St. Patrick’s Day Crafts to Make With Your Kids

These St. Patrick’s Day Crafts & Activities are perfect for your kids to get in green & gold spirit. Whether you are after some paper shamrock crafts, some colour rainbow ideas; you’ll find everything!

St. Patrick’s Day is an important part of Irish culture. The day is marked with festivities and processions all over the world. People come together to mark and celebrate the birthday of St. Patrick. It is a merry making time for everyone. This year on St. Patrick’s Day we have brought to you some really beautiful and easy to make crafties to decorate your homes. These crafties will bring you in the right feels for the St. Patrick’s Day. We wish all our readers a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

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1. Popsicle crafts for St. Patrick’s Day

Image source / Tutorial: Todays creative ideas

Popsicle sticks are really easy to arrange and work with. First of all collect some popsicle sticks. Clean and dry them. Now stick all the popsicle sticks side by side. Draw a leprechaun figure on the popsicle sticks complete with a hat. Start painting the drawing with the appropriate colors. Paint the face in skin color, the beard in orange color and the hat in green color. Add the buckle on the hat. Stick two googly eyes to the face. Also add other required features to the face.

2. Colorful shamrock suncatcher

Image source / Tutorial: Typically simple

This is a beautiful shamrock sun catcher made with washi tape. Take a light paper sheet. Now line this white sheet with colorful and bright washi tapes. These washi tapes in a definite pattern make a beautiful sight. Now turn the sheet over. Draw a large shamrock to fit the page on the back with a pencil. Now cut along the drawn design of the shamrock. You get a beautiful colorfully patterned shamrock design sun catcher for your windows. You can more of such beautiful St. Patrick’s Day crafts to decorate your home.

3. Green and shiny shamrock crafts

Image source / Tutorial: Janine huldie

These are some really beautiful and shiny St. Patrick’s day crafts. These magic wands look really pretty. To make these wands take some wooden dowels. Draw shamrocks on a green colored glitter felt foam sheet. Count out these shamrocks with a pair of scissors. Spray paint the wooden dowels with golden spray paint. Add the glittery shamrocks to the top of the golden painted wooden dowels. Stick chocolate pennies in the middle of the felt foam sheet shamrocks. Also add colorful green and golden ribbons at the back of the green shamrocks.

4. Easy to make St. Patrick’s Day Craft for toddlers

Image source / Tutorial: typicallysimple

This is a very beautiful and easy to make St. Patrick’s Day craft. This beautiful craft can be made by toddlers as well. Take some popsicle sticks and clean them. Take a green felt cloth and draw a shamrock on it. Cut along the drawing. Now stick the shamorock base at the popsicle stick. Now tie a ribbon at the base of the shamrock. Add two googly eyes and a pipe cleaner mouth to the shamrock. Stick this figure on a hard stock sheet. Decorate the hard stock sheet with small colorful circles.

5. Beautiful shamrock bunting for preschool kids

Image source / Tutorial: Creating creatives

This is a very easy to make St. Patrick’s Day craft for kids to make. This beautiful shamrock garland is really easy to make. Trim out some cavities from the egg carton. Paint these egg cavities in green color. Now stick three such green painted egg cavities. This completes a shamorck. Add a little green stalk at the base. Now add these little shamrocks to a golden colored twine to complete this garland.

6. Bright and easy rainbow craft for toddlers

Image source / Tutorial: Happiness is homemade

This is an easy to make craft idea. Take a paper plate. Divide it in half. Cut out the seven rainbow colored strips from the respective colored sheets. Now stick these strips at the middle of the paper plate. Add cotton fluff at the rest of the paper plate portion. This completes your cloud and rainbow craft for St. Patrick’s Day celebration decor.

7. Rooftop Garden Leprechaun Trap

Image source / Tutorial: Fun money mom

This is an easy to make St. Patrick’s Day craft for kids. This is a nice box craft for kids to make. First of all take a cardboard box and wrap it in green and yellow colored sheet of paper. Now get some white flowers and tint them with colored water. Add the flowers to the box. Now take some shamrock candies and fit them on the corners of the box. You can also add some pennies in the middle of the box with the help of paper bowl. This truly looks beautiful. You can add some tweaks of your own to this beautiful St. Patrick’s Day craft.

8. Rainbow bright party pooper

Image source / Tutorial: Happy mothering

This is a nice rainbow shaker for the kids to enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day. To make this beautiful shaker you will need a toilet paper roll, the rainbow colored paints, brushes, black foam, golden pipe cleaner, bells and some cotton. First of all section the hand holding section of the toilet paper roll tube and the top section where cotton will be applied. Now section the middle portion in seven regions, each for one color of the rainbow. Now start by painting the seven sections of the rainbow colors. Add a black foam base for the kids to hold the shaker. Tie some golden pipe cleaner and bells along with it on top of the black foam piece. Add the cotton tuft on the top of the shaker. This beautiful shaker will surely amaze your children. And it is so easy to make that your kids can also make it.

9. Beautiful pom pom rainbow design

Image source / Tutorial: White house crafts

Let us make a beautiful rainbow pom pom craft. To make some small sized pom poms, you can use a fork. Wind the woolen thread around the spokes of the fork. Remove the winding from the fork, once you are satisfied with the girth of the winding of the woolen thread around the fork. After removing the winding from the fork, tie it from the middle. Cut open the side curves. Now trim the pom pom to shape. Make more of such colorful pom poms. Now take a C-shaped cardboard piece. Stick the pom poms in layers on this C-shaped cardboard piece. Add white pom poms to show clouds at the base of the rainbow craft.

10. Making beautiful crafts for St. Patrick’s Day in dough

Image source / Tutorial: Teach-me-mommy

This is a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day craft for kids to make. This beautiful craft uses a dough ball. First of all knead the dough with water and salt. Now roll the dough flat. The shape of rolling is not important. Now you can ask your kid to make or paint different shapes and cut out different figures. A cookie cutter can be used to make different shapes. Your kids can even make hand prints and paint them in different colors. This dough slate acts like a free surface for the creativity of the child.

11. Colorful Jar crafts

Image source / Tutorial: Polkadot chair

You can make these simplistic pot of gold for this St. Patrick’s Day. These pot golds are really easy to make. Start off by cleaning and drying the mason jars. Buy some chocolates in the shape of pennies. This makes the pot golds more tasty and attractive. You can decorate these mason jars with rainbow crafts or St. Patrick’s Day wish cards and tags. You can even stick colored paper shamrocks to the outside of the mason jars. These will look pretty indeed.

12. Perler Bead Rainbow crafts

Image source / Tutorial: Steamsational

Perler beads are one of the most amazing things to enhance the motor skills of a kid. They bring out the machinist in your kid. Collect different colored perler beads for this activity. Let the kid decide the colors to use for this rainbow craft. You can provide your kid with an image of the rainbow on clouds for reference. Now let your child use his imagination and skills in unison to build a beautiful perler beads based rainbow craft. It can also be a great activity for a kids house party. All the kids will surely enjoy it.

13. Beautiful rainbow crafts in a paper plate

Image source / Tutorial: Red ted art

You can start with two paper plates. Cut out a shamrock shape from one of the paper plates in the middle. Now paint this paper plate in green color at the back. Take the other paper plate and draw a line in the middle of it at the back of the plate. Make colorful rainbow rings in the upper region of the paper plate. Keep some pennies inside the paper plates. Join the two paper plates lip to lip to seal the tambourine. Now shake the tambourine to get a nice tune to play.

14. DIY Handprint St. Patrick’s Day craft for Toddlers

Image source / Tutorial: Crafty morning

This is a perfect St. Patrick’s Day craft for toddlers. Take a hard stock sheet for the craft. Now paint the kids hands in different colors. Paint the fingers and thumb in orange beard color and the palm in skin colored paint. Ask your kid to give an imprint of the hand on the hard stock sheet. Draw the features of a boy in the palm. The imprint of the fingers become the beard of the character. Add two googly eyes and a nose and smile made from black sharpie pen. Now make a hat for the man in green color to set the tone right for St. Patrick’s Day. Add a buckle to the green hat. Your hand print craft is ready.

15. Felt cloth shamrock clips

Image source / Tutorial: Janine huldie

Let us make some pretty shamrock hair clips for St. Patrick’s Day this year. Felt green cloth will be required in two different shades. You will also need some hair clips and St. Patrick’s Day labels to decorate the hair clips. Draw a shamrock on the dark green felt cloth sheet and a shamrock on the light green felt cloth sheet. The dark green shamrock has to be larger in size as compared to the light green shamrock. Now cut these shamrocks out using a pair of scissors. Use a hot glue gun to stick the larger, dark green shamrock to the hair clip, stick the smaller, light green shamrock on top of it. Now add the St. Patrick’s Day label on the top of the two shamrocks. This completes the beautiful hair clip.

16. Pastel green bath bombs

Image source / Tutorial: Mom foodie

This is a perfect St. Patrick’s Day craft if you wish to enjoy a laid back evening with a hot bath. You will require, 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup Citric Acid, 1/4 cup corn starch, 1/4 cup Epsom salts, 1/4 tsp coconut oil, 1/4 tsp peppermint essential oil, 1 tsp pure vanilla extract, approximately 20 drops of green gel food coloring. Place all these ingredients in a bowl and whisk with a whisker. Once everything has reached a uniform consistency, put it in a bath bomb mold. Add some sugar sprinkles and a few candy shamrock sprinkles to the top of it and close the mold. Keep it in there to set it. Enjoy your hard earned bath bomb. 

17. Shamrock hangings for St. Patrick’s Day

Image source / Tutorial: Amazon
Let us make some fun shamrock hangings for St. Patrick’s Day. Take some dark and light green colored felt foam sheets. Draw shamrocks on these two green shade sheets. Draw a slightly larger shamrock on the darker foam sheet than on the light colored sheet. Now cut these shamrocks using a pair of scissors. Stick the two shamrocks together using a glue stick. You can even add face expressions and details to make it look more pretty. Make a punch at the top of the shamrock leaves and thread a ribbon or a green thread through it. This completes your shamrock hanging.

18. Beautiful St. Patrick’s Day crafts

Image source / Tutorial: Little miss celebration

This is one of the easy to make St. Patrick’s Day craft. Get a styrofoam cup, some custom St. Patrick’s Day cupcake liners, glitter based felt foam shamrock and a piece of green ribbon. Now start by cutting a slit sideways in the custom cupcake liners. Remove the base of the liners. Now start covering the styrofoam cup with these cupcake liners. As you move upwards, the girth of the cup decreases. Keep on reducing the circle radius of the cupcake liners too. As you move towards the top, make sure the liners are set perfectly in a cone with the help of glue. Take a green color ribbon piece, apply mod podge on it. This makes it stiff. Now make a bow with the ribbon and add it to the top of the tree. Add a foam sheet glitter shamrock to the top of this St. Patrick’s Day tree craft.

19. Easy to make hand crafts

Image source / Tutorial: Simple everyday mom

Let us make an easy hand craft this St. Patrick’s Day. Take an orange sheet and trace your hand on the sheet. Cut along the lines using a pair of scissors. Now cut  Round edged square from a skin colored sheet of paper. Stick this piece in the place of the palm of the hand. Also cut out a hat from a green colored sheet. Add a belt and buckle to the hat and stick it to the base of the hand cut out. Now make the facial features in the skin colored patch of the craft.

20. Jar filled of candies Gift Idea

Image source / Tutorial: Old salt farm

These are some really nice gifts to give on St. Patrick’s Day. You can start with a clean glass bottle. Now select some green colored candies your like. Fill up the bottle with the candies. Add some St. Patrick’s Day tags or wishes for the receiver. Now you can gift this candy box to your loved ones.

21. Discovery bottle St. Patrick’s Day craft

Image source / Tutorial: Sunny day family

This is a very beautiful discovery bottle craft for St. Patrick’s Day. This easy to make pot gold is made using two ingredients along with a clear plastic bottle. Start by cleaning and drying the plastic bottle. Now fill up half a inch height of the bottle with rainbow glitter. Now put some pennies inside the bottle. The shinier the pennies the better it will be. Now glue the lid of the bottle to the bottle. Your kids can try counting the pennies inside the pot gold or even use this bottle as a musical instrument.

22. Beautiful Rainbow swirl

Image source / Tutorial: Crafty morning

This rainbow swirl can be easily made with a paper plate. Take a paper plate and pate it in succession of rainbow colors in strips. Now take a pair of scissors and cut the plate in a spiral shape. Cut a pot out of black sheet and stick golden or yellow circles to it. This becomes the pot luck. Now stick it to the base of the rainbow swirl. This will look pretty hanging from the ceiling.

23. Chocolate presents for St. Patrick’s Day

Image source / Tutorial: The 36th avenue

Everyone loves chocolates. Take a plastic pot. Apply glue on the upper strip of the pot and dip it in golden glitter. Also apply glue in a shape of a shamrock on the pot and apply golden glitter on it. This looks pretty and fit for the St. Patrick’s Day. Now take some chocolates and fill up the pot with them. You can give out these chocolate gifts to everyone as a goodwill gesture this St. Patrick’s Day.

24. Shamrock rainbow crafts

Image source / Tutorial: Housing a forest

This is a really sweet St. Patrick’s Day craft idea. Start by making two clouds. One in white colored sheet and the other in green colored sheet. The cloud made in green colored sheet should be slightly larger in size than the cloud cut out in white sheet. Stick the white sheet cloud on top of the green cloud. Now take strips of colored paper in all the seven colors of the rainbow. Fan them out and stick them behind the clouds. Draw some shamrocks on a green colored sheet of paper. Cut these shamrocks. Smear the shamrocks with glitter. Stick a thread at the back of these shamrocks. Stick the thread at the back of the clouds as well. This completes this beautiful  St. Patrick’s Day craft.

25. Colorful and bright shamrock

Image source / Tutorial: Housing a forest

Take a white sheet of paper. Smear it with glue and water mixture. Now cover the white sheet of paper with small pieces of colored tissue paper. Turn the sheet over and draw a shamrock at the back of the sheet. Cut the shamrock out. You get a beautiful, colorful and bright shamrock craft for St. Patrick’s Day. You can use it to make different crafts.

26. Leprechaun Craft with fork beard

Image source / Tutorial: Crafty morning

Leprechaun is a staple with the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Let us make a leprechaun with a forky beard. Take a hard stock sheet. Draw a leprechaun figurine with a pencil. Cut out a green hat from a green colored paper. Also add the black ribbon and a buckle on the top. Add definitive features to the face of Leprechaun. Now dip your fork in orange paint. Go around the outer edges of the face in a swishing manner. This will make for a great beard making way. It looks cool and gives the desired effect to Leprechaun’s beard.

We hope you loved all these St. Patrick’s Day craft ideas. We wish all our readers a very happy St. Patrick’s Day. May peace be everywhere. You can check out related articles on K4 Craft. You can leave your valuable feedback in the comments section given below. We will come up with more such articles soon. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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