Paper Plate Animal Crafts For Toddlers & Preschoolers

Read on for creative paper plate animal crafts for kids – toddlers & preschoolers. Kids can make animal masks, toys, hats and more with simple paper plates!

Toddlers are the tomorrow of the upcoming world. Animals are a great kingdom. The kids of today must be entertained with animal stories, plays, etc. to make them aware of their existence. As the children today live in cities, there is no way to make them aware of the different kinds of animals which live on this earth. Making animal masks and playing roles can be an effective measure to teach the kids about the vast and bountiful animal kingdom. You can check out these paper plate animals masks for inspiration to make some masks for the role play. The kids can also play wearing these paper plate masks. It is a great DIY project. You can decorate these beautiful paper plate animal mask crafts using your imagination and the true depiction of the animals.

Paper Plate Animal Crafts For Kids

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Tiger Paper Plate Masks

credit: lion mask

The King of the Jungle is Lion. It is great to have The Lion King Mask. First of all take a paper plate. and paint the outer edges in a bright orange color and color the inner portion in yellow. Now paint the face of the lion in the yellow area. Make the mane of the lion by cutting frills in the outer band of the paper plate. Draw the eyes of the lion. Attach an ice cream Popsicle at the base of the mask. It will help you to hold the mask in place.

Giraffe Paper Plate Masks

Credit: giraffe

Giraffes are the tallest animals of the jungle. They are cute and have so many similarities to humans. Like they have the same number of neck bones as we have. This is an easy to make beautiful paper plate mask. It looks great with those shiny googly eyes. Add ears and nose to the patterned paper plate.

Grisly Bear Paper Plate Crafts

Credit: bear mask

Grisly bears are cute animals. It is great to have a grisly bear paper plate mask. First of all halve the plate. now paint it in the right shade of brown color. Add ears and nose of the grisly bear. Cut out to round holes for the eyes of the grisly bear. Tie ribbons on both sides of the mask, it completes the mask. You can also add a wooden stick to hold the mask in place.

Hissing Snake Paper Plate Craft Ideas

Credit: snake

Snakes hiss a lot. They are slithering animals. first of all color the paper plate in the right pattern and color. Now cut the plate in a spiral design. Add googly eyes and a bright pink tongue to complete the look of the snake. Snakes are great animals.

Dragon Paper Plate Crafts

Credit:  template for dragon

Dragons have long been lost. We are very much unfortunate to never have seen them. You can truly play with paper plate made dragon creatures. They are easy to make and can be made in any color. You can make them as you want to make. Cut out wings from the curve of the paper plate. Make the body of the dragon. paint the whole body and wings. You can make scales or feathers on dragon bodies as well. Attach the wings and the body. This makes a great dragon to play with.

Beautiful Butterfly Crafts From Paper Plates

Credit: butterfly

Butterflies are the brightest and the most colorful creatures on earth. They are playful and never shy away as such. Cut the paper plates in half. And now cut the wings in shape. Paint the wings in colorful patterns. Attach the wings of the butterfly to the ice cream Popsicle. The Popsicle becomes the body of the butterfly. Add pipe cleaners as antennas to the top of the head of the butterfly.

Paper Plate Gold Fish Crafts

Credit: fish

Goldfishes are cute creatures. We love a gold fish bowl in our homes. Paint the whole paper plate in bright orange color. Add googly eyes. attach circular orange circles as the scales of the goldfish. Attach orange fins for the goldfish. Cut a mouth opening for the goldfish. The goldfish is ready to swim around.

Mouse Paper Plate Craft Idea

Credit: mice

Mickey-Mouse are great additions to paper plate mask collection. Cut the lower edge of the mouse’s mouth. Add bright ears and tail for the mouse. Also add a bright nose to the mouse. Add a jet black eye in the middle of the face. These mice are great to play with. They can also be used to tell stories.

Paper Plate Bunny Ears

Credit: Easter Rabbit Hat

Want to give your children some respite from the sun in a crafty way? This bunny ears hat will be a great choice. First of all cut the inner portion of the paper plate. Now cut out long bunny ears from a white hard stock sheet. Now paint the bunny ears in bright pink color. Attach the the bunny ears to the front of the paper plate rim. Your beautiful bunny ear hat is ready to be worn and shown around.

Deep Ocean Scenery On Paper Plate

Credit: underwater fish

Beaches are loved by one and all. So let us make a great beach scene inside a paper plate. Collect some sand and small shells. Paint the paper plate sky blue in color from the inside. Now cut grassy weed from green felt cloth. Stick the sand to the base of the paper plate. Paste the grassy weeds, small shells. Now cut a beautiful fish for the scenery and paste it. You can cut many fishes and paste them in the scenery.

We hope you liked this thoughtful list of paper plate animals for toddlers. These paper plate crafts bring a smile to your toddler’s face every time he/she plays with it. Do give your valuable feedback and comments in the comments section below. Look out for more such content at K4. You can also check out other related topics at K4 Craft. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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