Valentine’s Day Crafts & Handmade Gift Ideas

Simple & Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts & Handmade Gift Ideas for your friends and loved ones!

Valentine’s Day is a very important day for every couple. Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide with enthusiasm. Every couple showcases the love they have and enjoy the whole day. The partners share tokens of love to show their love for each other. Love knows no bounds, thus we can say that love has conquered all in this case as the Valentine’s Day is celebrated by people of every race, color, ethnicity to show their love to their partners. Let us add more love and blessings to this beautiful day with some beautiful DIY crafts which couples can gift each other on this day of love.

Valentine’s Day Crafts & Handmade Gifts

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Colorful Quilling Valentine’s Day Crafts

Artist: Debasish Sarkar

Quilling is a Fun craft. You can quill using colorful Quilling strips and then use them to make some small sized hearts. This beautiful scenery can be made using Quilling techniques. This beautiful craft will be great option as a gift. You will be able to make this pretty craft easily for your loved one.

Beautiful Valentine’s Day Crafts

Artist: Anuja Narvekar Gadkari

This is a beautiful heart shaped craft. The beautiful heart shaped craft carries inside itself two love birds and some bright colored flowers. The inside of the craft are made with the help of Quilling crafts. It looks really pretty. You can also add messages or love quotes for your loves ones on the top of the craft.

Pink Valentine’s Day Crafts

Artist: Janvi Dedhia

This is a beautiful and easy to make Valentine’s Day craft for your loved. The pink colored portion of the craft has a beautiful heart shaped motif in the middle. The whole craft is made with paper strips. These motifs can be made with the help of Quilling strips and Quilling needle. You can add with patterned border to the pink portion to make it look like a photo frame.

Beautiful Valentine’s Day Crafts

Artist: Gayam Swetha

This is a beautiful Valentine’s Day card design. You can make this beautiful card design on a handmade red sheet. You can make a cut at the front in the shape of a heart and decorate the sides of the heart shape with the help of quilled flowers and leaves to beautify it. You can write your lovely messages or quotes inside the card.

Easy Quilling Crafts

Artist: Poornima Pohankar Shukla

This is a beautiful large sized heart craft. The large heart shape is filled with lots of small sized quilled hearts. This looks really pretty. The heart is adorned on the sides with ‘S’ spirals. It adds definition to the craft. The quilled flowers look pretty along with the large sized heart craft.

Beautiful Girl and Boy Valentine’s Day Crafts

Artist: Archana Vora

Most often Valentine’s Day is celebrated among a girl and a boy. This beautiful drawing depicts the love and affection between the girl and the boy. You can even make a similar drawing. The drawing can be made in pencil colors, oil pastel or water colors. You can frame the drawing with black paper borders. Adorn the border strips with silver pen.

Beautiful Cherry Blossom Valentine’s Day crafts

Artist: Athira Sreekanth

Quilling crafts are fun to make. This is a very beautiful Quilling drawing. The beautiful scene of a girl and boy taking a swing has been depicted in this beautiful craft. This craft is really easy to make and is perfect to give to your beloved. You will need colored Quilling strips, Quilling needle, glue and white hard stock sheet.

Bottle Crafts for Valentine’s Day

Artist: Chinju Sinu

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner. Let us gift our loved ones something special out of our own closet. If your loved ones has a hobby to collect glass bottles or they drink, then you must make this bottle craft. You will need acrylic paint, thick and thin paint brush, a nice handwriting. Your loved one will surely like this bottle craft.

Beautiful girl and boy crafts

Artist: Chinju Sinu

This is a also a very sweet bottle craft. This bottle craft is really easy to realise. You will need acrylic paints, thick and thin paint brushes and nice calligraphy. The beautiful bottle design depicts a girl and boy together with the backdrop of a heart.

Love Cupid Crafts for Valentine’s Day

Artist: Chinju Sinu

This bottle design is really unique. This beautiful bottle design has a Cupid on one side and the heart line runs through the whole bottle. The beautiful bottle design looks great. It is perfect to gift to your loved ones. You can gift this bottle craft as a pot for plants or the actual drinks. Your loved one will surely love this present.

Bottle crafts for Valentine’s Day

Artist: Chinju Sinu

This is a simplistic and pretty bottle design. You can easily make this with a thick and thin paint brush, acrylic paints and a nice handwriting. Your loved one will appreciate your efforts and love the gift. You can even decorate the bottle with gems and rhinestones.

Beautiful wall Crafts for Valentine’s Day

Artist: Neha Shah

This is a perfect way to decorate your room with Valentine’s Day vibes this Valentine’s. You can add these wall stickers or draw some Valentine’s Day related drawings on the wall. The drawings on or beside the switch boards are on a smaller scale and cane be completed in short times as well. Your loved one will surely be surprised with this new addition to the room.

Beautiful Valentine’s Day drawing

Artist: Anitha Rajagopal

This is a pretty sweet drawing for your loved one. You can easily make the girl and boy sitting atop The elephant having fun. If the kids can have fun, why cannot the adults enjoy similar sentiments. This drawing is really easy to make, even if you are not that good of an artist, you will still be able to make this beautiful drawing on your own.

Beautiful Girl and Boy Drawing for Valentine’s Day

Artist: Ritesh Yadav

This is a pretty Valentine’s Day craft. The girl and boy shown in the picture showcase the love we hope in between us despite the age, color, gender. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones this Valentine’s. You can make this beautiful drawing on your own or get it made.

Pretty night scene Valentine’s Day Crafts

Artist: Pallavi Padhye

The thought of being away from City, in the calmness, enjoying the night with your loved ones always excites one. Why not gift your loved one an image of the scene where you two are away from the city, enjoying the nature to it’s fullest. Your loved one will surely love this gesture of love.

Mosaic Valentine’s Day Crafts

Artist: Urmi Ahmed

This beautiful girl and boy drawing on paper stands out for all the right reasons. This beautiful drawing is a perfect mosaic with all the colorful elements of the drawing minutely drawn and put in place. This drawing looks lively and pretty. Your loved one will be happy to receive such a beauty this Valentine’s.

Beautiful Henna Design for Valentine’s Day

Artist: Shabana Khan

Applying henna to your hands needs no reason, but here we have a great reason. This Valentine’s surprise your loved one with your hands covered in beautiful henna designs. Henna designs look pretty and add a beautiful element to your attire.

Beautiful drawing for Valentine’s Day

Artist: Pooja Jain‎

This is a really beautiful silhouette drawing of a girl and a boy in the beautiful pink light in the background. The pink light emanates the color of love. It looks really pretty. The tree is covered in red, heart shaped leaves which add more lovely vibes to the drawing.

Beautiful Cake decoration for Valentine’s Day

Artist: Sree Dam

Everyone loves to eat cake, what can be better than having cake on Valentine’s day with your beloved. You can get your cakes customised and decorated with roses, hearts and other love symbols. You can even plan a surprise ring box inside the cake. It will surely make your beloved happy. We hope you have a great time this Valentine’s.

Simplistic Heart shaped Valentine’s Day Crafts

Artist: Aritra Misra‎

If you have not got much time in hand, you can go for this simplistic heart shaped craft. All you need is pink colored paper , pair of scissors, glue and a purple colored sheet. Cut several small sized heart shapes from the pink colored paper, and a large heart shape from the pink paper. Now use the small hearts to write ‘I’ and ‘U’. Stick the large sized heart shape in the middle of the two alphabets. Your beautiful Valentine’s Day craft is ready.

I Love You Hand Crafts

Artist: Tanisha Lodha

This is a pretty I Love You hand craft. Even kids can make it for their parents. You will need red colored felt, beautiful stickers, red sharpie pen and some glitter foam sheet to make this beautiful hand craft. It is really easy and fun to make.

Live Birds craft for Valentine’s Day

Artist: Anamika Burghate Tonge

Love birds signify the love between two creatures. This is a very beautiful Valentine’s Day craft idea. You can make this beautiful birds craft for Valentine’s Day. Your loved one will be happy to receive such a thoughtful handmade gift for Valentine’s Day. You will need glitter foam sheets, googly eyes, beads, roses, etc. To make this beautiful craft.

Easy to make DIY project

Artist: Indu Gupta Bhatt

Dreamcatchers are a rage today. Let us make one for the Valentine’s day. This looks pretty. You will need red and black colored sheets, thin just rope, flower crafts, pair of scissors and glue. The main portion of the dream catcher is made with a large circle of red sheet covered in thin just rope. The just rope also has the pictures of a boy and a girl stuck on it. The hangings consist of heart shapes beneath the large circle.

Beautiful Flower wreath for Valentine’s Day

Artist: ArtiKunal Avyukt Gupta

Valentine’s Day is marked with lots of roses and chocolates. Wreaths are a way to express joy. Let us make a rose wreath on Valentine’s Day. You will need different colored roses along with the seat sponge to set the roses in place in the shape of a wreath. Your loved one will surely like this beautiful craft.

Beautiful wooden crafts for Valentine’s Day

Artist: Meenu Jetta

Crafts made on wood remain for long. You can make this beautiful heart shaped craft on a wooden piece. The beautiful Cherry blossom tree can be made with the help of acrylic paint and a thin paint brush. You can write beautiful love messages or quotes for your loved one on the heart shaped wooden piece. You can add a magnet at the back of the wooden craft to make. A fridge magnet.

Rainbow heart rain for Valentine’s Day

Artist: Radha Goyal

This is a beautiful and colorful hearts craft fit for the Valentine’s day. You can make this beautiful craft with the help of colorful sheets, pair of scissors, threads, wooden stick. This beautiful rainbow craft looks like raining crafts. You can even use a heart shaped punch to ease your work. Stick the hearts to the thread with the help of glue or tape. You can also write the initials of yourself and your beloved atop The wooden stick.

Beautiful dream catcher for couples

Artist: Sunanda Dash

Dreamcatchers are a perfect gift for Valentine’s. You can make this beautiful dream catcher on your own with some feathers, threads, wire, beads. All you need is determination and creativity to make this beautiful dream catcher. You can add heart shapes and fill them in with thread work to make it look pretty.

Beautiful leaf crafts for Valentine’s Day

Artist: Mamta Goel

Leaf crafts are difficult to make. You need to be really precise and pay a lot of attention to details. You must always choose a leaf which is easy to carve in shape. You can use a sharp cutter to cut the leaf in the required shape.

Beautiful Valentine’s Day Crafts for couples

Artist: Jasmin Abbott

This is a very pretty gift for your Valentine. Use a beautiful outer frame and a clear base inside the frame. You can add dark silhouette crafts to decorate this frame. Adding your and your beloved’s name to the craft will be a great idea.

Beautiful gnome Crafts for Valentine’s Day

Artist: Anuja Murgod

These are some really pretty gnome crafts for Valentine’s Day. You can make these beautiful gnome homes using POP. You can even make these pretty home crafts with the help of chocolate. It will surely make your Valentine happy.

Beautiful Chocolate Crafts for Valentine’s Day

Artist: Tejal Modi

We all give flower bouquets to one and all. Have you ever thought of giving your Valentine a chocolate bouquet. You can make this chocolate bouquet on your own by using wooden skewers, faux flowers to decorate, hearts shaped chocolates. Fix the chocolates in place with the help of wooden skewers. This will surely bring a smile to your beloved’s face.

Beautiful Candy jars for Valentine’s Day

Artist: Amu Desai

We all love candy. What is Valentine’s day without loads of candy. You can make these pretty Candy jars with terracotta pots and glass jars. You will need acrylic paint to paint the terracotta pots. You can decorate these candy jars with stickers and words. Your beloved will live these candy jars a lot.

Beautiful Valentine’s Day Crafts Earrings

Artist: Pooja Jayant Choudhary

These earrings are very much intricate and beautiful. You will love to wear these beautiful earrings. The beautiful rose petals of each rose looks beautiful. The combination of red and white roses is perfect. Use hot glue gun to seal the back of the earring with the seat of the earring rod. It will make your Valentine look even more beautiful.

Woollen crafts for Valentine’s Day

Artist: Geeta Khanna‎

This is a beautiful woolen heart basket for all your stuff to keep safe from others. You can easily make it with the help of some crocheting. Your loved one will surely love this cute present. You can decorate this heart shaped basket with ribbons, gems, rhinestones, crochet flowers, etc.

Beautiful Valentine’s Day Food Crafts

Artist: Saumya Keshri

This is a fun and tasty food craft for Valentine’s Day. This is a perfect Valentine’s Day craft if your loved one is a big foodie or a fitness freak. They will love all these fruits. You can decorate the fruit plate in different ways. One of them has been shown here. You can always personalise and make the crafts better and well suited.

We hope you and your loved one will surely like all these Valentine’s Day presents. You can check out other related articles on K4 Craft. You can leave your kind comments in the comments section below. We will soon come up with more such useful articles for all our readers. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft.

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