Simple Foam Sheet Craft Ideas – Step by step

Crafting with Foam Sheet is easy & safe for even the youngest children, and cutting and sticking the foam is very popular with kids. You can also buy craft foam stickers for even quicker, cleaner decorating – we’ve used a mixture of foam sheet and stickers for these crafts.

1. Bright and Beautiful Butterfly Foam Sheet Craft (Tutorial)

2. DIY Kids Special Foam Sheet Bag (Tutorial)

3. DIY Foam sheet Headband & Crown Ideas

4. Foam Sheet Handbag – By Kraftcafe

5. DIY Foam Sheet Rakhi Video tutorial

6. DIY Foam Sheet Cards & Flower Craft Idea – Step by step

7. DIY Foam Sheet Animal (Tortoise) – Step by step

8. DIY Foam Sheet Minion Pencil Holders – Step by step

9. DIY Foam Sheet Bookmark video tutorial

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