100+ Spring Craft Ideas for Kids with Easy Tutorials

Make this spring more beautiful for your kids with our amazing collection of 100+ Spring Craft Ideas for kids. These are perfect of all age groups – toddlers, preschoolers or even adults (Teachers & Parents) can make them with easy tutorials for each craft.  Happy Spring!

Spring is a beautiful time of year. Spring crafts make up for great part of a child’s life. From an early age, a child starts to celebrate spring in its natural form. The bright flowers, new leaves, butterflies, birds after a long spell of dry harsh winters. The spring time is truly welcoming and warm. It makes everyone go happy and bright instantly. So why not try out so.e new craft ideas this spring season to make it more fruitful. We will suggest spring craft ideas for kids of all age groups, from toddlers to teenagers all can have fun this spring with K4 Craft.

Spring craft ideas comprise of a blast of colours from all around the globe. The colours come together to create a beautiful world. So that is what we will be trying to achieve with our art and craft skills and activities. So let us welcome this spring with open arms and great spring craft ideas for kids. This welcome will surely be the best one in years to come.

Spring Craft Ideas for Kids

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Pandas and bears craft ideas for kids

Credit: Folding Paper Zoo Animals

Pandas and bears are a great combination. These cute crafts for 10 year olds can be made using paper folding techniques. These bears once made, become great playmates for the rest of the spring. You can define and refine these bears using ink details or painting the details.

Spring craft ideas for a 10 year old

Credit: Forest Collage

Spring is a hot and humid time. It is preferable to remain indoors in the afternoon. You little 10-year old can make this great jungle scene. It can be realised using painting or pencil colouring techniques. It adds more colour to the life in the bright spring season.

Fuzzy Paper Plate Bear: Craft idea for Preschoolers

Credit: Fuzzy Paper Plate Bear

Bears are a great craft to make in the spring season. You can make this grisly bear paper mache face mask. It will be a great role play accessory. You can make this playful mask easily.

Garden Diorama

Credit: Garden Diorama

This beautiful craft inspiration can be idealised by young kids as well. Such craft ideas can be put up for display at the preschool. The toddlers and 2-year old will love to see such bright installations.

Beautiful spring craft idea for toddlers

Credit: Glue Batik

This is a great fun craft activity for toddlers and 2-year olds alike. They can easily blow the watery paint to make this craft look beautiful. It is truly a beautiful painting.

Leaf painting crafts for toddlers

Credit: Leaf Prints Tree

This is a great spring craft idea for toddlers. It is very much easy to make and looks very beautiful. You would only require large leaves and green paint. You can make a brown bark to complete the tree.

Masquerade Masks for sweet princess

Credit: Masquerade Masks

This is a great spring craft idea for the 10-year olds. All the children love to do some role playing. These masks can help them play various games and they can also hold a theme party.

Vegetable print spring craft

Credit: Okra Stamping

This okra stamping spring craft is a great choice for toddlers. They will be amazed at the colour being dispensed from the tip of the okra. It creates beautiful patterns.

Chinese scrolls spring craft

Credit: Old Chinese Scrolls

This is indeed a great spring craft idea for the grown up kids. This has intricate designs and one needs to pay attention to detail while making these scrolls.

Easter bunny craft

Credit: Paper Bunny Chain

This is a cool Easter decoration idea. These bunnies with different moods look so cute and adorable. They are surely the winners at the Easter decorations.

Cherry blossom spring craft

Credit: Paper Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are the most beautiful flowers. They bloom in spring in Japan. We can recreate their beauty in our hones through the power of craft. They look very pretty.

Crown craft for kids

Credit: Paper Crown

These paper crown crafts are easy to make and one can mould the design as per their own choice. So go on try out different designs and make this spring crown princess worthy.

Easter bunny craft

Credit: Paper Cup Bunny Basket

This is a great addition to your Easter party. You can serve the treats in these paper cups. They are easy to make and look very pretty. The children will be thrilled to receive their treats in these beautiful bunny cups.

Beautiful butterfly summer hat

Credit: Craft Foam Visor

This is a great respite from heat. Moreover this creative crafty summer hat unleashes the creativity inside the child.

Spring inspired photo frame

Credit: Craft Stick Photo Frame

This is a beautiful spring inspired photo frame. It has a strong base and the contrasting flowers look very much attractive and they surely liven up the photograph inside the frame.

Beautiful paper flower

Credit: Crepe Paper Roses

Flowers are the token of spring season. But you surely are not advised to pluck those beautiful flowers. If you still want to keep beautiful flowers with you, you can make these beautiful paper flowers.

Butterfly spring craft for toddlers

Credit: Cupcake Liner Butterflies

This is a very beautiful coffee liner butterfly craft idea. One can easily realise this craft. It is truly a bright and playful craft idea which surely attracts the eyes of all. You can add buttons, pipe liner to further define the butterfly.

Cupcake liner flowers for preschool kids

Credit: Cupcake Liner Flowers

There are really beautiful Coffee liner flower which can be made very easily. All you require is some bright coffee liners, straw, green paper and bright coloured buttons. This flower making activity is a great idea for toddlers and two-year olds.

Chick craft for the spring

Credit: Easter Chick Basket

This is a great craft idea for ten-year olds. You can easily make these beautiful chick crafts using paper cup bases and yellow foam. Add a felt strip at the top of the paper cup basket so that your kid can hold it.

Bunny and the chick crafts for Easter

Credit: Easter Finger Puppets

These finger puppets are great craft idea for story telling as well as playing on easter with these crafties is great fun.

Best out of waste spring crafts for children

Credit: Easy Paper Hats

These easy to make paper hats look very beautiful and are great fun to create as spring fun activities. They provide with all the respite from the sun and give a playful flair to the kids.

Beautiful fairy wands

Credit: Fairy Wand

Fairies are the all time favorites with the kids. You can help your children to make these beautiful fairy wands as spring craft activities.

Colourful flower crafts for spring

Credit: Flower Greeting Card

These beautiful flowers are a great idea to realise this summer. You can use the ice cream sticks as the stem for the flower. Make big bright flower and attach green leaves as well to the stalk of the flower.

Wreath of flowers

Credit: Flower Lei

Beautifuly hand painted flowers look very beautiful. You can attach green leaves to them and then make a beautiful wreath out of them. The flowers can be easily painted by toddlers and two-year olds.

Windmill spring craft for toddlers aged 2

Credit: Flower Pinwheel

This flower pinwheel is a great playmate in the spring time. As the wind blows, the windmill rotates and it is satisfying and fun to watch the pinwheel rotate with the wind.

Colourful flower crafts fro teachers to make with students

Credit: Folding Paper Flowers (5 Petals)

These are some great ideas for making colourful flowers.

Paper flower crafts for toddlers

Credit: Folding Paper Flowers (6 Petals)

These are some advanced paper flower ideas.

Paper flowers for 10-year olds

Credit: Folding Paper Flowers (8 Petals)

The teenagers and ten-year olds can try these fun paper flower crafts.

Tree crafts for spring season : Recycled school project idea on earth day

Credit: 3D Paper Tree

You can help the ten-year olds to make this fun tree craft. It is so green and much that it depicts the spring season in its true sense.

Flowers from paper folding techniques

Credit: Accordion Paper Flowers

All the teenagers out there can make these beautiful paper flowers. They are beautiful and are a good take to decorate the dorm room.

Farm animal crafts for spring

Credit: Animal Bean Bags

These farm animal bean bags are great addition to one’s spring crafts collection. You can easily realise these bean bags and then enjoy their company.

Spring craft clocks

Credit: Animal Paper Clocks

These are great teddy bear clocks. The ten-year old kids can easily make these clocks with little help from adults.

Chicks in a nest craft idea

Credit: Baby Birds in Nest

This is a great idea to showcase the chicks in their natural environment. Even the younger children can make this DIY.

Flower basket crafts

Credit: Basket of Flowers

Flowers are the true essence of spring season. You can make this beautiful flower basket to adorn your dorm room or your home. This can be realised by young children as well.

Bunny and Chick Stick Puppets

Credit: Bunny and Chick Stick Puppets

These stick bunnies are a great way to enjoy your Easter holidays. You can make these characters easily using ice cream popsicles and drawn and painted easter characters.

Bunny summer hat

Credit: Bunny Visor

This is a very cute visor. You can make it with the help of light foam or felt material. Add long bunny years and rightfully make the face of the bunny.

Butterfly crown crafts

Credit: Butterfly Crown

This butterfly crown will surely make your kid feel like a prince or princess of the butterfly town. This can be easily made by sticking butterflies onto a headband.

Spring butterfly craft for Children

Credit: Butterfly Fan

This is a great butterfly fan. You can make a big butterfly., colour it and then attach it to an ice cream popsicle to make a butterfly fan.

Butterfly headband idea for kids

Credit: Butterfly Headband

This is a very beautiful butterfly headband. It looks surreal and is absolutely easy to make.

Mobile butterfly to play with classmates

Credit: Butterfly Mobile

These bright patterned butterflies are really beautiful. These butterflies are easy to make as you only need to twist the coloured coffee filter and secure it with a pipe cleaner.

Learning weather change through craft

Credit: Changing Weather Picture

This weather change crafty plates are great idea to make the students realise that weather change is a serious issue we are facing today.

Bear making craft

Credit: Circles Bear

This is a great craft idea to realise this spring. You can make this bear craft with your toddlers, young children or even school going children. You can use a paper plate as a base to make this bear craft.

Dragonfly craft making ideas for kids

Credit: Clothespin Dragonfly

This clothespin dragonfly is very easy to make and can be designed as per your own wishes. You can also make a butterfly using the same technique.

Coffee filter butterfly making ideas

Credit: Coffee Filter Butterflies

These bright and patterned coffee filter butterflies are easy to make and look very beautiful.

Beautiful coffee filter flowers

Credit: Coffee Filter Flowers

These coffee filler flowers are bright and beautiful. They are painted well and they have a great design. You can easily make them or help your kids to make them.

Cotton bunny crafts for 10-year olds

Credit: Cotton Bunny

This cotton bunny is so cute and so easy to make. It looks intently at you and it is hard to tell if it is not real.

Chick basket crafts for kids

Credit: Paper Cup Chick Basket

This is a beautiful storage container designer craft. You can design a paper cup chick basket to store your tit bits.

Paper sunglasses spring crafts

Credit: Paper Eyeglasses

These paper eyeglasses are a great addition to your spring time fun. You can help your kids or students make them using coloured paper and a pair of scissors.

Paper lantern craft

Credit: Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns look really great. These lanterns are easy to make and they are very much efficient. They can be made by preschoolers as well. They can decorate them with any kinds of colourful supplies.

Paper plate crown inspiration

Credit: Paper Plate Crown

This paper crown craft is a great idea to make your kids feel like the prince and princesses. You can help them make these crowns using paper plates. Different kinds of stuff can be used to decorate these crowns.

Spider craft idea for kids

Credit: Paper Spider Web

We all can see many insects around us in spring. One of them is our incy wincy spider. You can make this spider web and help a spider rest in the centre of it.

Halloween Paper Spider craft idea

Credit: Paper Spider

These paper spiders will surely be a great addition to your spring crafts collection. These paper spiders are really easy to make and can be also used as halloween decorations.

Easter eggs

Credit: Papier Mache Bunny

All the school children can make these beautiful paper mache bunny and penguins or any other birds or animals. You can get some inspiration from the crafts mentioned.

Easter bunny crafts

Credit: Printable Animal Masks

Animal masks are a great addition to one’s wardrobes. All the teenager, toddlers love to wear masks. Be it a themed party or just for fun.

Rainbow Suncatcher craft idea

Credit: Rainbow Suncatcher

Suncatchers are a common thing nowadays. You can brighten up your home or school windows with some rainbow sun catchers. They are beautiful and delightful.

Seed mosaic crafts

Credit: Seed Mosaic

You can create beautiful mosaics or sceneries using seeds. They are tough to align but look very beautiful. They are even symbolic of growth in the spring season.

Stained glass crafts

Credit: Stained Glass Jars

Glass vases look great. You can beautify them further by staining them with glass paints and detailing. Go on bring colour into your spring by staining some glass vases, windows etc.

Spring craft activities using tissue

Credit: Tissue Paper Pom-pom Flowers

Tissue paper are a great medium used to make flowers. You can effectively put them to use by learning the techniques and making some great tissue paper flowers this spring.

25 Cute Butterfly Crafts and Art Activities for Kids to make in Spring Season

These beautiful butterfly spring crafts are befitting for a ten-year old. They look really beautiful and are a great way to showcase one’s creativity.

Easy DIY Felt Flower Tutorials To Create Beautiful Crafts

These are some really great techniques to make felt flowers. You can make all sorts of beautiful folded flowers found in the natural world using the felt.

Clay Flowers Craft Tutorials: Spring craft ideas for kids

Exotic flower crafts for spring: Clay is one of the first materials a child comes in contact with while showcasing creativity. One can go for these beautiful clay flower making techniques for spring crafts.

Flower Making Tutorials: Spring craft ideas for kids

You can make all sorts of bright and beautiful flowers using these techniques. These are the best spring craft ideas.

Paper Flower Making In Simple Steps

These beautiful flowers turn up to be great pieces of craft. You can check out different ways to make paper flowers and then try them out to make different specimens of flowers.

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We hope you liked this well curated list of spring craft ideas for kids. We will come up with more such creative ideas. You can look up other related articles at K4 Craft. Do give us your valuable feedback in the comments section below. We will come up with more such useful content for you soon. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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