DIY : Christmas Special Cookie Can Making Tutorial

It’s the time to be jolly and to make some delicious homemade Christmas sweets and cookies, but this Christmas let’s try something new. Instead of buying cookie jars or using a plain old container let’s make cookie cans by decorating some old left over potato chips can. It is cheap and easy to make, plus it is better to DIY then to buy one. These are also nice to showcase it on the dining table during this jolly season. Let’s get started with this tutorial.

Things you’ll need:

  • Pringles Can/any potato chips can
  • Scrapbook paper/wrapping paper
  • Glue/ Double sided tape (preferably fevicol)
  • Ribbons and other embellishments
  • Cookies and Sweets


  • Start by emptying your Pringles can and cleaning it with a cloth or tissue.

  • Take your paper and cut it depending on how you want to wrap it (using two papers or just one).

  • Then wrap the paper around the can and tape/ glue it in place.

  • Now wrap the second piece of paper around the can and glue it.

  • You can add some ribbons to it or some other décor if you prefer.

  • Now just put some cookies or sweets into it and there you go, your own cookie can.

This is great especially to take to yours friends or neighbors house during the holiday season. It will surely be a cute surprise to your friends once they open it up. You can try and make many different styles out of these and add whatever sweets you want in it. Enjoy! Happy Holidays *-*

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