kitchen Window or Balcony

image source/tutorial: livesimply

If you have the space for a big garden then, you don’t always want to traipse outside to collect herbs when you’re in the middle of cooking and some else. Keep herbs nearby with this miniature kitchen garden box is the best idea. You can have fresh green herbs year-round by filling the box with your favorite herbs and keep it close at hand, on a balcony or windowsill, or keep it indoors. You know that, many of us are still cleaning up the Easter grass (boy, is that stuff crazy messy), but it’s time to start thinking about a new holiday like Mother’s Day etc. Mother’s Day means finding the perfect gift for your mother to say, “Mom, thank you for changing my diapers, counseling me through the teenage years, and being the very best friend an adult can ask for.”

Outside of your kitchen window sits a beautiful handmade garden box. Imagine, while performing your daily dish duty, you peeked out the window at your box for the umpteenth time, and suddenly an Aha moment struck, ” Mother’s Day” then it’s the perfect mix between practical and thoughtful. With a few upgrades from your initial idea, you can create two custom boxes for Mother’s Day. To make the boxes extra special, you can work with the kids to transplant herbs from your backyard garden and planted a couple of new seeds so your moms can instantly enjoy the benefits of using fresh herbs at home.

DIY Vertical Plant Stand for Small Spaces

image source/tutorial: angelamariemade

We think that, the possibilities are just about endless when it comes to a vertical garden. But you can plant fresh herbs, beautiful perennials, and hearty annual inside or outside in any one of these DIY ideas (of course, not only are upright plantings great for small spaces, they’re also wonderfully eye-catching) Multiply your container gardening space by growing plants vertically on a ladder and try one of these DIY Ladder Planter or Ladder Plant Stand Ideas available with plans.

Now you have 9 low-budget wonderful ideas for DIY Herb Garden like DIY Vertical plant stand, DIY Herb box, DIY Herb garden stacked, Old wagon wheel herb garden etc. which are very simple and less time consuming that you can use and feel happy.

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