DIY Adorable Crochet Step by Step Instructions

Crochet is a great craft to develop. Crochet helps you to create beautiful crafts in small times using woollen threads you can make beautiful caps, hats, mats, and other beautiful warm and fuzzy things to keep yourself and your family. The crochet crafts take very little time to get made. You can make different kinds and sizes of crochet crafts. There are many forms and designs which can be made using crochet techniques. We have put together some of the beautiful and easy to make crochet patterns. You can check these beautiful crochet designs and make them for your loved ones.

Beautiful Crochet Step by Step Instructions

DIY Santa Crochet Step by Step Instructions (Tutorial)

Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Everyone is happy and jubilant at this point of time. You can wear the best of your clothes, bake and eat. Christmas is one of the times when everyone in the household have holidays and they can enjoy together. You can make these cute crochet Santa’s for your Christmas celebration. These Christmas Santas are really easy to make. You have to start by making a loop of the thread. Now start making crochet knots all around the first circles made using the woollen thread. Once you have completed a single layer, make another layer after the first layer. The second layer builds the beard of the Santa. Leave some region at the top of the circle for the cap of the Santa. Make the cap of the Santa using red woollen thread. The cap is to be made in a triangular shape. Add a bead at the Apex of the cap. Add two black beads for the eyes of the Santa and a red bead for the nose of the Santa.

DIY Crochet Butterflies Instructions (Video Tutorial)

This is a beautiful butterfly craft made using crocheting techniques. You can even make these smaller butterflies for your kids and various dresses. You can always add these small crochet butterflies to the dresses or table cloths. Also, you can make these bright and colorful butterflies in different colors. Start by making a flower pattern with the crocheting needle. The flower has two different colored layers to itself. You can put any color inside and the other on the outside. Now fold back two of the petals of the flower downwards and see the mid rib of the butterfly. Once you have seen the mid rib of the butterfly you get two beautiful wings of the butterfly. Now add two antennas to the head of the butterfly. You can also add beads or gems at the head for beautification. This completes your butterfly craft. Now use it wherever you like to.

Meladora’s Creations for Crochet – Patterns – Flowers & Motifs (Tutorial)

As the winter kicks in, everything becomes snowy and flakes are the favourite thing we have all around us. Each one of us wants to explore the varied experiences winter’s have to offer us. One can always find some inspo around oneself. We have found some beautiful snowflake craft which can be made with the help of crocheting techniques. All you will need is a red colored paper, punching machine, white woollen thread and crocheting needle. Cut out a circle of suitable size from a red colored sheet of paper. Punch holes at the outer edge of the red colored sheet. Thread the Quilling needle. Start by looping around the punched holes. Make a single circular shape with the crocheting needle. Now make one more layer with the white thread. Make the flake shape by picking and dropping the woollen knots. These snowflakes look pretty. You can always thread a ribbon to hang these snowflakes wherever you want.

DIY Adorable Crochet Baby Booty Instructions (Tutorial)

These are some really beautiful woollen boots. One always wants to dress up their children in the best kinds of clothing. These boots will make your toddlers look like a boss and will keep them warm in winter season. You can start making these booties by crocheting a flat rectangular woollen piece. You must always keep in mind the foot size of your kid. Start folding the rectangular piece of crochet. Make the finger style design at the head of the rectangular piece to give a shape to the booties. You can even work at the front with a different colored thread. This will beautiful the booties further. Fold the top of the booties downwards. Add a button or gems at the front of the booties where the finger like projections seem to gather. Help your kid wear these beautiful boots. Always use soft wool while making anything for kids. Not using a fine wool may make kids not wear the booties and that will be disheartening and kids will feel uncomfortable in not so soft woollen products.

DIY Little Crochet Bird Instructions (Tutorial)

These are some really beautiful birds made using crochet techniques And some colorful woolen thread. These beautiful birds can be used for different purposes. You can make some fridge magnets, craft necklaces, adorn your kurtas, add these birds to table cloths, dresses, etc. These birds can be made with thin woolen thread. You can make the bird in a mix of colors for the optimal effects of feathers and shades. You may also add ribbon loops to these birds to make hanging crafts or pass a key chain ring through the bird to use it as a key chain. Kids can also use these birds as their playmates. They will have fun playing with these fuzzy friends. You can even make buntings with these colorful birds.

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