15+ DIY Decor Ideas For Teen Girls (Step by step)

As girls enter their teenage, they are all hyped up about all the cutesy stuff. We are providing you with a very thoughtful list for decor ideas for teen girls. All these decor ideas cover a vast range of pastel shades, utility items, wall hangings, wall painting ideas, table decor, etc. which all can prove very useful to your daughters. All these crafts are easy to make and will prove very useful in upping your room game. A small change always goes a long way at decorating and up-keeping your stuff.

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Decor ideas for teen girls

1. Hexagon Wall Treatment

Image source / Tutorial: My Sister’s Suitcase

This is a beautiful wall designing idea. All you need to do is cut out some hexagon shapes and hollow them from the inside in the hexagon shape itself. Now paint these shapes in pastel shade or cover the hexagon in glitter. You can even keep some solid hexagons for designing. Now align these different types of hexagons to decorate your room wall. You can even add some wall art or doodle on the hexagons.

2. Makeup Display Idea

Image source / Tutorial: Laura Thoughts

makeup organiser is a very important thing for one’s room. It should be organised in such a way that You should be able to find the right product at the right time. So let us DIY a makeup organiser. Take and old photo-frame now remove the glass of the frame. Paste a magnetic strip at the back and colour the rims of the frame. Add a coloured or patterned sheet on top of the magnetic strip. Now take some metallic containers, spray paint them and keep your makeup in them and stick them to the magnet pasted frame base.

3. Beautiful DIY Letter Bookends

Image source / Tutorial: onegoodthingbyjillee

This is a very beautiful bookend. You ca take some papier mache letters. Cut them in half, now apply glue gun to the edges. Fill the letters with sand. You can buy sand or collect some from the outside and then dry it and use it. After filling the letters with sand, seal the letters back with glue gun. Now use beautiful patterned paper to cover the letters. Give the covered letters, two or more layers of mod podge for  a sleek finish. These bookend letters are truly a great decor idea for teenage girls.

4. Push Pin Portrait Artwork

Image source / Tutorial: Metal and Mud

Thumb tacks are one of the underrated things in the craft world. We can use thumb tacks to create beautiful crafts. First of all get an old frame, remove its glass. Now paste a foam board fit to size in the empty space. Sketch a word or quote or even figures on the foam board. Now use thumb tacks on the traced design. If you are not satisfied with your design, you can remove the oins and start over.

5. Rainbow Text Wall Art

Image source / Tutorial: agirlandagluegun

This is a beautiful decor idea for teenage girls. You can easily make such beautiful wall hangings using your own creativity or you can even take the help of the internet. Print the design and fir it into a frame. You can hang it anywhere in your room, it will look beautiful and will inspire you all along.

6. DIY Pink Chalkboard Globe

Image source / Tutorial: alittlecraftinyourday

This is a very cute DIY project for your room. First of all take an old globe. Paint it with one of the colours you like. Let the paint dry. Add one or two layers of mod-podge using a big brush. Let the mod-podge dry. Now you can use a chalk stick to write inspiring quotes or special messages.

7. DIY Rotary Phone Succulent Planter

Image source / Tutorial: ispydiy

This is a beautiful DIY decor idea for teenage girls. Get an old telephone toy. Remove the top of the phone and fill it up up with soil. Make a cavity in the dialer of the phone. Now add a succulent through the cavity in the dialer. Now you can have a beautiful and quirky pot for a beautiful plant.

8. DIY Plant Hangers

Image source / Tutorial: Live Seasoned

This is a great decor idea for teenage girls if they have a balcony with their room. Take a larger cylinder and a smaller cylindrical shape. Now mix some cement. Pour the mixed cement into the larger cylinder. Now place the smaller cylinder on top of the wet cement. Put some stones to make the cylinder reach down. let it dry. once the cement dries, remove the cylinders. Now you can add soil to the cavity and pot some plants. Hang your plants out for some fresh air.

9. DIY Decorative Box Charging Station

Image source / Tutorial: centsationalgirl

This is a great addition to decor for teenage girls. You can make this beautiful utility fashionable charging box using an old shoe box. This utility box can be used to fit in two-three devices. Cover the shoe box with coloured patterned paper. Make holes for the device chargers. You can make the holes as per the size of the device charger sizes. Now you can place your devices in this device while being charged and all the wires will stay in place always.

10. DIY Rolling Ottoman

Image source / Tutorial: rockler

Ottoman Empires were one of the royal rulers in history of world. Now we bring to you decor ideas for teenage girls inspired by the Ottomans. This is a great wooden chest with wheels. You can get it custom made or add wheels to an old wooden chest as well. Add beautiful royal coloured and patterned paper or wallpaper on top of the chest. This will look really beautiful and will add a royal touch to the decor of a teenage girl.

11. Beautiful Corner Shelves

Image source / Tutorial: homewithlo

This side shelf is a great Beautiful decor idea as decor idea for teenage girls. You can add side shelves for added space for your little girl. It helps to utilise the space in the best possible way. It will help your girl to organise herself in a better way.

12. Retro Armoir

Image source / Tutorial: vintagepaintandmore

This is a great retro style decor idea for teenage girls. You can buy a pastel shade almirah and add a chalk board to its side panel. The chalk board will act as a board to add inspirational quotes or to make to do lists. This retro style almirah makes for a good board to study as well. One can even put up the targets or aims one has in life or even short term goals can be written on the board.

13. Glass Marble Table Top

Image source / Tutorial: Dollar Store Crafts

This glass marble table top is a great decor idea for teenage girls. You can add this glass marble table top to to your girl’s room to beautify it. It will surely become the centre of attraction of her room.

14. DIY Doily Lamp Tutorial

Image source / Tutorial: emmmylizzzy

This oil lamp decorative art piece is a great decor idea for teenage girl room. You can make this lamp on your own. Take a big and sturdy balloon to start with. Cover the balloon with dollies all over. Now add more layers of glue. Let the setup dry. Once everything dries up, pop the inside balloon. now use a lighting kit or suspend a bulb inside it. Your beautiful lamp is ready to ignite your world.

15. Chalkboard Dresser Drawers

Image source / Tutorial: Refreshingly Chic

This chalkboard dresser drawer is a great decor idea for teenage girls. You can add chalk boards on top of the Drawers. This provides freedom to write what is contained in the drawers along with inspirational quotes, daily thoughts, idol’s names, etc. You can even make designs on these chalkboards to beautify them. They surely look beautiful.

We hope You and your girls love these bright and chick decoration ideas. You can use these ideas to hype up your daughter’s dorm rooms or their rooms at home. We wish that your girls love these ideas too. Go on keep creating with K4. do check out other articles on K4craft. We would love to receive your feedback regarding the article in the comments section below. Keep smiling and creating with K4!

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