National Frog Month Craft Projects for Kids

Celebrate National Frog Month with these creative craft projects. Kids can make them with help of teachers and parents. Have Fun!

Every year we celebrate April as the Frog month. This is one of the most important events of the year. This one month is celebrated to make people realize the importance of frogs in the food chain. They are one of the most important controllers of the food chain. We must pay attention towards the pollution we create. Frogs are highly affected by the pollution in the environment. This frog month is celebrated to create awareness about the same. This will help us in providing a better and safer environment for the frogs. So let us now ourselves to creating a safer environment for these creatures. We hope you will celebrate this frog month in its true sense.

National Frog Month Craft Projects For Your Kids

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Simple Cone Frog Craft Ideas

These are some really fun frog craft ideas. This frog craft idea uses a very easy approach to make some crafty frogs. To make these beautiful and easy frogs you will need green colored paper, red colored paper, black sharpie pen, a pair of scissors, glue stick and two googly eyes. These green cone shaped frogs are really easy to make. Kids will love making these frog crafts. You can use some 3D googly eyes to these frogs to make them look more lively. You can make an army of frogs to create a beautiful effect while decorating your home for frog month.

Beautiful Selfie Queen Frog Craft Idea

Artist: Fayrouz-Mohamed

We all love to take selfies. We are kind of addicted with them and obsessed with our own selves. So why should humans have all the fun. Frogs can too enjoy, at least in a crafty way. These easy craft uses a green colored paper, red and white colored paper, a pair of scissors and a black marker to make this beautiful selfie Queen frog craft. This beautiful selfie Queen frog will require a stencil for the outermost boundary of it. This will surely add an element of humor in the frog month Decorations.

Paper Plate Frog Craft Idea

Image source/Tutorial: ziggityzoom

Paper plates create a large amount of waste. We always find ourselves perplexed as to what should be done with such a large number of paper plates generated at home. Now you can make these pretty frog crafts for the frog month celebrations. You will need used paper plates, a pair of scissors, paints in different colors, red, white and black colored paper, black pipe cleaners and glue. You will be able to make this frog craft easily. It is not very much time consuming. You can use them to decorate the walls and doors inside the house.

Unique Frog Craft ideas

Artist: Bhrigu More

Quilling Is a great craft. If you know how to quill you can easily create so many crafts. Quilling can be done in various ways and it can always help to come up with new craft designs. This is a beautiful Quilling frog craft. You will require lots of green colored Quilling strips, Quilling needle, and black paper for this fun frog craft idea. This Quilling frog craft idea is moderately rated on the difficulty scale. It will surely require a lot of time to make. Your kids will love to quill with the help of Quilling needle and create this beautiful frog craft for the frog month celebrations. You can add this to the dining table decor.

Earthen Pot Frog Craft Ideas For Frog Month

Image source/Tutorial: craftsbyamanda

Earthen pots are easily available and take to painting easily. These pots based crafts are really easy to make. They require less time to be made. You will need an earthen pot, green paint, white paint, green colored pipe cleaners, black sharpie pen, red foam strip, 3D googly eyes and glue stick. This frog craft takes time as paints needs to dry up before other things are stuck to the painted pot. The pot will be placed upside down. This earthen pot frog craft makes for a great show piece.

Quilling Frog Craft Ideas

Artist: Jaya Paliwal

Quilling is. Easy and fun. You can keep on Quilling lose coils and curls in your free time. The only downside of using Quilling method is that it requires time. For this frog craft you will require dark green and light green colored Quilling strips, also some white and black Quilling strips will be required, glue stick, Quilling needle. You will have to remain patient while making shapes with the Quilled coils. You should use broad Quilling strips to ensure that the frog can be balanced on the flat surface. This frog craft can be used as a show piece or as a decoration during frog month celebrations.

Hand Puppets Frog Craft Ideas

Image source/Tutorial: creativejewishmom

Hand puppets can be fun. There can be various things which can be done with hand puppets. You can tell stories, teach students, introduce new animals, etc. Hand puppets are really easy to make and can be used for various purposes. To make these useful hand puppets you will require some wooden sticks, colored paper, googly eyes, black sharpie pen, cello tape, a pair of scissors. You can make these easy frog crafts with the help of your kids. Kids can flaunt their hand puppets in parties, at school, etc. These are some really puppets to make.

Easy To Make Paper Plate Frog Craft for Toddlers

Image source/Tutorial: spoonful

Paper plates are very easy to manipulate into different forms and designs. In addition to that paper plates are very easily available and are cheap. This makes them lucrative for different craft activities. You can make this really easy paper plate frog craft for the frog month celebrations. This frog craft idea just shows the mouth of the frog. To make this frog craft you will require a paper plate, red, green and pink paint, paint brushes, a hollow ball, white and black paint. This frog craft is a working model of the frog’s mouth. It is really fun to play with.

Frog Craft Ideas For Cap Designs

Image source/Tutorial: craftsbyamanda

April is at the onset of summers. We all start feeling the heat of the sun in April. Also April is a month which prepares us for the hard summers ahead. We should also keep our best foot forward and get all the supplies we will need for the summers. Hats and caps are a staple for summers. We can design a frog design cap for the frog month. To make this frog cap you will need a green colored cap, white acrylic paint, light green and white acrylic paint and red foam sheet. This beautiful frog cap will surely keep you away from heat and dehydration.

Ice Cream Sticks Frog Craft Ideas

Artist: Sudhakar N

Ice creams are eaten in the summer months in large numbers, which makes it possible to collect the ice cream Popsicle and use them otherwise. You can use these Popsicle for different purposes, one being craft. This is moderately difficult craft. You will require some ice cream Popsicle, green paint, green colored paper, a pair of scissors, glue stick, pink paper, black sharpie pen. This beautiful frog craft takes very less time to make. You can use it a Decoration alongside the door knobs.

Easy To Make Toilet Paper Frog Craft Ideas

One of the things which takes very less time for exhaustion at home is toilet paper roll. You can always employ a toilet paper roll for a DIY projects at home. This DIY project is really easy to make. To make this beautiful yet easy frog craft you will require and empty toilet paper roll, green colored paper, a pair of scissors, glue stick, white paper, a black sharpie marker. Your kids can even make this beautiful frog craft. You can add some of these frog crafts to your home decorations during frog month. You can use these by hanging them or by keeping them on tables.

Beautiful Back Yard Frog Craft Ideas

Image source/Tutorial: morenascorner

This frog craft is a perfect fit for the outdoor setting. We can always find crafts to beautiful the insides of the house, but we seldom get any ideas to decorate the outside of the house. This is a perfect outdoor frog craft idea. To make this unique craft idea you will require milk carton, hot glue gun, green paint, egg carton, mod podge washout, felt, glitter and green and golden colored paper.  This beautiful Valentine’s holder frog will look pretty and amusing. You can add a heart at the end of the tongue of the frog. This adds more definition to it’s purpose. You can add dots to the body of the frog with a darker shade of paint.

Frog Queen Frog Craft Ideas

Artist: Neeta Rai

Frog Queen is a very pompous title. Being a frog Queen is itself a job and a thing of responsibility. You can make this pretty frog Queen using paper. To make this pretty, haughty queen you will need loads of green paper, green sketch pen, golden and silver colored paper, a pair of scissors, glue stick, black sharpie pen. This frog Queen looks pretty healthy. You can display the frog Queen near the playground, on the wall, or make a 3D structure to support your frog Queen. This truly looks pretty. You should make large numbers of frog Queens.

Hand Puppet Frog Craft Ideas

Image source/Tutorial: wildolive

Felt cloth is a versatile material. It can be used to make various Craft items. You can always try to make different crafts using felt cloth. On of the ways is to make puppets with felt cloth. You can start with the measurement of the finger you wish to wear it in. You will need green, red and white felt cloth, black sharpie pen, needle and thread, etc. These puppets will add a personalized touch to these finger frog crafts. You can use these finger puppets to tell stories related to frogs this frog month. Kids will love to wear these frog finger puppets around.

Candy Decorators Frog Craft ideas

Image source/Tutorial: kitchenfunwithmy3sons

We all love candy. They are the staple of every event and occasion. You can always try out new decorations with candies. Marshmallows are a great candy option. You can make some frog crafts with food too. One of the options is to start with marshmallows, golden crackers, wooden stick, chocolate chips, red jelly strips. These will help your candy stand out. You can even use these pretty food frogs at the dining table. You can add these salad plates, champagne glasses or even hand them to kids to eat these food frog crafts.

Beautiful Pond Scene Frog Craft Ideas

Artist: Rupali Mahekar

Frogs come out in the rainy season as it is the most conducive environment for them to live in. Frogs live the humid weather. You cannot always take your kids to a pond to show them how do frogs live or to teach how do frogs live. You can make this beautiful pond scene with your children or school students to hell them understand the life of a frog at a pond. You will require a paper plate, sky blue paint, green colored sheets, pebbles, plastic plants and some origami techniques. You can start the pond by painting it blue. This will help you to explain the frog’s life cycle.

Beautiful Paper Cup Frog Craft Ideas

Paper cups are one of the things which are widely available and can be used to make cheap crafts. This beautiful frog month craft is really easy to make and consumes very less time. You will require a paper cup, a small ball or a large trinket, two small spheres, some twine, green and black paint. These frog crafts can be added to potted plants to scare away predators. This can also be used as show piece at home.

We hope you will enjoy making these pretty frog month craft projects & ideas. We wish all our readers a very happy national frog month. We hope that everyone will soon be able to realize the value of a cleaner and greener environment. You can check out other related articles on K4 Craft. We would love to hear from you all. You can leave your feedback and opinion in the comments section given below. We will come up with more such useful articles for you. Until then keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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