20 Best Robot Crafts and Activities for kids

Do you and your preschoolers love robots? Here are 20 Best Robot Crafts and Activities for kids that encourage and incorporate learning that kids will love! These robot crafts are so much fun for kids of all ages! It’s super easy to do, and you have to admit… it’s pretty cute!

The technology world is rapidly transforming and it is taken up mostly by either the robots or the artificial intelligence. Eventually, there will be a time where most of our household tasks will be done by the robots. Even now, in some of the restaurants there are robots instead of waiters and waitress. So, why not make your kids familiar with them in their childhood only.  Given below are some of the fascinating robotics related activities which is fun and at the same time insightful for your kids.

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1. Robot Themed Math Activity For Kids Via alittlepinchofperfect.com

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: Robot math printable (which can be made as well), screws, washers, bolts, (you will need 12 total for a 6 dice game and 20 total for a 10 dice game dice), Dice
  • Description: Every kid hates Mathematics as a subject. Even I as a kid use to run away from this subject. But eventually I realized Mathematics can be fun if taught the right way. With the help of this robot theme based math activity for your toddler you can teach your kid counting and addition in no time. This robot craft for toddlers can make you a super mom and your kid will thank you for this when he / she grows up.

2. DIY Dotty Robot Via artsycraftsymom.com

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Material Required: Silver washi tape / sticker tape, Styrofoam ball for the head, Foam dots, Cardboard box – we used a large empty matchbox, TP roll for the feet, Pom poms, Silver chenille sticks & craft sticks, Googly eye, Pearl dots, bows
  • Description: We’re hosting a robot get-together for our little girl this end of the week, so obviously, all the prattle this week has been about robots. I chose to assemble this simple robot create, and the kiddo cherished it. It’s excessively simple to do, and you need to concede, it’s quite adorable! This party was such a hit that she just said that we were the best parents ever she could have.

3. Life-Sized Magnetic Robot Via funathomewithkids.com


  • Difficulty Level: Difficult
  • Material Required: cardboard boxes, white duct tape, six tall aluminum cans (our beans come in these tall cans – we use them to make chili!), three regular sized aluminum cans, HVAC venting, a thick mailing tube, aluminum foil, a box cutter, and a hot glue gun.
  • Description: If you cannot afford to bring a real life robot for your toddler because it is an expensive one then this robot craft for your toddler can help you out. This giant sized robot is almost the size of your toddler and can be one of the friends of your kid with with he/she can play anytime. Make sure the tin cans you are using in it does not have sharp edges otherwise it can be harmful for your kid to engage with it.

4. Make Adorable Edible Marshmallow Robots Idea Via dawnypoo

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Material Required: Some marshmallows, sprinkles, candy, pretzel sticks, skittles, candy dots, candy eyes, Gummy candies, Strip Gums, red hots, candy necklace
  • Description: Can you imagine eating a robot? Hhaha! not literally, an edible one. Still confused? Let’s do a fun activity of making a miniature edible robot , which will be juicy and sweet. Moms  can have fun making this robot craft with their toddlers and keep them as one of the items on the menu if he/she is having a robot theme birthday party. You can give them as a return gift as well. Their friends will just love it and your toddler’s birthday party would be the most talked about in the school next day.

5. Easy Robot Vest Made Via fun-a-day.com

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: Brown paper grocery bag, bottle tops, duct tape, markers, glue, scissors
  • Description: This robot craft for toddlers is easy peasy lemon squeezy.  The material required is easily available anywhere in the stores and mostly found in the households only.  You can have a fun game activity in your school if you are a teacher. By asking the kids to make the craft in school and later on have a robo skit. The winner with most innovative vest gets the prize. You can always innovate with the knobs and use a different thing in place of them .


6. Gliding Robot Free Printable Via buggyandbuddy.com

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: Sketch Pens, Strings, Glue, Beads, Scissors, Tape
  • Description: It’s always said that art is science. This definition is clearly evident with the help of this craft idea. Print the robot structure by going to the source website and voila!, we are ready to go. This DIY robot craft for toddlers is a combination of art and science. It is not necessary to paint the robot in exact similar manner. The kids can use their brains and artistic skills for it.

7. Make A Pen / Pencil Holder Robots Using TIN CANS Via plaidonline.com

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Material Required: Tin can, bottle top, bottle seal, glue, cutter
  • Description: Pens are something that are most of the times disorganized. Sometimes they lie around here and there and ultimately get wasted either because their ink leaks or we assume they are of no use. There is a way out to organize them while having loads of creativity and pleasure. Making a robot pen/pencil holder using a tin can. Inculcate the habit of being organized in your toddler with the help of this DIY robot craft for your toddler.

8. How About Letting A Robot Teach You About Gravity & Balance?? Via buggyandbuddy.com

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: White construction sheet, Two coins, Removable poster putty, Paint colors, Brushes
  • Description: We all crave for a balanced life at some point of time. We wish that how amazing it had been if our parents had inculcated this art or balancing things in life from childhood. Today I will like you to teach your kids the science of balancing with the help of this DIY robot craft for toddlers. The kids can experiment balancing with the robots, for example, they can balance them on their nose, a stick, their fingers.

9. Tang Paper Robot On Via behance.net

  • Difficulty Level: Difficult
  • Material Required: Cardboard boxes, straws, tin can, Sketch pens, Plugs
  • Description: This robot craft for toddlers is quite difficult to make. The moms can make this robot for their toddlers and can gift them. Or this can be the best robot if your toddler is required to present a project in front of the class. His or her teacher will be highly impressed with the way it has been made . It is really quirky and sturdy which will make your toddler’s robot stand out.

10. Robot Inspired Birthday Party Via karaspartyideas.com

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Material Required:
  • Description: Is your kid a very much fascinated with the robot world? Then how about throwing a surprise birthday party this year based on this theme. This DIY robot craft for toddler is supposed to be a made by the toddlers but since you want to throw a surprise, you cannot involve them. But you can always involve their friends and still keep it as a secret. You can get a detailed description of the same over the source website. So, moms what are you waiting for surprise your kids and become the best mom ever.

11. Styrofoam Robot Craft Via craftsbyamanda.com

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Material Required: Styrofoam balls, Googly Eyes, Sheet, Marker, beads
  • Description: This DIY robot craft for your toddler is really fun to make. You must be astonished to see Styrofoam put to this use. This combination of grey and red gives this robot the cutest robot look ever. You can always experiment with the color combination being used. You can put this anywhere in your room, for example, your side table and show off how creative you are.

12. Robot Toilet Paper Roll Craft Via gluesticksgumdrops.com

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: Toilet Paper Tube, Paint Brushes, Pony Beads, Construction Papers, Googly eyes, Black Marker, Paint Brushes
  • Description: This can be one of the best out of waste craft example I can quote to you. Who can think of making a robot craft out of a toilet paper tube and it looks super cute. This can be a fun recreational craft activity for you and your toddler this summer vacation.  The colorful beads pasted over the tube seems as if there are a lot of buttons on this robot. This robot craft for toddlers can easily be made by the toddlers alone as well.

13. Build A Robot Game via inspirationmadesimple.com

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: Sheet to print, Scissors, Glue, Rolling Dice
  • Description: This interesting  game can be played by the moms with their toddlers. This DIY robot craft for toddlers can be very engrossing and can be a fun way to learn the counting. This craft is meant for the pre school going kids. Moms can also make his or her toddler play this along with their friends and have a competition. The robot is easily printable and the link could be found at the source website.

14. Make A Robot Wreath Like Nestling Designs Via nestlingdesigns

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: Slinkies (red color), plastic nuts/bolts, ribbons (about 3 and red in color), Robo & Heart printout (available on the source website), Scissors and glue
  • Description: Make your toddler’s room an interesting one with the help of this DIY robot wreath. Kids would just adore you for this. Also, you can involve them as well in making this super sun easy robot craft for toddlers. Introduce your kid to the world of robots and start the making. This wreath can be hanged either on the gate of your kid’s room or the wall above the bed. The robot and hearts are easily printable form the source site. Alternatively, they can be drawn as well.


15. Recycled Paper Sheet Robot Craft Via bunchfamily.ca

  • Difficulty Level:
  • Material Required:Recycled boxes from various household items, Colored construction paper, Colored foam sheets, Adhesive tape, Scissors, Glue.
  • Description:  In this era where the resources are scarce, it is better to recycle as much as you can. As it is said that what we teach the kids in their childhood builds their foundation for values. This Robot craft for toddler can be a perfect way to implant the habit of reusing things and recycling them. This DIY can be one of the collection to the fellow DIY crafts and you can keep on recycling and keeping on making.

16. Build Your Own Robot Free Printable Via picklebums.com

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: Printable Magnet Paper, Scissors, Glue
  • Description: DIY Robot puzzle, sounds fascinating. Right? This DIY robot craft for toddlers is insanely crazy and easy to make. You can download the PDF from the source website and print it over the magnetic sheet. Cut them out and paste it over your fridge in a scattered form. Make your kid solve this puzzle while you are cooking. This will help your kid get engaged in an activity for sometime and you can finish up your cooking. If the printable magnetic sheet is unavailable you can always use a normal sheet and make a normal cardboard puzzle out of it.

17. Sculptural Robot Collages Via theartofed.com

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: Paper plates, Small cardboard boxes, plastic forks, buttons, straws, plastic funnel etc.
  • Description: Robot or I should rather say recyclobot, as it is made entirely out of recycled material. This DIY robot craft for toddlers is super easy and at the same time the kids will learn the art of recycling the waste material . They will learn how they can make the best out of the waste material. The material used here is entirely wasted material. You can always bring in alternatives in place of these materials as it is not necessary that everyone will have the same kind of waste material at their homes as I had.

18. Make A Valentine Robot Card Like Crafts By craftsbyamanda.com

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: Construction Paper, Sequins, Glitters, Glue,  A Pair of Scissors, Googly Eyes
  • Description: Is your kid really fascinated by the robot world? If yes, this can be the perfect card for your toddler this valentines. We celebrate Valentines Day with our loved ones then why not it be your own kid. Also, this cute robot card can be given by the toddlers to their teacher in the school. This robot craft for toddlers is in itself is so appealing that the kids would run towards it like a magnet after seeing it .


19. Build & Stack Robots Via Kidssteamlab

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: Cardboard Tubes, Pipe  Cleaners, Permanent Markers, Paint Punch, Scissors
  • Description: Adorable robots, sounds a bit ironical, isn’t it? As robots are generally rough and tough. But these robots are more on the cuter side. Here the robot will be divided into parts and your toddler will need to stack it accordingly. The hair and hand parts are made up with different color pipe cleaners. The material required is easily available in the household itself. So, start making your own robot today itself.

20. The Robot Book Via looklovecreate

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Material Required: Tin Can, Tetra Packs, Acrylic Colors, Colorful Sheets, Buttons for Decoration, Disposable Glass
  • Description: Add on to the toy collection of your toddler’s by making this robot family. Where in the family there is mummy, daddy and their kid. Moms can have immense amount of fun with their kids while making it. Also, its the way you can enhance the creativity of your child with the help of this robot craft for toddlers. Make the tin cans and the tetra packs being used does not have any sharp edges. They can really harm your kids’ fingers.

I hope all the moms enjoyed reading this article on DIY robot craft ideas for toddlers and your mind has started working for the same. I hope you will make them much better as compared to shown in the picture. Introduce your kid to this modern world of robots and tell them how important they will become in the coming future. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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