DIY: Quilling Mobile Holder & Stands Ideas

Quilling is the art enables us to expand our imagination and create using tiny strips of paper by scrolling, coiling and arranging them into diverse designs. In this article, we will see some wonderful designs to make Mobile stands and holder. They are not only useful but also adds to beauty of our room.

We all love our mobile phones maybe a bit too much. We care for them a lot and cannot even bear a little scratch on our pristine mobile phones. We the millennials of 21st century are quite much obsessed with our gadgets and their upkeep. We always want our gadgets to be safe and sound without any risks. We wish for a phone cover or mechanism which can safeguard our phone from every evil move. In the quest of the perfect mobile Holder we surfed through millions of designs in our heads. At last we could think of and realise some of the beautiful mobile holder designs. You can look for these beautiful designs. Most of the designs are easy to make but take a lot of time to get realised. So have patience and dive into the world of beautiful mobile holder designs.

Beautiful & Easy Quilling Mobile Holder Designs

Beautiful Quilling Mobile Holder

This is a beautiful floral design. The beautiful holder comes with flowers made using Quilling strips. To make this Quilling strips mobile holder, you will need colorful Quilling strips, white Quilling strips, Quilling needle, Quilling comb, etc. You will also need a hot glue gun to join the different pieces together. You must take some insight knowledge of Quilling techniques to understand this Quilling Mobile Holder Design. Always keep in mind the dimensions of your mobile phone before finalising the height and width of your mobile holder. You can decorate your mobile holder using beads and sequins. They will look pretty. The holder will stabilise your phone in the landscape mode. Enjoy the hassle free experience.

# Chair Style Quilling Mobile Holder for you

This is a beautiful chair style mobile holder design. When you set your phone in the holder it looks like the phone is resting in an arm chair. The phone will look bossy enough and the holder keeps you hassle free as the phone rests in peace. To make this beautiful and colorful mobile holder, you will need bright colored Quilling strips, a Quilling needle, hot glue gun. The hot glue gun will be used to seal the tightly coiled Quilling strips together to form a sturdy base for the mobile holder. You can form patterns with the different colored tight coils. You can add glitter or rhinestones to this chair style mobile holder to add more beauty to it. The phone holder will keep your phone in the portrait mode.

# Beautiful Quilling Mobile Holder

This floral phone holder looks pretty. The phone holder is oriented in landscape orientation. The base is made sturdy with a solid layer of tight coils. To make this beautiful phone holder you will need some colorful Quilling strips, Quilling needle and hot glue gun. Always keep in mind the exact dimensions of your mobile phone. Also add green leaves in between the floor collage to add more definition to the craft. You can also add some rhinestones at the top of the central bulb of the flowers to provide another layer.

# Frame style Quilling Mobile Holder

We all love to frame our pictures. The frame in frame is a new rage in photography. This beautiful phone holder makes it even more evident. The frame style phone holder looks pretty. The base of the frame style phone holder is made sturdy with tightly coiled strips. To make this beautiful phone holder you will need colorful Quilling strips, Quilling needle and hot glue gun. You can make different colored and designer flowers to stick on the frame beam. It will look pretty. The base of the frame has grass style Quilling design. The frame will keep your phone stable in the landscape mode. Enjoy your hassle free movies and videos.

We hope you liked all these pretty Quilling Mobile Holder Designs. We hope that your phones phones remain safe and sound. These holders will keep your phones safe and give you a beautiful vibe. You can check out other such useful articles on K4 Craft. You can leave your feedback in the comments section given below. We will come up with better and more useful content for you soon. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft.

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