50+ Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Crafts for Kids

Easy valentine crafts for kids are perfect for, parties, Scout meetings and, family fun nights. There are tons of great reasons to celebrate during the month of love, so whether it’s for a class party, at home with the kids or you’re having friends over, here are Valentine’s Day classroom party crafts for kids.

Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Crafts for Kids

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Heart Glasses

Image source / Tutorial: Pinkstripeysocks

To make heart glasses firstly, print and cut out a pair of glasses from the template. Then trace them onto a cereal box and cut them out. Alternatively, print the glasses out on card stock. Then save one of your inside cutout heart shapes if you want to add cellophane lenses. Then cover your work area and paint your glasses. Then use your exacto knife to cut a slit on each side of your glasses. Then cut a pipe cleaner in half.  Now push one pipe cleaner through one slit and twist it to secure it. (Remember that the pointy bit at the end is bent so that it won’t scratch your face). Then repeat this procedure with the other side. Now bend the pipe cleaner ends so that they fit over your ears. Then to create colored lenses, trace around your saved heart piece onto colored cellophane. (Be sure to trace a slightly bigger heart shape). Then cut the heart out and then tape it to the back of your glasses.

Angry Love Birds

Image source / Tutorial: Makeandtakes

To make yarn pom pom firstly, wrap yarn around your 2 fingers 40-50 times, depending on how big you want your pom. Then wrap 1/2 pipe cleaner around the whole bundle of yarn and twist it together tight. Now, to make the heart at the top, twist and bend the pipe cleaner into a heart shape (for LOVE). And if you don’t want a heart at the top, then cut the pipe cleaner down to make the birds feathery hair or simply use yarn instead to do the tying of the bundle. Then cut all the loops of the yarn. Now trim your yarn to your desired size and shape. Then for a bird shape, cut it a little shorter at the top, giving it sort of an oval look. Now glue one your googly eyes. Then glue on your beak and yarn eye brows. Now let this birdie dry.

Chalk Pastel Hearts

Image source / Tutorial: Makeandtakes

To make chalk pastel hearts firstly, cut a heart stencil. Then fold the small piece of heavy paper and cut out a heart shape. We’ll be using both pieces (the solid positive shape and the leftover outline), or negative shape. Now using the solid heart shape, we are going to create our background first. So lay down some newspaper or other scratch paper to work on. Then choose a chalk pastel color and color all around the edge of your heart (I recommend doing this off to the side on scratch paper). Choose a spot on your paper to place your heart, when you have applied a nice outline of color. Then use a tissue to smudge the chalk off of the heart and onto the paper. Now lift your heart stencil off and check out the negative shape you made.Then continues coloring your heart and smudging off the chalk pastel until your paper is filled. Now it looks really neat to do a few hearts going off the edge of the paper, too. Then, switch to your heart outline stencil. Now apply a second color all around the opening, then place it on your paper and use a fresh tissue to smudge the chalk in toward the center. Then keep smudging until your heart is filled in. And little artists might appreciate some extra help holding the stencil. Now overlap, go off the edge, and add hearts wherever you think they look good. And continue adding hearts until your masterpiece looks complete.

Heart Jewelry

Image source / Tutorial: Thedecoratedcookie

To make heart jewelry firstly, paint your jewelry because, since the candy is an irregular shape, some of the jewelry shows through the cracks and crevices, so paint the surface. Now let the jewelry dry completely. Then glue the candy. And plan out your candy first on the jewelry. Now add a dab of hot glue and carefully attach the candy. Now let it dry completely.

Heart Shaped Leis

Image source / Tutorial: Makeandtakes

To make heart shaped leis firstly, cut out your hearts. But the quickest way to do this is to cut your paper into 4 pieces, fold each piece in half, and cut out 2 hearts on the fold. And you can also use a large heart paper punch or simply cut them out freehand. In this you will need 12 hearts per child-sized necklace. Then cut your straws into 1½” pieces. Now the shorter they are, the easier they are to thread through yarn. Then you’ll need 12 cut straws for each child-sized necklace. Now punch a small hole in each heart. It depending on how large or small your straws are, you will need to make sure your holes are smaller. You had to use a very small paper punch. Then cut a 2’–3′ piece of yarn, depending on how long or short you want it to lay around your child’s neck. And, tape one end of the yarn using clear tape. This makes it much easier to thread through the straws. Now thread the paper hearts and straw pieces onto the yarn. Then line them up if you want to make a special pattern. Once you have attached each straw and heart you want, tie off the 2 ends together. Now you can stop here, or you can add a few fun Valentine sayings. And we wrote a little message on each heart: “cutie pie,” “be mine,” “u r cute,” etc.

Cork Love Bugs

Image source / Tutorial: Notimeforflashcards

To make cork love bugs firstly, we start by coloring your corks. But, if you want to spread this craft out over a longer period you could paint the corks and wait for them to dry. Because we are not good at waiting so we used sharpies. Then use the heart punch to punch out the heart wings first with your hands and then with your elbow. Then popped the double stick tape on. Now added the wings. And then it was time for the glue and googly eyes. Now added the glue and let it dry.

Cupid’s Crafty Bow and Arrows

Image source / Tutorial: Makeandtakes

To make cupid’s crafty bow and arrows firstly, using your red sparkle paint and sponge brush, paint your wooden dowel or stick. Now let it dry completely. Use a tall drinking cup to set it in to dry, painting one half of the stick and then the other. Now to create your heart shaped arrow, first bend the pipe cleaner in half, but don’t press. Then about half way down, twist the two ends together all the way down. And form the top half of the bent pipe cleaner into a heart shape. Now you can create a large heart for your arrow to strike, just twist the ends of the pipe cleaner together at the bottom. Add one pipe cleaner to it to form the bow when your painted stick is dry. Then wrap and twist each end of the pipe cleaner to each end of the stick.

Heart-Shaped Friendship Bracelets

Image source / Tutorial: Makeandtakes

To make heart shaped friendship bracelet firstly, using your scissors, cut out 6–7 small 1 × 1 in (2.5 cm) hearts from the craft foam sheets. Then you will need 6–7 hearts per child, although the length of the bracelet may vary for each child. Now use your hole punch to make 2 holes in each heart. Then you may have to press hard with your hole punch to get through the craft foam. Then wrap a small piece of tape around one end of your piece of yarn to help with lacing each heart and to prevent the yarn from fraying. Then lace the yarn through the foam hearts, weaving in and out of each hole. And lace up as many hearts as you need to fit the bracelet around your child’s wrist. Once all the hearts are on the yarn, tie the two ends of the yarn together in a knot and trim the ends. But make sure you tie the bracelet so that it is big enough for your child to take on and off easily.

Heart-Shaped Pipe Cleaner Rings

Image source / Tutorial: Makeandtakes

To make heart shaped pipe cleaner ring firstly, decide how big you want your heart. If you want it to be petite then, cut your pipe cleaner in half first. Then wrap it around your finger from the center and twist it around. Now fold the two ends in to each other and twist them together, bending them in toward the bottom to form the heart.

Cereal Box Love Bugs

Image source / Tutorial: Thedecoratedcookie

To make cereal box love bugs, use a round lid, cup or jar as a template for the ladybug’s body. Firstly, punch three holes on each side of the red circle. Then glue the small, pink paper circles to the top of the red circle for the ladybug’s dots. Now thread a pipe cleaner half through the holes as shown, starting from above at one side, under the lady bug body and back up through the hole on the opposite side. Then bend the ends down to make legs. And repeat through the other sets of holes to have six legs total. And if necessary, tape the pipe cleaners down on the underside of the ladybug. Now for the head, glue googly eyes to a large, red pom pom and then glue to the end of the circle, between the two sides of the holes.

Lovebird Paper Garland

Image source / Tutorial: Makeandtakes

To make lovebird paper garland firstly, fold a strip of drawing or copy paper – nothing too thick, since you’ll be cutting through multiple layers at one time. Then we used pieces of 12×18″ white drawing paper, cut in half lengthwise. Then with your paper strip folded up accordion-style, draw a simple bird shape. Now both the beak and tail should be touching the edges of the paper. And don’t make the beak or tail too pointy, since those are the parts that will join the birds together. Now cut through all the layers of paper and open to reveal your lovebird garland. Then cut as many of these as you’d like to have for your finished garland – you can just tape them together after decorating. Now decorate your birds however you like. You can use crayons in mostly pinks, reds, and purples, but paints, markers, or even stamps would be fun to use. Now every lovebird needs some heart-shaped wings. So we dug through our never-ending pile of scrap paper and gathered pretty papers for our heart wings. And you could also use construction paper, magazine pages, or even recycle some of your kids’ paintings. Then use a glue stick to attach a heart to each lovebird. Now attach your garlands together using a little clear tape on the back and hang your adorable lovebirds somewhere special.

Valentine Pom Pom Flowers

Image source / Tutorial: Makeandtakes

To make valentine pom pom flowers firstly, begin by wrapping yarn around your fingers. Then the size of your pom pom will be determined by how many times you wrap the yarn. Now for the pom poms on my flowers I wrapped the yarn roughly 50 times.

Then carefully remove the wrapped yarn from your fingers and place it over a 7 inch length of yarn. Then tie the 7 inch length of yarn around the wrapped piece tightly. And next use your scissors to cut the loops of the wrapped yarn. Then simply trim the yarn ball to create a more uniform look. Now to make the flowers, attach the yarn ball to the end of a twig using a glue gun. Then the pom pom flowers look great displayed in a vase, attached on top of a gift, or given in a bunch to a friend.

Valentine’s day is celebrated every February 14 and celebrating it with loved ones is great feeling. To do it,we have awesome ideas with which you can make the day more special than ever.Do celebrate valentine with your loved ones and make it memorable one.

Cupid Arrows

Image source / Tutorial: Carolynshomeworkret

Make some little cupid arrows and fell in love with. Make arrows out of items on hand like twigs. Use the  craft glue to adhere the felt arrow heads and feathers to the twig. Add the sweet message  to twigs, use  straw instead of twigs. It is little craft to do with little ones. It looks simple and elegant.

Printable Butterfly

Image source / Tutorial: Skiptomylou

Download  the butterfly valentine, print on colored card-stock, cut out, make slits for the sucker, add some decorations. Insert the  sucker and then add some wiggly eyes to the top of the sucker.  A dd a small piece of pipe cleaner for the antenna. Add a piece of tape to the back to keep sucker securely in place. How easy is that!

Hide & Seek

Image source / Tutorial: Makeandtakes

Play hide and seek with heart shaped hearts. Cut out two 4×4 pieces of red felt. Fold them in half and cut out a heart shape. Use the glue to make two hearts together. Glue all sides leaving the top of two hearts. Once the glue is dry, pour the beans into the heart and fill up to 3/4 of way full.After filling glue over the heart,make sure no gap it felt out. And its now ready play the hide and seek.


Image source / Tutorial: Makeandtakes

I have played tic tac toe game in paper, now a days app is also available.But playing the tic tac toe is played is difficult and engage all the members with amazement. To make it, take the paper and cut down to heart shaped one. Draw the lines.Use white and red heart to differentiate between the opponent. Give the try to game and make everyone crazy with it.

Letter Match

Image source / Tutorial: Makeandtakes

Letter Match, many of us would have played in childhood many games. Add this too the list,by playing it. The game is every simple. Match the capital letter with small letter. The letter is written on the little half shaped heart. By matching the matching the letters, heart becomes complete. This is the game.


Image source / Tutorial: Skiptomylou

Kids will like to play with little creatures. Ladybug is one among them.Take circle shaped paper with written message on it and another with design to make as brads. Keep the message  written paper down and over it make the brads.Add body accent and googly eyes. Kids will love the ladybug with sweet message.

Baking Cup Flowers

Image source / Tutorial: Skiptomylou

Making  baking cup into flower is tricky but can be made easily with the trick. Fold four paper cups into the half and lay two out two flat,punch a hole. Do it for other two papers in the center.Place the folded papers into sucker sticks and look like the flowers with petals. At the sides, place the leaves to give the finishing touch. Have the great fun while making it.

Pom Monsters

Image source / Tutorial: Createcraftlove

Many people will be racking their mind what to do for the valentine day or party. To do unique one,here is pom monsters that comes out to scare us.The cute and fluffy pom monsters are too cute to be scary! Make  pom monster bodies utilizing my pom pom maker, next cut two antennae from white pipe cleaner. Each antennae is 2 inches long.  Place a foam heart on a pom’s top.Next, hot glue  antennae on  pom monster body.Finally, add some googly eyes and  finished! Here is little pom monsters to scare kiddo’s.

Air Hearts

Image source / Tutorial: Makeandtakes

Flying valentine times and air hearts!here is the idea of making super cool valentine air hearts with full happiness. Kids going to love  these because they are going to flying and we can make swirl around. Take  colored paper and fold it into half. With help of scissors cut into half shaped heart and open up it to see how it turned.Turn back the heart in half, to make the wings, bring the outer side of the heart to the folded side of the heart, fold and do that with the other side to.Enjoy the occasion.

Puzzling Card

Image source / Tutorial: Makeandtakes

Finding the missing words are interesting to do.Like wise,take the red colored paper and make sentence like “I Love you to Pieces” or “Do not go breaking my heart ” or words you want to express write it down in the paper. And cut down the paper into pieces and place the puzzle pieces into envelope. Give to person who you want and they try to find the secret message by arranging the piece of paper. Make the try to this craft and you will find it interesting.

30+ Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

We have completed 50+ Valentine’s Day classroom party crafts for kids which includes valentine pom pom flowers, lovebird paper garland, cereal box love bugs, heart shaped pipe cleaner ring, heart shaped friendship bracelet, cupid’s crafty bow and arrows etc.

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Valentine’s  day is full giving the love and sharing love in and around the place where we are. To do that,above crafts are helpful and useful.Try out the things and have fun fun filled over the party or home where you are celebrating it. Spread  and Share love…HAPPY VALENTINE DAY!!! Do share your experience and feedback in the comments section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas! Do check out other related articles on K4 Craft. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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