Corona Drawings for Kids to Spread Awareness

We are all used to our routines and lives. We almost just swear by them. But in times so grim like today where we stand in the face of death, some Stark measures are required to safeguard ourselves. Quarantining or social distancing is one of the best ways to save yourselves from the brutal attack of this COVID-19 virus. For all those staying inside we must all say, that you are doing and great and we will altogether help you cope with this situation. We have made a list of crafts which can be used to sensitise and elucidate your kids about the Corona Virus. Our kids surely need to utilise their time well and also understand why such measures have been taken up. Let us check out all these Corona Awareness Drawings for kids.

Easy Corona Awareness Drawings for Kids

Artist: Deepika Khanna

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1. Earth based Corona Awareness Drawing for kids

In this time of distress we all must stand together and help Earth heal along with all of us. This beautiful Corona awareness drawing for kids shows that the Earth is suffering. The viruses are surrounding the sick earth. The viruses are making faces showing emotions showing angry and naughtiness. The Earth is wearing a mask to save itself from the viruses. This drawing gives out a message that the earth needs to be saved from all these viruses. The children must be taught that just like Earth safeguards itself by wearing a mask, they should also keep themselves safe by wearing mask and remaining inside the home. This drawing can be made on a white sheet with crayons or pencil colors.

2. Easy Corona Awareness Drawings for kids

We must openly discuss with our children the condition the whole world is facing at present. We must also tell our kids the way to handle this situation at their level. Hygiene is very important. We must teach our children the requirement of being safeguarded and to maintain a good hygiene. This beautiful Corona awareness drawing for kids covers all the do’s and don’ts amid this outbreak. Your kids will be pleased to make this craft and then you can set it up in your home thus everyone will learn from it.

3. Corona Awareness Drawing for Kids Step by Step

This Corona awareness drawing for kids shows a kid wearing a mask and a virus on the side. It shows that wearing the mask help the child remain safe from the attack of the virus. You can help your kids draw and color this cool Corona awareness drawing with pencil colors. This drawing is a beautiful easy to make but needs a lot of time. This is the perfect drawing to make during this social distancing phase at home.

4. Corona Awareness Drawing for Kids on the Board

We all are well aware by this time that Corona Virus is deadly and we still have not found any cure to it. The scientists and doctors from around the world are trying to find to cure for this deadly disease. Until then it is very important that we try our best to contain the spread of this deadly disease. We should remain inside our homes. The toughest members to contain in the home are the children. They have high tendency to go out of the home. You need to sensitise your children about the grave situation the whole world is facing. You can do this by discussing about the current situation with the children. You can draw a virus on the boards you might have at home.

5. Corona Awareness Drawing for Kids giving out a message

This message placard can be made at home to spread the awareness about social distancing. This placard is really easy to make. You will need the white hard stock sheet for the base and Hindi alphabets stencil, paints, paint brushes to make this placard. Also draw a boy or girl on the side wearing a mask to show the safeguarding technique. This placard can be set up in front of the house or also posted online for telling other people and spreading the prime Minister’s message to everyone.

We hope that we have been able to light up the children about Corona Virus. We also pray that we all will come out stronger and better out of this pandemic. Utilise your time well and always seek help in case of dire situation. Do not take the situation lightly. Remain indoors, remain safe and take care. You can check out other related articles on K4 craft. We would love to hear from you. You can post your feedback and your social distancing stories in the comments section given below. We will come up with more such useful articles for you. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft. Stay safe, stay at home!

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