DIY Craft tutorials from Old Newspapers & Magazines – Step by step

Our Mother Earth is hurt from our greed. We need to resurrect the beauty of what this Earth was worthy of. The Earth which was greener, fresher and cleaner before. We wish to regain the glorious past of our Mother Earth. Reducing, Reusing and Recycling are the three R’s to be put in use to reduce the burden we have been putting on Mother Earth. We can reduce our waste by consuming only what we require to consume. Reusing is the basic principle to keep on using until things they can be used and new ones are required. This surely makes lesser pressure on the manufacturers.

Recycling is where we can actively take part and help to regain our Mother Nature’s glory back. Recycling means using the waste material which can no longer be used in the way it used to be. We can put things into use some other way. Recycling Newspaper craft ideas is one such way. One of the easiest craft supplies to be found is old newspaper, and we all know that it’s good to recycle. By recycling the old newspapers we can put them to good use in some other way. So let us find some new and beautiful use to recycle newspaper.

Firstly, we learn how to make Recycled Newspaper roll (tube), Here we show making of newspaper roll with video tutorial, Let’s check it out. I’m sure you guys like this.

Recycled Newspaper Craft ideas

1. beautiful Home decorations using Recycled newspaper craft ideas

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These are some really beautiful recycled newspaper craft ideas. The wall hangings made from newspaper look great. You can make these great crafts by using your artistic mind. The flower vase can be made by rolling the newspaper strips into thin cylinders and then joining them together. Seal these strips together with glue and join them with flat strips on the sides. Make two such sides and join them in the middle. You can beautify this vase with the help of paints, beads, sequins, etc. The other wall hanging is a craft consisting of strips of newspaper stitched together and painter in different colours. The side swirls look beautiful. The storage container made with the use of newspaper is a multi-utility container. It has three container joined together with sturdy wooden dowels. The container bowls are made with the help of this newspaper strips joined together with glue.

2. Diya holder Recycled newspaper craft ideas

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Diyas are one of the most important entities of Diwali. So this Diwali provide your diya with a beautiful diya stand. To make this diya stand we will use some old newspapers. To start with make some thin rolls of newspaper strips. Now make a base with these thin pipes by making a circle using them. Make two such bowl shapes and join them together at the base. Use glue to keep the rounds together. Decorate the edges of the circular portion using different shapes made out of newspaper pipes only. Paint the whole structure in bright colours to make the diya stand lively and colourful.

3. Home decorater Recycled newspaper craft ideas

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This is a beautiful newspaper craft which can add beauty to your home. This is an easy to make wall hanging. Cut out some pieces of newspaper and make cylinders out of it. Roll the newspaper sheets to make the cylinders. Now make an overall structure for the wall hanging using these rolled pipes. Cut out some beautiful flowers out from some scrap coloured paper and paste these flowers and leaves on the area inside the outer structure. This wall hanging can be hung with the use of a string or a wooden dowel.

4. Beautiful keychain Recycled newspaper craft ideas

via: ‘Key tag’ using magazine / Newspaper

These is a really cool key ring DIY. You can use colourful pages of the newspaper to make these key rings. You need to start with a colourful paper of the newspaper. Now cut it into broad strip and roll it into thin paper pipes. Align these pipes together and join them with each other, side by side. Level the edges of the newspaper pipes. Now take a thin ribbon and cover up the sides of the rectangular or square piece with the ribbon. Now add a key ring to the edge of the DIY. You get a totally creative key ring for yourself.

5. Paper mache container Recycled newspaper craft ideas

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This paper mache craft container is a great way to reuse the old newspaper. First of all tear the newspaper in small pieces and place it on a mixture of water and glue. Mix it. Leave it for a few days and then knead the mixture. Once the mixture is well kneaded and sticks together, you can go on to make the paper mache container. Take an outer mold for the container. Fill the mold with the mixture, stick the mixture all along and leave a cavity inside. You can leave it to dry. After few days, when the container structure dries off, take it out and paint it in beautiful colours.

6. Photo frame Recycled newspaper craft ideas

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Making a photo frame was never so Earth friendly. You can use an old newspaper to make a beautiful photo frame for different kinds of images. First of all roll some thin tubes of newspaper. Now join them together in a group of 5-7 pipes. Make an outer frame using these tubes. Make the outer structure, join it with glue and paint it in beautiful colours. Your frame is ready to host your pictures, or those of your idols, Gods, etc.

7. Bird feed, bird home Recycled newspaper craft ideas

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When we mix glue and water into a bowl and use this paste to join multiple papers, the structure becomes really strong after it dries completely. You can use this technique to craft bird feed or home with the recycled newspapers for amazing strength, hardness and flexibility of design. After making the structure, you can use acrylic colors if different shades and other decoration material for the aesthetics to attract the birds.

8. Beautiful home decoration Recycled newspaper craft ideas

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Just like in the previous idea, the newspaper, glue and water formula can also be used for crafting beautiful home decorations like pots, jar, stair designs and much more. You can also make various beautiful structures using newspaper pipes. Acrylic paints are preferred to be used on these beautiful structures. Darker the shade of the color, more finishing it will provide.

9. How to weave Newspaper Chest storage units

This is a beautiful craft idea realised from old newspapers. We can make this beautiful newspaper casket by employing some patience and grit. This craft will take time to make but is easy to make on the whole. Start by rolling long sticks of newspaper. Seal the ends with glue. Now paint these newspaper rolls in brown color. Let these newspaper rolls dry. Take a cardboard sheet and cut it in the shape of the basket base. Now align the newspaper rolls side by side and stick them together. Start building the height of the basket using the newspaper rolls. Weave the newspaper rolls on the sides. Build a suitable height of the basket. Now make the lid of the basket with the help of a cardboard sheet base. Stick the newspaper rolls on the lid of the basket. join the lid and the base of the basket together. Attach a big button in the front of the basket base. Make a latch style lock system for the basket to seal it with all your contents inside.

10. DIY Weaving basket with Old Newspaper and magazines

Let us make a flower basket using old newspaper. First of all make long rolls of newspaper. Seal the newspaper rolls at the ends with glue. Paint the newspaper rolls in brown color paint. Start with the base of the basket. Make the base with two hard cardboard sheets joined together. Paint the base in brown color paint. Now weave the sides of the basket. Build a respectable height for the basket. Now use a wire to make the handle of the flower basket. Seal the wires at the base. Now weave the newspaper rolls around the wire. This will make for a great handle for the flower basket. Make sure the handle is secured in the base.

11. DIY Woven Newspaper Decorative Hat – Step by step

This is a beautiful and useful hat for you to wear in the sultry summer. Start by making newspaper rods by rolling the newspaper. Glue the ends of the rods ro ensure that the rods do not open up. Once you have made enough newspaper rods, paint them and let them dry. Once dried, start weaving the hat from the top. Go on making different weaving patterns as per the requirement of the hat shape to get a beautiful summer hat. You can decorate this beautiful hat with bright and colorful flowers for the perfect summer match.

12. DIY Newspaper Candle and Diya stand

This is a beautiful diya stand. It is a perfect fit for Diwali celebrations. Start by making long rods of newspaper. Seal the ends of the rods by using glue. Now make big circular rounds with the help of these rods. Push the centre of the large circle inwards to form a cup shape. Create two such shapes. One of them must be larger than the other. Apply a mixture of glue and water on the inside of this cup shape. Now make two more smaller circles in the same way. Now cut thin strips of newspaper. Quil these small strips of paper. Make bundles of three such quilled circles. Now paste and align all these parts together. Paint the diya in the colors you like.

13. DIY How to make Newspaper Tube Wall Clock

This newspaper rods, wall clock is really easy to make. Start by procuring a watch machine. Remove the needles. Make many newspaper rods and seal their ends. Now cut these rods to size. Take a smooth base and stick the clock machine at the back of it. Stick the newspaper rods on this surface. Add a small circular surface on top of it. Use the newspaper rods ro make the needles of this new upscaled clock. This will surely look awesome hung in your living room.

14. DIY How to make Newspaper Tube Cute Dolls

We all loved dolls when we were kids. Let us revive our good old memories by making an upcycled doll. First of all make newspaper rods. Start weaving the doll from the bust. If you plan to make a hat for the doll, you may start weaving from the hat of the doll. Go on to make the complete dress of the doll. Now paint and embelish the doll in whatever way you like. You may even add an accessory or features to the doll. You can make other elements like a tree, house, etc.

15. DIY Covered Woven Basket from Newspaper

This is a beautiful basket craft which comes with a lid. Start by making long newspaper rods. Seal the rods at the edges using glue. Start weaving the basket. Use a large bowl to shape the newspaper basket. Similarly make the lid of the basket. Make sure that the lid is larger than the basket girth. You can decorate the lid with beautiful faux flowers, glitter, paints, etc. You may even add a handle to the top of the newspaper basket lid.

16. Recycled DIY Newspaper bowl

This is an easy to build newspaper basket. Start by making newspaper rods using old newspaper sheets. Once these rods have been made, start building the base of the basket. Once you have reached enough base width, take a bowl and keep the newspaper structure inverted on it and keep on weaving it. Keep on weaving until you have reached enough height. Now paint the basket in bright colors. You may keep anything from faux flowers to your hair clips in this beautiful basket.

17. DIY How to make Flower Pot from Newspaper

You can make a beautiful flower vase by upcycling old newspaper sheets. Make some rods of newspaper with old newspaper sheets you have. Paint the rods after securing them in place with glue. Paint the rods. Once dried, weave these rods into a vase. The weaving method is shown in the images given. You can choose the width and height of the vase according to your own requirement and the interior decor of your home. Add faux flower and leaves to the vase.

18. DIY Lanterns for Home Decor from Newspaper

This is a beautiful, recycled and upcycled chandelier. You can make this beautiful chandelier using old newspapers. First of all make circular rods of newspaper. Glue the ends of the roll to seal it. Now roll these rods into circular rolls around one edge. Now use newspaper slits to join these rolls together in a straight line. And similarly lengthwise. Soon you will have a panel of newspaper rolls. Make four such panels and align them side to side. Now you may paint the panels in single color or in a gradient to get a beautiful effect. You may even decorate the rolls with colorful dots or other decorative material.

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