100+ Easy Recycled Craft Ideas for Kids

Find easy to make recycled craft ideas for kids to learn importance of recycling. You can make these crafts on special day like Earth Day. Also, many of them can be your great school art and craft projects as well!

We always look at the junk we store at our homes and feel why cannot we use this in some constructive way. We bring to you some good ideas for a recycling project. You can make different kinds of school projects from recycled materials. This great recycled craft ideas for kids will surely make Earth a cleaner space to live and your home a beautiful place to live in.

100+ Recycled Craft Ideas For Kids

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Easy Recycled Popsicle Animal Crafts

Zoo Animal Stick Puppets

Kids love playing with animal toys. This helps them memorize the names with some fun. You can utilize used ice cream sticks for easy recycled crafts. Start with drawing a few animals on a hard paper and coloring it. Then, cut the borders of the drawing with no white gap. These hard paper drawing can be attached with the ice cream sticks to for a real looking appearance.

Good Idea For A Recycling Craft With Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon

Want to make your kids’ room as creative and artistic as possible? Just hang a hot air balloon in their room. No, obviously not a real one but made out of paper. Blow a balloon and with the help of used papers with glue, make a solid round structure on it. Later burst that balloon with a needle and paint the structure in shape of a Hot air balloon.

Great Recycling Project For Animal Lovers

African Savanna Diorama

Ever wondered what to do of that empty box in your house? Which is waiting to be used in the rest of its life? Craft an African Savanna Diorama on it with the help of hard used papers and give your art a fine brushstroke of paint.

Beautiful Bracelet With Recycled Paper

Ancient Egyptian Bracelet

How about some accessories made of recycled craft for adults as a change? Convert a hard piece of cardboard in a cylindrical shape of the same diameter as of your wrist. Attach toiled papers around the upper and lower circles with the help of adhesive. You can design your bracelet in the form of Ancient jewelry just like in the above image. Don’t forget to fill the gap on the curved surface.

Ice Boats For Kids

Ice Boats

The dirty dishes and the wasted paper plates! What if we tell you that you can use them to make Ice boats? Use plastic pipes in place of wooden sticks and the plates can be used as a boat. Don’t forget to add a triangular piece of paper to give it the real look.

Easy To Make Recycled Fish Crafts

Jar Lid Fishes

Who doesn’t love fishes? They spark a light in everyone’s heart. Don’t throw that empty Jars away. The lids of it can be used to craft beautiful fishes just like in the above image. You can draw the fins and tail with the help of cardboard and use watercolor for the eyes and the body to give the final finish.

Learn Geometric Shapes With This Activity

Many Shapes Picture

We are surrounded by various shapes of Geometry. Anything and everything, such as the stars in the sky to the sphere shaped molecules, can be simplified to these figures. The best method to make use of recycled waste is to cut them out in picture such as above.

Easy Marble Painting For Kids

Marble Painting

Modern art is so challenging to our minds that these paints, with the right idea as a base,  can be sold in millions. Just like the painting with just a white dot in the center. We focus on that dot which signifies that only one mistake is enough to destroy the tidyness of the whole sheet. Similarly, a marble painting can give one’s imagination power a push in a different direction.

Paper Cup Recycled Craft

Paper Cup Bat Basket

There are so many other wastes which can be used in recycled projects.  The empty cold drink cup in the house can be used to craft a bat. Draw the face on the cup and Color the rest of it with the black paint. You can cut out its wings from a black sheet of paper with high GSM.

Easy Recycled Paper Cup Bell

Paper Cup Bell

Bells work like a strawberry on the cake while decorating your house. The small-sized cups can be used for this if utilized with your artistic skills. Just watercolor the cups with golden and red. Remember to interchange the ribbon colors for better contrast.

Easter Recycled Material Crafts

Paper Cup Bunny Basket

Another way of using the waste cups is by crafting cute and funny bunnies with the help of cotton and hard wired thread. You can use other colors apart from pink and blue to color your adorable bunnies but keep the shade light.

Recycling To Make Musial Craft

Paper Cup Shakers

These fun and colorful paper cup shakers are a great recycled craft idea for this spring season. Your kids will love to create these beautiful paper cup shakers.

Rainbow Paper Cup Turkey

Paper Cup Turkey

These easy to make paper cup turkeys are a great craft to be made by your kids. They can easily make these crafts and enjoy playing with these beautiful turkeys later.

Ideas To Recycle Goods To Make Easter Crafts

Papier Mache Bunny

These Easter crafts are so cute. They can be easily made using paper mache. Paper mache is a great material to use as it can be easily moulded and guided to shape.

Easter Egg Recycled Craft Ideas

Papier Mache Easter Eggs

These paper make recycled craft of Easter eggs look beautiful after the painting and detailing on them. They are easy to make and can be designed in any way using different kinds of decorative material.

Paper Mache Cow Boy Hat For Kids

Paper Mache Hat

This is a cool recycle paper mache crafty cowboy hat. This can be easily made with little adult supervision. Your child can wear this cowboy hat once it is made and dried.

Easy To Make Pet Diorama

Pet Diorama

This recycled craft doll or pet home is very beautiful. Your kids can easily make it using old cardboard’s or boxes. The toys can peacefully live in this house ever after.

Science Projects By Recycling Materials

Polar Habitat Diorama

This easy to make recycled science project is a great idea. It showcases the polar habitat in its true essence. You can use cotton to show snow and the theme related aspects.

Pull Along Dragon Toy For Kids

Pull Along Dragon Toy

This is a very easy to make dragon toy. You can use old small boxes to make the body of the dragon. String the boxes through and through. Design the dragon’s face. Make a tail for the dragon and your dragon is ready for a walk after a dash of paint.

Rainforest Diorama

Rainforest Diorama

This beautiful rain forest scenic science project is a beautiful in every sense. It looks great and depicts the wildlife very well.

Recycled Material Christmas Crafts

Santa Sleigh

Christmas is an auspicious festival. We all look forward to it despite the age. You can help your kids make these recycled Christmas crafts to help reduce the Carbon footprint of the mankind. A little step goes a long way.

Easy Painting for Kids using Sponge

Sponge Painting

This beautiful recycled craft using old foam pieces is a great idea to engage your toddlers in beautiful art formations. You can later frame these beautiful art pieces and hang them in your home.

Stained Glass Jar to upcycle waste material

Stained Glass Jars

This glass stained vase looks very beautiful. Teenagers can easily make these vases. One can easily make these stained glass vases using glass liners and bright glass paints.

Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer

Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer

This is a very beautiful toilet paper roll Reindeer craft. This can be put up as a decoration for the Christmas. This will look really cute and good.

Box Bus & Truck for Kids

Box Bus and Truck

This beautiful yellow bus looks really cute and is a great playmate for kids. This box bus will help reduce the carbon footprint as well.

Learn to Make Cate from Box

Box Cat

This beautiful litter of cat can be made out of old boxes very easily. You can have a beautiful set of cats to play with by making such beautiful cats. You will also be able to reduce the carbon footprint this way. These cats look so beautiful that they purr in their glory.

Musical Instrument for Kids – Guitar

Box Guitar

This box recycled guitar makes for a great Craft idea for your kids. These box guitars can be easily made using old cardboard boxes. You can decorate your guitar in any way you like.

Box Living Room

Box Living Room

This is a beautiful showpiece living room decoration. This recycled craft is bright and is soothing to one’s eyes. This miniature living room decor craft can be easily made from the waste materials.

Recycle Craft Ideas For Kids

Box Sailboat

This bright recycled sailboat is beautiful and makes for a great playmate for your kids. Spring and summer are the best times to play with boats and crafts.

Zoo is here!

Box Zoo

This great box zoo science project can be easily made and looks very beautiful. This zoo science project can be put up for science carnivals or school fetes.

Recycling Craft Ideas For Easter

Bunny and Chick Stick Puppets

This is a great recycled craft idea for kids this Easter. These cute Easter crafts can be made easily from the

Tree Ornament For Christmas using Old CDs

CD Christmas Tree Ornament

This is a beautiful recycled craft idea for Christmas. You can collect some old CD and paint them as you like. You can add stickers, glitter, paints, etc. To beautify these CD. Finish it off with a top ribbon to hang these beautiful tree ornaments.

Good Recycling Ideas using Ice-cream Sticks

Christmas Stick Puppets

Christmas is a grand affair. You can help your children to draw, color and play with these Christmas stick puppets. They can be easily made with waste paper and ice cream Popsicle sticks.

Good Recycling Projects For Adults

Circus Diorama and Puppet Theater

Circus scenes and various kinds of puppets can be made to realize a real circus stage. You can use this stage to tell your stories. You can even showcase a circus day.

Puppet Figure Recycle Crafts

Community Helper Stick Puppets

It is better to teach your kids, students about society helpers and their specific roles in the society. You can easily teach them using these community helper stick puppets. This is a great recycled craft idea.

Recycle Craft Projects For Science – Coral Reef Diorama

Coral Reef Diorama

Recycled material can be used to make a marine life science project. You can easily realize these beautiful marine creatures using old and waste materials.

Dinosaur Diorama

Dinosaur Diorama

Dinosaurs lived long before we inhabited this Earth. Making a dinosaur inspired scene is a  great way to recycle waste. You can make beautiful dinosaurs and show them in the pristine and green form of Earth.

Recycle Craft – Family Stick Puppets

Family Stick Puppets

This family stick puppet crafts are a great addition to your child’s toys or role play games. These stick puppets can be easily made with ice cream Popsicle and colored paper.

Good Recycling Project – Festive Maracas

Festive Maracas

This play dough box crafts are a great creative streak. These can be made easily and can be filled with marbles or bells to make them sound well.

Fishing for Letter Game for Kids

Fishing for Letters

This is a great fun activity for kids. First they can make this craft game from recycled materials and then they can play with their self made game. This is a really fun fishing game for casual outings and birthday parties or even sleepovers.

Easy To Make Recycle Project For Kids

Garden Diorama

This is a very beautiful creative recycled craft. It is a spectacular show of bright colors and a spring scenery. You can realize this beautiful scenery using your paper folding, cutting skills.

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We hope you liked this well curated list of recycled crafts. We hope you will be amused while realizing these good recycled projects. You can make these projects as a tribute to mother Earth and save on your carbon footprint. Do give us your valuable feedback in the comments section below. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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