Easy Origami Paper Crafts For Kids (Step By Step Instructions)

Let’s have a peak at these easy Origami Paper Crafts for Kids with step by step tutorials. Kids can learn to make animals, geometrical shapes & more with these easy to understand instructions.

Origami is a very well known form associated with paper folding. This was originally taken from Japan! In origami, one has to fold paper in an interesting way in order to make some kind of shape or some kind of objects from it. It can be used to create a bracelet, or a mushroom, a frog, a bird, a fish, a dog, a butterfly and so many more objects like that. It can help you improve your creativity.

As origami is so much fun, so we have prepared some tutorials just for kids who wants to know how to do origami. Enjoy paper folding!

Easy Origami Paper Crafts For Kids

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1. Origami Parallelogram

Image source / Tutorial: whatdowedoallday

Only things required are curious kids and origami paper.

  1. First of all fold the paper and create a parallelogram.
  2. Fold paper in half. Open and repeat fold so white side of paper is showing. With paper directed vertically,  and open side on the right, bring bottom left corner to right hand edge. Fold well.
  3. Open paper with colored side facing down.
  4. Fold top two corners to middle crease. Crease well.
  5. Repeat the first two steps again.
  6. You will have your parallelogram.
  7. Make 8 of these parallelograms.
  8. Now connect all the 8 of them in a way that the contrasting color keeps coming out.
  9. keep doing it until you have 2 left.
  10. The last part is the trickiest. Slip the pocket of the seventh parallelogram around the point of the first. Then put the pocket of the eighth around the point of the seventh. The point of the eighth parallelogram will be in the pocket of the sixth. Fold all the tips down.

2. Origami Faces

Image source / Tutorial: pinkstripeysocks
  1. Fold the paper diagonally and then fold it from other angel as well.
  2. Unfold it.
  3. From the left corner fold it again to make a triangle of the half triangle.
  4. Then make another triangle, and fold it completely.
  5. Di it similarly o the right side as well.
  6. Now make the triangles from both sides meet in middle.
  7. Once the triangles meet, make a zig-zag fold on both the creases.
  8. With the zig-zag creases, you got a nose to your face.
  9. Grab some sketch pens, a pair of scissors and some colored sheet to make hair.
  10. Choose the hair you want and cut it in that shape.
  11. Put. the face on that hair cut sheet with the help of glue.
  12. Now with the help of sketch pens, make eyes to give it a real effect.
  13. You have origami face.

3. Mushrooms Made Out Of Origami

Image source / Tutorial: Allfortheboys
  1. Take an origami paper. Put the white side of the upside.
  2. Now fold the paper diagonally from both sides.
  3. Unfold it, Now from all the four edges, make 3 triangles so that it acts like an opening.
  4. Leave the bottom side of the side plain, don’t fold it.
  5. Now fold it from the middle where crease already exist.
  6. Now fold from the top edges towards the back side of the center creating a triangle.
  7. Now flip the origami sheet.  You got yourself a complete colorful base.
  8. Now fold it again making it smaller.
  9. Now fold the inner sides , to five your mushrooms some base.
  10. Now from top edges fold it so as to get a flat upside for them
  11. Your mushroom is ready. Decorate it the way you want.

4.  Origami Ice Cream Cones

Image source / Tutorial: poulettemagique
  1. Take 2 origami paper. one yellow and other brown.
  2. Paste both the papers.
  3. Fold the paper in a way creating 2 triangles opposite to each other. crease it well.
  4. Fold the paper again so that two brown triangles are formed and upside a yellow triage is there. in a shape of a cone.
  5. Then fold the edges of both brown triangle to the opposite side.
  6. Now turn the whole paper. get the brown side of the sheet up.
  7. Fold the extra yellow which is coming out .
  8. Create the zig-zag on the top the cone. giving it a cream look.
  9. your ice cream cone is ready.
  10. just use some coloraturas papers and cut put small circles which will look like sprinkles and past it on your ice cream cone.

5.  Bracelet Made From Origami

Image source / Tutorial: picklebums
  1. Cut strips from the origami paper of -12 cm – 3 cm.
  2. You need at least 16-22 strips of these to make a bracelet.
  3. Fold those strips in half from both side of the strips and then fold them again in complete half.
  4. Take 2 strips and fold one on the sides of the other.
  5. Turn over the strip and stick a little tape on it .
  6. Start making the loops and follow same technique.
  7. You will get yourself a bracelet once you finish off all the strips.

6. Origami Mermaid

Image source / Tutorial: pinkstripeysocks
  1. Get a skin colored origami paper. Fold it in half and then unfold it. Fold it in other half and then unfold it.
  2. Turn the paper completely and then fold the paper diagonally.
  3. Now flip the paper again, on crease marks, fold it in order to create square.
  4. Once the square is formed,  fold back the two top sides.
  5. Then fold the back sides. You got yourself a mermaid face.
  6. For mermaid body- get a skin colored paper again.
  7. Place the white side up and then fold the paper into half. and then fold it again into other half.
  8. Fold up again the half of the half part. It should meet in between.
  9. Now fold the left side and right side of the origami, so that it meets in the middle.
  10. From the bottom of the paper, fold it out to create an opening for arms. do it both sides. you got yourself arms.
  11. For the tail, get a green paper.
  12. Place the white side upwards and  now from right side of the paper create a fold. Then do it similarly from the other side. then cover the top portion of the paper with the fold.
  13. We got ourselves a triangle .
  14. Place you triangle in a way that the pointed side comes down.
  15. Fold the pointed side to create a curve. and then fold it again. this will form the tail of the mermaid.
  16. For the hair, grab a Hot pink paper. Cut it in a hair shape giving fringes in the front with a cut for the face to go inside the cut.
  17. Place it all together. we have made a mermaid.

7. Origami Crown

Image source / Tutorial: paper-and-glue

To make this beautiful crown you need to make at least 6 pieces of origami sheet.

  1. Fold the sheet in half.
  2. Then fold the sheet in other half.
  3. Unfold it completely.
  4. Now from the ends of both the top corners make the ends meet in between to make a triangle .
  5. You will get a house like shape for yourself.
  6. Now from the bottom side simply fold the sheet towards upside.
  7. You have to do this same thing with all 6 sheets.
  8. From the edges of all triangle stick them to form a circular kind of shape.
  9. You will get a crown for your little one.

8. Winged Heart

Image source / Tutorial: jennifermaker
  1. Take a red piece of origami sheet. It should be in proper square shape.
  2. Fold it in half and then unfold it.
  3. Fold the other half similarly.
  4. And then unfold it.
  5. Then from bottom side fold it again , to create half of the half fold.
  6. Do it similarly from the top side as well. Make sure you fold it in a way that after folding red side of the sheet is coming upwards.
  7. Now turn your paper.
  8. Now from bottom left fold it towards upwards to form a making of triangle.
  9. Di it similarly from bottom left side as well.
  10. You will get the wings for your heart and the bottom part of your heart as well.
  11. Now flip your paper again.
  12. Fold the white part in 90 degrees angel form both sides.
  13. You will get a heart with wings on it.

9. Origami Picture Frames

Image source / Tutorial: makeandtakes
  1. Take a colored origami paper, which ever color you like . then place it upside down so that white collar of the paper comes on top.
  2. Fold the paper vertically and then horizontally.
  3. Then fold the top and bottom sides of the paper, only 3/4 of the half portion. Do the similar folding on the sides of the paper  Use a spoon to make the crease crisp.
  4. Turn the paper around so that you get the colored part upside.
  5. Now fold all the corners towards the middle side.
  6. Now flip the paper again, you can find yourself a paper frame.
  7. Insert the picture inside so that you can have your memory.

10. Origami Space Shuttle

Image source / Tutorial: allfortheboys
  1. Take a paper or origami paper and cut it in a square.
  2. Now turn the paper so that white side of paper comes up.
  3. Now fold the paper diagonally. do it from both sides.
  4. Now take the corners and fold it to the upside. It should look like a mini square.
  5. Now fold the paper down from the side.
  6. Now fold the top side towards down.
  7. Place the craft from where you can see all the folds.
  8. Fold the sides to get the wings.
  9. You got yourself a space shuttle.

11. Origami Frog

Image source / Tutorial: itsalwaysautumn
  1. Take an origami sheet.
  2. Fold it into half.
  3. Then fold it from side top corner making half triangle.
  4. Then fold it from top side left corner to make other half of the triangle.
  5. Now fold it back.
  6. Now once you have a triangle on the top of your paper. Fold it from the edges towards upside.
  7. Now from the bottom side fold the half .
  8. Take out the edges from the bottom side to give your frog some legs.
  9. Fold the bottom half in zig-zag manner with proper crease so as to create a bouncing effect.
  10. Your frog is ready to hop.

12. Unicorn From Origami

Image source / Tutorial: willowday
  1. To make a unicorn face take a piece of paper.
  2. Now cut the half of the square.
  3. You will get a rectangle.
  4. Keeping the patterns outside , fold the rectangle first in length and then similarly to the width.
  5. You will get a marking of center, now unfold it.
  6. Fold the sheet in 45 degrees to get edges.
  7. Do it again after you flip the paper.
  8. After doing that you will get a heart shape.
  9. Now make fringes from the foil. Take a piece of foil and cut in small spaces to crate fringes.
  10. Place it in a way that it looks like unicorn hair.
  11. Male the eyes of unicorn and a horn in middle with the help of sheets or decorations.
  12. You will get a fancy unicorn.

13. Easy Origami Dog

Image source / Tutorial: mycrafts
  1. Take a piece of origami sheet.
  2. Now fold it in half.
  3. Unfold it and then fold the other half.
  4. Now you will get four equal square on a piece on square.
  5. From all four corners of the square start creasing them to come in center forming 4 triangles.
  6. Now from the left side of triangle unfold it and then fold the half triangle in other half to create a small triangle.
  7. And then from the right side of the triangle unfold the triangle half and then fold it again to create a triangle facing outside.
  8. Now from the top side fold it inside completely.
  9. Then get the upside triangle unfold.
  10. Now fold it outwards to bringing it upwards.
  11. Now flip the whole sheet.
  12. Once you flip it, unfold the inside creases.
  13. Fold it with the help of the right side edges.
  14. You will get the body of the dog and now you can make its eyes and nose.

14. Easy Origami Bunny!

Image source / Tutorial: atheringbeauty
  1. Take piece of origami paper.
  2. Fold it in half. and then unfold it.
  3. You will have two equal sections one up and one down.
  4. Now crease the bottom side the way it comes in middle.
  5. Do that same thing from upper side as well.
  6. You will have 4 equal sections.
  7. Repeat it again then you will get 6 equal sections. You will need in total 10 sections.
  8. Unfold it completely and then fold it diagonally.
  9. Repeat it again from from different angel.
  10. Unfold it.
  11. Now fold it from one of the creases covering more than half of the origami sheet.
  12. Create an insides triangle from the creases created diagonally.
  13. Repeat the same process from other side as well.
  14. From the other part create creases inside to make a zig zag effect and also it will create back portion of the bunny.
  15. Now create a bunny basket by removing the creases from inside of the bunny.
  16. It will require for you to visit the link for proper understanding.
  17. You can easily make the ears of bunny by simply fold the sides outwards.

15. Easy Origami Boats!

Image source / Tutorial: satsumadesigns
  1. Take a huge piece of origami papers.
  2. Now fold it into half.
  3. Fold the other half.
  4. Once you have done that make 2 triangles by bringing the two edges meet in the center.
  5. You will get a house like shape.
  6. Now from the bottom side one side of sheet towards the triangle.
  7. Flip the sheet and then fold the other half as well.
  8. Now bring them all together and create the square again.
  9. Repeat the the same process and you will get a boat.

It can seem a bit confusing since its a lot of folding but then that is the fun part of origami, it helps you focus as well. It can be interesting if done by the rules and once you have your art in the hand it’s all worth it. It’s a lot of joy and an activity that two kids of a kid with the help of the parents can do. It will help them spend the time in a quality way and its a lot of fun as well.

Have a great paper folding! If you have any more fun ideas for paper folding feel free to comment. K4 Craft is all about sharing creativity and spreading it to its widespread audience.

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