Simple and Easy Nail Art Tutorial – Step by step

Nail art have been in trend for a while now. The French manicures, acrylic nails, matte finished there is a huge variety to it. But K4 Crafts focusing this article on the easy nail art that can be done with the help of tutorials at home only. These nail arts are very easy, funky and cool. With the help of easy nail art step by step tutorial you can create these beautiful nails for yourself at home only.

Some designs are extremely girly as it has bunny made on it, while some are for the music lovers. There is a nail art called hippo nail art. We have showcased some of the best designs which will be easy to create and will look good once it is on your nails. So let’s start with the article, don’t forget it have proper tutorials which you can visit from the link mentioned.

Simple and Easy Nail Art Step by Step Tutorial

DIY Hippo Nail Art Tutorial

This amazing hippo nail art is looking so cute and beautiful. It seems very easy to create, if you follow the steps properly and with focus. The hippo nail art is perfect for the casual evening or for the picnic that you have planned. It will look great on short nails as well. If you are a fan of shades of blue, try this nail art as it is funky and cute. Not of matte finished so it will make your nails look lively and will make you remember of your childhood.

DIY Christmas Minion Nail Art (Tutorial)

If you are a minion fan, then this nil art is only for you. This nail art has minions painted on the nails. The steps makes it easier to do it tat home and if you want to go to a salon then give them this reference and get it done by the professionals as well. The tutorial will also help you in getting the minion look you are so eagerly waiting to try. The colour used are of that which are used for making minions. So you will have minions on your hands. This tutorial picture also has the details on what all things you will be needing, so this design comes handy with he list as well.

DIY Reindeer Nail Art (Tutorial)

It is Christmas time I guess, this nail art is for the winter holidays. Why you ask, well look at the beautiful reindeer nail art. This art with the red sweater at home while baking cookies with your friends and family. This is such a gorgeous nail art. Just follow the tutorial well and get this design for yourself. There is no other way to put it. These are proper holiday nails. Girls who are excited for the holidays and gets dressed for it well this nail art is dedicated only to you.

DIY Water Marble Nail Art (Tutorial)

Water marble nail art is very easy. You can google it if you like. Just some water and certain nail polishes. You are all set for the water marble nail art which looks so fascinating once you apply it on your nails. These colourful nails are apt for your college or for you casual outing with your fiends. It can be even applied when you plan on wearing a dress. The marble nail art have a huge variety as well. Depending on the colours you choose it can be funky, or bold, dark and even edgy.

DIY Nailside Nail Art Tutorial

The nail side nail art can be done very easily on short nails. So don’t worry for the nail extensions. The colours used are very fun and you can choose other colour if you like, but I will suggest you that you go for these colour combinations only. This nail art is looking so lively, best suited for summers. The colours are so happy that it will instantly lighten you up and you will be ready for an amazing day or a lovely time that is coming ahead of you.

DIY Music Notes Nail Art Tutorial

You are a music person and enjoys rhythm in everything. Then do this nail art with such beautiful dealings done on the nails. These music notes on your nails will look gorgeous. The colours are ever shining and have never gone out of fashion as well. This classic nail art is so good. The musical notes on the nails is such an interesting and unique design. This designs is so gorgeous that at least once you need to try it, and you can get the musical notes of your favourite song also painted on the nails to give it a more personalised effect.

DIY Cute Rabbit Nail Art Tutorial

The rabbit nail art is so cute and has several designs painted on it. Look at the cute rabbit with white base and then that white rabbit with blue as base colour. This design has certain flowers and some eye winks. It is so good and cute that I cannot take my eyes off it. The colours used in this nail art are very light and simple, so the bunny design and the flower patterns gives it a very summery look which is best suited for vacations or the weekend away.

These easy nail arts are so gorgeous and also very say as this article suggests. Try them out. These nail arts are apt for different occasions and will look good on you. Don’t hesitate on trying it. It might not be as clean as it should be. But surely  little practice will help you get the exact same look. Just eye on one design, follow the tutorials well and see it for yourself. It will look so beautiful. K4 Craft hopes that these easy nail art step by step tutorial was useful for you in creating the nail art that you wish for.

If you want more such articles, just leave comments in the comment section, we at K4 Craft wants to bring the best material for you based on your choices and what is in trend.

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