Unique Crochet Heart Patterns – How to Crochet Heart

Find easy to make crochet heart patterns and tutorials to give romantic look to your blankets, dresses, hats, Mattress etc. Let’s have a look!

We have had various traditional cloth making techniques. Such as weaving, knitting, etc. Crochet is also one of the old cloth making methods. Crochet is also a great pastime. It is a great skill to develop and one can always make some useful things using crochet. You can create some cool stuff using crochet techniques. Useful things like table mats, hats, handkerchiefs, etc. can also be made using crochet techniques. Let us look at some of the cool things you can make using crochet techniques at home.

Beautiful Crochet Heart Patterns (Tutorials)

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1. Crochet Heart Patterns Made In Contrasting Colors

This is a beautiful crochet pattern. This heart crochet pattern is beautiful as well as easy to make. You have to choose two colors to make a combination with. Now make a crochet chain with the base color wool. Crochet another layer on top of it. Crochet one more layer. Now add another color to the thread being used. Use the edges of the base layer to form and upward triangle. Leave a knot and build another triangle converging with the previous triangle. This makes your heart. Now leave 8 knots space and make another heart. Continue this process until you reach the other end of the layer. Use the first color to fill in the places left in between. Once you have reached an even layer, start crocheting more hearts on the new layer. Fill in the layer with the first color. Once you are happy with the size of the crochet piece, knot the ends to secure the thread in place.

2. Crochet Heart Patterns For Headgear

Image source / Tutorial: Crochet Heart Hat

This is a creative heart shaped crochet headgear pattern. This beautiful cap is made using crochet techniques. It will surely provide your kids with warmth. Start with the base of the cap. Keep on building the layers of the cap. After you have reached some height, start building the heart shaped patterns looped into each other. This can be easily done by dropping the crochet knots and pocking up new knots. You need to have a good analytical mind to understand this pattern. It is not too tough but requires understanding of how crocheting works. Complete the cap at the top by sealing all the knots together. You may also add a button or a crochet flower to the side of the cap to add more beauty to it.

3. Crochet Patterns for Beginners (Step by Step Tutorial)

Image source / Tutorial: Pretty Darn Adorable Crochet Tutorials

This is a great idea to create patchworks for your sweaters and other clothing items. Start with the base layer of the heart. Crochet the base V-line of the heart. Keep on crocheting the heart layer by layer. Once you have reached the longest line of the heart start dropping knots slowly and with care to give the crochet heart a good finish at the edges. Seal the crochet heart with a knot. Cut off the left over thread. Now you may use this adorable crochet heart as a patch for different clothing items.

4. Beautiful Heart Crochet Patterns Bed Sheet

Image source / Tutorial: The Hat and I

This is a beautiful crochet patterns bed sheet. You can make this bed sheet by using different techniques and designs. Try to keep the bed sheet as symmetrical as possible to enhance its beauty. Start with the outer edges of the bed sheet. Moving inwards layer by layer, you will soon have substantial amount of crochet bed sheet. Add different crochet patterns and designs to make the bed sheet look more beautiful. You may use different colors and knot styles to enhance the aesthetics of the bed sheet. You will surely enjoy this cozy bed sheet. If you wnat, you may even crochet matching pillow covers with the bed sheet.

5. Beautiful Heart Crochet Pattern Patchwork On Sweater

Image source / Tutorial: Made with a Twist

Winters are all about beautiful sweaters and cardigans. Let us revamp one of our favorite sweaters with crochet to make it look more beautiful. We will be making patterns on the sleeves of the sweater. Take a matching woolen thread and start crocheting at the seam of the sleeves. Take a measurement of the length if the sweater sleeve and the distance between your fingers and the sleeves of your sweater. Keep on crocheting until you reach the base of your fingers. Adorn this beautiful crochet pattern with crochet flower patchworks. This will surely look great on you. You can add variations to this beautiful designer sweater style.

6. Crochet Heart Patterns Mat

Image source / Tutorial: My Beautiful Stuff

Mats are an essential part of every home. We are going to tell you about heart pattern crochet mat. You can start with one side base line. Keep on crocheting until you achieve a substantial pattern for designs. Now make different designs on the mat using the crocheting techniques. You may use different crochet patterns, different wool colors and different designs to make a beautiful mat. You must go for easy crochet designs which are easily reproducible to ensure that you complete the mat. It will surely help you to become a green and sustainable person.

We hope you liked these beautiful heart crochet patterns. We bring to you such insightful articles to keep you updated with all the new trends doing rounds in the craft circle. You may check out other related articles on K4 Craft. Do give your feedback in the comments section below. We would come up with more such articles soon. Keep creating and smiling with K4 Craft!

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