Creative DIY Squirrel Craft Ideas For Kids

DIY Squirrel Craft ideas for kids – toddlers & Preschoolers! Parents can spend quality time with kids by making this beautiful animal in this fall season.

Squirrels are really sweet animals. They are really swift in their movement. It is really hard to touch a squirrel as it moves really fast. All the kids are fascinated by squirrels. Their bushy tails are a large source of curiosity. Often we have seen that kids love to play chasing the birds and the squirrels in the garden. It becomes a fascination of the kids to watch and play with these little creatures named squirrels. We have come up with some different kinds of squirrel games. We have collected some squirrel crafts which the kids can make and feel connected to these little creatures.

DIY Squirrel Craft Ideas For Kids

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1. Toilet Paper Roll Squirrel Craft

Image source / Tutorial: familie

This is an easy to make toilet paper roll squirrel craft. Take a toilet paper roll and apply a light layer of glue on it. Now roll the cylinder in sand. Let the sand stick on it. Shake off the excess sand from the surface of the toilet paper roll. Now cut out the shape of the head, ears, arms and feet from a dark brown colored sheet. Take a pine cone and clean it thoroughly. Now stick it at the back of the squirrel body as the bushy tail of the squirrel. Take some acorn. Fix one acorn in the arms of the squirrel. Take one acorn and fix it in the place of the mouth on the brown sheet. Cut out two squares from a white sheet. Stick two black circles in the middle of these squares. Now stick the squares as eyes for the sweet squirrel.

2. Origami Stand up Squirrel Craft

Image Source/ Tutorial: Origami Time

Origami is a great technique to make different animals. You can also make a sweet squirrel using the origami techniques. Use orange or brown based colored sheets for making a squirrel. You can learn squirrel making origami techniques online. Also add two dots, one on each side of the head to make the eyes of the squirrels.

3. Squirrel Craft for Thanksgiving

Image source / Tutorial: family.disney

These box folded squirrels are really fun to make. These squirrels look like humans. These are nice for toddlers to realize what a squirrel looks like. You can get these templates in 2D very easily in the market. Once you have bought a template, cut along the mentioned lines. Now start folding slowly along the mentioned edges and curves. As you keep on folding on the lines, the squirrels starts to take shape. Now use a glue stick wherever necessary to complete the squirrel craft.

4. Making A Free Pattern Flying Squirrel

Image source / Tutorial: whileshenaps

This is a really sweet soft toy to make. This free hand squirrel craft is made from felt cloth. First of all choose a suitable felt cloth color. Now mark two similar quirky polygons with curved edges. Extend the top corners. Now cut bot the shapes and sew the together. To make the face of the squirrel, cut out two oval shapes from the same felt cloth. Sew it three-fourths. Now fill it with poly-fill and sew the complete head. Now add the features of the squirrel. Also add two tiny brown ears to the squirrel. Stick the head onto the body of the squirrel. At the corners of the body add hands and feet cut from a brown felt cloth. For the tail of the squirrel, cut out two similar shapes from felt cloth. Now fill it with poly-fill and attach it to the back of the body of the squirrel.

5. Making A Squirrel Using A Hand Glove

Image source / Tutorial: cashmerette

If you have a spare brown colored hand glove, it is a perfect fit to make a squirrel. First of all lay the hand glove straight. Mark along the given lines on the hand glove. Cut along the given lines. Take the body portion. Sew along the fingers region. Now fill it with poly-fill. Sew at the base as well. Fill up the thumb and sew at the base and do the similar with the portions cut from the ring finger and the little finger. Now cut the region kept for the head, fill it with poly-fill and sew at the base. Add two ears to the head cut from the index and middle finger of the glove. Now sew all the regions together in the right places. Fill the portion of the thumb. Make a design using the white and black thread. Now attach the bushy tail to the back of the squirrel body. Make the features of the squirrel using colored thread. Your squirrel is ready to hop.

6. Squirrel Using Leaf Painting

Image source / Tutorial: leapfrog

Leaf patterns look really pretty. This is a beautiful squirrel craft made with fresh leaves. Start by making a tree drawing on a hard stock sheet of paper. Now draw the basic frame of the squirrel on one of the branches of the tree. Use a large sized leaf to make the body of the squirrel. Stick a small sized leaf as the head of the squirrel. Now take further smaller leaves and stick them for the ears, feet and hands of the squirrel. Take a large sized leaf and stick at the back of the squirrel as the bushy tail of the squirrel. Stick a googly eye on the side to complete the squirrel craft. You can also add some fresh leaves to the branches of the tree.

7. 3D Squirrel DIY

Image source / Tutorial: ing-things

This is a very easy to make 3D squirrel craft. You can either get a template for this beautiful squirrel craft from the shop or make this at home. Take a hard stock sheet. Now draw a squirrel drawing on the sheet. Replicate this shape again and cut two such squirrel shapes. Now stick these two shapes at the inner edge and make a V shape. Join the bushy tails of the two squirrel together. The V shaped opening helps the squirrel to stand. You can also make some colorful acorns for this 3D squirrel.

8. A Squirrel with Acorn Using A Pipe Cleaner

Image source / Tutorial: allfreekidscrafts

This is a very easy to make squirrel craft using pipe cleaners. You will require some brown colored pipe cleaners for this squirrel craft. We will be using a large brushed pipe cleaner for the tail of the squirrel attach the large brushed pipe cleaner with a small brushed pipe cleaner. Twist the smaller brush pipe cleaner at the other end. Take one more piece of small brush pipe cleaner. Now coil it into a small coil for the head pf the squirrel. Cut out small pieces of pipe cleaner for the feet and arms of the squirrel. Also cut and join two small pieces of pipe cleaner to make the ears of the squirrel. Take two small black beads and stick them as the eyes of the squirrel. Now rest the squirrel on a acorn. With this your pipe cleaner squirrel craft is complete.

9. Colorful And Bright Squirrel Crafts

Image source / Tutorial: parents

These beautiful squirrel crafts are really easy to make. You can use these squirrel crafts as pillows as well. Start by making a drawing of the squirrels on the cloth. Leave a margin of two cm from the outer edge and cut along this outer margin. Make two such squirrels from the cloth. Now start sewing the two squirrel pieces together from one edge. Fill in the cavity with poly-fill when three-fourths has been stitched. Now completely stitch the squirrel end to end. Take two black buttons and sew them with a needle in place of the eyes. Also add a bright nose and black whiskers with needle and thread to this squirrel craft. Your squirrels are ready to adorn your homes.

10. Making A Squirrel Craft In A Paper Plate

Image source / Tutorial: thejoysharing

Let us make a squirrel having nuts in a paper plate craft. First of all take a paper plate. Cut out a tree, its runk and branches from a black colored paper. Stick the tree inside the paper plate. Cut out small sized leaves from colorful paper and stick them along the branches of the tree. Make the details of the leaves using a black sharpie pen. You can also add nuts and acorn to the branches to further beautify it. Now make a squirrel on a sheet of paper. Color the squirrel and draw all the details on it. Now cut the squirrel out and paste it on the plate. Give an acorn in the hands of the squirrel for added beauty to the craft.

11. Easy To Make Squirrel Craft

Image source / Tutorial: buggyandbuddy

We all know that squirrels live on tree and love to eat nuts. Let us make a craft depicting exactly this. First of all take a hard stock sheet and make a rectangle in the middle of it. Leave a circle in the middle. Paint the rectangle like a bark of the tree leaving the circular region. Now let us make a squirrel. Cut an egg shape from a light brown colored paper. Add two small ears to the head. Add two circular black eyes. Make a small oval brown nose. Add thin strips of black on either side of the nose to make the whiskers of the squirrel. Stick the head in the circular portion. Add the shells of peanuts at the base of the tree bark to complete this squirrel craft.

12. Making A Squirrel Out Of Leaves

Image source / Tutorial: kokokokids

Leaf art is a true beauty when done right. Collect some fresh leaves and let them dry. To dry them straight and even, keep them inside the folds of heavy notebooks. This evenly presses the leaves and keeps the chlorophyll of the leaves intact. Once the leaves have dried, now make a stencil for the squirrel on a sheet of paper. Start the craft by sticking the largest leaf for the stomach of the squirrel. Add a smaller leaf for the mouth. Now add a long leaf for the tail of the squirrel. Add smaller leaves for the ears and the nose of the squirrel. Make the hands and feet of the squirrel with some really tiny pieces of leaves. Add two eyes to complete the leafy craft

13. Making A Squirrel Using A Paper Plate

Image source / Tutorial: celebbabylaundry

This paper plate squirrel craft is a perfect activity for the kids. Start with a full size paper plate. Cut it in an oval, flattening at the top and the bottom. Make a division in the middle of the plate. Color the top in dark brown shade and the lower portion in a skin color. The kids can use any medium to color the squirrel. Cut out two little ears from a sheet of paper and color them in dark brown color. Stick the ears at the top. Make two round eyes for the squirrel. Add a hit pink triangular nose and an oval shaped mouth made from a white sheet of paper. This squirrel is easy to make and looks pretty.

14. Making A 3D Squirrel With Old Newspapers

Image source / Tutorial: monstamoons

To make this 3D squirrel craft, start with a template to make a squirrel. Print out the template of the mouth, arms, legs, acorn, tail, etc. Cut out all the body parts from the colored sheet. Take a newspaper sheet and roll it into a pipe. Now flatten these rolls. Make a coil with these newspaper rolls. Make another such coil for the body of the squirrel. Now stick these two coils together sideways. Make the coils stand length-wise. Now stick all the previously cut templates to the coils in the front. Your sweet newspaper squirrel is ready to play with.

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