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Craft Artist : Giulia Talmacel

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I’m from Romania but currently I live with my husband in Nottingham, UK. Making videos is our passion, We love editing and making content that can help people making the perfect gifts for their loved ones.

About  Youtube Channel “DIY Paper Crafts – Giulia’s Art

Our youtube channel it’s design to encourage people to create special items on a budget. We offer gift ideas, room decor, DIY’s, and life hacks videos!
It all started in May, 2014 when my boyfriend (currently husband) convinced me that we should start an YouTube channel, and share my ideas and my creations with other people. At the beginning I was sceptic, considering that I had a bit of phobia when it comes to film myself (to be mention that I still have it), but I accepted the challenge and we stared it. Not long time after we started, we reach 100 subscribers, which was an amazing achievement for us. With our subscribers support and inspiration, we continued until today and I can say it worth it. We currently have just under  130K subscribers and many project to come.

Few Creations

How to make an Exploding Box

This stylish box will become an original gift for your friends and family and will impress them favourably! In this video we used the scrapbooking technique.

How to make a Squash Card

This squash card (Squash Book) can be used as a mini album.
It is something unique and something which people will love to gift their beloved friends and family members.This can be customized according to your need.
In this video we used the scrapbooking technique.

How to make a smash book

How do you use a smash book? – there REALLY is NO right way at all! and the BIGGEST thing I will tell you is HAVE FUN and USE IT! There are NO rules – just FILL it with things that make YOU feel good!
In this video we used the scrapbooking technique.

How to make a quilling card

This DIY greeting card Idea shows how to make beautiful quilling flower art on greetimg card.
In this video we used quilling and card making techniques.

How to make an Envelope Greeting Card

Cute and stylish paper envelope, so easy to make that even kids can make them! Learn with fun ! Good video to share with kids for their school craft project.
In this video we used card making technique.


I know it may sound like a cliché , but I found everything so inspiring. Most of the times I choose the colour scheme from nature, I consider it offers us an infinite of option, it just need attention to choose what it work with my theme. Once I have my colour scheme, all the project goes easy, everything comes natural.

First Craft Project

The first craft project that we film was the pop-up card(envelope card) and with its simplicity and cuteness look, the video got over 800K views.

Most Favourite Craft

I fall in love with every single project of mine, but considering how much effort and passion I put in it, The Exploding Box is the winner to this category with over a month of drawing , measuring, choosing the perfect blend of colours and finally assembling it.

Style of Crafting

My style is more a romantic one, but I try as hard as I can to keep it in a fresh look and also to adapt to the people’s request.

Future Plans

Hopefully, in the future we would like to post videos more regular and to create even more events.

Advice to Young Crafters

They need to know that now are sooooooo many crafters with Youtube channels, blogs, etc. It’s a big completion right now which means that is going to be hard, but NOT IMPOSSIBLE. They need to have enough patience and motivation to get somewhere. Also it is important to understand the trend and to create their own style,  It will help them to stand out of the crowd.

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