40+ Krishna Janmashtami Celebration Ideas and Activities for Kids

40+ Krishna Janmashtami Celebration Ideas and Activities for Kids – Krishna Crown, Dahi Handi, Decorate Flute, Krishna and Radha Dress, Coloring Pages, Jhula Crafts and more…

Krishna’s birthday, called Janmashtami or Gokulashtami, is one of Hinduism’s most popular holidays and is celebrated throughout the Hindu world. During the festival, the faithful engage in prayer, song, fasting, and feasting to honor Krishna’s birth. We’re going to ensure the kids are busier this year, with our list of Krishna Janmashtami Activities and Crafts!

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Why is Krishna Janmashtami Celebrated?

Krishna Janmashtami is a big festival celebrated in whole country to commemorate the birth of Lord Shri Krishna, who is the eighth avatar of Vishnu and is one of the most widely revered deities in Hinduism. Janmashtami is the day Bal Krishna is worshipped or Krishna in his infant form is worshipped. A naughty baby who would exasperate his mother no end, Krishna has been a charmer since childhood and known to win the hearts of everyone he meets.

When is Krishna Janmashtami in 2020?

Monday, 30 August, 2021

Why is Krishna Janmashtami celebrated for 2 days?

Lord Krishna’s birthday is celebrated eight days after Raksha Bandhan, a festival celebrating the bond between brothers and sisters. It is mentioned in the Puranas that Lord Krishna was born in Rohini Nakshatra on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha in Bhadrapada month. As per Hindu Panchag, Ashtami Tithi had started in morning, while it would end next day in morning. After these two comes Rohini Nakshatra, Lord Shri Krishna was born in this constellation. Sri Krishna’s birth anniversary will be celebrated at midnight in many places.

How is Krishna Janmashtami celebrated?

Observances: Fasting, praying
Celebrations: Dahi Handi (next day), kite-flying, fair, fasting, traditional sweet dishes etc.

Janmashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna, he played a huge role in the Hindu mythology and was an epitome of eradicating falsehood and sin from the Earth. Little Krishna as a kid was extremely mischievous and was loved by one and all. There are a lot of stories around his childhood each of which gives the living world a lesson. This Janmashtami inspite of facing a pandemic situation lets show our devotion to the lord with very unique art forms to please him and acquire more knowledge about him.

Here are some ways to help you celebrate this Krishna Janmashtami at home, in your society, or at school.

Dress up like Krishna on Krishna Janmashtami

Image source / Tutorial: iskcon bangalore

Lord Krishna in his childhood days was well known for his divine leelas and dressing up kids as little Krishna on the occasion of Janmashtami is a must. Make sure that you arrange an yellow dhoti, a chunni, some jewelries such as bracelets for the upper and lower arm, a chain and some hair accessories along with a peacock feather and dress your son as Kanha on the auspicious occasion. Do no forget to hand him a flute.

Dress up like Radha on Krishna Janmashtami

Image source / Tutorial: iskcon bangalore

Krishna without Radha is always incomplete, Radha and Krishna defines the word love. This Janmashtami dress your little daughter like Radha and trust me it will be mesmerizing. Dress her up in a colorful dazzling lehenga with some jewelries that include a handful of bangles, a necklace, a pair of earrings and a little crown and she will be ready to rock the show.

Cute Little One as Lord Krishna

This Janmashtami you can even conduct a competition among the kids to dress up like the lord Krishna and they will really have a nice time preparing for the same and you will enjoy the spellbound looks of the little kids as the lord.

Newspaper Janmashtami Jhula for Bal Gopal [Video Tutorial]

Janmashtami without a jhula for the little Krishna is just not fair, his Janmashtami instead of buying one try customizing a jhula by your own for the lord with some old newspapers. Follow the video step by step and you will have your self-made jhula without any mess.

Decorate a Dahi handi (Curd Pot)

Dahi Handi is indeed an important element for Janmashtami, we all are well aware of how much lord Krishna loved Dahi and butter. Also there is a very interesting ritual come competition which is held during Janmashtami that is the Dahi Handi breaking competition. So decorate your handi you can follow the above image and decorate the handi using peacock feathers to give it a Janmashtami vibe.

Make Sweets & Savories with kids (Gopal Kala Prasad)

Image source / Tutorial: goqii

Be it any festival sweet dish as prasad is a mandatory part without which the festivals seems kind of incomplete. This Janmashtami you can prepare some delicious kheer and top it off with fruits such as cucumber and pomegranate or any other fruit of your preference cut in small pieces and do not forget to garnish it with bundiya and enjoy.

Decorate a Bansuri / Flute for Kids

The entire Vrindavan found its peace in the melodious tune of Lord Krishna’s flute so making flutes and decoration them beautifully is a vital part of Janmashtami. You may use peacock feather or some really quirky accessories to make your customized flute stand out.

Aarti Ki Thali Decoration for Janmashtami

Image source / Tutorial: Pooni Pranav

This Janmashtami make a really beautiful and attractive thali to take down the aarti of the lord, as displayed above you can use glitter papers for the best result, use blue, sky blue and green sheets of glitter papers to make some peacock feather pattern and decorate it with colorful stones.

Krishna Janmashtami: Matka phod kids Celebration

Matka phod is really a very enjoyable ritual for kids during Janmashtami, and it was supposed to be one of the most favorite leela of Lord Krishna. A beautifully decorated earther pot with butter in it is hung and children form a pattern and break it with the flute or any stick to get the butter inside just as little Krishna used to do it.

Create a Krishna village scene

Use Clay, Colored Sand, Clay dolls, animals etc. to make your own unique scenes. What else can be more beautiful than recreating a scene from Vrindavan village on the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami? Create some saint and some civilian figure out of clay and of course a Krishna figure playing flute, cover the ground with Rangoli colors as shown and add trees, animals and houses to make the scenery more realistic and your Vrindavan is ready!!

Birth Of The Saviour

A diorama that depicts the 4 scenes from Krishna’s Life.

#Lord Krishna is the eighth incarnation of the Hindu deity Vishnu, he took birth as the eight son of Devaki and Vasudeva behind the bars and hiss birth was signified as the removal of all evil from the earth. After his birth his father Vasudeva secretly carried him across the Yamuna River to Nand and Yashoda who gave birth to a girl child and swap the kids. Krishna started growing in Vrindavan and was raised by Nand and Yashoda, here the evil demon king Kansa came to know about Krishna and made multiple attempt to kill him for the very first time he sent the demon Putana but Lord Krishna with his Leela killed the evil after this even King Kansa did not stop but was defeated every single time by Lord Krishna. One of the well known Leela of Shree Krishna is when he lifted the Govardhan Mountain by his little finger to save the civilians from the heavy rain due to the wrath of Indradev.

The Govardhan Episode

This Jhanki represents his strength and celestial powers – Anshu Priya with her Diorama

#Little Krishna once suggested that Govardhan mountain serves them a lot provides them protection and other necessities and thus needs to be worshiped on this note Indradev the God of thunder, storm and rain got offended and his wrath fell on Vrindavan as a result there was extreme climatic condition in such a condition Lord Krishna lifted the mountain on his little finger and the entire Vrindavan took shelter under the mountain and thus Govardhan mountain protected them once again, Indradev soon understood his mistake and was sorry to Lord Krishna and this is how the interesting Govardhan episode comes to an end.

Krishna Makhanchor

Image source / Tutorial: Manishankar Adak

Lord Krishna’s love for butter was ultimate, he was very well known for stealing butter and was often referred as Makhanchor. In the above figure a scene of Lord Krishna having butter is very beautifully recreated using quilling pearls made up of quilling paper and a slotted tools. This idol can even be used for worshiping purpose and is just a perfect piece of art for Janmashtami.

Dahi Handi

Image source / Tutorial: Himani Singhal

Lord Krishna’s childhood was filled with stories of butter and dahi his mischievous acts to steal butter along with his friends is evergreen. Also during Janmashtami a very famous contest is held regarding breaking a earthen pot containing butter, so you can beautifully decorate your earthen pot as shown above for the contest or even to store stuffs during Janmashtami this will surely increase the vibes of the festival.

The Swing

Image source / Tutorial: Youtube

Janamashtami without a jhula for the little Krishna is always incomplete, instead of buying readymade jhula why not design a customized jhula for your lord? All you need are some designer pieces of clothes along with some stick and cardboard. This Janmashtami make a stunning jhula to impress the lord and enjoy.

Janamashtami Special Home Decor

Image source / Tutorial: Pratibha Sharma
Image source / Tutorial: Snehal Gitte Kendre

Home décor during Janmashtami is a major part and is outmost necessary. This Janmashtami you can try your hands on making a beautiful poster consisting a picture of Lord Krishna along with some interesting stuff as like peacock feathers, matka, flute or something else which is relevant to Janmashtami. Decorating the puja place is also a task, you can make designs with white fabric on the floor around the jhula of Lord Krishna and use flowers and balloons to decorate the walls.

The Cool Kanha

Image source / Tutorial: Suman Gupta

On the occasion of Janmashtami a cool frame with Kanha as the subject is one of the best creations ever. With some basic figures and a lot of colorful paint we can create a fascinating poster which can even be used as a wall hanging. You can even use glass shapes or any other decorative to enhance your poster and make your own customized poster.

The Magical Feather

Image source / Tutorial: Sarmila Mukhopadhyay

Peacock feather is a very important element whenever we talk about Lord Krishna, it can be spotted very  easily around lord Krishna may be in the crown or in the flute or in any other things. This Janmashtami try customizing a peacock feather using some knitting techniques and some really colorful threads.

The Divine Face

Image source / Tutorial: Divyaa Ravi

It is believed that the divine face of Shree Krishna had the power to remove all the pain and hardship of all the living creatures so this Janmashtami paint a divine face of the Lord and do not forget to use vibrant pooping colors in the background to add an edge to your art.

The Soothing Canvas

Image source / Tutorial: Sanjeeta Sohal

What else can be more soothing than painting a canvas for an artist, painting is also a great way to meditate and concentrate. This Janmashtami paint a grand canvas with Krishna theme and using blue as the base color, you can even showcase the same or hang on to the walls to enhance the its beauty.

Pencil Sketch of Krishna of Mahabharat Serial

Image source / Tutorial: Sumona Mandal

The above pencil sketch is a pure form of art and is at its best. The picture depicts Lord Krishna with his everlasting healing smile with the Sudarshan Chakra in his finger. The usage of red, blue, green and yellow color to enhance some specific parts is acting like a pop up and is adding the beauty of the creation.

Krishna Mandala Art

Image source / Tutorial: Avani Dipen Suba

The above image is a fusion of mandala as well as abstract art. The picture depicts Lord Krishna along with birds and trees in basic black and the detailed multicolored mandala background is adding o to the depth of the picture.

Magical Krishna with Flute

Image source / Tutorial: Shalini Bose

It is believed that each piece of land where Lord Krishna stepped turned out to be pious, the above image is a very soothing one which depicts Lord Krishna flaying his divine flute standing in his signature pose. The abstract colorful feather is making giving the picture a magical look.

Little Krishna

Image source / Tutorial: Meenakshi Subramaniam

The above is a kid art which depicts Lord Krishna dancing on the Kaliya Naag and the picture itself narrates the whole episode of Kaliya Naag daman. It is a basic drawing colored with wax crayon. This can even be tried out by kids on the occasion of Janmashtami.

Krishna Block Art

Image source / Tutorial: Youtube

Every time working on details to make an art beautiful is not important this fact is quite relevant through our above piece of art. It depicts lord Krishna playing his melodious flute and the background catches the ultimate attention painted in colorful blocks. The border is also uniquely drawn with white bobby prints all along.

Kaliya Naag Daman by Krishna

Image source / Tutorial: Vinita Kaulgud

The above picture narrates the story of Kaliya Daman, Yamuna River was the source of livelihood for Vrindavan and all the surrounding villages, but once a venomous five headed serpent made Yamuna its resident and the cool pure water started boiling with its venom. One such day while playing on the bank of Yamuna Lord Krishna’s ball fell into it and as he went to fetch it the serpent got hold of him but soon the Lord subdued him but he never killed or snatched his venom but taught him a lesson to use its venom only when required against evil and thus Kaliya Naag moved away from the Yamuna River.

Enchanting Smile of Krishna

Image source / Tutorial: Vijayalakshmi Shankar

As stated in the mythological books Lord Krishna’s smile was divine the above painting is a clear depiction of the same. Bright poster colors are used to paint this portrait and this has turned out to a an actual bliss to the eyes.

Abstract Krishna Art

Image source / Tutorial: Rosy Bahal

The above abstract image is very beautifully drawn, one half constitutes of the divine face and the other half of the magical peacock feather, in between the flute is drawn which is acting like the line of mirror and portraying the peacock face as lord Krishna. The concept and the shades of color is absolutely mesmerizing.

Kanha Merch

Image source / Tutorial: Soumya Pradeep

Kerala mural hand painted dress. Best outfit for Janmashtami for girls.

This Janmashtami lets create some cool Lord Krishna merchant, we all have some basic white or light color clothing which we can use as the base and use fabric or acrylic colors to paint either the face of Lord Krishna or some abstract thing constituting of the flute or the peacock feather and rock the event.

Janamashtami Special Rangoli

Image source / Tutorial: Sukirti Sushant Mishra

For decorating the floor or the place where we et of the jhula or the statue of Lord Krishna a colorful Rangoli is the best possible option. As shown above we can construct the same with circular or any other base all we need will be Rangoli colors and some cone structure to make the design. This Janmashtami do try out a colorful Rangoli to leave everyone awestruck.

Kanha and Yashoda

Image source / Tutorial: Pragya Saini

Lord Krishna’s bond with his mother Yashoda was an ultimate one though Yashoda was not his birth mother. He had performed numerous leela with her, so a Kanha and Yashoda portrait for Janmashtami can beat every other combination out there. So hurry up and make a vibrant portrait of the Lord with his mother.

Krishna Dances On Kaliya Naag Scene

Janmashtami marks the birth of lord Krishna, though he was born to Devaki and Vasudeva but he was raised by Nand and Yashoda, since a very young age lord Krishna was very mischievous and used to please the civilians with his divine leelas. The Yamuna river served all the basic domestic needs of Vrindavan as well as the nearby villages, once Kaliya naag the venomous serpent with five gigantic heads came and resided there, the water of Yamuna started to boil with poison from the serpent.

One day while Krishna was playing along the bank of the river there ball fell into the river and on fetching it Kaliya naag got hold of lord, this need spread rapidly in the village and all the worried villagers gathered around the bank of river Yamuna. Lord Krishna here started a divine Leela , he soon subdued the dangerous creature and climbed onto his head and danced, he did not kill or snatch his venom rather instructed Kaliya to reside in a place where his venom would not harm anyone and thus seeking Lord Krishna’s blessing Kaliya naag went away from the Yamuna river.

Create a Simple Last Minute Krishna Jhula

Image source / Tutorial: Daveshivangi

When the festival of Janmashtami comes around the one of the most important thing which is created and decorated with outmost love and care is a jhula for little Krishna. We can see below the beautiful red themed jhula with two little cute cushions enhancing its look. The design is quite simple and requires some basic necessities. So, if you are not yet ready with your jhula for the lord hurry up and make one.

Paint Your Own Super Cute Peg Dolls

Image source / Tutorial: MyLittleGopi

Lord Krishna had an ultimate bond with the gopies of Vrindavan, the gopies enjoyed the mischievous act of lord Krishna and were pleased to hear the melody of his flute. This Janmashtami you can paint your peg dolls as Krishna or Radha, all you need to take care is that the art should be really delicate and use bright colors to paint up your dolls. Create your pair and you can even use them as home décor during the festival.

Free printable Baby Krishna coloring pages for kids

Image source / Tutorial: getcoloringpages

Kids are the ones who are outmost fascinated to hear the numerous wonder tales of Shree Krishna, and they can be easily engaged with their fascination. You can get printout of various poses or scenery of multiple Leela which even depicts a moral and ask kids to color it themselves, these pages are very easily available are are even free of cost.

Create Peacock Feather Party favors

Image source / Tutorial: Etsy

The peacock feather is a very important element when we talk about Lord Krishna, we can find its reference in numerous stages. We can see a peacock feathers attached to the crown of the lord as well as his flute. So this Janmashtami lets create a peacock themed party decors.  Cover colorful thread onto sticks and paste a peacock feather at the tip, you can use them to fill the vase or use it to decorate something else giving a festive touch.

Hope you like these Janmashtami celebration ideas. Try these and enjoy a very Happy Janmashtami!

These were a few ideas to make this Janmashtami celebration a bit unique and more enjoyable, to try them out and enjoy the festival at its best. Which one you like most? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

May the Lord bless every living creature on this Earth this Janmashtami, follow the unique ideas displayed in this article to make your Janmashtami even more special and enjoyable and do indulge young ones in the preparation of the celebration too. Wish you all a very Happy Janmashtami.

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