Valentine’s Day Activities for Preschool Kids

Valentine’s Day Activities for Preschool Kids can help to learn new things while getting fine motor practice too. Enjoy Simple and fun games for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s day is a great event for one and all. Valentine’s Day is celebrated by every age group, every gender and every nation without any bounds. Valentine’s is the festival of love. One must celebrate it with family friends. We know that love is not limited by one’s life partners alone. Love is everywhere and in every relationship. We must teach these things yo the children early on, so that they understand things when they grow up. We have come up with some loved Valentine’s Day activities for preschool kids to try this Valentine’s Day. Let us have look at them. We wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Activities for Preschool Kids

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Making jelly Hearts this Valentine’s Day

Image/Tutorial: Inspiration Laboratories

This is a fun science experiment indeed. We all know hearts are based on emotion but a bit of science never hurt anyone. First of all get an ice mold with heart shapes. Now fill it with water and vinegar. Now let it freeze. Now mix some baking powder with water. When you place the frozen vinegar hearts in the baking powder solution you can observe a reaction taking place. And also due to the mixing of two different colors a beautiful colorful effect can be observed. You can try the experiment with different concentrations of vinegar in the hearts.

Matching game for Preschool Kids

Image/Tutorial: Creations By Kara

This is indeed a fun game for your kids. Start with some Hershey kisses. Get some printable templates. Stick the template below the hershey kisses. Now lay the chocolates on a flat surface. It is a multiplayer game. Every player gets to pick up two chocolates out of all. If the pattern beneath the Kisses match with each other then the player gets to eat the chocolates other wise they need to keep the chocolates back at the same positions. You can play this nice game with your kids and your relatives.

Fun Kids activities for Valentine’s Day

Image/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

This is a nice code game for kids this Valentine’s. It is a great way to show your love to your kids and let their brain cells keep on working. Start by making an alphabet key first. The outer ring will have the alphabets and the inner ring will have an arrow and alphabets on it. Now fix the arrow on one of the alphabets on the outer ring. Now every alphabet on the inside will have a corresponding outer alphabet. Use the outer alphabets for the actual alphabets given on the inner ring and write the encrypted code. Now hide the inner ring and give your kids the message and the outer alphabets ring. Give them clues to find out the key, inner ring. Now tell them the first alphabet which will help them discover the message.

Stacking Hearts fun for Valentine’s

Image/Tutorial: Totally The Bomb

This is a really fun game for kids. The kids have to stack these heart shaped candies on top of each other. Every kid will be given a minute’s time to stack the candies on top of each other. Now the kids can eat these candies once they have played the game. The aim of the game is to stack as many candies as you can in a minute.

Perfect match Valentine’s Day game for Toddlers

Image/Tutorial: I Heart Naptime

These are really awesome match it cards. These printable cards are lovely and bright. You can use these cards to use along with candy covers, gift wraps, decorative pieces. You can even make a bunting using a twine and these placards. Punch a hole in the placards. Now pass a ribbon or a twine through the punched cards. Now you can hang these cards in your room or at the door of your home to give a festive feel. Toddlers will love to play this game.

Reaching the Heart maze game for Children

Image/Tutorial: Kids Activities Blog

Kids love to play maze games. These games are really fun and make for a great motor skills booster. It helps to enhance the thinking ability of the kids. You can make different kinds of finding maze activities for kids this Valentine’s. The difficulty levels can range from basic to very difficult maze designs. Decorate the maze with red and pink hearts on the sides. You can also add a heart in the middle of the maze.

Love Monster Craft for Elementary Students

Image/Tutorial: Teacher Bits And Bobs

This is a fun craft activity for kids. Kids will love to make these classic pink monster buddies this Valentine’s. Provide the kids with a black base. A quirky shaped pink piece of paper. Also provide the preschool kids with heart shapes for the eye balls. Strips for antennas. And different colored pieces for feet of the monster. Also give two heart shapes for the top of the antennas. Now help the  kids to assemble the pieces together to form the monster. You can use a dark colored mouth section and add quirky and funny looking teeth inside the mouth of the monster.

Duck game for Kindergarten Kids

Image/Tutorial: Kerrific Online

This is a very nice ducky-game. The game is based on love, kindness and giving to others. Get a beautiful red duck with hearts. Now start playing this game with your family members. Any member who gets the duck has to perform a good deed and then pass it onto the next family member. The next member who receives the duck has to continue with the same. This way a lot of good deeds will be performed and excitement for the day will continue. Good deeds may include, folding clothes, washing dishes, giving a hug, dusting the room, etc.

‘Spot the differences’ Valentine’s Day games for Preschool Kids

Image/Tutorial: Studio DIY

This is a very nice game for anyone whom you love. You can play this heart spotting game with your kids, spouse, other family members, etc. Start by cutting or stamping multiple heart shapes in red and pink colored felt cloth or felt foam sheet. Now you can hide these heart shapes in different places. You can stick the heart shapes at the back of chocolates, candies, inside notebooks, etc. You can hide the hearts in cabinets, drawers, bags, etc. It will be really fun to let your loved ones find these little hearts and be happy.

Valentine’s Day Yahtzee Game

Image/Tutorial: The Idea Room

This is a fun yahtzee game. It is similar to a normal Yahtzee game. To start with take five or six wooden dices. Now add white placards to all the surfaces to the wooden dices. Take a printout for the dice sides. Print out all the numbers. Leave one side, preferably of number 1 empty. Write HEARTS on the dices on the number 1 side letter by letter. Now you van play the yahtzee with your loved ones. You can make additional dices as compared to the traditional yahtzee or even change some rules to fit in the Valentine’s day vibe.

Valentine’s Day Heart shaped Suncatcher

Image/Tutorial: Fun At Home With Kids

These heart shaped suncatchers look really beautiful and are easy to make. Take some large sized coffee filters. Cut out heart shapes from the coffee filters. Now pour out some liquid water colors in a tray or give your child some normal water colors to paint these heart shapes cut from the coffee filter. Once the color has played through the whole heart shape, lay it out to dry. Once the heart shapes have dried, you can stick them on the glass pane for the beautiful suncatcher effect. It is most loved among all of these Valentine’s Day activities for preschool to decorate classroom windows.

Fishing for Hearts for Valentine’s Day

Image/Tutorial: Twinkle Little Art

This is a nice fishing game for kids. The fishes are made in hearts. A large heart is used to make the body of the fish and a smaller heart is used to make the tail of the fish. Every hearty fish has a certain number of dark pink hearts on its body. Add a paper clip to the top of the fish. Now take a foil roll and tie a magnet to it. When you lower the magnet, the paperclips will stick to the magnet thus resulting in the fishing of the fish. Let your child count the number of hearts on the fish and match it with the numbered hearts. It will be a nice educational activity for kids for sure. The heart touch to this fishing game makes it worthy of Valentine’s day activities.

Making Bath Bombs

Image/Tutorial: Two-Daloo

These are some really nice bath bombs for the Valentine’s. Mix some baking soda and lime. Mix it well. Add some food coloring. Do not let it get wet. Mix everything well. Now take a cookie cutter and fill it up with the mixture. Press it down. Set the mixture. Remove the cookie cutter. Your bath bomb is ready to hit the bath tub and provide you with a nice pink bath.

Heart shaped bath Bombs

Image/Tutorial: Totally The Bomb

These message based based are really fun to work with. You can even play a game with this message conveying hearts. Start with forming groups or playing individually is also an option. Now give the children some of these message conveying hearts. Now let them make some sentences. The best part about this game is that there is no winner. So everyone can enjoy the prizes.

Games for Valentine’s Day

Image/Tutorial: A Girl And A Glue Gun

This is a nice game with prizes. First of all make these large sized clothes pins made from large rectangular boxes. Now fit in some prizes in the mouth of the clothes pin. Keep the clothes pins vertical. Get some small sized bean bags or make some with felt cloth and glue gun. Now ask the students to hit the clothes pins like skittles. The gift in The clothes pin they hit is theirs. You can make it more interesting by making more number of clothes pins as it increases the chances of blow by the pillow.

30+ Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

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We hope you liked all these beautiful Valentine’s Day activities for preschool kid. We wish all our readers a Very Happy Valentine’s Day. You can check out other related articles on K4 Craft. We would love to hear from you. You can leave your feedback and opinion in the comments section given below. We will come up with more such useful and interesting content soon. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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