25+ DIY Diwali Project Ideas For Children

Diwali is a holiday for everyone but children get extra homework like Diwali Project to be presented in the class. To help out children we present 25 simple and creative Diwali project ideas for kids like cards and charts.

Diwali is celebrated across the world by millions of people. No level of preparation is enough to match the excitement Diwali brings with it. From new clothes to sweets, from decorations to pooja, from exchanging gifts to lighting firecrackers; the list goes far and beyond. Talking about decorations, young minds start spinning as soon as they come across the hefty festive vibes. Let them indulge in what we call childhood extravaganza by suggesting some exclusively collected ideas for them to spend their brains on.

The few featured Diwali Crafts will help your child learn about the holiday and will be perfect for home or for Diwali crafts for school. Use Diwali project crafts as multicultural craft ideas by teaching children about different cultures. This year celebrates the festival of lights Diwali by getting them involved in a few easy Diwali crafts for kids. We are sharing ideas with you.

25 Fun and Creative Diwali Projects For Kids & Schools

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Paper Diyas

Image source/Tutorial: Chandasmita Goswami

Materials Required:

  1. Different colored papers
  2. Sketch pens
  3. Beads of all sizes and colors you can find
  4. 3D outliners


  • Cut the shape of a diya from different colors of sheets.
  • Start drawing different designs on them using vibrant and contrasting colors, for instance red on yellow, blue on yellow, purple on pink, golden on maroon etc.
  • Give the finishing touch using 3D outliners.
  • Don’t forget to add beads in a row at different places before you brush your hands off.
  • Take support of vertical surfaces to stand them straight. Here you are done with one item!

Goddess’s Steps

Image source/Tutorial: Youtube

Materials Required:

  1. A pure white sheet of paper
  2. Red, yellow paint
  3. Paintbrush


  • The symbol of goddess Lakshmi’s stems is of the great significance of prosperity in households. Since drawing actual feet may be a difficult task, we can try a handy shortcut.
  • Paint red color on the sides of your palm. Make sure it is wet enough.
  • Add a few yellow shades to it. Now close your palm into a fist and stamp it stably on the paper.
  • Do the similar with another palm as well. Place this sheet at the entrance of your home.

Paper Leaf Garlands

Image source/Tutorial: Chandasmita Goswami

Materials Required

  1. A4 sized sheets of 4-5 colors
  2. Scissors
  3. A thick thread or thin jute rope


  • Mango leaves are integral parts of Diwali decorations. “Bandhandwars” as they are called, leaves are tied to ropes and hung on all doors and gates of the house.
  • Cut the shape of a leaf (not very small) from various sheets of paper.
  • Align them randomly beside each other.
  • Now punch two holes at the top of each leaf and pass through the thread.
  • Knot the ends to the top corners of the doors. You can also stich them using cello tapes on the wall.

Lighten up Your Friendship with this Perfect Gift

Image source/Tutorial:

Materials Required:

  1. A hardboard
  2. Handmade sheets
  3. Doodle cutouts of cupcakes, flowers, balloons, etc


  • Make sure the board is smooth, if not then get rid of slivers by rubbing sandpaper on it.
  • Stick a handmade sheet of your choice in the center.
  • Paste cutouts of the doodles you have collected, for example, racquets, funny captions, designs, tennis balls, etc.
  • Hang a few balloon-shaped cutouts from the board.
  • You have just prepared a present for your younger siblings and friends of even elders!

Paper Rangolis

Image source/Tutorial: Chandasmita Goswami

Materials Required:

  1. Colored papers
  2. Paper molds
  3. Mirror beads etc.


  • Cut a light-colored sheet in a circle. Let it be large enough
  • . Cut the shape of a heart from two different colors, leaf shape from two other colors, stars from another color, and small circular shapes of two colors.
  • Keeping symmetry in mind, start from the center. Paste the circular portions at the dot center.
  • Paste alternate heart shapes around the circle. Move outwards and paste leaves at distances.
  • Fill them up with stars. Stick mirrors on the circle to enhance the beauty.

Diwali Card

Image source/Tutorial: Soni Dhami

Materials Required:

  1. Sponge sheets
  2. Glitter powder
  3. White pen
  4. Colored sheets
  5. Kundans


  • Cut the shape of Diya from a sponge sheet. Cut two others in a similar fashion.
  • Decorate them using glitter powders and kundans.
  • Now take two of them and cut them in half. Write ‘happy Diwali’ on two colored strips of paper and use it to connect the two halves of the two days.
  • Stick cardboard behind the strips so as to give the required shape to them.

Paper Diya Lamps Garland

Image source/Tutorial: puttisworld

Materials Required:

  1. A4 sized sheets
  2. Colors
  3. Sketch pens
  4. Glitter pens


  • Why just decorate the interiors? Create a visual treat for the visitors too.
  • Make circular cardboard or use a circular metallic frame to make the base.
  • On it paste some neatly drawn Diyas cut out of A4-sized sheets and decorated with colorful sketch pens and glitter pens.

Paper 3D Diya

Image source/Tutorial: The Crafty Angels

Materials Required

  1. Colored sheets
  2. Golden thick paper


  • Our houses will be lit up for the fortnight with earthen Diyas. But decoration liberty paves way for paper pots, colorful in nature.
  • Make a Chinese fan(alternate plating) out of various colored sheets.
  • Once the creases are firm, join the two ends of the plated sheet.
  • Paste a base to give firmness to the Diya, also so that it acquires a hemispherical shape.
  • Cut shapes of flame from the golden sheet and insert them in the middle of the plates. Your paper Diyas are ready to be donned in your drawing room!
Image source/Tutorial: Chandasmita Goswami

Diwali Special Card to Gift

Image Source: Mindful Meanderings
  • Every diwali brings out new experience and memory which should be cherished throughout the life. To gift the very special one, do it with your own idea and spend your time.
  • To do this much, many items are not needed. Different color papers and different shaped paper is required. Star stickers are needed to give more attraction to card.
  • Light is the main feature of diwali. Try to bring them in cards. New designs can be added to it, as per your wish.

Teach Your Kids about Diwali with Collage

Image Source: A spoon full of ideas

Materials Required:

  1. Cutouts of Diwali themed items like series of lights, diyas, crackers etc.
  2. A3 sized white paper
  3. Sketch pens
  4. Beads and sequins


We can make a more informative and text-based diwali card the following way:

  • Take the A3 sized sheet and give a heading on the top: “CELEBRATING DIWALI”. Don’t forget to highlight it with some vibrant color.
  • Stick randomly the pictures you have collected.
  • Liven it up by adding sequins and beads here and there. Leave the center space blank for writing.
  • Collect different names of Diwali and write them there, for example: Deepavali, Deepabali, the festival of lights etc.
  • Add a range of colors to the text and there you go with the second handmade card!

Simple Diwali Paper Card in Sacred Yellow

Image source/Tutorial: Made by Lakshmi

Materials Required:

  1. An A4 sized sheet
  2. Black and other color sketch pens
  3. Scissors


  • Fold the sheet in half. Now draw the shape of anything like a diya, a round fire cracker etc.
  • Cut it out such that you get two joined shapes of the same.
  • Draw little shapes of fire crackers- a ‘chakri’, an ‘anar’, a rocket etc.
  • Now write a short note of message in your regional language to make it more personal and touching for the person you are presenting it to.

Diwali Card Idea to Wish Your Family Members

Image Source: whatscookingmom.in

Materials Required:

  1. A handmade sheet of two colors
  2. Plain A4 sized sheet
  3. Sketch pens
  4. 3D outliner (golden)


  • Cut the handmade sheet a size slightly bigger than the A4 size, we won’t require the full sheet.
  • Now paste the plain paper on it, since the uneven surface of the handmade part will make things difficult.
  • Cut out the shape of a fire pot from another color handmade sheet.
  • Draw glimmers and flickers from the 3D outliner tube.
  • Write “HAPPY DIWALI” on the top and bottom of the sheet.

The Pooja Plate

Image source/Tutorial: Deeksha Jadon

Materials Required

  1. Thermocol piece
  2. Sheets of different colored papers
  3. Newspaper
  4. An old diya


  • Cut the thermocol piece in circular shape, the size of a small plate.
  • Make a paste of glue and water and dip bits of newspaper on it. Cover it completely.
  • Cover the diya in the same manner. This will ease up painting the surfaces, since earthen pots absorb water based paint and the color becomes dull.
  • Let the paste dry up and harden. Now paint the surfaces of the plate. Paint the diya as well.
  • Decorate them using paper cutouts and sequins. Place the diya on the plate and your crafty pooja plate is ready.

Diwali Flash Cards

Image Source: mummadiaries.com
  • The Diwali is a festival with joyful celebration and many of its symbols — candles and lights, rangoli, flowers and fireworks — make ideal subjects for exploration with your children through crafts.
  • Really, children will enjoy creating pretty drawing pin diwali cards- it is very satisfying to push the pins in, and even the youngest children can produce a fantastic effect.
  • Besides, requiring the materialistic items, it needs creativity also. Another one easiest way for diwali craft idea is making a card.
  • Design the top and bottom boundaries are of anything which sparkle and use bright sketch pens for the message.
  • Try to use some buttons to represent the crackers.

Deepawali Special Fun Activities

Image Source: A spoon full of ideas
  • The Diwali festival is one of the best times of the year, everyone in the household is filled with joy and enthusiasm. Adults and children, all excited about this fun-filled extravaganza.
  • You can spice up the celebrations by adding fun-filled team activities or making different Diwali cards to decorate our homes with them. These things add more color and joy to the festival.
  • As everyone nearby, has started going green Diwali and avoiding crackers as much as possible, you can use these Easy Diwali cards ideas to involve everyone in your house.

Colorful Diwali Craft for Kids – Cup Diya

Materials Required:

  1. Thermocol cup
  2. Colors
  3. Golden piece of paper
  4. Sketch pens


  • Take the thermocol cup and paint it with your favorite color.
  • Fill it up with more colors and sequins and beads. Write “HAPPY DIWALI” on the surface using a marker.
  • Cut the shape of a flame from the golden piece of paper and stick it from the inside of the cup.
  • Install these cups in different corners of your home.

Paper Lanterns for Diwali

Image source/Tutorial:

Material Required:

  • White sheet of thin paper


  • Take a normal-sized paper. Now cut vertical stripes of equal dimensions out of it.
  • Take another thin white paper. Now paste one end of all the stripes to two adjacent edges of the paper.
  • Now alternately start placing one over the other, taking one stripe of each side at a time.
  • Weave them until all of them are used. Now fold the prepared part inwards to give it a cuboidal shape. Leave the upper portion open.
  • Put inside it an electric light or candle. You can hang these lightweight lanterns easily on your ceilings in the dark.

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Diwali Lanterns (Tutorial)

Materials Required:

  1. A vibrant colored A4 sized sheet
  2. Glue
  3. Scissors


  • Draw outline at opposite sides of the A4-sized sheet, such that the boundary is at least 3cm thick.
  • Now start cutting horizontally from one boundary to the other.
  • Fold the sheet in half vertically, form a crease and open it back.
  • Now join the extreme ends of the cut stripes such that it forms a cylindrical shape. Paste them overlapping each other.
  • Now hold the upper and lower ends of the cylinder and gently push them inwards such that all the stripes bend outwards.
  • Paste a normal cylindrical shape of white color inside it to create a translucent effect.
  • Install some electric lights inside and switch them on. These lanterns are hangable too.

Foldable 3d Card

Image Source: Dr. Sonia S V

Materials Required:

  1. A3 sized paper
  2. A4 sized papers for smaller cutouts
  3. Diya cutouts
  4. Glitter sponge sheet for boundaries


  • Fold the A3 sheet in half. Open it now and start decorating.
  • Cut a long rectangular piece from the smaller paper and two other identical pieces of the same width but shorter length.
  • Now make creases in all the three pieces. Paste cutouts of diyas on each of the two sides of the rectangular pieces.
  • Now paste their opposite ends to the two flaps of the big sheet. Try closing it. Make sure all the other pieces close with the bigger flap.
  • Cut thin strips from the glitter foam sheet to increase your card’s brilliance. This is how we make a 3D foldable card:).

How To Make Colored Sand

Image source/Tutorial: kidscraftroom

Materials Required:

  1. Sand
  2. Roses(try using detached ones, don’t pluck new ones)
  3. “goldmohur” flowers(orange in color)
  4. Beetroot
  5. Henna/mehendi powder
  6. Blue hibiscus flowers or rice flour


The pandemic may not allow us to gather all the Diwali items in one go. How about coloring our sand in different colors to get various pocket-friendly colors?

  • Dry all the flowers you have gathered and boil them in water (separately).
  • Boil the beetroot pieces in water to saturation and mix henna powder in another water container. Let them all cool down.
  • Now pour a handful of sand into each solution you prepared. Let them stay overnight. The next day dry the sand up in the sun. You’ll get red rangoli from beetroot, blue from hibiscus/rice flour, pink from rose, green from henna, and orange from Gulmohar flowers.

Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Materials Required:

  1. Colored sand
  2. chalk for rough sketching
  3. flower petals of roses, marigold etc. with some dry leaves powder

Here are some very easy rangoli ideas for all age groups. Have a look:

1. Kids’ Favorite Tweety Rangoli

Image source/Tutorial: Harshita Jadwani

Find out an easy picture of a tweety cartoon and draw it on the surface. Fill rangoli colors accordingly. Outline with the black color. You can fill in some background colors as well.

2. Flowery Rangoli

Image source/Tutorial: firstcry

Collect marigold, rose, and dried leaves. Leave them to dry and harden. Now crush them up to tiny parts. Design something of your choice, for instance, a diya, and fill it up with these powders.

3. Peppa Pig In Muddy Puddle Rangoli

Image source/Tutorial: Arti Kane

Draw the image of this little creature on the floor. Fill colors of pink, magenta, maroon, and yellow finely to complete your rangoli.

4. All-Time Best Minni Mouse Rangoli

Image source/Tutorial: Dolly Shah Kapadia

Who doesn’t know Minni Mouse? Imitate an easy image of Minni mouse and fill in with red, black, yellow, and white rangoli colors. Outline with black rangoli.

Designer Diyas

Image source/Tutorial: Chandasmita Goswami

Materials Required

  • Acrylic paint
  • Diyas
  • Paint brush


  • Wash and clean all the diyas.
  • Dry them in the sun for a couple of hours.
  • Paint them with different acrylic colors and then use a zero-size brush to draw designs on them.

Try to spread the festive spirit among your friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, and loved ones with these easy DIY cards. The most colorful aspect of Diwali is the bright and intricate Rangoli drawn in the front of homes!

Your child may or may not be old enough to help out with the real Rangoli, he can spend some quiet time coloring a Rangoli design on paper!

We hope you had fun knowing the ideas of simple yet elegant styles of Diwali preparations. Wish you and your family a very happy, prosperous, and joyous Diwali, and may you overcome all your fears and defeat every evil hindering your way to happiness!

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